Alabama vs Texas A&M scheduled on CBS at 2:30 p.m.
Alabama vs Texas A&M 2013 scheduled on CBS at 2:30 p.m.
In one of the most anticipated games of the college football season, Alabama plays Texas A&M. The Alabama vs Texas A&M 2013 game will be broadcast on CBS at 2:30 p.m.

Check for other updates, game times and news on the 2013 Alabama Football Schedule. Here is the official release.

Alabama vs Texas A&M 2013 Football Game to Be Nationally Televised by CBS Sports

The Southeastern Conference and CBS Sports announced on Wednesday that the University of Alabama’s football game against Texas A&M, slated for Saturday, September 14, at Kyle Field in College Station, Texas, will be nationally televised by CBS with kickoff scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Central Time.

This year’s contest will mark the sixth football game between the two schools, a series in which the Crimson Tide holds a 3-2-0 advantage. The game will mark only the second time in the series that Alabama has played in College Station with the Crimson Tide holding a 1-0 edge at Kyle Field by virtue of a 30-10 victory in 1988.

CBS also nationally televised last year’s Alabama-Texas A&M game in Tuscaloosa on November 10, 2012, in which the Aggies handed Alabama a 29-24 loss, the Tide’s only setback en route to the 2012 BCS national championship. The series dates back to January 1, 1942, when Alabama defeated Texas A&M, 29-21, in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas, Texas, to close out the 1941 season. The teams also clashed in the 1968 Cotton Bowl to close out the 1967 season with the Aggies taking a 20-16 win over the Tide on January 1, 1968. Alabama took a 23-10 victory over the Aggies at Legion Field in Birmingham, Ala., on September 14, 1985, and the Tide added the aforementioned 30-10 verdict at College Station on December 1, 1988.

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  1. I can’t wait. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes.

    This may not be the place to ask this, and I know Alabama’s QB’s weren’t exactly shining at A-Day this year, but can I take away from A-Day that our defense might be better prepared for TAMU this year, or is A-Day still mostly incidental? I don’t hate TAMU, I don’t respect a lot of the things Manziel does in spite of being an amazing athlete (that part I do respect), but I just want to crush TAMU early in the season and early in the day so I can really have fun that night…

    1. I believe the defensive game plan and execution will be much better this year.

      Two things stand out from last year’s game. First, the defensive line was tentative in how it approached the game. I believe this comes from the preparation. I heard Eli Gold say the team was lethargic leading up to the game….this wasn’t what we heard during the week, but I heard it on the radio broadcast as the wife and I were running late in getting to Tuscaloosa that day. I sort of took this to indicate the team didn’t really pay much attention to the study work during the week as the team was physically and mentally exhausted at this point.

      Second, I believe the gameplan was flawed. So much work went into containment that there didn’t seem to be enough disruption. I have a feeling we will see a more dynamic package of pressure this year.

      Also, it was clear in last year’s gameplan that a considerable load was put on the offense. Essentially, Alabama needed to control the ball, score points and enforce its will.

      Clearly, the offense did not respond in the early portion of the game. I’m sure injuries (like McCarron’s) played a role as well as when the game was played after the emotion of so much of the season. I suspect the offense will again be asked to deliver points and be effective at moving the chains.

    2. Didn’t Alabama have the best defense in the nation last year? Yes you did, and you couldn’t stop a freshman quaterback on your own home field. So what difference does it make that your defense looked good in your “A game”? I mean the best defense in all of college football last year couldn’t stop him. I guess gump thinking goes something like “well our defense will get better but the freshman and his team will stay the same”.

        1. Hey Petie I love it when you prove that my comments are dead on or that you’re not smart enough to refute them, so you just resort little girl or third grade antics.

          Results from a game two seasons ago don’t bother me any more than I’m sure 9-6 bothers you.

          Now LSU’s blanking of bama yesterday’s 3-0 might bother you if your a real bama fan.

          1. @LMAO

            That’s funny.

            Alabama didn’t lose 49-0 to TAMU, first of all.

            They played TAMU after a 5-week gamut including an epic away win at LSU which was the defining game of Alabama’s 2012 championship season, rather than the 5-point TAMU loss as some people like to suggest as if it mattered.

            Alabama’s “best defense in the country last year….couldn’t stop a freshman QB,” but didn’t Alabama do better than anyone at stopping him, and by a huge margin, even if you ignore the dump pass that gifted the game to TAMU when the run was working perfectly?

