We’re on a three week journey examining the fanbases of each of the fourteen SEC schools. Yesterday was Mississippi State. Today we lather up in anti-bacterial soap and head to the Red Stick.

LSU fans are notorious for their boorish behavior at football games. Fans of rival schools have been hospitalized after using a portable toilet and having it turned over with him inside, another was hit with a mudball and others have even had personal property destroyed. A famous football coach known for his thumb was hit with a lit cigar tossed by an LSU fan.

The situation was so bad that LSU’s own student newspaper investigated what it was like to be an Alabama fan at an LSU game in Baton Rouge. Here is what the women wrote:

“Vulgar language has never really bothered me, and the incessant ‘Tiger-baiting’ and
‘Around the bowl and down the hole, Roll Tide, Roll’ mocking were the least of my worries. Almost every tailgate spot we visited greeted us with the same expressions. The women called us ‘bitches,’ and the men called us ‘cunts’ followed by the traditional ‘Rip. Rip. Rip. Rap. Rap. Rap. You ‘Bama girls got the clap, clap, clap!’ cheer. And if that wasn’t enough, the amount of times we were spit on also struck a nerve. Spitting on someone is one of the most degrading things a human being can do to another.
Verbal abuse is powerful, but when things get physical, that’s a little more effective. The most significant physical encounters were from male Tiger fans. And they all involved some kind of inappropriate gestures. We were groped and squeezed by just about every guy we interviewed.”

That was written back in 2008.

Lest anyone think this is all in the past. In 2012, LSU fans participated in vulgar cheers directed at Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban. This upset one LSU fan who called such fan behavior a dishonor to LSU.

But all this prompts the question, Why so angry?

For all LSU’s success, the school in Louisiana was upstaged by its greatest former coach when Nick Saban came to coach football once again in the SEC, more to the point, in the SEC West, even more to the point at long-time rival Alabama.

It would be easy to say Alabama since it was Alabama and Nick Saban who interrupted what should have been an LSU dynasty and supplanted it with a Crimson Tide dynasty. However, LSU fans have treated others like crap for years. And not only Alabama fans but complaints have come from Georgia fans, Auburn fans, Alabama fans, Arkansas fans and Florida fans—just to mention a few.

The vile behavior is part of the intoxicated culture of LSU football.

Yet, things have gotten worse with the return of Nick Saban. He is the king of college football.

LSU’s Golden Girls are simply perfection. However, such beauty in the midst of vile intoxication is a scary mix.

The jealousy this created in LSU fans was unleashed back in 2008 and continues to this day. Every time LSU fans become convinced Les Miles can keep things going and compete with Nick Saban, reality slaps LSU back from delusion.

But what makes so many LSU fans into such vile creatures?

The very tradition that LSU fans guard with their life’s blood—Death Valley at night.

The Daily Comet explained why this is so important to LSU, “LSU fans cherish night games because it gives them all day to tailgate before the game, which gets them extra rowdy to cheer on their Tigers under the lights.”

Time to get extra rowdy.

No kidding.

It really is not that difficult an equation. Death Valley + Night = All day drinking binge= obnoxious fans.

One of the worst Alabama fans has to be the infamous Teabagger. What fueled that obnoxious behavior in New Orleans? Alcohol combined with football. Both the teabagger and his LSU victim left behind moderation and we were forced to witness the disgusting results on YouTube.

This stands in contrast to one of the best post-loss experiences I’ve had in Tuscaloosa. Back in the malaise days of Mike Shula, a Nick Saban-led LSU team came to Tuscaloosa. It was on ESPN at night. Alabama’s offense was pathetic and the LSU defense was superb. I think Alabama crossed midfield what seemed like twice. After the game, an older LSU fan walked out of the stadium near me. We had a polite conversation about the game, the state of the two programs and college football.

This LSU fan was polite. This LSU fan was respectful. This LSU fan was not drunk.

Most fans in the SEC are like this polite LSU fan.

However, there are far too many jerks who are fueled by alcohol and the alcohol culture surrounding partying at Death Valley. These characters act out in ways that embarrass their schools.

In Miami for this year’s BCS National Championship Game, I sat among predominantly Notre Dame fans. About an hour before the game and early in the first quarter, Notre Dame fans were loud and rowdy. Many reeked of alcohol from the all-day party around the game. When officials made a couple of calls that Notre Dame fans did not like, it was the most vulgar language ever uttered at a football game. The vulgarity came not only from the men, but the women Notre Dame fans too. One particularly loud woman was uttering words that likely took weeks of penance—and she yelled them right in front of children sitting with her.

