The 2013 Alabama Football Schedule
The 2013 Alabama Football Schedule

The latest 2013 Alabama Football Schedule News updated with television and game times.

Date  & TimeOpponentSite
Aug. 31 at 4:30 p.m.Virginia TechAtlanta, Georgia in Georgia Dome
Sept. 14 at 2:30 p.m.*at Texas A&MCollege Station, Texas
Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. ESPN2Colorado StateBryant-Denny Stadium
Sept. 28 5:30pm ESPN*Ole MissBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 5 11:21 a.m. SEC TVGeorgia StateBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 12 6p.m. ESPN2*at KentuckyLexington, Kentucky
Oct. 19 6p.m. ESPN/ESPN2*ArkansasBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 26 CBS 2:30p.m.*TennesseeBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 9 7p.m. CBS*LSUBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 16 6 or 6:45 on ESPN or ESPN2*at Mississippi StateStarkville, Mississippi
Nov. 23 Pay-Per-View 1 p.m.ChattanoogaBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 30 TBD*at AuburnAuburn, Alabama

Updated 2013 Alabama Football Schedule News:

UPDATE: Another update to the 2013 Alabama Football Schedule and television plan. Alabama vs Mississippi State will be a night game at 6 or 6:45 p.m. on ESPN or ESPN 2.

The SEC announced Alabama vs LSU is set for 7 p.m. kick on CBS.

Alabama plays Tennessee on CBS at 2:30 p.m.

Alabama plays Chattanooga at 1 p.m. with television set for Pay-per-view basis.

Another update on the 2013 Alabama Football Schedule. Alabama vs Arkansas is set for 6 p.m. The game will be on ESPN or ESPN2. Check back here and the main page for more information.

The 2013 Alabama Football Schedule updated again. Alabama vs Kentucky is now set for 6 p.m. on ESPN2.

The 2013 Alabama Football Schedule gets updated again. Georgia State at Alabama will be televised on the SEC TV Network with an 11:21 a.m. kickoff.

The Alabama vs Ole Miss game is set for 5:30 p.m. Central on ESPN.

Previous 2013 Alabama Football Schedule News

Alabama plays Colorado State at 6:00 p.m. on ESPN2.
CBS will carry the Alabama vs Texas A&M 2013 game at 2:30 p.m. This is one of the most important SEC games of the year, as it is expected to have SEC West and national championship implications for both the Aggies and Alabama. It was an easy pick for CBS’ first football game of the season.

The kickoff time for Alabama’s first game of the 2013 Alabama football schedule against Virginia Tech has been set. Alabama plays the Hokies at 4:30 p.m. Central in Atlanta. The game will be televised on ESPN.

In other 2013 Alabama football schedule news, Alabama’s homecoming game is set for October 5 when Alabama hosts Georgia State in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama’s A-Day Game is April 20. It will be televised on ESPN2.

Game times for most games on the 2013 Alabama Football Schedule are yet to be determined, but check the Capstone Report front page for updates throughout Alabama’s football season.

Also, check out our analysis of this year’s Alabama Crimson Tide by reading our Alabama Football Preview.

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  1. Once again no Florida, no South Carolina and no Georgia on the bama schedule equals bama having the weakest schedule in the SEC. And besides not playing those teams, wern’t Tenn and Kentucky the worst two teams in the east last year? Must be nice having the SEC office in the State of Alabama.

    1. You are so right. It helped Alabama so much all those years when 6-8 teams had a bye week before playing Bama.

      1. Correction Capstone, that second sentence should read – Capstone, I challange you to name ” All those years” and the oposing teams in which 6-8 of those teams had bye weeks before playing Alabama.

        As I said I don’t think you can back your statment up with facts.

        1. For the computation, every team that takes a bye was included. This was such a problem, Alabama raised the issue with the SEC office and eventually, got relief.

          In 2010, six SEC teams had a bye before Alabama. here is a site that documents that:

          Notice that it was six straight opponents with a bye week. Also, in 2010 Georgia State had a bye week before Alabama. So, that was 7 in that year.

          2010 was the last year the bye week problem existed because the SEC admitted it was a problem and all the ADs and presidents fixed the issue, Kind of. The SEC spokesman said, “The numbers are so out of whack,” Bloom said, “I think the athletics directors agreed that we needed to look into it. … I can’t tell you what the options are, but we’re hopeful we’ll have something done in the next month or two months.” Source:

          However, this is the best nugget about the 2007-2010 period:
          SEC teams vs. idle-rested opponents (2007-10)
          Alabama, 16
          LSU, 5
          Florida, 4
          Tennessee, 4
          Georgia, 4
          Vanderbilt, 4
          Auburn, 3
          Kentucky, 2
          Ole Miss, 1
          Miss. State, 1
          S. Carolina, 1
          Arkansas, 0

          Get this fact: “With eight SEC games on each schedule, that total represents half of UA’s 32 league games in that stretch.”

