pillow fight

by ITK

We all love college football for different reasons, but one of those universally, invariably, is what is simply known as “upset Saturday.” The weird, annual anomoly where on the same day several upsets pop up like those strange mushrooms that appear on your front lawn out of nowhere. All over the country…different games, different teams in different states, but the same results.

Saturday the SEC began eating itself in prevention of an 8th consecutive national championship for the conference. First it was Missouri taking down Florida. Technically this was a mild upset, but the ailing Gators under the latest failed coordinator-turned-head coach experiment were never really in the game against Missouri. The team whose mascot looks like he belongs in a children’s bedtime storybook owned the once proud Gators.

Then there was Vandy downing the smug Mark Richt and his band of thugs, the Georgia Bulldogs. As the James Franklin legacy grows, the Bulldogs’ chances of returning to Atlanta to exact their revenge on mean ole Nick Saban and company slipped away that much further, and last year’s “five yards short of significance” now appears like five miles. Georgia is once again the chronic underachievers we love to enjoy.

Then the Vols finally got a taste of victory over an old nemesis. Steve Spurrier is as washed up as a victim in the beginning minutes of a CSI episode. As the ole ball coach experienced coaching amnesia on the sidelines in Knoxville, making moves that would make even Gene Chizik scratch his head, it appears the Gamecocks are about to find themselves in the same coaching hostage situation that FSU, Penn State and Texas have been in before. The game has passed Darth Visor by, but he’s apparently the last to know.

Of course our friends in Lee County had a big win as well, and to their credit, the Tigers played their game and prevailed. The law of averages had to catch up with Johnny Manziel sooner or later, and true to form, Auburn luck called for it to be on the day they faced him. Texas A&M’s already pitiful defense has been even more depleted by injury in recent weeks, losing even more inside their contest with Auburn. Simply put, A&M’s defense couldn’t stop a group of girl scouts. Their games are hard to watch, because arena football is boring and predictable. Still, AU won the shootout, extending upset Saturday that much more.

Then there were the Black Bear Rebel Thingies taking down LSU. Ole Miss was at a crucial point in their season. Bama took their manhood several weeks ago when they still believed. Auburn kicked them the following week, following Bama’s blueprint for emasculation. Then Texas A&M ripped their hearts out in a heartbreaking, last-second loss. For the Black Bear Rebel Thingies to respond in a win over the rival few of their fans have ever seen them defeat, it was quite a milestone.

But then, after all the muck, mire and pillow fighting in the SEC, there was Alabama.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is a machine. The Tide quickly takes away the emotion and hope you’ve built up going into “Bama week” with shots to the mouth, early and often. Nick Saban’s Alabama gets off not on victory, but perfection.

Saturday Alabama accomplished just that. This team is scary good. Stocked with five-star studs relegated to covering punts, kick-offs and coming in late to preserve shut outs, against the Hogs Alabama didn’t allow a point. Or give up a sack. Or commit a penalty. Or commit a turnover.

Owning as many National Championship rings as he does losses, AJ McCarron once again was stellar, tossing three touchdown passes…including one to the finally recovering Amari Cooper…and leading his team to yet another win.

For the 8th time in its last 11 games, Bama’s opponent failed to score in the first half. And for the second time this year, an SEC opponent couldn’t find points of any kind. In fact, all season, Bama has now yielded just two touchdowns to teams not named Texas A&M, and in their last three home SEC appearances, Bama’s opponent couldn’t manage better than a goose egg.

Upset Saturday is always exciting. I’ll never forget the magical night Stanford beat Oregon and Oklahoma State fell to Iowa State to open the door for the Bama-LSU natty repeat. Or Kansas State getting pawned by Baylor.

But it’s equally exciting to know your school and alma mater isn’t moved by the undertow of teams falling all over the land. It’s one of the things under Alabama head coach Nick Saban that makes Alabama, Alabama. And it’s just another reason that makes upset Saturday fun to watch. While you watch the fires of defeat burn across the land, you know it won’t be touching your own camp.

Here’s to looking forward to next weekend, and win number seven in a row over the Vols!

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57 thoughts on “Bama stands tall during “upset Saturday””

  1. The D is nasty. They are hitting hard. Lets hope Sunseri is ok. The O line, every week I see improvement, and Henry gave a glimpse of the terror that is coming. Roll Tide!