Another Notre Dame fan threatened to beat an Alabama fan who dared to cheer one of those calls the Notre Dame fan did not like.

This older man was one of the many who were already intoxicated before they entered Sun Life Stadium.

It is not drinking that is the problem. It is heavy drinking and the culture that encourages drinking and aggressive taunting.

LSU’s problem is not unique. They have more vile fans because they have more heavy drinkers. Mix that heavy drinking with jealousy over Nick Saban and Alabama’s dynasty and you have a nasty combination.

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44 thoughts on “FAN REVIEW: Alcohol culture makes LSU fans vile”

  1. We saw how mean LSU fans can be when drinking after one rubbed his testicles on a passed out Alabama fan……wait…..is that how it happened?

    1. No it was actually the other way around.

      That still isn’t as bad as what Alabama did to LSU a few hours before that incident. I think LSU’s butt is still sore…..

    2. V, that would have been a witty little response from you if it hadn’t already been addressed in the story. But it’s very likely you didn’t even read the story, you just had to get your little weiner wedged on in here before anyone else could say anything. You are a pathetic little man. Head on back over to the Boog boards with your complete goofiness. Better yet, unplug your computer and get out of the basement every now and then.

  2. I find this article to be absolutely hilarious. EVERY SEC school has drunk fans that are totally obnoxious. And if you think jealousy fuels the fire, it is hatred. Jeez, go to Bryant Denney Stadium as a LSU fan …. hell, ride around the state of Alabama with a LSU sticker NOT during football season. Bama can have their 56 MNC’s and their coach….but, take off the crimson colored glasses sweetie…..I am a 54 year old woman that some bama college student tried to pick a fight with me as we were walking out of the stadium….just because I was wearing purple. I threw my purse down and told him he was going to be laughed at tomorrow for getting his ass kicked by an old lady…he ran away. Yes, ran AWAY. Bama fans think they are the best fans, yeah, right….EVERY school has issues… that is what makes the SEC the conference it is…..

    1. Yes, Bama fans are better.

      Because Bama fans don’t have that part of their culture. Bama fans don’t have explicit chants dedicated solely to a rival team that don’t even mention their own university.

      That’s a part of LSU’s culture.

      To me. LSU is the rock and roll of the SEC. They are the middle finger printed on a urine-filled condom. They’re proud of it because it defines their culture, not because it’s good or important.

      Yes, you will meet a bad Bama fan, or Georgia fan, or Florida fan.

      But their culture doesn’t create them the way LSU does with songs the frat boys are taught word-for-word that are only designed to be filthy and have no mention of LSU in them whatsoever.

      Alabama? We have Rammer Jammer. We only use it when we win, and it still has plenty of “Alabama” in it and no vulgarity.

      Fight on, Men. Fight on.

      Sorry about your loss(es).

  3. Yeah, and there was that time that an LSU fan poisoned a bunch of historic oak trees…

    Wait, that was a Bama fan too. That’s right.

    Grow up, dude.

    1. Butt hurt makes a person say stupid things.

      Just think, had Saban not cared about smelling like a corndog day in and day out living in your state, LSU would be the standard for college football, and not Alabama.

      Have fun struggling to compete with Texas A&M and Ole Miss for 3rd in the West next year. If you need us we’ll be in Pasadena again.

      1. LOL what a stupid comment by you ITK!

        Didn’t LSU beat Texas A&M last year and didn’t Bama get beat by Texas A&M last year? Since you seem to have short term memory loss let me help you with that question – YES LSU beat A&M last year, in College Station I might and YES Bama lost to A&M last year, in Tuscalooser I might add.

        So maybe next time before you show off your ignorance by making a stupid comment to a fan of some other school about having fun struggling to compete with A&M, you should at least wait untill your own school was able to prove they could actually beat A&M themselves..

        This comment by you is a typical gump comment, and instead of accepting how stupid your comment was now that is has been pointed out to you, you will, in typical gump fashion come back with a response to me about beating LSU last year or the year before or for 100 years before that, none of which has anything to do with and is irrelavant to your original idiotic comment.

        So if, according to you, “Butt hurt makes a person say stupid things” , I guess by your stupid comment in your post you just let everybody know your butt hurts! And I’m sure we can all figure out why too, but I’m sure you will come back on here with some other gump type comment to try and deflect the real reason why that is.

