The Alabama equipment truck pulls into College Station on Thursday
The Alabama equipment truck pulls into College Station on Thursday

College Station is getting a heavy dose of Crimson. The sea of Bama RVs reportedly began pulling into town on Monday, as the greatest fanbase in college football began their descent upon the town that Bear built. Yesterday the equipment truck sporting a sweet Breaking Bad/periodic table theme moved in to get everything in place.

The team arrives today, going through their walk through before settling in for a night of meetings, and per usual, a team movie.

As for the game itself, the key isn’t when Johnny football is at the helm, but AJ McCarron. Texas A&M’s defense was terrible in its first two games, allowing Rice to pile up over 500 yards, including 306 rushing. They yielded 31 points to the Owls as well. Last week, facing an Aggie defense that included it’s 310 lb. run stuffer, NT Kirby Ennis, Sam Houston State put up 28 points behind Timothy Flanders’ 170 yards rushing on 19 carries. Suspended linebacker Steven Jenkins, who had 79 tackles last season, and cornerback De’Vante Harris will be back from suspension against Alabama.

Aggie head coach Kevin Sumlin said in his late-week press conference that having the defense intact would be big.

“The addition of Steven Jenkins back on defense will be big, not just from an athletic and linebacker standpoint, but from a leadership and experience standpoint.” Sumlin said. “He’s played in a lot of big games, understands what we are trying to do, doesn’t panic. So he will help us. Devante Harris was a projected starter for us. He adds depth at corner. He’s definitely a factor with what we are trying to do, which gives us some more flexibility on the back end.”

Sumlin said that starting safety Floyd Raven, who suffered a shoulder injury last Saturday, was out for this game.

“This is our first league game,” Sumlin said. “Our goal is to win the West and get to Atlanta and win an SEC championship. I know our fans, our guys are excited. It’s going to be a heck of a game.”

3 thoughts on “College Station braces for the Crimson Tide”

  1. I see that the ol’ Bammer arrogance and Bear worship is alive an well.

    So Bear built aTm?

    Here’a few tidbits.

    aTm won the natty in 1939 ….pre -Bear.

    Bear’s record at aTm? 25-14-2. I see that he kissed his sister twice.

    Bear lost his last 3 games at aTm.

    Bear had a losing record against Texas.

    RC Slocum accomplished much more than Bear. I would say that The Bear was, at best, a bump in the record book for aTm.

    1. given the choice of R. C. Slocum or Coach Bryant, Aggies would take Coach Bryant without batting an eye.

      and in your decrepit, shriveled heart, you know it.

    2. also Coach Bryant left A&M, won six national titles and made auburn his bitch for 25 yrs.

      as i recall, Slocum was forced out.

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