  2. I know that those are stellar athletes on the field covering kick-offs and punt returns, but – for one of the first times since I started watching Bama football so many years ago – I look forward to our punt and kick return coverage teams. That is one nasty bunch that appears to relish being the first one to get in the tackle on the returner.

    They have taken what used to be a boring, sometimes unnecessarily poor part of the game and made it a joy to watch. I look forward to kickoffs – don’t like punts so much – and seem to see the same 3 or 4 jersey numbers down there every time.

  3. Who was that Masked Man????? Did you see that 250lb RB smoke all those high speed DB’s? Wow! No wonder he averaged 350 yards a game in High School. As for UcheaT, I’m actually glad they have had 2 weeks of good football. All they have done is manage to get Bama’s attention so we won’t go into the game half asleep. And Awbie? If Manziel hadn’t gone out hurt, A&M would have gone up by 14 instead of 10, and they would have answered after Awbie scored. So at the point Manziel was able to come back in, A&M would have still been up by at least 14, instead of down by 4. Then there was the non-called horsecollar, which would have given them a 1st and goal instead of a 3rd and forever. It’s going to be the true revenge kicking a 10-1 Barnturd ass in JHS, to make up for 2010. RTR!

    1. So Bama fans are whining cause Manziel got hurt and couldnt play for a few snaps? Guess they should take that win away. I guess it could have been worse: He could have been knocked out in the 1st quarter and not even play the rest of the game.

  4. Aww look at the light bulb come on for crimsonshite….how cute. It just hit him this morning that bama’s weak ass schedule might jump up and bite them on the ass as the season gets near to the end. He also figured out that bama need Auburn to have no more than 1 loss coming into the iron bowl in hopes they will not get leaped frogged for the BCS ( if they can get by LSU first). Then throw in that that crimsonshite’s favorite football player TERRY Bridgewater lost thursday night , and that just makes this an even more screwed up weekend for him. lmao

  5. Are the 1st place votes slowly starting to go to other teams now? How could bama lose a persons vote even though they won!? Maybe you should ask the massive following that CSR has on facebook to voice their bama voices in disgust…..all 211 of them roflmfao!

    1. Did that actually happen?

      No, it did not. Alabama did not lose any votes. They still have between 15 & 18 times as many votes as the runner-up. We don’t make up the polls. Wow, you even hate bad. I’m sorry for your loss.

  6. That is kind of funny considering AwBurn plays much of the same schedule along with a walking wounded Georgia and four cupcakes! I guess being an AwBurn fan is a sign of a mental problem!

    1. Playing a tough schedule and being #1 don’t necesarily go hand-in-hand.

      If you’re trying to argue Alabama’s schedule strength is worse than Ohio State’s, you’re wrong.

      If you’re trying to suggest Oregon’s schedule strength is that much better than Alabama’s to put Alabama anywhere else at this point, you’re inaccurate.

      If you think a zero is easy to achieve against any opponent and means as much as the value of the number itself, then it’s a good thing people who know a lot more about football than you are making the call.

      The polls are out. Alabama is #1. The BCS poll puts Florida State ahead of Oregon strictly because of the computer part of the poll, yet what about Alabama?

      Number one.

      Those zeroes do mean something, and they mean a lot more than you might like to try to pretend and use home games or schedule strength or the weather in Cairo to argue against then. You don’t have to like it, you just sound hateful and blinded with ignorance by your rage.

  7. Are you kidding me, moron. The AwBurn fanbase does nothing but make grand claims for themselves. I remember one claiming they were going to win 10 games and go to the SEC Championship last year! At least we beat Va. Tech and Texas A & M (without having to injury Johnny Football to win)!

    1. Don’t forget how Gene Cheesy was going to win more national championships at Neckburn than Nick Saban would at Alabama.

      1. Are you talking about when Nick Fairley tried to injure Aaron Murray back in 2010? Sure you are. Dumbass.

  8. Link please????

    So now you are bragging that Auburn’s defense was physical enough to put a hurting on Johnny and bama’s was not? Guess you did not think about that post before you hit enter huh gump?