        1. ITK’s point was about next year not last year.

          Some fans just love to live in the past. (g)

          1. OTFLMAO

            Capstonereport your comment is really rich coming from a bama fan/site. No fan base in America lives in the past more than Bama!!
            How many titles do you bama fans claim at every chance you get? How long has The Bear been dead? Are you wearing your hounds tooth hat right now? My point is proven.

            And I know ITK’s point was about next year and not this year, but that doesn’t make his comment any less stupid! Bama couldn’t compete with A&M on it’s on own home field “last year” whem bama had a National Championship team, yet he is going to tell a fan of a team that did beat A&M last year in College Station to have fun struggling with A&M next year. I mean if bama couldn’t beat A&M at home when they had supposedly the best team in the nation, maybe he needs to be telling himself and the bama team good luck competing with A&M NEXT YEAR when they have to face them in College Station and Johnny Football is no longer a freshman and is playing in fromt of his own fans.

            For you to try and defend ITK’s stupid comment by saying he was talking about next year, makes you seem just as stupid. Does your butt hurt also?

        2. Still got that crystal trophy. Lost, yet won.

          Sorry about your loss(es) last year.

        3. Texas A&Who? Everybody in the country lost at least one game last year except a team from Ohio who was on probation and played in a junior college conference . Doesn’ t matter if you beat A&M, dumbass, Bama beat you and Bama won the Natty while you lost to Bwaa Jaws Haww, Clemson. By the way, you are a butt hurt Corndog or Barnturd dumbass – which is it? RTR!

  4. Sorry we are not sorry. We like to party. Go rob another student and bang your sister. GEAUX TIGERS!!

        1. Hey Capstonereport,

          Here are two perfect examples of bama fans living in the past!!! And one is from ITK who you were trying to defend when you made you comment to me.

          So I guess you were right when you say, and I quote you “Some fans just love to live in the past. (g)”

  5. Sorriest article I’ve seen written in a while… GEAUX see how Fla fans(who suck ass) AND Bammatards treat us at THEIR stadium…. Idiot..

    1. Every altercation I’ve ever witnessed home or away came at the hands of LSU fans’ aggressive, un-lighthearted nature.

      I don’t know what planet you’re living on, but I imagine it has less crystal footballs than mine.

  6. Well I see the “Sports Writers” in Alabama have the same small penises and minds that their fans do. Who would’ve thought it. By the way. It’s obvious you don’t get out much, but you might try checking out the Alabama fans at your own stadium before and after the games. But then again, the mentality and lack of talent of a guy who dates his own sister always puts the blame on everyone else but his own people.

  7. This article a pile of irrelevant shit. Can’t act like I am surprised though, considering it’s coming from an Alabama website.

    1. Well, it’s hard to associate the word “irrelevant” with anything having to do with Alabama these days.

      It’s good to be King. Even better to have your coach.

    1. No joke…nothing really funny about a drunken LSU coonass intent on the debauchery that Tiger fans are known for.

  8. I have met some great Lsu fans at games at BDS!!
    I had to leave early to get the same parking place
    every 2 years B/C LSU fans were partying in the
    lot 5 to 6 hours before kickoff!! RTR

  9. If anyone needs a reminder of LSU lunacy, they just need to read this:


    The most compelling quotes:

    “There comes a moment during the burning of a college football coach in effigy when even some intoxicated fans realize they’ve gone too far. It wasn’t during the “Burn, Saban, Burn” chants Friday night. Or when the Mike the Tiger mascot paraded around the bonfire and lit the Saban scarecrow on fire. Or even when the flames got so hot they melted alway the police tape within seconds and forced the crowd to retreat a little.

    No, the tipping point came when the Saban scarecrow vanished in flames within two minutes, leaving a couple hundred people cheering for a burning cross. It was at that moment that a few of the couple hundred LSU fans acknowledged how disturbing their ritual had become.”

    And also:
    “Finally, a man in a purple suit arrived for the moment of truth. Hanging above some hay was a scarecrow with a cutout picture of Saban for a face, donned in an Alabama hat, a set of headphones, and a T-shirt that read “Got Nick?” The crowd tried different chants.

    “Burn, Saban, Burn.”
    “Burn him up.”
    “Burn this man.”
    “Fire him up.”

  10. FINALLY – some fans that will take to their keyboards and defend their right to suck! I’d just about given up on any other SEC fans giving a shite about their team enough to at least post some drivel, but the LSU fans have finally shown up!

    1. Goes to show that enough alcohol will eventually give LSU fans the courage to stand up to someone – even if it ends up with them getting their ass kicked almost every time!

