DJ Fluker speaks

The last 48 hours have been a ride, at times downright comical.

One thing that has been exposed through this DJ Fluker saga has been the crystal clear desperation on the part of Auburn fans (and other Bama haters). Desperate for something to ease their pain. Something to soothe the agony that’s been placed on them over the last seven years of terror that Nick Saban has invoked into their lives.

Their comments on this site alone have been a delight. Eager to connect as many pieces of a puzzle that doesn’t exist. Desperate to make forecasts into the future that illustrate the pure delusion this entire fanbase operates under.

tweets on FlukerAs I spoke to a well-known Birmingham radio personality yesterday, I was told “this story is dead.” From Paul Finebaum to Dan Wetzel to even Tim Brando, the experts agree that there is no future to this story. According to this analyst, the Twitter trends left the Fluker story some time in the ressesses of Wednesday night.

The main player at the center of the story has gone on record attacking the erroneous nature of the report. John Phillips’ statement yesterday illustrated his willingness to work with Alabama’s ongoing investigation of the matter, citing the out-of-context reporting that Yahoo Sports employed in rushing to a sensational story. Like ESPN’s prodding of the SI Oklahoma State story, the light of day tends to shed light on the facts. DJ Fluker’s camp has expressed their willingness to do the same.

As for the writer himself? In his own words…

@CharlesRobinson on “The Game” I would be stunned if anything happened to Alabama involving the recent yahoo story.

@CharlesRobinson was asked on “The Game”. Do you think the NCAA could replicate this investigation? No, it will would be an uphill climb 1/2

@CharlesRobinson “I do not think Alabama’s 2012 title will be in jeopardy” on “The Game” in Tuscaloosa on @Tide991fm

Charles Robinson was asked on “The Game” if he would cooperate with the NCAA? His reply? “No, I can’t,” summarizing later that it would be unethical for him to get involved with that process.

The only reason this was a story at all…a past player of a school linked to alleged payment from an agent…not a booster to a recruit or current player…is because it involved the king of college football, released the week of the biggest game of the season. Alabama fatigue is real, and some will stop at nothing to do whatever they can to alleviate their pain.

We know Auburn fans are petty. And I knew they were somewhat desperate. But I had no idea of the sheer laziness of this fanbase until recently. At Auburn, they don’t want to do what it takes to become something themselves. They don’t want to put in the work, hire the best or make the commitment to rule the land. All they’re able to do is nip and the heels of those who do. Tearing down their rival, or hoping for an implosion of some kind, is literally their only hope for significance. Silly barners…the ride is over too soon.

Oh well. Bring on the Aggies!

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24 thoughts on “DJ Fluker speaks”

  1. I’ll never understand the hateful “us against the world” taught at the program level of some college cultures. I don’t get it. I guess all I can say is I’m lucky I wasn’t born into one of them. tOSU & Auburn stand out as the kings of the mantra, but the amount of clouded judgement and misplaced anger never cease to amaze me.

    Seriously. It’s always kindof a surprise.

    Alabama does things right. It’s not crimson-colored glasses. It’s a standard. And they’re not alone, even if it seems nobody can match that level of compliance, perhaps because they don’t have to like Alabama does.

    Let’s get back to football, please. I’m ready to drink bourbon. Roll Tide.

    1. Under Nick Saban, you are 100% right. There isn’t a football staff in America that can match the level of compliance and diligence by the unreal number of people who are employed to see to it that things are done correctly. It’s so big that other programs have complained about it not being fair.

      Get your bourbon ready… We’re just 27 hours to GAME TIME!!!!!!!!

    2. Yeah, their potential 4th NCAA run-in in the last 20 years shows us that Alabama “does things right”.

  2. What my question on the story is how did they get the financial records for Davis? Either he provided them or someone who is also on the account provided them. I don’t see any other possible way? Really hard for me he could provide that information without being paid. Maybe a joint account with disgruntled agent or something.