    1. Nope, Johnny was already beat up and injured from the Ole Miss game. And Awbie didn’t injure anybody with their “tough assed play”. Your tackler landed on JFF’s left shoulder and smashed his right shoulder against the turf after JFF was already on the ground. It wasn’t a late hit, but the tackler had nothing to do with making a great hit to injure him. It was an accident. Don’t be coming up with dumbass comparisons. Everybody knows that A&M is the most single player dependent team in the history of college football. Without JFF they are nothing more than a second tier Big 12 team. And yes, in a defenseless game with high powered HUNH’s, losing your entire offensive production for just one series can be a disaster, as everybody yesterday can clearly attest to. As for our SOS, it’s not our fault that the rest of you in the SEC suck. Bwaa Haww Haww! And which of you retards made a comment about votes? Bama still has the same damn votes as last week. Fla St pulled votes from Oregon and Clemson – dumbass. As for being jumped you retarded pussy fart, If we are nearly unanimous after playing as you cocksuckers say, pitiful VT and A&M, what the hell do you think we’ll be after stomping LSU, the new and improved Tennessee and Barnturds and an undefeated Mizzou? ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

      1. Oh yes, actually we gained 2 votes from Oregon in the all important Harris Interactive. And who says margin of victory doesn’t influence. Obviously 52-0 over Arkansas and Beliema looked much better than 62-38 over Wazzu and The Pirate. RTR!

    2. AwBurn gave up being physical when they got rid of Tubervile, loser! And for the record I have nothing against the players themselves. I only loath their self righteous, holier than thou, hypocritical fanbase!

  9. Wait a minute… Auburn shouldn’t feel good about the win because Manziel was out for a series injured??? I guess that means that Bama shouldn’t give back their BCS trophy for the year that beat Texas. After all, Colt was moving the ball effortlessly before he was injured during the first series.

    Here comes the convoluted explanation for why it’s different in 3…2…1…

    1. Auburn should have to return their national championship trophy. We all know that you bought Cam Newton. Dumbass.

        1. Maybe – maybe not. Difference is fukface, Fluker didn’t get paid to come to Alabama. Stupid piece of Barnturd. RTR!

          1. So there’s a difference when Alabama players get impermissable benefits and when Auburns does?

        2. Fairytales are fun, aren’t they?

          Now keep sitting out on your dilapidated porch watching for the NCAA to come. Keep watching. Annnnnytime now….annnnytime…

          (BTW, are we giving up the Ha-Ha story now that the NCAA REINSTATED him??? I guess they always reinsate players they are going to come back later and nail your rival for.) LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

    2. Didn’t look like he was moving it so damn effortlessly when his ass got busted on that sack by Darius. Besides, Texas was not a one player dependent team in the same light as A&M, and Bama was still reeling from the fake kick that gave Texas the ball at our 20 something on their first possession. Of course it was different cumwad. We won the National Championship against an undefeated team who had the nations #1 run defense. It wasn’t against a team with with the world’s worst defense who after losing JFF had no offense either. Besides, what’s all this bullshit jawing from you stupid toilet paper throwing bastards? None of this means anything to you, cause in 6 weeks you’re going to get you asses stomped into the turf so deep you may never get out again. RTR!

    3. First, I never said don’t feel good about any victory. And as for the ‘convoluted explanation’, McCoy wimped out when he discovered that this wasn’t an Big 12 defense but a SEC one. We play real defense over here and he didn’t want to risk his NFL career. On the other hand, Manziel may be a lot of things but he at least fights for his team. That is why he got hurt, giving the extra effort, keeping his team in games.

  10. Assus is a new bammer to the site…..or ITK pretending to be someone else to make it appear they have more than 6 readers. lmao

    No assus we do not all know Auburn paid cam , but we all do know that HAHA, and Fluker was paid to play while at bama.

    1. Unicorns, leprechauns and golden lollipops! Oh the fun of being an Auburn fan, eh my NTYF friend?

      Roll Tide! “Beatdown on the Plains, part 3” is coming in just 40 days!!! I honestly can’t remember the last time we lost in your dump.

