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The recent news concerning Alabama All-Conference safety HaHa Clinton-Dix has been music to the ears of some itching fanbases hungering for relief. Hoping that the DJ Fluker revelation was the hors d’eouvre to a coming entrée, opposing fans can’t get enough of the news.

If you’re a Tide supporter, the news isn’t good. But if you’re a Bama hater, it’s not the nuclear winter you’ve been waiting for either.

As light has hit this story in the last 24-hours, as in most stories, there are many chapters. The problem for Auburn fans and the like is, this one reads like a children’s bedtime story, not a juicy suspense thriller.

Clinton-Dix accepted a loan from a Tide strength and conditioning assistant following his car being burglarized. In a way only NCAA rules can do, the Bama staffer, Corey Harris, committed a sin by trying to do good. The loan reportedly has already been repaid, and experts agree that the infraction won’t amount to much in the long-run. The 1-3 game suspension is just what the doctor ordered with Georgia State, Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee coming up.

Still, there have been more incidents in this calendar year than in recent memory in Tuscaloosa. I’m not ready to say it’s a trend…yet. But one has to wonder if the foundation laid by those who came before current Tide players isn’t showing some wear. The biggest threat to the quest for excellence is complacency, on and off the field. Not paying attention to the smaller details,…from the girl who answers the phone when you call the Mal Moore Football Building to the safety who stands between a receiver and the winning score…can be the difference between superiority and South Carolina (good but never great).

But the biggest tragedy in the story is the relief that Bama detractors won’t feel. The momentary hope that the Crimson tank mowing them down Saturday after Saturday, year after year, won’t last much longer than a waft of bowel wind following a good Mexican dinner. And much to their disappointment, again, the only taste they’ll enjoy won’t be victory over Alabama, but the wrong end of Crimson tank treads.

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66 thoughts on “Clinton-Dix story gives Auburn fans, others false hope”

  1. Without even wasting my time reading this article, I can tell it is just another story indicating Auburn fans are just like Bama gumps when ever there is a news story indicating either program has done something wrong. The only difference is, gumps will never admit they act exactly like auburn fans. Proof of that last statement coming in 3,2,1….

    1. Now thats original lamo. Did you come up with 3.2.1… all by yourself? Youre so witty, and to think I thought you were just a flaming obsessed corndog who lives to visit Capstonereport. Butthurt reply in 3.2.1…

    2. LMAQ.
      Your head coach is married to Kristi Malzahn.
      You used to think Trooper Taylor was a quality coach.
      Your Auburn Family is fathered by Pat Dye.
      Yes we are laughing are arses off.

  2. tommy_deas Sports Editor, Tide Sports

    DEAS: The stupid thing about the whole Ha Ha-Harris situation … Reply
    … is that both have been educated to the fullest possible extent on what the rules are.

    And one of the rules is, in an emergency situation like this the NCAA allows the school to make short-term loans to student-athletes in dire circumstances. As I understand it, losing all your money in a vehicle break-in qualifies.

    Which means that all Ha Ha had to do was go directly to the UA compliance office and say, ‘All my money is gone, my car was broken into, I need an emergency loan of a few hundred dollars.”

    And, bingo, he fills out some paperwork and they cut him a check immediately … and he breaks no rule and doesn’t get suspended or declared ineligible.

    Harris, as the adult, is more responsible — whether Clinton-Dix approached him and just told him about the break-in and Harris volunteered to loan him the money or whether Ha Ha asked him for a loan because of the circumstances, all he had to do was say, “Meet me at the Mal Moore Building and I’ll walk you down to compliance and help you get an emergency loan.”

    Instead, they did something that is obviously proving to be very costly to both of them when they had been educated that the system allows for a no-penalty solution to a problem like this.

    10/3 6:39 PM | IP: Logged

  3. This link will prove the total annihilation that’s coming to Bammer at the hands of the NCAA:

    There was the book scam. (That’s done and in the books)

    There was Andre Smith (Who was later actually cleared and could have played in the bowl)

    There was the fishing trip. (That amounted to nothing)

    The Ttown Menswear. (That the NCAA didn’t even investigate because it was null)

    Escaladegate (Which was a fantasy)

    Dareus. (Who served a suspension then cleared)

    Fluker. (That nothing will amount from)

    Luther Davis. (Again that nothing will amount from)

    Now Ha-Ha. (Who’ll sit against teams Bammer’s 4th string could beat)

    The clock is ticking bammers. Tick tock. Do you not hear it? The NCAA is setting up shop as we speak. Half of your roster is getting paid by agents. Saban has been turning a blind eye for years-making self righteous pimp comments. Quite a good acting job there Little Nicky. The whole world knows you guys are cheaters and have been for some time.

