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More state media bias as Auburn takes on more “cult” status wants to share a heartwarming story with you. A story of a lady so shocked by lyrics in a song from that mean ole University of Alabama that the experience changed her. It changed her future. It changed her life. It changed her on the inside. This is the story of a Montgomery woman […]

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Questions abound as charges are dropped in Cyrus Jones arrest

The Tuscaloosa Police Department today dropped all charges against Tide cornerback Cyrus Jones in the alleged domestic violence charges pending against him from earlier in the week, citing their reasoning in a prepared statment: We told you earlier this week that word was that Alabama head coach Nick Saban was preturbed over the situation, and […]

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Player Alabama didn’t even recruit claims he was offered a car

Pat White was a tremendous college quarterback at West Virginia from 2005-2008. The Daphne native sliced and diced in the Mountaineer’s spread offense as good as any in recent memory. But Pat White wasn’t recruited by Alabama. Though recently the NFL reject made a disparaging claim via his Facebook page in response to a picture […]

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What “Is” Bill Battle’s “Plan”?

Alabama Athletic Director Bill Battle has a plan. I get an email from him every week telling me so. It reads more like a report than a plan, and from the looks of things, all seems to be going pretty well in Tuscaloosa. For instance, his last email told me: Men’s Golf is currently ranked […]

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Sighs of relief heard in Alabama as Browns shun Gus, hire Pettine

It almost happened. Well, not really. But in the minds of many, Gus Malzahn was almost swooned away from the plains after just one season. It was a ridiculous notion, really. That a 2nd year college coach who depends on smoke, mirrors, and the kind of luck that would make a leprechaun say “what the […]

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Bama stands tall during “upset Saturday”

by ITK We all love college football for different reasons, but one of those universally, invariably, is what is simply known as “upset Saturday.” The weird, annual anomoly where on the same day several upsets pop up like those strange mushrooms that appear on your front lawn out of nowhere. All over the country…different games, […]

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Clinton-Dix story gives Auburn fans, others false hope

The recent news concerning Alabama All-Conference safety HaHa Clinton-Dix has been music to the ears of some itching fanbases hungering for relief. Hoping that the DJ Fluker revelation was the hors d’eouvre to a coming entrée, opposing fans can’t get enough of the news. If you’re a Tide supporter, the news isn’t good. But if […]

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GameDay: Auburn’s zero entry season continues as the Tide takes it to the Aggies

It’s week three of the new college football season, and today Bama finally gets back into action to answer the questions presented in its first outing. In our fan review from last February, we covered the very, very odd Texas A&M fan. The response from Aggie fans defending their peculiar brand of football fandom could […]

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DJ Fluker speaks

The last 48 hours have been a ride, at times downright comical. One thing that has been exposed through this DJ Fluker saga has been the crystal clear desperation on the part of Auburn fans (and other Bama haters). Desperate for something to ease their pain. Something to soothe the agony that’s been placed on […]

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The “Real” 12th Man at Texas A&M

Finally, we can move on. Johnny Manziel met with the NCAA for six hours on Sunday, we learned today, and informed the governing organization of college athletics that he never took money for signing autographs. Whew! Thankfully that whole episode is now behind us so we can focus on some football. All while the organization […]

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Auburn burns as the denials mount

At this point only the most delusional Auburn fan…and there is an army of them…would believe there hasn’t been any funny business going on down on the farm…for years. Once again, the impartial national media…not Bama Magazine, Capstone Report or Tider Insider subscribers…has continued sniffing around the cow patties in Lee County, and once again, […]

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Christmas comes early for Tide fans as Auburn hires Gus Malzahn

Note (5/16/14): Attention Barners….one season a superior coach does not make. Let me know when Gustav gets you over the hump to being the best in the land. Our coach has done it thrice since touching down in Tuscaloosa. Gus? Hello? Gus? Is this thing on?? (Crickets…) On December 4, 2012, the Auburn University football […]

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John Gruden tells Tennessee “No”

Clay Travis is a douche, and as we all know, douches are good for only one thing. Travis, the unapologetically biased Volunteer blogger has been out front with his ridiculous fantasies of John Gruden coming to Tennessee in replacement of fired coach Derek Dooley. Today Travis’ fantasy has come to an end. Reports indicate that […]

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Arkansas vs. Auburn: Pillow fight on the plains

Today worlds collide in Lee County, Alabama as two of the most hapless programs in college football collide on the gridiron. The dysfunctional Arkansas Razorbacks (1-4) march into Jordan-Hare Stadium to take on the impotent Auburn Tigers (1-3). That’s right, combined the teams are 2-7, with impressive wins over Jacksonville State and LaMonroe (in OT). […]

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Why Alabama will beat Michigan

Denard Robinson is an amazing talent. Especially when he’s playing Navy. Or San Diego State. Or worse, today’s Notre Dame, which is not your father’s Fighting Irish. Visit any intramural field on any college campus today and you’ll find a flag-football quarterback whose throws resemble Robinson’s. His deep ball is often left up for grabs […]