            Look. College football is great. The TAMU win simply didn’t matter because, like it or not, Alabama was still just that good. It wasn’t 49-0. Alabama was down three touchdowns….and then came back. It wasn’t boring, and it wasn’t a shut-out. It wasn’t after a bye week but rather the opposite. The system worked. They found the best team and it wasn’t TAMU, but in the meantime, you got to witness an epic moment in college football history that almost single-handedly determined a freshman’s Heisman win. So enjoy it, but enjoy it for what it’s worth. It’s worth something. What it’s not worth is a championship, or trying to pretend it mattered in determining who the best team in the country was. Again, the difference between, for example, 49 – 0 is not five points.

            As for what difference it makes how the defense looked in a spring game, those are the players that are on the 2013 team that will be playing in the 2013 game that this article is talking about. I think it makes all the difference?

            I’m glad you’re enjoying your baseball though. Roll Tide.

          2. Conduit,

            First of all, nobody said Alabama lost 49-0 to TAMU. Bama LOST 29-24 to TAMU. Fact No. 1

            “They played TAMU after a 5-week gamut including an epic away win at LSU ” – Get yourself some cheese with that wine. Like every team in the SEC dosen’t play a tough schedule and most of the teams play a much tougher schedule than bama does seing how bama gets to dodge all of the best teams in the east during the regular season. Fact No. 2

            Fact No. 3, Bama didn’t “do better than anyone at stopping him”, especially by a huge margin. Florida and LSU both did better than Alabama at slowing him down (nobody stopped him). Do YOU just make shyt up in your mind?

            “As for what difference it makes how the defense looked in a spring game” , it was YOU Conduit, NOT ME who asked the question “can I take away from A-Day that our defense might be better prepared for TAMU this year. I just reminded you, in case you forgot, that you had best defense in the nation last year and couldn’t stop them. Are you saying Saban didn’t have them prepared to play TAMU last year? Blasphmey coming from a bamer.

            Fact No. 4 – I am enjoying my baseball, thank you! SEC Champions for the 10th time, more than any other school in the conference. And earned it by beating the team with the best record in the conference, not to mention beating bama 4 out of 5 times this year including twice in tournament this weekend. Congratulations on making the regional field of 64. Good luck in your regional.

  2. I am personally looking forward to this game because the redemption will be nice. I can guarantee that not only will Bama’s D show up huge but Coach Nussmeier learned in this game last year that this is the SEC not west coast ball. Bama will rush and rush and rush some more. The undisputed champs add another highlight to the record book. Roll Tide!!!

    1. For your sake Yellowhammer I hope Nussmeier is smarter than you. Having your defense “rush and rush and rush some more” is not the key to beating Johnny football. You think your defense didn’t rush him last year? Maybe you better go watch the replay of that game again. Hell Manziel made some of his best plays all year and on bama when he was rushed hard.

      The key to beating Texas A&M is containing Manziel and the key to containing Manziel is a controled rush where your ends don’t push too far up the field. Don’t believe me go watch LSU’s game against A&M last year. In that game Manziel was held to 27 yards rushing and1.6 yards per attempt. Compare that to the 92 yards rushing and 5.1 yards per attempt he got against your no. 1 defense last year. Now he did have 276 passing yards in that LSU game, but that was partly do to the fact that he threw the ball 56 times. Not bad considering her threw for 253 yards in only 31 attempts on your no. 1 defense! Oh yeah and don’t forget LSU beat A&M in College Station something your bama team and No. 1 defense couldn’t do at home.

      But you go ahead and make your gump guarantee, which promises nothing really, except that Bams’s D will show up (like they didn’t show up last year) and that your coach won’t be as stupid as he was last year because apparently, according to you, he thought his defense was playing west coast ball last year and not in the SEC. You would have thought Saban would have told Nussmeier something about that last year. LMAO you gumps make some of the dumbest statements.

      1. Actually, Alabama’s defensive coordinator said the team had to be more aggressive in its approach to dealing with Manziel. instead of sending only 3-4, expect Alabama to send 5.

        Yes, disciplined rush is important from the ends, but if you watch the Alabama tape, the team is much better later in the game with a more traditional approach to pressure than the early portion of the game where the ends got no pressure whatsoever.

      2. lamo Coach Nussmeier is the offensive coordinator and not rushing ( that is running the football for the football inferior such as yourself) is why an interception was thrown on the goalline and effectively lost the game for Alabama. You should change your moniker to football geniass.