    Everything will be looked at. Agent relationships, Ttown menswear, fishing trips, Escalades. Good luck because no stone will be left unturned this time.

    It’s over. Saban will be moving onto Austin (I pray) and will leave the NCAA to put a wrecking ball to your program (I pray). It will be 100 times worse than Albert Means (I pray). You will be longing for the Shula years when you could come within 10 points of Auburn (I pray). You’ll be back to losing to the La Monroes and La Techs of the world (I pray).

    A 1-3 game suspension against NCAA powers Georgia State, Kentucky and Arkansas. Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of assholes.

    1. LOL if you think HaHa got paid. Idiot.

      Alabama has nothing to worry about from any of those supposed scandals. Unlike times past (and certain other compliance operations in the SEC) Alabama’s work is exemplary. It was Alabama that uncovered the book problem and it was Alabama’s own internal review that prompted HaHa to come forward and admit to taking a small loan.

      If you want to talk about assholes, well, it is Auburn fans like you who stalk players, take pictures of their cars, harass people at Gadsden High School and then make shit up on the Internet.

      People like you are the problem in college football. I would say go to hell, but your football program is already consigned to the the circle of hell reserved for Internet morons and people who talk during a movie.

      1. We don’t have to think he got paid. Bama said he did, and if the rules are enforced, games he played in are forfeited. At least that is what we were told when it was Cam. But I will believe that when it happens. Which it won’t.

        1. It won’t because when it was discovered was after the 3rd game. That’s when it matters, not when the event actually occurred, unless there was a full scale cover-up which was what Cam and Auburn were being accused of…and DID

          1. ELITE TIGER,

            I meant the 4th game, the LAST game whichever it was he played before the announcement came out. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN REGARDLESS

          2. Kind of like the “gump” rules the Auburn people make up for their sordid history or their investigations

    2. I love Auburn fantasy. It should be X-rated by virtue of the fact of what they do with it, but it illustrates the sheer desperation of a completely dominated fanbase.

      A dominated fanbase strings together loose facts and prays for absolution.

      A dominated fanbase rattles off closed cases in hopes that there will be something, anything that comes of it.

      A dominated fanbase lives on their rival’s fan sites in failed attempts to juxtapose their 2nd tier program against the best college football has ever seen.

      But keep it coming barners; your squashed hopes continue to give me joy. And don’t worry, just 57 more days until your next woodshed beating! Do you hear it? The Crimson tank is a’comin’!

    3. I guess you are already in line to ‘cast the first stone’ at Bama! My oh my, Heaven will indeed be full of the people who think their school is innocent and their student-athletes are ‘model citizens that have never committed a wrong! RTR…..

      1. Sounds Heaven will overrun with gumps based on your characterization of the people who will be there. I mean your own arrogant, conceited, self-centered screen name says it all. You have self appointed your self the #1 al. fan. Or did you win a contest? LMAO

    4. FYI HAHAgotpaid, every time you make a point followed by (I pray) you confirm what ITK was saying in this commentary. Just read the title. Its called opposing confirmation and it is always considered something you should never do in making your point.

  4. Patience my friend…..patience. Now I am not going to make a complete ass of myself like RC did when he started throwing out numerous dates of when the NCAA hammer was going to fall with the Cam Newton case , But a complete Rectal exam is coming from the NCAA. As the attention grows you can almost guarantee that one of bama’s former players that has been ” processed” will come out , or one of the money hungry former players that did not make it to the NFL will want a nice payday from a news source for spilling their guts. As I said before , I hope bama wins the NC this year. I hope the fans get to run out and buy up all of the ” got 35″ houndstooth t-shirts that their heart desires. The fun part will be watching the aftermath when that P.L.O.I . arrives on campus. We will get to hear the bammer ” ncaa experts” go on finebaum and scream to the mountain tops ” nothing will come of this “. . Then to watch the bammers turn on their own as news story after news story starts to leak out. Hold on tight bubba….this ride is about to get real bumpy.

