Earlier this week we concluded our three-week journey through the Southeastern Conference football family with a look at every fanbase in the SEC. We hope you enjoyed it. If you missed any here are some highlights:

We found out that Arkansas fans are a passionate group of pigs. Hey, you have to respect a program who has a wild Honeybaked Ham as its mascot.

Florida fans are like new money from the dotcom boom, but are dealing with losing most of their relevancy. However, they have great athletic department leadership, so if they have a justifiable confidence in their administration.

We found out that Ole Miss fans use partying to cover their losing past.

We explored what makes LSU fans rude, disgusting and vile. Unfortunately, the answer wasn’t a shock—it was the alcohol.

If you know about the cowbell, then you know all you need to know about Mississippi State football fans.

We are still getting to know our new friends—Missouri fans, but they are polite.

Kentucky is all about hot women and ugly football. There are a few pictures to prove the hotness that are Kentucky girls.

Georgia football fans are a messy group that get trashed and leave trash around campus.

Auburn football is a cult. This dangerous mental situation for Auburn fans developed because of Auburn’s deep feelings of inferiority.

Vanderbilt fans endured horrible years, but are now getting a chance to enjoy a good coach who is building a strong program—a program so strong that Tennessee is the weaker program in Tennessee.

Aside from all that cock stuff, South Carolina fans are living in the best years of the program’s existence. It is an exciting time if you like the Cocks.

Tennessee fans are bitchy crybabies epitomized by losers like Clay Travis and Phil Fulmer. Tennessee is now Vandy’s bitch, and just fired another coach.

Texas A&M fans are an odd group. They have odd cheers and they have ONLY male cheerleaders. While they are odd, it is nice to have A&M in the SEC.

Finally, we examined Alabama fans. It was an interesting self-examination of how Alabama fans act—spoiled and what inspires it—triumphalism.

It was a fun and light-hearted series. Thanks for reading and sticking with the Capstone Report. The site launched in 2006 and it has been a fun time going from the dark days of Alabama football into a time that rivals the best years ever. Roll Tide.

One thought on “Fandemonium: Getting to know the fans of the SEC”

  1. It was great reading material more than the truth about SEC SCHOOLS.Fans overreact when things are said in fun of them.I can say as a Tide fan i am spoiled rotten..That is what Championship Football will do to a fan..Nothing but the best and not less..Looking forward to the spring game as me and the wife will be coming in from Denham Springs LA.to watch.Holding up my bottle of water i say Congrats to the back to back champions of the great CRIMSON TIDE!!

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