  11. Are you going to do an article on all the terrible things Alabama fans have done over the years? Ill help you out.

    You had the Bama fan that stabbed some Auburn students before the Iron Bowl about 7-8 years ago.

    You had the Alabama fan that pushed a South Carolina fan in front of a truck, causing his death (yes, Alabama fans are so crazy that they KILL opposing fans).

    The Alabama fan that shot and killed two LSU fans after an Alabama/LSU game.

    The Alabama fan that tried to shoot his own son after Alabama lost to Arkansas.

    The Alabama fan that ran over and killed an Ole Miss fan. He also fled the scene.

    But yeah, its the other teams that have the terrible fanbases……

    1. @vicious

      You see the trend in every single one of your examples? I don’t think you noticed or you might not have posted it, but these are all lone fans. Singular examples of bad seeds, not culture.

      I could start a list of the lone fans from LSU who have shot, groped, raped, and robbed people, but that’s not the point.

      The point is the culture.

      The point is LSU has chants and songs that explicitly encourage violence and hate. Alabama doesn’t have that. LSU has a tradition of burning an effigy of a coach that results in a burning cross once the effigy is burnt up. I don’t know exactly how to fill up a condom or balloon with urine, but I know who I would ask (seriously, have you ever thought how tricky this must be, yet it happens dozens of times every LSU football season?) LSU’s culuture encourages and celebrates terrible things, that’s why it represents LSU’s fanbase rather than lone fans.

      Let me know when you find the chants and fight songs celebrating the actions of lone Alabama fans. Just don’t hold your breath. Because that would be bad, and I don’t want bad things to happen to people. Roll Tide.

      Sorry about your loss(es).

      1. Conduit,
        I know your response and request was to @vicious and not to me, but hopfully you won’t be closed minded enough to not accept an answer to the question you posed from someone other than @vicious.

        You asked to let you know of any “chants and fight songs” celebrating the actions of lone Alabama fans. Well I don’t know of any “fight songs”, but I also don’t know of any “fight songs” that you could give me from mass LSU fans that you could infer repersented the culture of the whole LSU fan base either.

        AS for as chants are concerend, I know if you watch the viedo of the Alabama tea bagger, you will hear the chants of all the alabama scumbags in the background cheeriing and celebrating his actions as opposed to stopping him!

        And I don’t know what your definition of “chants” are, but if you go back and read the majority of the post on this site dealing with the actions of Harvey Updyke and the tea bagger and others of their ilk who have committed other similar offenses. You will find that a good many of the post, rants or chants, however you want to describe them, are celebrating the actions of lone Alabama fans!

        So maybe you might want to pay more attention to the comments (chants if you will) of your fellow alabama fans, even on this very site that you post on, before you are so quick to assume the actions of a few represent the culture of a whole, unless you are willing to apply those same assumptions to your own fanbase.

        1. LMAO

          You take things to seriously. The article is not an AP press release. I know you want to prove to everyone how intelligent you are, but really….get a life. Its a football blog. Don’t break you keyboard over it.

        2. Let me tell you something about having someone put their balls on your head.

          I’ve had worse done, by some of my best friends even. IN COLLEGE.

          I don’t want to start a debate about the balls thing, it was a criminal act but good grief.

          But you’re again trying to say that represents our culture. LSU has TRADITIONS of hate. Recurring physical and vocal rituals. It’s not like every year Alabama fans poison a tree or sing a song about it, or teabag a rival’s fan and chant all night long to celebrate it.

          But that’s exactly what LSU does. You asked what, but I’m going to assume you’re not an LSU fan then, so read the article above, and look up the Saban effigy LSU fans burn on a cross, the cell phone posts on campus for rival QB’s (how that became a tradition explains a lot about the culture of LSU permeating beyond just the fans but into the administration), the urine-filled condoms and balloons (MSU has a rule against the cowbell at least, even if it isn’t enforced), etc.

          Regardless of how much you hate Alabama, you can’t suggest LSU doesn’t have these traditions, or that Alabama does. Calling out the entire culture for the fact that a group of fans weren’t condemning an act you’ve probably also seen worse of and laughed it inaccurate, but make no mistake, we all learned a lesson there and that’s the point—–it doesn’t get repeated, like it does at LSU. That’s why it defines your culture. When you repeat actions and celebrate them, they become part of your tradition and culture. The teabagger is a scar. Updyke is an idiot and a fool—–most of us thought defacing your own historical icon was one of the funniest traditions in the country and would never have wanted that taken away.

          1. Conduit,
            You are full of hot air with little facts to back it up. You just repeating the same thing over and over does not make it a fact or a tradition.

