The University of Tennessee gets its butt kicked on the gridiron. In true Tennessee fashion, instead of acting like a man, Volunteers cry like a silly little baby. It has been a tradition since Phil Fulmer. The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that an Alabama alumni group that has met on campus in Knoxville since the early 1970s has been booted from its meeting space rented from the school.

In a letter to the University of Tennessee, the East Tennessee Chapter of the Alabama Alumni Association explained the history of the group. It was formed in 1948 and Alabama’s Col. Joe Shepherd (also a University of Tennessee ROTC professor) arranged for the association to meet in the Tennessee Faculty Club starting in the 1970s. Today, that building is the Tennessee Welcome Center.

Jack Bailey, chapter president, summed up the situation perfectly. He said, “Somebody has lost perspective of college sports and the rivalry and all that. And it’s just unfortunate.”

How true.

As the article notes, former Tennessee legend and coach Johnny Majors spoke to the Alabama alumni chapter last week. Majors talked about the Third Saturday in October.

Majors was from the great days of the rivalry when it was filled with respect and honor. Paul W. “Bear” Bryant invited Majors to watch an Alabama practice when Majors was the Volunteer’s football coach.

Think about that. Alabama’s greatest rival from the era got a chance to watch how Alabama did things at a practice. It would not happen in today’s world of college football for many reasons. However, one of the chief reasons is how many of today’s adults act like children.

Tennessee fans need to grow up. Crying like Clay Travis won’t win you any football games.

9 thoughts on “PROOF: Tennessee fans are crybabies”

  1. Clay Travis is the PERFECT example of the Tennessee fan today.

    Whiny. Bitchy. Passed glory. And a loser.

    Go Viles!

  2. It’s their University cuntwipes, they can do what they want. Get over it, your the most obnoxious fanbase in America, that is why they got kicked out.

    1. Ha! Smurf talking about being obnoxious. It is funny when ANY Auburn fan wants to talk about someone else being obnoxious. Keep up with the good hatin’ Smurf. It is really all you have left. What will you do after they dig up the dead twees now? Oh, I know. Hate us some more!

  3. For hsc at least we have something to be obnoxious about. Especially when compared to the train wrecks in Knoxville and lee county

  4. The message I left on the sentinel said; I don’t see a problem with the group using the facilities. The last couple of games I went to at Neyland, Alabama had as many fans there as the Vols did, more by the end of the game. If they’re buying seats, they’re supporters.

  5. As an Alabama Alumni I have to say I really can’t blame UT for not wanting our meetings taking place at their facilities. To be honest….it’s a bit odd of you ask me.

    Roll Tide!

  6. Isn’t it almost sad that six year old children don’t not know what it’s like losing to Tennursee?

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