Check out video of Alabama’s top RB Prospects. Watch the video and scroll down for a synopsis to find out where these backs will play college football.

Alabama’s drought of producing great running back prospects seems to be over, according to Fox Sports Next and its analysis of the 2014 Running Back Class available in state. Last year T.J. Yeldon came out and made a splash playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Now there are prospects in the 2014 class that are catching eyes.

Before this group of players, the last great back produced by Alabama was Carnell Williams—and he came out in the Class of 2001. And this has been an interesting story as noted by this video report since Alabama is one of the top seven producers of Division I football players.

Racean Thomas, 5’11”, 195 lbs. of Oxford is “sudden.” According to the report, “He is a patient runner, but is sudden with is movements and capable of making quick back and forth cuts without sacrificing overall speed.” Similar to: Chris Rainey of the University of Florida. Also, comparable to Reggie Bush “for this kind of size and change of direction.”

Bo Scarborough, 6’2”, 221 lbs., of Tuscaloosa is long-strider with quick feet. With his kind of size, the analyst thinks “linebacker.” However, the analyst thinks Scarborough is similar to the 2013 Alabama signee Derrick Henry who was 6’3”, 240 lbs. Scarborough has “good flexibility and gets surprising low going between the tackles.” Also, he makes runs the sweep “much like a shorter back.”

Where will they play?
Bo Scarborough has already committed to play for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Racean Thomas “appears to be leaning toward Alabama.

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