    1. What I’ve heard is Davis provided them for a quick buck. And while that sounds damning, it’s not. These records would not be admissible in an NCAA investigation, unless Fluker or Phillips substantiated them. And with Bama’s level of compliance, this would have to happen. A seedy runner is no match for the UA compliance staff. This thing has already died.

  3. I wouldn’t surprise me if boosters from AU or LSU paid Davis to release the info. Seems AU is always sneaking around trying to dig stuff up on bama, taking photos, getting shady boat owners to take players fishing etc. I have never heard or ready story of a bama booster sending photos or staking out AU players. The reason I bring up LSU is they past 2 best players have come to bama and the timing of these stories coming a week after the list C Robinson and the fact that Davis lives in Louisiana.

    1. Yeah, its all Auburns fault that Alabama has a former player running money from agents to current players.

      Maybe the NCAA will really punish Auburn for this.

  4. I can personally testify to the depth of alabama compliance. In the past, I have friends that are players and players that are friends. What does that mean? It means that as tide pride member and season ticket holder and alum., I’m consider a booster. If I want to take my friends duck hunting, I had to show proof of friendship prior to them receiving a scholarship offer to alabama in high school. Those who I did not have proof, i.e friends that were players before I met them, I was not permitted to take them. Hunting. That is pretty extreme when I have 5 guys wanting to go hunting, but sorry you can’t go per compliance since i didnt know you when you were in high school. This is the depth of bama compliance

    1. Easy: My family was friends with a basketball player who went to high school with a relative. We took them out to eat one night at a cheap Mexican place. The upshot: I could pay for the relative’s dinner (about $7.50), but I couldn’t pay for his friend the basketball player’s meal – he had to shell out the 7 bucks himself. This was PRIOR to the current compliance department being in place. I could take any other student out to eat dinner and pay for their meal, but I couldn’t with a scholarship athlete. I know these guys are getting their free education and a chance to make millions at the next level, but – good grief – when is a little common sense going to break out with the NCAA and the ridiculous college presidents?

  5. I had an Auburn fan tell me today if nothing comes fro
    This story he will either “move out of Alabama” or “kill myself.” yeah, Barners don’t care about football

  6. So after doing article after article on Auburn everytime there was even a hint of wrongdoing and you cry like a baby when Auburn fans give it back when Bama falls under the same scrutiny?

    If you think nothing is going to come of this then you’re an idiot. At the very least Alabama will have to self report this now. its too clear that violations happened for them to come back and say they couldnt find anything. the evidence is there. vacated games at a minimum.

    plus, one of the agents has already agreed to talk to the NCAA.

    1. PEACHy,

      You’re very ignorant. First, the agent will not speak. That was already decided. SECOND, You are not versed well in legal matters. The NCAA has no subpoena power. NONE. EVERY document they obtain must be THE ORIGINAL according to NCAA Bylaws. Printouts and making copies at Kinkos will not suffice. Third, and MOST IMPORTANT, follow this flow chart (unless you’re truly uneducated):

      Saban ———Emmert——-Slive (NCAA Friend) (all 3 friends)

      Bill Battle–former President of Collegiate Licensing Company, current Board Member—-Revenue moneymaker in the billions for the NCAA

      Is it a little clearer now? I can’t draw stick figures or use crayons on this site, but you can find me under the same name on Yahoo Instant Messenger, and I can explain it again. I can also make a side wager with you, because after my interviews with certain parties, I KNOW NOTHING will become of this.

      1. And you dont seem to understand the fact that the NCAA isnt going to have to do much of anything here. alabama will self-report. They have no choice. they’ve already stated that they knew something was wrong and they were already investigating before the story came out. Now that all this evidence has been released there’s no way Alabama can come back and say they didnt find anything. You think the NCAA would accept that?

        And being “friends” means nothing. Those “friends” have made Saban vacate games before for a much lesser offense. What makes you think this will be different?