    1. Boy, if u believe that nonsense you just posted, you’re in for some serious heartache and disappointment. It’s easy to come after Auburn, not so much with Alabama anymore under Saban. I’m sure you really believe like most Uburn humps that the textbook scandal was Saban’s so if u do, u are a typical, uninformed redneck Auburn hump. The NCAA will not screw with Saban. You really also need to take a few business classes and consult an attorney if you think the Yahoo documents constitute, legal, ORIGINAL documentation required for the NCAA to even initiate an investigation. Seriously, consult an attorney! The NCAA cannot initiate an investigation without Yahoo turning over the original documentation. Internet printouts DO NOT suffice, and the NCAA has ZERO subpoena authority.

      Freddy Weygand, the Auburn bagman for CAM, was paid with hush money from BOTH Pat Dye (former coach) and Bobby Lowder, failed CEO of Colonial. His family was also threatened. He will never talk

      Do you think the NCAA will still be funded by Collegiate Licensing Co if they try to even obtain the ORIGINAL documentation from Yahoo? BWAHAHAHA RTR!!

      1. “The NCAA will not screw with Saban” and if you believe that you win the gump of the year award.

        1. If you don’t believe that, you deserve a dumb ass of the year award and have no business or common sense

          1. I’ve got plenty of common and business sense and a business degree and 30 years of business experience. The NCAA is about to make more money than they ever dreamed of with the start and eventual evolution of the playoffs for Division 1 football. If the NCAA has solid evidence that bama did something wrong, they’ll use Saban and bama as an example and come down hard on them. You blind delusion that some other team want step up and take bama’s place if they fall is typical gump thinking. You win dumbass of the century. Speaking of centuries do you think the NCAA when broke in the century before Saban got to bama when bama sucked? LMAO

          2. That doesn’t even make sense LMAO. The NCAA knows better than to try to make an example of Saban with all the popularity he brings to the sport; however, alas, there is no ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION the poor saps at the NCAA can get their hands on. So, so, so, sorry 🙂

            BTW, there is no way an individual with your intelligence (or lack thereof) holds any sort of tangible business degree, unless it came from Virginia College or the DeVry Institute. You’re not smart enough, especially if you cannot see why the NCAA won’t come after Alabama

          3. You dumb ass, before Nick Saban there was Pete Carol who was bring all the popularity to the sport.
            Did that stop the NCAA from going after USC?

            Take you crimson glasses off you fool. You are making yourself look like the dumb gump you are.

          4. LMAO,

            If you really believe Pete Carroll carried the same weight in Indianapolis that Nick Saban DOES NOW just because Carroll won games, you are a total dunce and you cannot see the BIG PICTURE. Stop making yourself look stupid, and just accept the facts. NOTHING will happen, except maybe with the Auburn investigation into the grade changing scandal in Memphis. I heard Trooper was mad

          5. Obviously you can’t read RC, maybe due to your poor education in the state of Alabama. Did I say anywhere that Peter Carrol carried as much weight as Nick Saban does now? How would a person not wearing glasses even measure that? What I did say was BEFORE Saban, Pete Carrol was the biggest name and most popular coach in College football who was bringing all popularity to the sport JUST LIKE Saban is doing NOW. But the NCAA didn’t let that stop them from popping his program with sanctions. Now take your crimson glasses off and quit being stupid and you will see that it can happen to Nick Saban and bama too. In fact just removing your crimson glasses might boost our IQ by 10 points or double it in your case. LMAO

  5. My how things have changed at the NCAA. Eric Ramsey gets $500 to feed his kid and Pat Dye gets fired.

    A 1-3 game suspension is fair based on today’s NCAA.

    I still sya that players should not get paid. Maybe a slight stipend would be OK. I want these kids to play CFB and get an education to break poverty cycles. I have no interest in providing a good time to the kids and shoving education further to the back ground than it already is.

    I came from a poor family, got no support, had to work while going to school and had to walk to school when my car broke down. There wasn’t anyone to loan me money.

    I realize that these kids are required to spend so much time on football that a prt time jjob is not possible. I also realize that a part time job would be scrutinized by the NCAA. That is why a very small stipend on top what the players now get would be OK.

    Title IX will require that all the other athletes get such also.

  6. Bama has such insight into their own problems. Everyone is a cheater except their corrupt program. Why do you think all those 5 star athletes flip. It’s called a lost black suitcase around the hedges outside the capstone. Suit cases filled with money. You forgot about the most obvious flip was when DeMathia high school got an anonymous 500K donation after Cyrus Kouandjio flipped.