  11. ITK,
    Good article I really enjoyed it. Got a question for you obviously this is a fan site and its biased towards Alabama but do you always wright your articles so sarcastically. I’ve got a lot of respect for Spurrier the man won 6 SEC titles in 12 years, and played for 2 national titles winning 1. Also I think the coordinator turned coach works out alot of times. Just look at Bob Stoops. Lastly those 5 stars we have on special teams aren’t being relegated to that duty. Generally big time programs make the highly touted freshman cut their teeth on special teams. Thats where you find out if they are a football player or not. On another note I think we beat UT by 14, but they are acually playing inspired football again.RTR

    1. USAFAp, well, understand this is a fan site, so there is some “fandom” involved. But we also call it like we see it here. We were extremely critical of Alabama during the Shula years, as we were of Gene Chizik in his regime at Auburn. Both were way over their heads (Chizik a complete fraud from day one). But if something is good, even if it’s related to a rival or opponent, we’ll say that too. For instance, I have to say Gus Malzahn has won me over on the job he’s doing so far. He’s just seven games into his tenure at AU, so longevity in management has to come into play when evaluating him, but I have to take my hat off to the way Auburn is playing right now. On the flip side, Chizik and Terry Bowden looked good down there for a while too, so we’ll see.

      As for Spurrier, he will no doubt go down as one of the greats in the game. Easily one of the top 5-10 coaches of all time. But there comes a time in the career of every coach when their pencil has lost its lead, and we may be seeing that now with him. From day one he’s clearly been as concerned about golf as he was coaching, and recruiting isn’t a passion of his. Which is why you’ll likely never see USCe in Atlanta again under him…unless they get invited to the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. I’m just saying it was obvious to everyone that Bobby Bowden needed to call it quits years before he ever did. Now we see FSU as a serious contender again, and it ain’t because he’s prowling the sidelines in those stupid sunglasses he wore.

      Coordinators have to get their shot eventually, as will Kirby Smart one day. But I’m not sure Bob Stoops is the example you want to use. He hasn’t dipped his toe in the pool of significance since about 2001. All he can do now is whine about the SEC while his team routinely gets upended in games that should never even be close.

      Finally, Bama’s special teams, because of those 4-5 star studs, have become downright fun to watch. I look forward to kick-offs because it’s a game of “kill the returner” for the ten guys in coverage. Some of the most wicked hits I’ve seen in Tuscaloosa in years have happened on kick-off coverage this season.

      And UT is playing inspired. I was rooting for them last weekend. They were close against a Georgia team who’ll finish 3rd or 4th in the East, and finally got an SEC win over Spurrier experiencing amnesia last Saturday. But if they score a touchdown this weekend I will be genuinely shocked. This Alabama team is clicking on all cylinders at the moment. The defense is starting to resemble the 2011 unit that gave up 9 touchdowns all season. So far, they’ve only yielded 8 this year, and 6 of those were to Texas A&M. An SEC opponent hasn’t scored a touchdown on Bama in Bryant-Denny since last year’s Texas A&M game. This is a nasty defensive unit that seem to get off on punishment and intimidation. And what better band of friends to punish than the Vols? I can think of none!

      Thanks for stopping in! Come back often!

    2. I agree. Great performance by Alabama and UT is on a Rocky Mountain High—–I’ve never had as much fun with UT friends as I did Saturday night. They are a happy culture today, wow.

      I don’t know if any of them expect to beat Alabama Saturday, but I’m not sure any of them care. They’re stoked after the win over South Carolina and the program has finally taken a turn in the right direction. I worry about injury for Alabama, again, but hopefully it will be a good game this Saturday. Roll Tide.

  12. ITK is a bag who has no business writing any type of article, even on a “fan site”. I say this as a UA alum and fan. He don’t know sh**.

  13. Alabama beats an Arkansas team that lost 52-7 at home to South Carolina, and that has been out scored 104-7 in two games….. Good win Bammers good strength of schedule

    1. Thank you. Now get ready for loss #7 in a row to us this Saturday. It’s coming in just five more days…. It’s a holiday in our house!!!

    2. So Bama takes a strength of schedule hit for playing a west team? Please explain how this game could not be on the schedule.