        1. Oh so that’s the excuse you are going with. It was your offensive coordinator and your offense’s fault that you lost that game? It had nothing to do with your defense? Excuse me for assuming you were talking about your defense after me and the rest of the country watched Manziel and the Texas A&M offense go up and down the field with ease on your top ranked defense! Hell he did it with such ease it won him the Heisman Trophy. But hey if you want to claim it was your offense……..gumps you gotta love em!

          1. The offense was an important part of the game plan to beat A&M, and it laid an egg.

            Alabama took the ball first, and by design wanted to move it and score some points. It was believed by many that the offense could score on A&M’s defense.

            The offense and defense were responsible for that loss. It is foolish to attribute it to only one side.

          2. That is precisely the problem with you lamo, you assume. You dont know you assume. You get on here and talk about something you know nothing about. You didnt know what happened in the game last year because you didnt watch it and if you did then you didnt understand it. However you come to this blog and talk trash like you know something about the subject. What a joke. What else do you routinely talk about but have no real world experience? Making more than minimum wage? Sexually pleasing a woman? Becoming potty trained? Hahaha at you!

          3. “The offense was an important part of the game plan to beat A&M, and it laid an egg.

            Alabama took the ball first, and by design wanted to move it and score some” – Wow Saban is a brilliant coach.

            Man if every coach would make their offense an important part of the game plan to beat the other team and design that plan where they take the ball first and want to move it and score some, I bet they would be more successful. I hope you didn’t let Saban’s secret to success out Capstone.

            Capstone I do with you comment that Yellowhammer is foolish to attribute that loss to only the offense.

          4. Are you really going to be this obtuse?

            It was obvious the gameplan called on the offense to DO MORE than it ordinarily was called on to do, ie: consume more clock and score more points.

          5. @LMAO

            The offense was making 6 yards or more a carry on that last drive every time. You’re trying to say the decision to throw instead when the run was working isn’t, wait, sorry, you got me, you’re just trying to make people upset instead, and I guess it worked. Touche.

            I’m sorry you hate Alabama so much. I don’t get it. But I guess it’s good you’re here.

    1. So your “excuse” is bama didn’t play it’s “A” game last year, and thats why it lost?

      1. It is pretty clear that was the case. A&M lost two games to Florida and LSU–both teams inferior to Alabama.

        I think the combination of a very good A&M offense combined with a bad performance explained the loss. Is that an excuse? Nah.

        A&M played a much more complete game and deserved to win. However, understanding the how is kind of important.

        1. An typical gump statement. How could you know if Florida was inferior to Alabama last year? Bama didn’t even play Florida last year. Florida beat LSU last year and bama barely eeked out a win against LSU in the very last minute of the game. So can you claim bama was superior to LSU last year, yes but by the thinest of margins. Florida was also beat LSU last year. So seeing how you didn’t play Florida, yet claim to be superior to them is a typical gump statement. If I used “gump logic” I would claim Bama was inferior to LSU because we beat A&M and Bama couldn’t.

          1. Good grief. Are you really going to argue that Florida was in the same league as last year’s Alabama team? Did you watch any Florida games? The offense was less competent than a Gene Stallings-led squad. The defense was good, but these guys couldn’t beat UGA.

          2. Capstonereport, maybe you should reread my post that you are referring to, because nowhere in there did I claim that Florida was better than bama.
            I only refuted the unsupported claim that YOU made as to Florida being inferior to bama.

            But the fact is they were in the same “league” as bama. Just like bama, they were in the Southeastern Conference, the undisputed most dominate league in college football. And in that league they had a 7-1 record just like bama did. Their only loss in the league was to a team bama beat, but they also beat the team that beat bama. So were they better or worse than bama? There is no true way to prove that, so unlike you I did not make a claim either way. However….

            You did ask if I watched any Florida games. Well I did watch their game against LSU. Their defense dominated LSU in that game and LSU really never had a chance to win that game holding our offense to 200 total yards. Unlike the LSU game against Alabama where LSU offense produced 435 total yards, more than twice what Florida’s defense gave up, and where LSU did in fact have a chance to win that game.

          3. I think it is pretty obvious if LSU had played Florida at Baton Rouge, the result would have been much different.

          4. How is that “pretty obvious” capstone? Didn’t bama play Texas A&M at home? Another stupid gump statement.

          5. So, you just implied that home field doesn’t matter?

            Great logic!

            Regarding Alabama-Texas A&M, I don’t think Alabama would’ve made the game close had it been on the road and unfolded the same way in the first quarter.

