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Jones: Tide and Tigers play bean ball

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Did you hear the one about the Alabama pitcher who intentionally threw a ball at an Auburn batter and was tossed from the game, along with his coach? …And then the Auburn pitcher intentionally threw a ball at a Bama batter and he and his coach were tossed as […]

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Jones: Parents actions can make or break a Little League season

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Coach Jones called little Johnny in from center field during a Little League game for a quick talk. “Listen Johnny,” said the coach, “you know the principles of good sportsmanship that the Little League practices. You also know we don’t tolerate temper tantrums, shouting at the umpire, or abusive […]

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Shane: On Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer: mad genius or drama queen By Shane from Centerpoint A race driver hits the wall extremely hard. A bull–rider gets slammed and stomped. A batter takes a fastball on the chin. Inevitably, it usually takes some “down time” before these athletes are back to full speed, especially from a mental standpoint. Ditto for […]

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Shane: Does the SEC really care?

By Shane from Centerpoint What do college basketball, pro golf, and NASCAR racing have in common? All three couldn’t pay the bills if they depended on SEC fans for income. In spite of media-generated perceptions designed to convince us otherwise, I believe these and many other sports mean very little to SEC football fans. I […]

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Shane: F-bomb targets the nation

By Shane from Centerpoint Paul Finebaum is not your typical sports radio talk show host. The majority of those who get paid to sit behind the microphone avoid controversy like it’s the plague and the resulting broadcasts are usually a benign mix of stats and information they read from the newspaper. Not Finebaum. He thrives […]

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Hunter: the 1980s Alabama Crimson Tide

Tainted Love: The 1980s Tide By Hunter Ford Who could forget parachute pants, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” The Cosby Show, Oingo Boingo or Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” video? While reading the recent comparisons of Paul Bryant and Nick Saban, I was reminded of Ray Perkins, the Tide coach who led Alabama in the mid 1980s. His […]

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Jones: Hopefully the ‘Obama jinx’ won’t rub off

Hopefully the “Obama jinx” won’t rub off on the Tide Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones There is probably not an Alabama fan reading this who is not welling up inside with pride from the comments made by President Barack Obama on Monday morning when the Crimson Tide football team visited the East Wing room […]

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Shane: Respect Auburn’s pugnacity

You’ve got to respect Auburn’s pugnacity By Shane from Centerpoint Standing in the White House and being acknowledged by the President as the 2009 national champion leaves no doubt that the University of Alabama is once again an elite college football program – a powerhouse. At the rate they are progressing the Crimson Tide already […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Abarn relieved ODK is okay

Abarn fans expressed relief Saturday that the Foy-ODK Trophy was accounted for and “okay.” “We hadn’t seen it in a couple of years and didn’t know if it was just missing or what,” said Lloyd Bromingham, a long-time Abarn fan and graduate. “But I seen it with mine own eyes today. I feel better.” Other […]

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Was “the University of Auburn” a mistake?

The Crimson Tide men’s basketball team won their season finale Saturday over Auburn. Clad in new grey unis, Alabama’s Tony Mitchell scored 16 points and Mikhail Torrance contributed 13 points and 12 rebounds to help Alabama close the regular season with a 73-61 victory over Auburn on Saturday. But the story came at halftime when […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Bama Basketball

This Saturday as the Tide hosts the Tiggers, the men’s basketball season mercifully comes to an end in Tuscaloosa. Sure, there’s the SEC tournament to look forward to next week, but for all intents and purposes it ends tomorrow. After all, does anyone expect this team to make a run next week? Though basketball seemingly […]

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Ingram Is Better Than Bo

Bo Jackson was one of the most electrifying athletes college football has ever seen. Every now and then, whatever the sport, a player comes along that redefines how the game is played. For college football, one such player was Vincent “Bo” Jackson. His strength and speed were the stuff of legends. Bo would make runs […]

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Shane: 2009 Tide was one of football’s best

2009 Crimson Tide – one of college football’s all-time greatest teams By Shane from Centerpoint Throughout the course of college football history fans have witnessed some truly amazing performances on the gridiron. They’ve seen dominant teams produce amazing results on the road to the national championship. In fact, several of those champions left permanent impressions […]

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Jones: A sincere apology? I guess we will see

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones The whole world came to a standstill last week when, for the first time in three months, Tiger Woods stepped to the microphone to give us his “apology.” All of the major television networks carried the 13-minute address, as did cable networks such as ESPN, Golf Channel, MSNBC, CNN, […]

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Shane: AU family vs. Crimson empire

The Auburn Family versus the Crimson Empire- A juxtaposition By Shane from Centerpoint I have information coming from a usually reliable source telling me that the Auburn football program is well on its way back to national prominence. That same source also tells me that head coach Gene Chizik believes that his team is loaded […]

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Chizik Gets $200K Raise For Beating Furman