          Those numbers were compiled by the Tuscaloosa News. So, I don’t make up numbers or “facts.” I deal in truth. You might not like my hyperbole, but I was drawing an important point—the SEC wasn’t always kind to Alabama when it came to scheduling.

          In 2011, the bye week issue was “fixed.” Sort of. Alabama faced only 3 teams with a bye before playing Alabama.

          While I didn’t look at 2011 and 2012 numbers for the rest of the conference, I’d bet LSU and Alabama are far and away the teams who face the most byes.

          1. Capstonereport, you say you don’t “make up numbers or “facts”. You deal in truth”. But you obviously bend the facts and/or exaggerate the truth as you have proven here.

            In your original comment you say and I quote “It helped Alabama so much all those years when 6-8 teams had a bye week before playing Bama.”

            Well in the facts you now give as “compiled by the Tuscaloosa News”, you list, based on those facts, that Alabama had 16 game vs. “idle rested opponents from 2007-2010, a four year period. So that averages out to 4 game a year vs. “idle rested opponents” during those years, proving that you did in fact take liberties with the truth and bend the facts when you originally stated “All those years” and the oposing teams in which 6-8 of those teams had bye weeks before playing Alabama.”

            And your number, an average 4 games a year, doesn’t even back out the games included in that number where Alabama also had a bye week before some of those games, therefore negating the advantage you tried to imply the imposing teams had in all 16 of those games. For example I’m almost certain that 4 of those 16 games you list were against LSU in which both LSU and Alabama had a bye the week before there game. That would mean on average only 3 teams had a schedule advantage against Alabama in “All those years” that you reference. That’s a far cry, and a signifacant bending of the “facts” from 6-8 you claimed originally.

            I thank you for replying and proving my point when I said I didn’t think you could back your comment.

            As the writer of this blog, you surely don’t lead by example. Upon second thought, I guess you actually do.

          2. And it is funny how many times on this site when a gump is caught and called out on bending the truth and taking liberties with the facts, that afterwards they claim they were just using hyperbole!

            The only true hyperbole gumps use is when they claim 15 legitimate national championships. And the funny part is everyone in the college football world know how ficticious that claim is except the gumps who claim it.

            And for the record I was not using hyperbole when I said “Once again no Florida, no South Carolina and no Georgia on the bama schedule equals bama having the weakest schedule in the SEC!”

          3. Fact: Alabama faced seven (7) teams coming off a bye in one season.

            Fact: Half of the SEC schedule from 2007-2010 saw Alabama facing a team with a bye.

            Facts are facts. Alabama is the best and got there without any help from that SEC office.

            Cry more since your team sucks.

          4. As far as national titles, Alabama has 10 AP, coaches and BCS titles. That truly is a dynasty.

          5. Fact: Alabama did have 7 teams coming off a bye in 2010 which included 6 SEC teams and Ga. State.

            Fact: The SEC had nothing to do with Ga. State’s schedule.

            Fact: Alabama also had a bye week that coincided with two of those games in 2010 (LSU and Auburn). So only 4 SEC teams were given and advantage by the SEC office over Alabama in 2010.

            Fact: One year does not equal “All those years” as you claimed in your original post!

            Fact: Half of the SEC scheule from 2007-2010 did not see Alabama facing a team with a bye the week before. It was close but it was not half, so YOUR fact is FALSE! (Fact: it was not 16 as you claim. If you need me to prove you wrong again on this one I will)

            Fact: In 2007 – 2009 only three SEC teams in each of those years were coming were coming off a bye when playing Alabama and Alabama also had a bye before 4 of those games. So in each of those 3 years Alabama averaged less than 2 games each of those years where they were playing a team with a bye before a game that Albama didn’t also have a bye before the game.

            Fact: The previous fact is a far cry from the 6-8 you claimed in your original post.

            Fact: In none of “all those years” you referenced were there 8 teams that had byes before playing Alabam as you claimed.

            Fact: Your original post, and part of this last one, lied about the facts (ok exaggerated if that makes a gump feel better).

            Fact: Alabama did have the weakest SEC schedule last year and again this year. (if you don’t want to call that help from the SEC office, fine but even a gump can’t argue the fact about havin the weakest SEC schedule last year and this year).

            Fact: My team in fact does not suck. But most of the fans of Alabama do suck the truth out of most conversations.

            Fact: Based on your last comment you do agree with me, that Bama fans do use “hyperbole” when claiming 15 legitimate National Titles. (ie. your comment “Alabama has 10 AP, coaches and BCS titles”) Fact: That does not equal 15

          6. I gave a range 6-8. It was in the range one year with SEVEN teams coming off a bye. Was I wrong about the previous year being in that range? Yes. I admitted it. Posted proof that instructed everyone to the facts. And showed the injustice of how the SEC treated Alabama as HALF of its SEC schedule was coming off a bye for a FOUR-YEAR period.