          6. Well Yellowhammer you prove your a typical frustrated gump when the best you can do is bring sexual comments to a sports blog.

            I assumed you were talking about your defense because nobody would have thought you were stupid enough to blame that loss on your offense. Your DEFENSE gave up over 400 total yards and allowed A&M to score 29 points on them when for the year your defense only gave up an average of 250 yards and 10 points per game. And those averages include the A&M game. And you want to blame the loss on your offense? I think you are the one who doesn’t understand what happened in that game not me. The only bad assumption I made was assuming you couldn’t possibily be stupid enough to blame that loss on your offense.

          7. lamo, I feel sorry for you, I really do. The interception was in the closing seconds of the game. T A&M had a 4 point lead. A touchdown would have given Bama a 2 point lead with opportunity to kick an extra point to make it a 3 point lead. I know you dont know as you have informed us that you regularly assume,but the entire Bama nation was in an uproar after the game because of the poor play calling on offense at the end of the game that EFFECTIVELY cost them the game. Is this really that hard to understand? Secondly your “gump” comments further prove your bigoted opinions that were previously exposed a couple of weeks ago. Lastly, frustrated about? What Yeldon ramming a screen pass down LSU’s throat to give you your second consecutive Rammer Jammer. No actually it will go down in Bama lore. That is frustration, and that is why you are here on this blog. Hahahahaha laughing at you even more.

          8. Don’t believe Captstone Report that Alabama was better than Florida last year.

            Just believe everyone else that said the same thing. I can’t remember where Florida ended up ranked last year, but it wasn’t above Alabama and they didn’t win more games either. It’s interesting, but I think the only thing that matters is you simply hate Alabama with a blind rage, that’s why you come here. I’m sorry for your loss. Roll Tide.

          9. Capstone you dissappoint me, I thought you were smarter than the average gumps who post here. No, I didn’t “imply” that home field doesn’t matter, you implied, no make that you clearly stated, that home field will always auatomatically make a difference by stating it’s “pretty obvious” the results of the LSU/Florida game would have been “much” different if it had been played in Baton Rouge. Now you know, or at least I hope you know, that is a supposition on your part that you can not prove. Can the home field make a difference, sure it can, but does it always make a difference, or make the out come of a game “much” different as you suppose? NO not always, and there are no facts you can give to support that it can. A team doesn’t just automatically play better just because it is at home, and an opposing team dosen’t always play worse just because it is on the road. So YOUR statement that “I think it is pretty obvious if LSU had played Florida at Baton Rouge, the result would have been much different” is just plain dumb and the fact that you couldn’t tell me how it was “pretty obvious” proves it.

            And you have no way of knowing or proving your claim regarding the Bama/A&M game – “I don’t think Alabama would’ve made the game close had it been on the road and unfolded the same way in the first quarter”. Again that’s just a supposition on your part, and a poor one considering Bama’s results over the past couple of years.

            Consider that from 81 to 89 the visiting team in the LSU/Alabama rivalry won including Bama’s 87 team that had a 7-5 recofd that went into Baton Rouge and beat LSU’s 10-1-1.

          10. Yawn. If you think LSU sucked so much last year that playing Florida at home wouldn’t have improved the Tigers game…

            then I guess I’ll just have to agree with you.

            LSU Sucked so much last year that they were lucky not to get ass raped by an ACC team.

            Oh wait. never mind.

          11. And Yellowhammer I feel sorry for you, and the rest of the flock whom you say think exactly like you. Because if you are too stupid to realize that if your defense had played up to it’s normal standard for last season, your team would not have been behind in the last seconds of the game and the interception at the end of the game wouldn’t have meant anything. In fact your offensive cooridnator would not have been calling a pass play at all, he would have been calling for your quaterback to kneel on the ball like bama has done at the end of many of its games over the last couple of years. If you and the rest of the gumps are too stupid to see that it was your defense that played signifacantly more under par in that game than your offense did, then maybe you should stick to watching gymnastics or tennis only. YOU, like many morons do, assume that it is only the last play or drive in a game that results in the outcome of a game. And you prove it by your comment about Yeldon’s touchdown at the end of the LSU game. That play wouldn’t have meant shyt if LSU’s defense would have stopped bama from scoring with 11 seconds left in the first half.

          12. @LMAO—–I’m loving this.

            Don’t ever stop.