  14. Next the Bammers will try to convince us that Tennessee is a high profile win after next week

    1. I don’t expect haters and little brothers to change their mind about Alabama.

      After all, TAMU, LSU, Auburn, none of them are top-ten teams by any poll. So when Alabama beats them, or puts another zero on the board (my favorite number) against any opponent, they can pretend to argue why the rest of the college football world across no less than four polls rates Alabama at the top.

      However, a zero is a stamp. Goose eggs are impossible and Alabama’s got two already in 2013, both against conference opponents, and more than any other program in the era.

      They say defense wins championships. It’s an exciting time to be a college football fan if you ask me. Roll Tide.

      1. Here’s a stat: No SEC team has scored a point on Bama in Bryant-Denny since last November.
        And another: Auburn hasn’t scored an offensive point against Bama…anywhere…since Phillip Licksmycrackin scored the go ahead touchdown in 2010.

        Bring on the Vols. And in 40 more glorious days, bring it on barners.

  15. ITK = Shane Light

    ITK = Finebaum wannabe

    ITK = Garbage

    One thing that ITK is not equal to is number of hits for this POS site. When ITK is talking about fairy tales and wishful thinking , he is actually talking about his UA degree, and any writing skills he thinks he has. And if this is a “fan site” , where in the f*ck are the fans!? 211 facebook friends in almost 10 years!!!!? ROFLMFAO! AUFamily has 71,640 friends, Never to Yield Foundation has 3834, and stumpy the one legged DJ even has 265 friends. lmao

    1. Curse – do you have any access to ITK’s stats for this site? I’m here all the time, but only periodically make a comment when someone like you makes such an obviously ignorant post that I can’t NOT respond.

      ITK has posted his numbers for this site several times, recently only a few weeks ago. I was unaware he even had a FB site, so thanks for letting me know so I can improve his numbers there, too.

      You are a hater of the 3rd or 4th degree, like your brethren on the plains. You rarely address the issue of a story, but you are quick to resort to insults and other “lite” commentary. I’ve also noticed you try to bring up subjects nearly every time that have nothing at all to do with the story you are commenting on, and rarely respond when called out on it.

      You, sir (assumption on my part) are a complete fool who doesn’t know when you have finished talking, but instead will go on and on about subjects you clearly know nothing about. However, please keep on posting. We don’t get much amusement on this site without the crazy semi-literate comments from the losers of the world.

      1. Pete, the stats for this site are as healthy as ever. I don’t make love to statistics like “Curse of Fantasy” does, but I can tell you the percentage of unique page views is exactly where we want them to be. Not everyone who visits here throws up all over the page like that clown does, but we couldn’t be happier with the traffic. We’re blessed.

      2. @Curse of Fluker

        The irony is the ads pay, not the stats.

        See, you don’t have to play ten top-ten teams to be the #1 team in everyone’s eyes, just like you don’t have to have the most hits to make revenue. See how that works?

        Facebook? Good grief.

        I love Capstonereport.com I love winning. I love Alabama football.

        Roll Tide.

    2. You are absolutely hilarious. I love that I live under your thick, smelly, fat skin.

      Beatdown coming your way in Lee County in 40 days. Get the lube ready.

    3. I just read again where you’re trying to pimp facebook friends as a means of comparison and it literally made me laugh out loud. You do know there’s a world that exists beyond your computer monitor, right? And real women come in more than just 2 dimension and .mP4 form?

      40 days my friend. 40 days…

  16. Curse, just be happy that Cap and ITK allow you to spout your vitriol (though truthfully, sometimes I wonder why you haven’t been banned). If someone goes over to NTYF website and simply posts repectful dissenting opinions-no trolling at all (unlike you and some of your ilk on here) they will moderate and never approve the post. They only let people that drink the orange kool-aid post anything.

    Reminds me of the “yes man” Auburn media that are nothing more than a public relations organization for the Barn. Even a Bama hater like Clay Travis (who you barners will quote chapter and verse as long as he’s talking about suits in Tuscaloosa) said of your media, “If Cam Newton was pissing on their heads, the Auburn media would report that it was raining outside. The Auburn media, a group that actually lives in Auburn and spends every day with the team, has never uncovered any wrongdoing at all. If you’ve ever wondered what a captured media looks like, the Auburn Tiger reportorial corps is the perfect example. They only want to write stories about puppy dogs and rainbows, the team visiting elementary schools, the biggest cheating enterprise in recent college history was taking place right under their noses and the entire Auburn media has broken not a single negative story about the team.”