    That was pretty mysterious. Remember your director of football operations at Bama is the same guy that was there during the golden scandalous years of Miami “the U” with Luther Cambpell and little Luther while they were pimping out girls to athletes and $500 handshakes.

    Bama is NOT cheating of course.

    1. So al the AU players on HBO and others were all making that up about Auburn. I guess Cam Newton is innocent too and all of Auburn’s privations are imaginary

  7. RC, outside of something dreamed in a bammer wet dream, who EVER said that Auburn paid for Cam Newton? Don’t come back with ” well we all know ” because that is total BS. The only thing that has ever been said and proven was that Cecil asked MSU for money. Hell I would not go to MSU unless they gave me a bunch of money either! Where is the paper trail showing that auburn offered or gave money to Cam or Cecil? Where is the paper work tied to a runner , that also happens to be a former Auburn player , showing money given that was meant to be delivered to Cam/Cecil? What you need to realize is what happened between the Newtons and MSU has nothing to do with Auburn , regardless of how bad you gumps wish it did. Hell if that was the Case I say that Auburn should go in and offer every current bama commit money so bama gets in trouble…..makes since huh? There has been NCAA investigations, numerous rogue reporters trying to make a name for their self, and bammers pissed over the 2010 choke job that lead to the 2010 Auburn NC, But nothing was found. This entire pile of crap that bama has found it self in is bigger than U of A and Saban , my little gump buddy. There are other schools involved. I would agree with you about bama sliding by on this one if it was about bama only, but its not. Is U of A and the REC going to buy MSU and Tennessee’s way out of this also? Highly unlikely.

    1. As Auburn fans know it’s not “what was proven” but what was “covered up.” Thanks, Freddy Weygand

  8. Besides RC….even if Auburn gave Cam $100,000 , I am sure he paid it back by now so it’s all good…….Using bammer logic.

    1. Everyone except the shit for brains Auburn fans know Cecil sold Cam to Gus. It’s no secret. You’re never going to convince anyone outside Lee County that Auburn didn’t ghetto Cam in a bidding war, especially wi Auburn’s probationary history. I commend y’all for winning a title with an ineligible player. Just don’t act all sanctimonious. Auburn ppl have a serious problem with hypocrisy. OLD SOUTH. This way of thinking that winning is a “God thing” and losing is a “Satan” thing has got to stop.

      NOTHING will happen to Alabama under Saban’s watch. However, I’m going to enjoy you stomping your feet and writing e-mails and letters to NCAA trying to get them to investigate. I can’t wait to laugh my ass off at you 10 yrs from now if the NCAA decides to investigate and finds nothing wrong. BWAHAHAHA RTR

      1. “Cecil sold Cam to Gus!!!! RC are you actually claiming that slavery is still alive in Alabama? Say it aint so RC.

        1. Alive and well at what many Former Auburn players have called the “Plantation on the Plains”

    1. WTF!? Here we are with a major contributor to this site ITK and 99% of the bammers that post on this site ( about 8 of them ) still talking about Cam Newton 3 years later , and now you want to ” stop beating a dead horse” because the story involves bama now? Yeah ok. I will get right on that. LMAO!


  9. We shall see. Maybe I should predict a date and be like RC? Then when that date passes predict 1,2,10 others. lol

  10. They are only talking about Scam because it was the biggest story in 10 years and you shit heads keep whipping dead stories that amount to nothing, such as HaHa as if you think you can beat some life into them. It’s over, done with, past history. We have a football season going on here. Ohhh hell! I’m sorry, Alabama has a football season going on, a football season with a Natty in its future. We are certainly interested in things other than dead horses. The rest of the SEC, not so much. Now I understand. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. I really think those Auburn gumps think they can talk their way into Alabama being investigated by the NCAA. BWAHAHAHAHA. RTR

      1. Kind of like the way you and other bama gumps thought you could talk your way into Auburn being penalized by the NCAA for anything having to do with Cam Newton?

        Crimson Hypocrites!

  11. Alabama fans and their fantasies.

    If the name on these “incidents” was Auburn the Bama fans would be giggling with glee. Because you know what it would mean. But if its Alabama then nothing to see, everything ok.

    Pretty much what Bama fans have been saying the last 20 years. How many times has the NCAA had to hit you? 3 in just the last 20 years? And nearly got the Death Penalty too.

    This is just the beginning. This latest infraction came up during an on-going investigation into OTHER players. There is more coming out. And now the NCAA is getting involved.