            Take the jerseys off in the Alabama/LSU game when Yeldon took the screen pass for the win. LSU wasn’t bringing enough pressure during a long drive to set it up. Then they brought pressure, opening up the screen pass, which Alabama played perfectly and Yeldon danced the ball the rest of the way into the end zone for the win.

            Isn’t that just a clear example of what makes a football team good, if not better than the other team? Like, the play call itself in relation to the play call. It worked perfectly, the players did their jobs, the play was executed, the result is a game-winning touchdown in a rival stadium on the road. It’s amazing stuff if you’re a college football fan.

            So doesn’t it mean the same thing in the TAMU win? Alabama wasn’t just moving the ball conistently on that drive, but they had time and plays to not risk throwing the ball like they did. For the same reason LSU’s play lost, TAMU’s won. You can argue about how stupid the 2012 championship-winning team’s coaches must have been to make that call and the team to follow it, I suppose, but really? You don’t see how, even if the play would have worked, it didn’t and still doesn’t seem like the best play call in that situation where the result would have won the football game not as a side effect but BECAUSE the score was so close?

            It’s a four-quarter game. The coaches at Alabama have been vocal for years about how Alabama trains for the fourth quarter. You argue the end of the game isn’t what matters, but the end of the game is as important as any other second. It’s why Alabama has had so much success, and it absolutely includes points at the beginning as well as the end of the game, including game-winning points in the final seconds. It’s not a coincidence. It’s not circumstance.

            It’s football.

            I get that you hate Alabama. But I think it’s clouding your judgment, that’s all. Maybe if Alabama’s only loss last year was an at-home shutout loss by over five touchdowns rather than it coming down to a game-ending play that, as much as you want to disagree, could have had an impact (even if the resulting impact is incidental regarding who wins a crystal trophy), it’s hard to imagine any of the people who determine who gets to play in a final be-all, end-all football game at the end of the season would ever agree.

            They didn’t. And again, I’m sorry for your loss. Roll Tide.

          13. lamo, I assume nothing. Remember, that is one of your finer qualities. I am conviced though, (and I realize this will be rebuked as a supposition or no link can be provided or by using some bigoted label as to prove it not true) but if there was an award for the most moronic imbecile flamer to ever grave the forums of The Capstonereport, you would win with no question of your titles validity. I had a professor explain to me a long time ago and I quote “You just cant fix stupid” You are the shining epitome of the very thing she was speaking of.

          14. Wow Capstone the true gump inside of you really came out on that last post of yours with your use of the phrase “ass rape”. That seems to be a favorite phrase of all the gumps that post on here. It must be something they teach you perverts about at a young age in Alabamer.

            Yea LSU “sucked so much” last year, which is why Yellowhammer wets his pants everytime he thinks about Yeldon’s Screen Pass with less than a minute left in the game to put bama ahead. Pretty sad wouldn’t you say that bama couldn’t put away a team that “sucked so much” until the last few seconds of the game? According to your gump logic LSU may have “sucked so much”, but they were good enough to beat Texas A&M something bama couldn’t do!

          15. No Lamo, you are the one that asserts that LSU would have lost at home to Florida just like it lost on the road.

            So, it is you that believes LSU sucks so much.

            And since you are an LSU fan…I defer to your judgment on the matter.

          16. Hey capstone I challange your small brain to quote the statement where as you say I am “the one that asserts that LSU would have lost at home to Florida just like it lost on the road.” You can’t and won’t because I asserted no such thing.

            I refuted your claim that “it is pretty obvious if LSU had played Florida at Baton Rouge, the result would have been much differen”. Just because I refute your claim doesn’t mean I am inferring LSU would have lost if that game was played at home.. But I know that is probably over your head and you won’t understand that.

            LSU may or may not have beaten Florida if that game would have been played in Baton Rouge, and contrary to your statement I didn’t make a claim either way. Someone with good reading skills would have realized that. YOU on the other hand made a claim that you say is pretty obvious yet you still haven’t and can’t prove it.

        2. Conduit your reading skills obviously haven’t gotten any better. You say I “argue the end of the game isn’t what matters”, but I never said or argued that. I said the end of the game was not more important than the rest of the game.

          It was yellowpants that was inferring that the reason lost that game was because of your offensive coordinator pass call at the end of the game.

          I countered, just like your coaches do that it is a four quarter game and what you do in the first three quarters matters as much as what you do in the fourth quarter. Bama’s defense sucked in the first quarter of the A&M game. If they played up to their potential in the first quarter bama probably would not have been down by THREE thuchdowns and the last play of the game would not have mattered. If your team sucks as bad as bama did in the first quater of a game like it did in that A&M game, a team is not always going to be able to come back and have a chance to win it on the last play of the game no matter what type of play is called.