    But you have freedom to come here and keep making yourself look like an ass. Keep it up. pal. It’ll only make your tears more delicious in 40 days.

    1. DC, rest assured, “Curse of Fantasy” knows the NTYF website VERY well, if you know what I mean… LOL

      Truth and barners have never been a pleasant mix. Spin and carefully constructed/manufactured “facts” are the regular soup de jour.

  17. Website numbers are strong????? ROFLMMFAO!!!! Compared to what!? I have posted LEGITIMATE website rankings here numerous times showing the lack of visitors. Now as far as ITK and CSR ALLOWING me to post here….Give me a f*ucking break. They need people like me , Because they know that people like ITK have no writing skills. His cute cartoons and and constant bitching can only pull a few readers/visitors. It is people like me that keep the site up and running. I should charge them for keeping the few readers coming back! I mean just look at the number of posts on subjects that I post on compared to ones that I don’t. If I did not post on a subject you would be lucky to have 2-3 responses with the typical ” rawl tahd” BS. Don’t believe me? Go look and please come back with the subject that had the highest number of responses without having a post by me or someone like me on it…..go ahead…….I’ll wait

    1. We’re all so proud of you, Curse of Fluker. You’re a big boy today.

      You know, I use web sites to drive revenue for my businesses. I’m getting the feeling you don’t, but I don’t judge, so instead I’ll ask—–do you have experience with generating web revenue and ROI?

      For example, do you think your posts alone directly correlate with revenue earnings at capstonereport.com?

      I’ll say this, you don’t need 9 top-ten wins to be the best team in the nation, and you don’t need comments alone to drive web revenue. My top-ROI site generates no ad revenue, no per-click revenue, and doesn’t have any place to write comments.

      Regardless, I love capstonereport.com ESPN I’m sure gets lots more web revenue, but they post those polls you don’t like showing the votes for Alabama at #1. Let me make one thing clear though, not to be rude, but capstonereport.com did exist and would still exist without “people like (you) to keep the site up.”

      One more thing, and I’m not trying to be outright rude here, but your grammar hurts sometimes. I had some great English teachers in school and the way you write is just jarring to everything I learned about communicating in our native language. I’m just saying it’s abrasive; the sentence fragments, capitalization, excessive and misused or absent punctuation, all of it. It gives me a nosebleed. I know it’s just a comment and all, but still. It hurts my skull.

  18. Why is it people attack grammar , when they get their ass handed to them on message boards? Is that not like calling a person’s mom fat after he beats your ass???

  19. Now that I think about it….Conduit , if you want to have a pissing contest then lets have one. Put everything on the table ol buddy. Career, income, wife, cars, home, etc. And as You sit and try to think of a good lie to think of , I will be sitting here watching the waves come in here in Gulf Shores….from my beach house. I am sure ITK or CSR can tell you where my IP address traces back to. Hell If you want , you can come down and we can sit here and talk it out on the deck.

    1. Congratulations. I love Gulf Shores. My beach house is on St. Helena island, but I definitely miss Gulf Shores.

      Pissing contest? I don’t want that. I want Alabama to win another national championship. I want people to enjoy college football instead of hate things they shouldn’t.

      I read almost everything you say. It all has grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. I’m not attacking you, it just bugs the hell ouf ot me. It’s abrasive to read, that’s all.

      I’d read more if you answered questions about your opinions, such as Alabama deserving to be ranked outside of the top 5. But your stance is clearly just to hate Alabama and to insult Alabama fans. I just don’t get it.

      Alabama has another real test Saturday. I can’t wait. Roll Tide.

  20. Real test……did the team have to take piss tests before playing Tennessee? Lord you “special” . Hey check out the great article that came out about the bammer fan base. Hits the nail on the head!!! http://www.outkickthecoverage.com/the-ten-dumbest-fan-bases-in-america-1-the-alabama-crimson-tide.php#.Um_-5vjUWNs.facebook

    Oh and while you are here pretending to be an English Teacher, you might want to help ITK and CSR with their articles.

    Hey crimsonshite, how did that Va Tech loss to Duke taste you fucktard!?

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