        And somehow every alabama fan on the internet has “sources” inside this that told them everything would be ok and nothing would come of this. Must be some very friendly people to have so many friends on the internet. Reminds me of when alabama fans were saying their sources told them not to worry about the albert means case.

        You have to be a complete moron to think Alabama wont have any punishment from this. Hell, its your own former player running the money. That in itself will be very interesting to the NCAA

        But you keep on believing that nothing will come of this.

        1. PEACHY

          Why so angry? You really need to consult an attorney or take at least a free online legal course because those cheap classes touch on evidence gathering and proper procedures. I know for a fact nothing will come from this even if is “self reported.” do you know anything? Or are you just a fan? I have contacts in Indianapolis and locally. This will be a dead issue very soon. Yahoo has already given UA the original documentation which is what the NCAA needed to actually initiate a case. NOT copies. The NCAA does not initiate cased based on Internet stories or printout copies sent from rival fanbases. Read Dan Wetzel opinion from Yahoo. He even said nothing will be done. Buy a clue and get a life

        2. Peachy Creme,

          Those “vacated” wins were mostly the Shula textbooking case. You dumb Auburn fans always try to make that a Saban issue when it primarily occurred during Shula’s watch. Shula was coach from 2003-06, and the vacated wins were from 2005-Oct 2007, halfway in Saban’s first season.

          Do you have any basis in law for your opinion, or just more redneck fandom?

          1. did they vacate Sabans wins? Yes. did Saban know it was going on? No. Pretty much destroys your “we didnt know so they cant punish us” theory.
            And no, there is no basis in law for this; the NCAA doesnt operate as the law. US law will never come into play here.
            But there are plenty of examples of teams vacating wins because a player took money. Even examples of teams vacating wins for players taking money from agents while the school was ignorant of it.
            Can you find any examples where the NCAA allowed a school to keep wins in which a player that took money from an agent played in?

  7. Uhh, what is the title of this thread???? CR, I’m sitting here still waiting to hear what DJ said. ———— Crickets!!!!

  8. PEACHY:


    Second, even though it didn’t involve an agent, Oklahoma was given vacated wins back to them when Rhett Bomar received money for hours he did not work at a car dealership in 2005. The NCAA erred in their decision and had to give it back to them because they substantiated copies, not the original source documents.

    Third, THE TEXTBOOK ISSUE WAS A SHULA ISSUE. Furthermore, the NCAA staff members from those days were replaced for bumbling other cases. UA attempted to appeal that to no avail, but there are still open lawsuits from that case. SABAN will not allow anything to happen. Just accept it, stop being a woman, and move on

    1. Rhett Bomars case is nothing like this one. You have a former player running money from agents to current players. If you think the NCAA is going to say “oh, you didn’t know. no problem” then you really haven’t been paying attention to the NCAA lately. And again, the NCAA will not have to really do anything. They already know it happened. Alabama already knows it happened. They’ll have to self report. They have no choice.

      1. PEACHY


        ALABAMA can or may not self-report, based on their internal investigation and whether ANYONE KNEW about it. That’s KEY. THE NCAA DOES NOT, I REPEAT DOES NOT DECIDE TO INITIATE A CASE OR INVESTIGATION BASED ON SECOND HAND EVIDENCE FROM A JOURNALIST. PERIOD. END OF STORY. YOU REALLY, really, really, really, need to stop basing evidentiary procedures on Judge Judy, Ben Matlock, Judge Mathis and other TV law shows OR from commoner’s opinions. There are night classes available at Birmingham School of Law, Faulkner University, and Samford University on evidentiary procedures, rules, and applications. PLEASE, I implore you to take it. The NCAA would get sued if they initiated or punished a member institution BASED ON SECOND HAND COPIES. THE NCAA, though having no subpoena power to make ANYONE TALK, cannot be judge, jury, or executioner without FIRST HAND, ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION. KEEP POSTING AND I WILL KEEP REFUTING. EVEN IF YOU ARE STUPID.
        ROll TIDE,

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