          If you gumps can’t see that it was your defense that underperformed in that game, especially in the first quarter, as compared to your offense, again I say your the stupid ones.

          1. You do like to say we’re the stupid ones, I’ll give you that.

            Sorry for your loss.

            It’s good to be on top. Winning. Roll Tide.

          2. Say what you want about how bad you think Alabama’s defense was last year, but Isn’t the first quarter also when TAMU was running the trick plays? Alabama caught up once TAMU stopped running trick plays (for what it’s worth). Putting five lineman forty feet away from the center and hiking the ball with 26 seconds on the play clock doesn’t make me want to blame the defense for under-performing, especially after the stretch of rivalry games leading up to TAMU. Even if you wanted to argue against those points, good grief was it not an awesome football game on both sides for both teams?

            Besides, the 2012 crystal trophy is already won, Manziel has his Heisman, and this article is about the game this fall at Kyle Field. Why not talk about that anyway instead of trying to suggest TAMU was a better football team last year without saying it?

          3. Conduit, I also like to say short people are short and fat people are fat, I could use different terminology if that would make you fell better about yourself and your comments here.

          4. Conduit my first post here regarding this article was exactly and specifically relating to and in response to a post about this year’s bama defense as it relates to this years bama game against A&M. Yes I did use last years game as a comparative reference in my comment about this years game and defense, but it was the responses to my original post that took the conversation in a different route. And never once did I say or infer TAMU was a beter football team than bama last year (you gumps really should take some remedial reading classes).

          5. I know, I don’t expect you to agree, I expect you to continue to come back just to pick and prod at everything an Alabama fan says…on an Alabama fan site. I don’t expect you to be objective or stop using names or to care that you’re on an Alabama fan site to begin with, don’t get me wrong. It just bugs me when you act like you’re being nice when you call people “stupid” and say things like “you gumps.” I don’t get it. Say what you want, I don’t ever really want you to stop, I just don’t get it is all.

            I am sorry, though. Sincerely, I am sorry for your loss. No names. No tricks. Roll Tide.

  3. No, moron. The typical Corndog statement is anything you can dredge up to say after losing to an “less than offensive” Florida, a broken rib McCarron, and what was that last one – CLe Cle Cle Clemson? When was the last time you won anything that ended up being of real value? Don’t worry about Bama and Manziel. He will be put in his place this time around, even though his Heisman performance last year in the long run meant absolutely nothing. There were no undefeated teams last year, therefore having lost 1 game takes nothing away from Bama’s Natty. By a long, long way Bama had the best loss of all the 1 loss teams in the nation – and we didn’t lose to , uh, Clemson either. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. “Don’t worry about Bama and Manziel. He will be put in his place ” – I believe is the exact comment some of you bama fans were mouthing before last years game. How soon you gumps forget.

      And Crimsonite I hate to be the one to have to correct your ignorant statetment that “There were no undefeated teams last year”, but the FACT is you might want to check Ohio States record last year

      LSU and Florida may not have earned a crystal ball last year, but “we didn’t lose to, uh”… Texas A&M either. Bwaa Haww Haww! ATHBADTH!

      1. But Manziel was put in his place——–in NYC, winning a Heisman trophy, rather than in Miami winning a crystal football.

        I’m sorry for your loss. Roll Tide.

        1. Come on now really Conduit? YOU think Manziel “was put in his place” by winning the Hiesman trophy? A&M, the team, might have been put in their place due to losses to Florida and LSU and therefore not winning the crystal football in Miami.

          But Manziel won the greates indivdual award in college football, as a freshman, the first ever!

          What a stupid statement by you, unless of course you meant he was put in that place to win the Hiesman trophy as a result of your defense. LMAO

  4. No idiot, you instead lost 3 games, including to BAMA. Florida lost 2 games, including to Georgia who we beat and a damn Big East team – Bwaa Haww Haww. And If we had to lose a game dipshit, I prefer it being to a top 5 team like – uhh, aTm. And any fool even mentioning Ohio St in the same breath as “undefeated and National Champions”, is not just reaching into the nether, but is seriously retarded. We sent out little bitty football deficient sister, UAB up there and nearly beat their ass in Columbus. Bwaa Haww Haww Haww Haww!!!! RTR! Next!!!

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