ITKAlabama’s head coach is at it again. More controversial comments came on Thursday of this week in response to a pesky Nashville reporter.

One of the many recruiting tactics rivals use (We’re looking at you, Gustav) when trying to pick up the crumbs left by Alabama head coach Nick Saban is claiming that “if you go to Bama you’ll be buried on the depth chart.”

The object of every SEC coach's fears...and lies.
The object of every SEC coach’s fears…and lies.
That claim took another hit Thursday when Coach Saban was asked how he “keeps everyone happy” with all the talent he’s brought to Tuscaloosa. Saban appeared on Nashville’s 102.5 The Game.

“I think there’s a perception out there that we have all these players, but it’s really not that way,” Saban said. “Cyrus Kouandjio goes out for the draft this year, a year early, and Cam Robinson comes in in January and he’s the starting left tackle. If we had all those players backed up, how could a freshman that just come in in January come in and start?”

Robinson, an early enrollee, started at left tackle for the first-team offense at A-Day.

Wha??? A freshman stepping into a starting role? The fact is, a glance around the Tide’s depth chart last season uncovers a plethora of players called into duty much earlier than rival coaches would’ve had them believe.

Once again, facts get in the way of good ole fashioned rival hate. Bottom line, if you’re good enough to play, you’ll play at Alabama.

If you want “feel goodisms,” empty promises, and seasons built on Lucky Charms and slogans, there’s always Auburn.

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23 thoughts on “Nick Saban at it again: More controversial comments stir rivals”

    1. Yeah, going into this season as one of the favorites to win the SEC and make the play-offs, currently sitting at #3 in every recruiting poll and coming off an SEC championship, playing in the NC game and beating their two main rivals: sure looks like a dumpster fire.

        1. She really didn’t mean a dumpster fire. What she meant wasa trash pile smoldering. This wreck of a program got the breaks last ear. This year, they’ll just be broken.

          1. That’s what you gumps said last year, remember?
            Something about a high coach rings a bell. LMAO at you gumps.

      1. The Barnrat’s are not even in the top 5 of most polls to be exact. And are not expected to get to the playoffs because you have to go through consensus #2 Bama. Compared to what you silly morons expect, it’s the mother of all dumpster fires. LOL! And LMAO, you should be home in Louisiana worrying about your own dumpster fire; instead of living through a temporary one game victory by the Barnrat’s. Pathetic!

  1. I see where the Barntarded have awarded themselves national championships for 1913, 1983, 1993 and 2004. I bet their rings will be real purty.

  2. Once again, facts get in the way of good ole fashioned rival hate. Bottom line, if you’re good enough to play, you’ll play at Alabama, if not you get processed.


    1. And if you play for the Boogs, whether you’re good enough or not, you’ll end up arrested or dead. I’ll take processed.

      1. Auburns had 1 arrest the last 2 years. Alabama has had 9 in the same time frame.

        1. Pete4tide owned by Peachy! Well done Peachy!

          Petie your comment proves you are as ignorant as Crimson Hannah!

        2. It’s funny though, I remember at least one drug-related arrest and dismissal last summer right before the start of the season and then there was the drugs and guns arrest earlier this year after the title game loss. Did we ever hear the verdict in that one, by the way?

          Still, that’s just off the top of my head and that’s in less than one year, not more than two years. It looks like the only thing that got “owned” by peachy was the truth.

          1. Let’s say you’re right Cantdoit, that’s still 9-2 in favor of Peachy! That’s still owned in my book! But probably another National Championship in yours! Like the one you claim after getting beat by Notre Dame. LMAO

          2. No, no, see now you’re ignoring even more information.

            I don’t expect you to think. Never.

            Notre Dame? Listen, Auburn now claims as many titles as I’ve literally seen Alabama win with my own two eyes. Feels good.

          3. Truth:

            Auburns last arrest was D McNeal in August of 2013.

            The other one you are referring to was a high school recruit: not yet a member of Auburns team. If we’re going to count recruits arrests then we’ll need to add to Alabamas total too.

            Also, all of the charges were dropped against that recruit. So not really counting a recruit that was still in high school that had all the charges dropped.

          4. And McNeal is our only arrest the last two years. Alabama’s 9 arrests have all occurred in the last 15 months. Auburn has only the one arrest in that time frame.

          5. And Gus didn’t send McNeal to JUCO just to resign him a year later like Saban did.

          6. @Gibson

            You’re going there? Really? Newton, Marshall, et. al., but McNeal wasn’t ever signed by Alabama.


          7. Yeah, well the Bama players weren’t out gunning for people like the Barnrat Mafia. Big difference.

          8. You’re damn right they claim it. There’s a trophy in the showcase to prove it – unlike the fantasy LSU claims from 2003, and there was another LSU fantasy too somewhere along the line. You can like it or lump it. National record books backup Alabama having more National Championships than any other D1 university. Depending on which one of the 4 or 5 methods you use and whether it’s 10 or 19; still Bama is #1.

    2. Yep, just like every where else. You’re either good enough, or you’re gone. Who keeps the not good enough? The barn doodles? Nope, they’ll have ’em shoveling manure in the cow pen if they can’t make the grade on the field.

  3. The whole article was stupid. Nick Saban “at it again”? At what? Some troll reporter asked him a question, and he answered it. That’s all. Geez the flamers…

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