            Furthermore, you are a fool or a liar. Alabama did not have a bye week during two weeks of that season. Are you that incompetent, or do you just lie? You say others don’t use facts, but you just made shit up. Alabama’s BYE was the week of the October 30–this was the week prior to the LSU game. Alabama played a game Thursday night prior to a Friday Auburn game.

            Do you lie all the time or only on the Internet?

            I think you are a liar or a laywer since you change the topic of the debate from the facts to what is fair. Facts are that ONE HALF of Alabama’s SEC Schedule had a bye before playing Alabama during the range of 2007-2010.

          7. As for national titles, Alabama has lots of them.

            I allow that you might not respect that, and posted another fact–that Alabama holds 10 championships that even an Internet troll has to respect since they are the ones everyone accepts as legitimate (even if not always fair.)

            Or will you make up stuff about these and try to discredit them?

            10 > than your team will ever win. Hope this helps.

          8. Capstone I’m neither a fool nor a liar and I don’t exaggerate the facts like you did once again in your last two post. Lets take your false statements one by one.

            1) You originally stated, sarcastically I might add, that “It helped Alabama so much all those years when 6-8 teams had a bye week before playing Bama”. When you made that statement you were replying to my post talking specifically about how nice it must be to have the SEC office in the State of Alabama to help make bama’s schedule the weakest in the SEC. So your comment was about the SEC office not helping Alabama. Now lets look at the how your statement was false and misleading.

            THERE WERE NO “ALL THOSE YEARS”! There was only ONE YEAR! And there was NO 6-8 SEC teams, in that one year there were exactly 6! NOT
            7 and NOT 8. YOU, not me, LIED, EXAGGERATED, USED HYPORBOLE OR WERE JUST STUPID as to the actual facts. Yes 6 is in the range of 6-8 but it is also in the range of 4-6. You could have just said 6 and been correct for at least ONE of “those years”. But no you had to do what typical gumps do and lie, exaggerate or as you later cowerdly claim, used hyperbole!

            2) When I challanged you to name “All those years” when “6-8” SEC teams had byes before playing Alabama, you again bend the facts and are intellectually dishonest when you try and claim that happened for a four year period from 2007 to 2010. When the real facts are in 2007, 2008 and 2009 only 3 or Alabama’s 8 conference opponents in games in those years had a bye before playing Alabama. 3 is not half of 8 anywhere except maybe in Alabama, or is it that you just flunked math or you are the one that is the LIAR? Which is it?

            To make your lies or exaggerated claims even worse, in 2007 one of the 3 byes that year was LSU but Alabama also had a bye before that game so there was no disadvantage given by the SEC Office to poor Alabama before that game, so therefore only 2 times that year wasbama at a disadvantage.

            In 2008, one of “all those years”, Alabama did IN FACT have two byes that year on the same weeks that there opponents had there byes. The REAL FACTS ARE that on Saturday October 18th, Alabama played Ole Miss after both teams had a bye the week before. Both teams’ previous game had been on October 4th. Then on November 29th, Alabama played Auburn after BOTH teams had bye the week before. Both teams’ previous game had been on November 15th. So in effect Alabama only had ONE game in that year when another SEC team had an advantage over poor Alabama. That’s a far cry from 6-8 or even half of their games, wouldn’t you say Capstone?
            Did you purposely lie or mislead with your satements? Are you man enough to admit you were wrong? Or are you not secure enough in you manhood, to admit when you exaggerated, lied, used hyperbole to try and make a false point/argument about Alabama.

            I am man enough to admit I got my facts mixed up and was wrong when I said bama had 2 byes in 2010, instead of 2009. But then again I am not an devout Alabama fan as you are and I had to go look all of those facts up, in order to prove a gump like you WAS IN FACT lying or at best bending the facts when you claimed “all those years” 6-8 teams had byes before playing poor little alabama. When in fact only one out of those 4 years saw even half of bama’s foes have a bye before their game with alabama.

            Even when you were trying to be cute and loose with the facts in your last post, by claiming once again that “Facts are that ONE HALF of Alabama’s SEC Schedule had a bye before playing Alabama during the range of 2007-2010”, YOU ARE WRONG AND LYING ONCE AGAIN!

            FACTS ARE 3 OUT OF 8 GAMES IN EACH YEAR OF THE YEARS 2007, 2008 AND 2009 AND 6 OUT OF 8 GAMES IN 2010 did SEC teams have a bye before playing Alabama. SO the FACT IS only 15 out of 32 SEC games, which is NOT HALF, except maybe in alabama and your lying mind, did SEC teams have byes before playing Alabama. And ONLY once in that four year period, 2010 did half or more of bama’s SEC opponents for that year have byes before playing alabama.