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Why is Bama #2 in the AP? Saban’s plan

Today the AP released its preseason poll for the 2012 football season, and there at #2 sits the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Last month the coaches voted Bama #3, though if figured in the post-Tyrann Mathieu era the Tide may have faired even better. But stop for a moment and let this sink in. 2012’s […]

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Washed up Jim Brown calls Trent Richardson “ordinary”

Jim Brown is an idiot. The bruising running back who made his name when weight training in the NFL was considered science fiction has fired off his mouth again. Brown, a bitter, washed up NFL legend, had a few unconstructive things to say about his former team’s acquisition of former Alabama running back and Doak […]

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Hoover braces for baseball tournament without Bama

As the Southeastern Conference baseball tournament begins, Hoover businesses are getting ready to feel, well, not much of anything. Since the Alabama baseball team invented new and creative ways of being terrible this season, the city of Hoover will feel the brunt of their malfeasance with lower than normal revenue over the week and weekend. […]

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Hey NFL, I’ll risk a concussion if you’ll give me a shot

Would someone reading this please help me? I’ve got a real problem on my hands and I’m out of answers. I’ve lost count of the number of days and nights NFL reps have pounded on my door trying to force me to play professional football. All I simply want to do is follow my dream […]

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Auburn’s Gus Malzahn not going anywhere anytime soon

Auburn’s offensive coordinator, Gus Malzahn, is an offensive guru. Need proof? Just ask any kool-aid slurping Auburn fan who still worships at his feet. Poll any barn dweller and they would gladly shed Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik before letting Malzahn go. In fact, when Camgate was still in session, one fan I had a […]

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Bama in the NFL; final week of the preseason

Well, the final preparations are done, and with the NFL season set to kick off in about a week, the final roster spots are being filled. We’ll keep you posted on your favorite Tide players regarding who goes where, who gets cut, and who is taking their game to the next level in football’s premiere […]

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Chizik’s Energy Vampire

With yesterday’s and today’s revelations that the NCAA is not only still investigating Auburn’s widely-alledged illegal recruitment of Cam Newton, but that the governing organization may actually know who the bagman is, it’s a valid point that the Chizik household may need to clean the guest bedroom. Looks like they have company. (Follow me on […]

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AU holding the bag as Newtons sail on

The scariest thing about doing business with a piece of garbage like Cecil Newton is the waiting game. It’s not a matter of if he’ll open his mouth and say too much, but a matter of when. And as the investigation Auburn fans said was over rambles on, as spoken from the lips of the […]

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Best coach in the country?

You’re alone, Jay. In the endless flow of Lee County propaganda, does anyone actually believe the blather trickling from the Auburn Athletic Director’s mouth in the press conference announcing Chizik’s new deal? Apparently Florida didn’t. When the Gators recently needed a new coach, where did they turn? To alumnus Gene Chizik, fresh off of a […]

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Onterio McCalebb arrested

Another Auburn football player has been arrested; this time it’s Auburn running back Onterio McCalebb. If you’re keeping score at home, this is number six since the end of the 2010 season, that we know of. Today, according to, McCalebb was picked up on May 14th, for driving an “unregistered vehicle.” The second half […]

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A glimpse at Coach Goodwin’s trash can

According to the words of his former player, Homewood High School’s (Birmingham, AL) Coach Doug Goodwin is a piece of work. Brent Calloway’s recent interview with paints a grim picture of a man teetering on the edge of odd if not childish behavior. From the interview: “Like the week of signing day I had […]

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Where Jeff Lee’s ideas come from

While people are laughing at “writer” Jeffrey Lee for his recent actions on an Alabama radio station, the question has to be asked. Where does he get his information from? Lee has a longstanding and unapologetic love for Auburn football, and an apparent subsequent loathing for its rivals. Hardly a “journalist”, his site’s hand […]

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Auburn’s new billboard

It’s been said before that perception is reality. If that is indeed the case, then from sea to shining sea, the “reality” is that Auburn is the dirtiest program in all of college football. Because, nationally, overwhelmingly, that is the perception. Nobody buys that Cam Newton turned down six digits to come to Auburn for […]

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Smoke in Lee County: NCAA vs. Street Agents

Might want to find your place of safety; there are more storm clouds on the horizon. The NCAA has a mess on its hands, trying to regulate, monitor or outright get rid of the use of “street agents” used in college football recruiting. News broke yesterday that the University of Oregon is under the NCAA’s […]

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SHOCK: Smith arrested and no one reported it

For years we have beaten the drum here that there is a double standard with the media in our state. Here, friends, is yet another example. Charles Goldberg is reporting today, FINALLY….a WEEK LATER…that Auburn running back Eric Smith was arrested for third degree domestic violence. Yesterday Auburn officials announced he had been dismissed from […]

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