This week Abarn head coach Gene Chizik was awarded a $200,000 pay raise for a “successful season” by the Abarn University athletic department. All of the assistant coaches received raises as well, including the architect of the vaunted “Dipsy-Doo, Trickeroo Offense,” Gus Malzahn. The difference between 2008′s 5-7 regular season record and 2009′s 7-5? Wins […]

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Clowns of the Alabama Media: Scarbinsky

Editorial Cartoon: Clowns of the Alabama Media series: Scarbinsky I am beginning a new series simply entitled, “Clowns of the Alabama Media.”  Oh, there are so many.  Check back weekly for new installments this spring. Today, we honor Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky.  Some call him a Finebaum wanna be, others a shock writer, others […]

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Shane: Early 2010 SEC rankings

Getting a head start on 2010 SEC pre-season rankings By Shane from Centerpoint Finally, college football’s recruiting circus is over. The real work is about to begin. Off-season conditioning programs, spring training, and eventually fall camp will replace the over-hyped drama of the events surrounding national signing day. Attention can now be directed towards the […]

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Birmingham Snooze not biased, just cheap and lazy

By Hunter Ford Capstone Report founder Alan Atchison led off the Finebaum show on the day after the Super Bowl with a distinctive topic, namely that he believes the Birmingham News is acting as a public relations firm for Auburn athletics. He had some great points but I believe he stopped way short. When you’re […]

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Shane: Auburn gains momentum

Auburn gains momentum with amazing recruiting success By Shane from Centerpoint New head coach Gene Chizik came to Auburn amid controversy and doubt. The infamous “heckler” incident along with the Tiger fan base’s general lack of confidence in the young football coach’s abilities (mainly due to his 5-19 career record) were indicative of the uphill […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Fire When Ready, Aight?

Editorial Cartoon: Fire When Ready, Aight? I continue to be utterly amazed by the job Nick Saban has done and continues to do at Alabama. When you stop and think about what he’s accomplished in just three short years, it is staggering. First, there was the change of perception. Momentum and buzz stepped off the […]

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Jones: They couldn’t beat the Bucs!

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones The Saints lost to the Buccaneers. Remember? It happened just two days after Christmas. The Cowboys had ruined New Orleans’ perfect season just a week before when Romo and company visited the Superdome to beat Drew and his gang 24-17. Then, just one week later, the beloved Saints lost […]

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Capstone Saturdays: ODK Missing From Beard Eaves

Editorial Cartoon: ODK Missing From Beard Eaves Circulating reports yesterday had the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy missing from Beard Eaves Memorial Coliseum for the second consecutive year. The trophy, awarded to the winner of the annual Iron Bowl clash between the University of Alabama and Abarn University, is presented at halftime at each university’s home basketball […]

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Lattimore Paid By Auburn?

Yesterday on his radio show, former South Carolina running back George Rogers reportedly said that if Marcus Lattimore signs with Auburn, “something funny was going on.” Rogers appears on “The Score” from 12-2 p.m. on WCCP 104.9 FM, based in Clemson, South Carolina. That’s a bold statement from someone who is fully aware his voice […]

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Capstone Saturdays: One Big Cat Gets Away

Editorial Cartoon: One Big Cat Gets Away Abarn is doing better in recruiting than they have in years, and while there may be rea$on$ for that, that’s not what this article is about. Week in and week out, the barn benefits from Alabama media writers and talking heads who offer their PR services at no […]

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Shane: Auburn reaches for the stars

By Shane from Centerpoint I’ve often said that the Auburn football program would probably never be able to compete with the University of Alabama unless it cheated. Apparently, as evidenced by the multiple punishments and resulting probations over the years, several of the head coaches who’ve lead the Tigers in the past agreed. So much […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Smoky Is Stuck

Editorial Cartoon: Smoky Is Stuck Oh what great days to be a Bama fan.  He Vols, Dooley you really think you have a chance against Bama in the near future?

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Advice For Derek Dooley

Dear Derek: Congratulations on landing the job in Knoxville. Hopefully the burning mattresses and rioting have died down by now. Just chalk that silliness up to a rabid fan base tired of losing to Alabama, and just being irrelevant in general. I have great respect for your dad and his accomplishments, and think you’re a […]

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Congrats to Auburn for beating Kentucky

Congratulations to the Auburn basketball team for their win over Kentucky today. The actual score read something like Kentucky 72, Auburn 67, but everyone knows that Kentucky was undefeated coming in, and Abarn played extremely well, coming very close to an actual victory. Therefore, using Abarn math and rationale, Abarn won. I just want to […]

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Jones: Tiger should take Hume’s advice

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones How interesting is it that Brit Hume is taking more heat over his comments regarding Tiger Woods and Christianity than Tiger Woods is for the numerous acts of infidelity he has obviously committed. There is probably no bigger sports figure on the face of the earth than Tiger Woods. […]

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