            So once again Capstone report you prove yourself to be either a liar or ignorant of the facts. And for anybody else reading this who wants to see who is correct with the facts and who is loose with their exagerrated claims and statements that they try to pass of as facts, can go to ESPN’s College Football page and verfy my statements as true for themselves.

            You have proving yourself to be nothing but an ordinary gump Capstone.


          9. And Capstone you are wrong about one more thing in you last post, I do in fact respect that Alabama has won a lot of National Titles. 10 legititmate National Titles are probably more than any other college football program in the country and something every Alabama fan should be proud of. What I and most other college football fans don’t respect and quite frankly don’t understand is why you and most other bama gumps have to claim all the non-ligitimate ones and exagerate your claims to greatness. Is it because deep down you are insecure and have and inferiority complex because of the State you live in? If not then why not just claim your 10 legitimate titles and know you still have far more than anyone else? Do you have a small man complex like your coach?

            So whether or not you believe me I do respect that bama has 10 titles and would never try to discredit those 10, but I’m sure you won’t respect that I have proven you wrong once again as to that fact.

            But Capstone your most ignorant statement that proves that you truly are a gump, is your last.

            To make the statement “10 > than your team will ever win” , you would have to be some kind of diety to know that. Then again most bama fans think they are, and once again with that statement you prove once again you are no different Capstone. Rest proud knowing that fact tonight gump.

          10. I see you clearly missed the point of my post. I called you a liar or fool or worse a lawyer since you assert any misstatement is some sort of “proof” of being a Gump, or making up facts.

            You screwed up your 2010 post and I seized on that the same way you seized on something to try to discredit my point–that Alabama was at a significant disadvantage in regards to its SEC schedule for much of the last part of the 2001-2010 decade. The PROOF comes in that HALF of Alabama’s SEC opponents had a bye before they played Alabama..You can’t deny the FACT, but you act like a lawyer and try to distort the fact. THE FACT is a fact and you can’t change it for all your wishing. Half of Alabama’s SEC opponents between 2007 and 2010 had a bye before playing Alabama.

            I always post the truth in regards to facts. When something is wrong as my hyperbole was that it was many years of 6 opponents with byes, I post the correct data as I did here. It was only ONE year.

            You just blow smoke and name call. I deal in truth. The truth is Alabama was at a disadvantage for a long time.

            Now, I do want to say this. i think I’ve said this in other posts on the website, but in case I haven’t, I’m going to say it here.

            Alabama’s 2013 schedule is very favorable. LSU is on a down trend with significant defections. Auburn sucks and has a moron for a coach. The most dangerous team Alabama faces comes early in the year.

            I’d take this schedule over what Alabama saw in 2010.

    2. Obviously you do not follow SEC football and probably not college ball at all. F Y I , schedule has been set in advance for years, and Bama plays Tenn, out of the east every year like your belittled auburn team plays georgia every year out of the east. We play every team in the west and rotate one team out of the east every 2 years. You should study football a little prior to writing crap.

    3. they literally made an SEC rule against schedule’s like Alabama’s 2009 schedule because it was too hard… look it up and don’t be stupid. stop being a troll and get a fucking life. honestly. maybe touch a vagina for once. maybe get head. if you even know what that means.

  2. Talk about someone bending the facts. “All those years” when 6-8 teams had a bye week before playing bama??
    Capstone, I challange you “All those years” and the oposing teams in which 6-8 of those teams had bye weeks before playing Alabama. And I’m sure as a fair minded fan who wouldn’t want to bend the facts, you wouldn’t include any teams that had a bye week before the Alabama game when Alabama also had a bye that same week before. For example prior to this year bama and LSU both had a bye week before their game against each other, so I’m sure you’re not considering that an advantage for LSU and therefore are not counting them in your 6-8 team count.

    I don’t think you can back up your comment Capstone, but hey I challange you to prove me wrong. Otherwise you’ve proven yourself to be just another typical bamer gump with incorrect statements not supported by facts.

  3. No Fla ,S Car and Geo , because we get them in the SEC champ game anyway…then play a # 1 or #2 team in the title..Bama ISN’T Oregon, they don’t get fat on cupcakes and loose vs the better teams….Check their record vs top 10 teams since Saban showed up..why skate them when you beat them? Take your jealousy out ..if you don’t like them say it,but implying the SEC sets up the schedule for them is dumb.

  4. The University of Alabma is the KING of college football, period! It is not even close! Ask Notre Dame, those pussys will even tell you BAMA is king! Greatest DEFENSE ever. This year will be 3 in a ROW, never been done before! Nick Saban is the greatest coach (along with the BEAR) ever! So the rest of college football can go to hell, the TIDE is here to stay! Maybe another 5 or 6 in arow! Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yea baby!

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