ITKPat White was a tremendous college quarterback at West Virginia from 2005-2008. The Daphne native sliced and diced in the Mountaineer’s spread offense as good as any in recent memory.

But Pat White wasn’t recruited by Alabama. Though recently the NFL reject made a disparaging claim via his Facebook page in response to a picture posted by Alabama running back Derrick Henry on his Instagram account:

Pat White, before it was determined he wasn't good enough to play in the NFL
Pat White, before it was determined he wasn’t good enough to play in the NFL
“Stop pretending like you didn’t know the crimson tide has been doing this for years. Still glad I turned down a Corvette to become a mountaineer,” White’s post said.

Henry recently was shown in front of his new car, prompting this post from the forgotten, embittered White.

“I didn’t recruit Pat, but I remember he wanted to be a quarterback,” former Alabama recruiting coordinator Sparky Woods recently said. Woods is now the head coach at Virginia Military Institute. “I remember a discussion that we weren’t going to recruit him as a quarterback. That was kind of a closed book on him pretty early because he wanted to be a quarterback.”

White’s profile in the database from his recruitment out of high school listed the three-star prospect as an athlete, rated No. 55 in the country in that category.

According to the recruiting profile, Alabama did not offer White. Offers within the profile, however, were listed from West Virginia, Auburn, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt.

“I don’t think he ever took an official visit that I remember,” Woods said. “I never met him. I saw him play and he was a good athlete, but I don’t think he ever took a trip to Tuscaloosa or ever was in camp that I recall.”

Welcome to the silly season. Well, more accurately, welcome to the silly season in the information age, where a remark within the world of social media can spark debate and discussion on message boards for days to come.

With the help of no talent, agenda driven douchebags like Clay Travis, rival fans hang on to nuggets like this one hoping for a glimmer of truth to finally sink the object of their hatred (Hi Aubies!).

The problem is, words like this, with no substance or record of actual recruitment by said rival, are just words. Not to mention the governing body of intercollegiate athletics is so impotent at the moment that they allow a university caught dead to rights in a grade-changing scandal two years ago to sign that very player a couple of years after JUCO (Hello Jovan Robinson!).

Yes, it’s the silly season. Giving sites like this one (and the Bunker) stuff to banter back and forth about for days to come.

SURPRISE! Tennessean reporter Mike Organ sought to throw the limp wristed accusation at Alabama head coach Nick Saban. See Saban’s reaction, and appropriate instructions on what the reporter can do with the story here.

It seems Pat’s memory may have faded. Alabama is the home of Dodge Chargers. It’s Auburn, who DID recruit him, that offers Corvettes (Howdy Cory Lemonier!).

Former Auburn player Cory Lemoniere posting a pic of his new ride while still in school at Auburn.

I would just like Pat White to add to his profound statements. Who offered the car? Some guy at a gas station wearing a Bama cap drinking a beer while pumping gas into his pickup truck? Is that a commitable offense? Is that a varified claim?

Of course, Mr. White apparently doesn’t know what “commitable” means, since he was never extended a commitable offer by the Tide.

What is commitable is racism, and it happens places like this one much. Racism where rival fans shed their “holier than thou persona” for a few moments to assume that an African-American family cannot afford nice things. And to think I thought it was 2014.

Ah, the silly season. Fun, ain’t it?

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