Clay Travis is a douche, and as we all know, douches are good for only one thing.

Travis, the unapologetically biased Volunteer blogger has been out front with his ridiculous fantasies of John Gruden coming to Tennessee in replacement of fired coach Derek Dooley.

Today Travis’ fantasy has come to an end. Reports indicate that the Monday Night Football analyst declined the opportunity, though nothing concrete indicates he was ever seriously considering it.

But that never stops Travis from making things up, much like the fabricated T-Town Menswear reach he attempted to make a story last year.

His website serving as the TMZ of college football news, Clay Travis is a fool, and yet again, he’s illustrated it for us in living, hilarious color.

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7 thoughts on “John Gruden tells Tennessee “No””

  1. Clay prays that Tennessee will become relevant in college football again in this decade – even if it is entirely up to him and his fantasy stories. The Vols have now fired the 2 best chances to grow into a real football program again. What makes him think any coach with half his brains would choose to come to the 3 alarm dumpster fire that is UT? Except possibly to avoid being offered by the Barn?

  2. And then Tennessee woke up and and they still suck…LOL
    Roll Tide Y’all
    Protect America, Build Submarines

  3. it’s a new day for teams with no recruiting base….tn and nebraska programs will be on outside looking in forever

    1. poignant commentary, hammah. schools that cannot recruit 4 and 5 star talent from within their own borders are going to be hard-pressed to win consistently.

      give fulmer minimal credit for this: he did it for a short time with smoke and mirrors. that’s why he flipped out when dubose was pulling talent out of memphis.

      go back to Coach Bryant’s recruiting philosophy. he loved home state linemen, recruited nationally for skill positions.

      (that’s certainly not to say that he didn’t sign quality skill position players within alabama)

      but for linemen, he wanted homeboys.

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