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Tim James is a socialist & other thoughts

Tim James is a socialist. We know this because socialists like to punish the successful and reward the incompetent. Hence, Tim James campaign promise to harm the successful Alabama Crimson Tide and coach Nick Saban in an attempt to help the incompetent Auburn athletic department and hapless coach Gene Chizik. When you can’t win in […]

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Pitching again key as Bama advances, beats Rebels

Like his teammate and fellow pitcher the day before, Nathan Kilcrease took the Tide into the ninth inning in a second round win over the Ole Miss Rebels.  A day earlier Jimmy Nelson pitched a complete game to ice Abarn and send them to the loser’s bracket.  On Thursday, the Phenix City, Alabama native would […]

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Bama stays hot; finishes Auburn in SEC opener

Bama pitcher Jimmy Nelson racked seven strikeouts to tame the Tigers in the first game of the 2010 SEC Baseball Tournament in front of an overflow crowd at Regions Park today. The Tigers took an early 1-0 lead but could muster no more as Nelson pitched his third straight complete game.  A 3 run 9th […]

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Why WAS Aycock not welcome in “The Fambly”?

Apparently there is an Abarn player not welcome in the Awbuhn Fambly…but the bigger story here appears to be the predictable lack of investigation into the real story. We often point out here at the biased coverage Abarn appears to receive around the state, with Auburn beat writers at state newspapers spinning, not covering. […]

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Tim James out to harm Alabama, Saban?

Tim James tweeted a denial that he would fire or attempt to cut Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban’s salary. Here is the tweet: “Dispelling another untruth from the Byrne camp: I will neither be firing nor cutting Coach Saban’s salary if elected.” Anyone who believes this is a fool. James is in bed with […]

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ITK Answers the Roundtable Questions

My thanks to Cappy for inviting me to answer this week’s questions. Agree or disagree, here is my take: What do you think of SEC Commissioner Mike Slive? I believe that Commissioner Slive has done a remarkable job.  Picking up the pieces from his obviously biased and corrupt predecessor, Slive has restored dignity to the […]

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Roundtable: State of the SEC & more

It is a mostly quiet and boring offseason. Does it get any better than this? Being that things are going well in Tuscaloosa, I thought I’d focus a little on the overall state of the SEC. On to the questions for this week’s Crimson & White Roundtable: What do you think of SEC Commissioner Mike […]

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Am I getting old? I don’t want 3D

Comcast and DirecTV have announced they will carry the ESPN 3D channel. You can read the AP story about it embedded below. But I have no intention of buying a 3D television, or wearing those idiotic glasses. I remember in the 1970s that 3D was the fad. You could wear those stupid glasses that just […]

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Roundtable: Questions about 2010

I was sick today. So, I spent the day on the couch watching DVDs and CNBC. Erin Burnett is hot. Or maybe I just liked seeing Goldman up for a change, but my BP was still down. So, I think it was that she is hot. As for the DVDs, I watched Firefly and Felicia […]

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Jeff Foxworthy speaks about UAB

Okay…not really.  But if he did, in true, old fashion Jeff Foxworthy form, this is what he might say: “If your football team owns one lonely win over Southern Miss, a team that Bama (in one of its worst seasons in history)  once attempted only five passes against in a comfortable two-touchdown victory…you might have […]

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UAB fans embarrass state of Alabama

UAB Blazer fans are everything wrong with Alabama and America—obnoxious people who cannot have a conversation without tossing insults. Here is a selection of Blazer fan commentary posted on this website in the last week. Get ready though. If you don’t think UAB should have football, you are either a racist like George C. Wallace […]

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The Bham News drops another edition

We at Capstone Report strongly encourage you to consider your choices when it comes to where you get your news…specifically, your sports news…in our fair state. If you enjoy reading that a football program who has yet to play a game, led by a coach who is a perennial loser somehow holds all the cards […]

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Reconsidering my vote for Bradley Byrne

I was going to vote for Bradley Byrne. He stood up to the corrupt practices in the two-year college system; he took on Paul Hubbert and the AEA—which to my mind is as noble an action as standing up to the Soviet Union. However, Byrne’s startling revelation on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network that he […]

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Repost: UAB’s pathetic academic performance

From the Associated Press: Ten schools made the underachieving list in football and men’s basketball, getting punishments that range from scholarship losses to reductions in practice times. Only two — Alabama-Birmingham and New Mexico State — play in college football’s top level. UAB was the only school in the major football to receive a reduction […]

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Projection: AU, Chizik to have great 2010 season

One of our regular Auburn fan readers provided his own outlook for the 2010 season. Some of his projections are startling. I made the editorial decision to create its own topic so more people would see it. It is safe to say that Auburn fans believe they are back. The spelling and other errors were […]

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Time to form an anti-UAB PAC

UAB violated NCAA rules by tampering with a University of Alabama Crimson Tide basketball player it was alleged Thursday. It was a “strong suspicion” of tampering that prevented the Justin Knox scholarship transfer to UAB, according to one report. The Birmingham News was naturally irresponsible in its coverage/commentary on the matter. (Can you expect anything […]

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Does Alabama’s Saban need security?