            You obviously don’t know the definition of the words “tradition” or “traditions”.

            You minimize in, in your mind, the list of six specific terrible things that bama fans have done that @vicious posted, as singular examples of bad things bama fans have done, yet you point to the one and only time an LSU ex-coach has been hung in effigy and you say “LSU has a TRADITION of burning an effigy of a coach that results in a burning cross once the effigy is burnt up”. You can’t, and couldn’t if you wanted to without making a liar of yourself, name one other time in the history of LSU football where that has been done. So using your logic bama fans must have a tradition and culture of destroying property of other schools and sexually assulting other fans . Of course based on your very own comments where you say “Let me tell you something about having someone put their balls on your head…I’ve had worse done, by some of my best friends even. IN COLLEGE.”

            Well maybe alabama does have that tradition and culture that starts in college and contiunes into adulthood. How old was the bama teabagger, in his 30’s I beleive? Yet as a bama fan you seem to condone it with comments like well let me tell you about that, I’ve had way worse done to me and it was a criminal act but good grief! Pathetic comment from a pathetic supporter of such an act!

            Or how about the other unsubstantiated example you site, the filling of condoms or ballons with urine that “you claim” happens “dozens of times every LSU football season”. How is that any different than the Alabama students filling cups up with urine and throwing them on visiting fans? Yea I know I can’t support that false claim any more than you can support your false claim about the LSU fans doing that.But I hear people say that has happend to them in tuscalooser.

            For someone who claims they were “in college” it seems you should be able to support your claims and accuasations of “traditions” of hate with actual evidence and facts if you really wanted anyone to think you knew what you were talking about, But you can’t support your false claims and therefore you come accross as a bafoon, or is “gump” the appropriate adjective for a bama fan. The only people that would believe your unsupported claims is another gump.

            And before I forget and you accuse me of not being accurate and truthful, the one and only factual claim that you did make about the LSU students was them getting the cell phone number of a rival QB and calling it.YOu are correct that did truly happen once and only once, to Tim Tebow. But where you are wrong is that was not a act of hate, just the oppsite because the only comments reported were of him getting offers for marriage proposals and sex the night before the game. Now I know in Alabama sex often involves incest or rape, lot of butt talk aroud this site also, so I could see how you might confuse those calls as hateful but common offering sex over the telephone is not really a hafeful act in your eyes is It? Not for someone who says good greif to someone charged with a criminal act of actually putting their cock and balls on another mans head and face. Conduit you may like that sort of thing but common you can’t really compare the two can you? At least Tim Tebow had the choice of not answering the phone.

          2. Is this the comment section or space for another article?

            Hey man, short and to the point. I read the first couple of sentences and got bored…

            I didn’t realize LSU fans knew so many words.

          3. Whore if you’ve got ADD then just read your two sentences and move on. That’s about par for what you would expect from a gump anyway. Read half or less of the information about something and go off half cocked and act like you know more than you do. And besides my reponse was to Conduit, not to you so I could care less if you read any of it or not.

            As for comment as to whether or not this is the comment section or space for another article, I didn’t see anlywhere on this site that says you have to limit the size of your comments. Maybe you should whine to the Capstone report if a comment is too long for your attention span and see if they will limit this space for comments just to accomodate small minded bama fans like yourself.

            And the fact that you make a comment like “I didn’t know LSU fans knew so many words” says more about your lack of education than it does the LSU fans, but then you probably won’t understand and realize that either.

          4. See? It’s a culture of apathy and hate.

            You epitomized it yourself. You can’t even speak without characterizing an entire fanbase in derogatory terms.

            The only problem I have with it is that you can’t accept it. LSU fans are rowdy and rude and hateful, but they’re proud of it. It defines them. It’s a good fit for a lot of people. It’s not a good cultural fit for a guy like Nick Saban, but it’s a great fit for star-quality rock-and-roll athletes like Jefferson, Wingo, Honey Badger, and Les Miles.

            So why not be proud of it like the rest of LSU? At least I can respect them for that. All you can do is reinforce it by taking pot shots and name-calling….on an Alabama web site? I don’t get it. I think that’s one of the things that represents the culture though, very aggressive online presence.

            Forget Alabama. But at least be proud of your own culture. Or if you’re not, then don’t expect it to change. You can always change the school you support though. LSU is the 1980’s hair-metal binge-drinking cop-hating rock band. They have an identity. Embrace it. Lots of schools don’t come close to the amount of cultural identity LSU has, especially outside the SEC.

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