    Good luck. You’re going to need it.

    1. Common Auburn retort: “This is just the beginning!” BWAHAHAHAz Hey Auburn! Good luck living in L La Land! RTR

      1. Said it was just the beginning when the Yahoo story broke. And just 2 weeks later we’ve got a coach giving money to a player and that coach has ties to an agent. If you want to pretend its all over then have at it. Bama fans say that everytime their team gets in these messes.

        1. And every time we are right – it’s never anything but secondary violations, not the Waterloo you maggot infested bastards pray for. The HaHa situation is history. The Fluker situation will go no further unless certain people who have no reason to, decide to talk directly to the NCAA. If that was going to happen, it already would have. Shit-for-brains!

  12. Go masturbate to your dog humping a cat, dipshit. You’re over here just running your mouth to hear yourself vomit. You’re nothing but a dumbass Homer from a dumbass loser of a football team. What kind of rocks do you get off that makes you come over here and make a damn fool out of yourself with diarrhea of the mouth, spouting off over and over things that YOU don’t know a fucking thing about – NADA! Why don’t you do something worthwhile, like breeding fly’s so you’ll have more maggot infested meat to eat?

    1. If your ignorant gump ass would learn how to use the reply button on this site, people might know who your drunk rants were directed at. Or just keep ranting to yourself like you probably do when you’re drunk ass is sitting all alone at your “house”.

  13. Trust me when I say WHEN the NCAA does turn its full attention to all of this Paid to Play stuff going on at bama and other schools tied to fluker / phillips, it will dwarf anything that has ever happened at Auburn. Right now bama is the media darlings of college football , But the media also knows that nothing sells like drama. The very same people at ESPN that just put together the BAMA crap that ITK posted about , will be the very same people that burns bama to the ground when evidence starts really coming out. Then idiots like Crimsonshite , RC, etc will have to take their ” Got 13,14,15 ” shirts back to wal-mart.

    1. “trust me, this is just the beginning,” trust me when i tell you,” from the same fanbase who purchased a slave to be their QB then claimed winning was a “God thing” then cursed God when they went 3-9. Some Auburn fans stopped praying and attending Church last Fall. Johnna Chizik even said the Devil was stealing from Gene & the family. We all know Kristy Malzahn is a fake crazy lunatic. Most Auburn families are uncultured, white trash who actually believe shopping at Target makes them cultured. Their familied have taught them to hate Alabama. Its so sad because these same ppl think winning is still a God thing now that Crazy Kristy is back

      I will pucker up and even give a reach around if the NCAA initiates an investigation. Im so sure because i have firsthand knowledge there will never be one. However, ill keep posting on here and laughing at all the AU gumps whose fanbase include kidnappers and child molesters. Google “Auburn University student child molester”

      1. Tree Killers and Tea Baggers vs. Kidnappers and Child Molesters.

        LMAO They should put a border fence around the state of Alabama to keep all you gumps from mixing with the normal population of the rest of the country.

        1. Yeah, everyone needs to be exposed to the Delta, Cajuns, coon asses, and voodoo

          The drunk guy who was teabagged shouldnt have been passed out drunk at a Krystal’s on the French Qtr

          1. So RC you put all the blame it on the college student who drank too much and passed out and none on the middle aged gump who is married and a father but obviously no morals. Well I guess that says a lot about what kind of person you are RC. But then again we already knew you were a gump, so that really said it all to begin with.

          2. Coming from a Corn Dog who would prostitute and sell his own child for gumbo, what you just said means absolutely….NOTHING

          3. Of course what I said means nothing to you RC, because you’re just another morally corrupt gump.

            Difference is I don’t have to make up things about you, your own words are written proof.

          4. LMAO,

            What you said doesnt even make sense. Most ppl from Louisiana are white trash, smelly, incestuous Cajun pole smokers, so i know for a fact that i am a missionary compared to you. In fact, your wife and daughters must sweat like French whores at Church on Sunday

          5. Your own thoughts and words that your post here define your lowlife self and morals. No need for me act like you and make up things to post here.

          6. ITK,
            I hope you’re not immature enough to think that comment really bothers. LMAO

            Besides you couldn’t smell me from where you’re at anyway so the only dog or wiener you could be smelling must be coming from your own breath.

          7. That reply was literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on the internet. I now know I’m dealing with a 14 year old. Thanks.

  14. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways,
    just wanted to say superb blog!

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