AP columnist Tim Dahlberg raised an interesting question in this column (see it all below) on police and sports, “And how about the state troopers who shadow college football coaches across the South like they are working protection for the president? Is Nick Saban so important to the people of Alabama that he needs as […]

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Time to close UAB athletics

Knox situation one more reason to close UAB sports UAB is a beacon of achievement in Birmingham. It is a place where students go to get an education. It isn’t a party school. It isn’t a football powerhouse. A strong majority of students do not care about UAB athletics—you couldn’t pay them to attend football […]

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Some Tuesday thoughts & links

An update on Brandon Deaderick follows at the bottom of this post—it is a story from the Boston Globe. But there are lots of other interesting links that don’t pertain to football. But be sure to read the Deaderick profile piece below. It has a few great quotes from him. Time Stephen Hawking explains how […]

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Roundtable: Schedules, expansion & predictions

Picture Me Rollin hosts this week’s Crimson & White Roundtable. As always follow the Roundtable at its website. 1. There’s been a lot of talk about schedules and future opponents recently with Georgia Tech dropping off for 2012 and 2013. This question gets thrown around a lot, but it’s pertinent once again. Pretend you’re Mal […]

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Alabama, Saban behind Tiger Prowl ban

The Tiger Prowl Rule is the direct result of the special relationship between Alabama and the NCAA. All those Auburn fans on talk radio and Internet message boards are right—Nick Saban pulled the strings in this case. The University of Alabama and Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban were behind the NCAA’s recent ban on […]

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Remember when Chiz said Abarn was taking back the state? So do three in-state Abarn QB’s that just got displaced by a juco Georgia peach.  Maybe he meant they were taking “back ups” from the state… I guess lying is okay in the Ahwbun Fambly?  Think other in-state kids will catch on to the game? […]

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Roundtable: Five questions about Alabama football

This edition of the Crimson & White Roundtable was hosted by Tower of Bammer. You can follow the Roundtable at its website. I intended this to post yesterday morning, but I forgot to upload it for that purpose. D’oh! 1. While the actual players and coaches deserve some of the credit for last season’s success, […]

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We can all learn from Jevan Snead

The 2010 draft came and went last weekend.  255 players and over a dozen quarterbacks later, Jevan Snead’s name was never called. Fordham’s QB John Skelton went.  As did Appalachian State’s Armanti Edwards and Central Michigan’s Dan LeFevour. Heck, even Troy’s Levi Brown and UAB’s Joe Webb heard their names called.  But no Snead. Remember […]

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Jones: Here’s an idea – Ultimate NASCAR

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Race fans are, well, fanatical. There’s no doubt about it. Last year, I received more comments from an article I wrote about NASCAR than from all of my football, baseball or basketball columns combined. The theme of the column was that NASCAR (Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks) really […]

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Auburn fans, let’s be clear

I love this website for many reasons, but one has to be the barners that come here.  While this is an Alabama site, any aubie that can hunt and peck on a keyboard with internet access has a voice here.  But not all commenters are equal. To illustrate my point, below are actual replies received […]

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Auburn Gets This Guy…

Today Abarn got this guy… Some random thoughts here… He (Dismukes) may turn out to be a good player (a center); only time will tell.  But tell me, who honestly wears a doo rag on their head?  With a suit?  On the day they make their commitment?  In front of cameras? If you are a […]

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The News doesn’t want to be the news

John Archibald believes “You have a right to know about News buyouts.” The Birmingham News disagrees. The Birmingham News is dying. They just don’t want you to know about it. So, the venerable (and pro-Auburn) newspaper buried the latest revelation about its decline; it suppressed a John Archibald column on the newspaper’s buyouts. The column […]

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Jones: Celebration Outlawed!

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Celebration Outlawed! You can score a touchdown, but don’t be happy about it On a daily basis, bad decisions are made all across this great country. Decisions such as adding Ellen DeGeneres as a judge on American Idol, passing the Obama Healthcare Plan, and closing down Milo’s in Foley. […]

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Taunting rule lunacy

AP: Wait until some overzealous ref decides some player slowed down too much, stepped too high, pranced too merrily, looked back over his shoulder too long or launched himself too early into the end zone — and then calls taunting in the final seconds of a game on a hot, boozy afternoon with first place […]

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