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Shane: 11 reasons why Alabama will defeat Texas

By Shane from Centerpoint Warning! You are about to be bombarded from all sides with an enormous amount of (mostly useless) information. Soon every talking–head that can get his mouth in front of a microphone, hand on a pen, or face in front of a TV camera will spew his opinion on the upcoming national […]

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May the Fall of Citadel Be Only The Beginning

No, I don’t mean the baby blue colored school from Charleston, South Carolina. I mean Citadel Broadcasting. Sure, they are restructuring, which means their ultimate fall is delayed. But if the rest of their 224 station market is as pathetic as WJOX, let the band play as the ship sinks. Our local Citadel chapter gives […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Lane Visits Santa

Editorial Cartoon: Lane Visits Santa

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Shane: Ingram leaves the mark of a champion

Photo from fOTOGLIF NCAA College Football Alabama runningback Mark Ingram speaks to the media after winning the Heisman Trophy at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on December 12, 2009. UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom By Shane from Centerpoint University of Alabama running-back Mark Ingram is the best player to ever wear the crimson […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Auburn Hell

Editorial Cartoon: Auburn Hell This is a tall statement, but perhaps there is no worse time in history to be an Auburn fan than right now. If you’re an Aubie, you live, breathe, and die Alabama football. The demise of your big brother across the state is what keeps you going. It’s the focal point […]

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Shane: Florida no contest – Texas is toast

By Shane from Centerpoint With seven minutes left in the 2009 SEC championship game, the television announcers were attempting to keep people tuned in because it was evident by that point that the game was over. CBS’s Verne Lundquist finished by pointing out that Urban Meyer and his Florida Gators’ 22–game winning streak was over […]

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Bama Foes’ Worst Nightmares Are Coming True

If you hate the Crimson Tide, it was good to be alive early this decade. Anything that could possibly go right for you and wrong for the Tide were as routine as the sunrise. A humiliating turn of the century season in 2000 was only the beginning of what would be Crimson misery for the next several years. […]

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Capstone Saturdays: CBS Arrives In the ATL

Editorial Cartoon: CBS Arrives in the ATL

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Shane: The Iron Bowl—it is what it is

By Shane from Centerpoint I’ve got to give the Auburn “family” a great deal of credit. The coaches, the players, and the fans invested every ounce of their hearts trying to upset their ultimate rival Alabama. I have no doubt that Pat Dye – Auburn’s former head coach and current top spokesman – is proud […]

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The Tebow Worship Must Stop

Watching the FSU-Florida game today, Tebow’s last in the Swamp, was almost unbearable. Never in my years have I witnessed an entire broadcast dedicated to the worship of one player in particular. In a nutshell, our friends Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson slobbered all over themselves for three and a half hours, pausing on occasion to talk […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Passing Out The Trophies

Editorial Cartoon: Passing Out The Trophies Wow, what a game. We have the FOY Trophy for another year, and the boogs shelve another moral victory trophy. In a hostile environment, back against the wall, vying for its second consecutive perfect regular season…the first back-to-back 12-0 regular seasons in a row in its illustrious history…the Bama offense […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Daddy’s Home.

Editorial Cartoon: Daddy’s Home This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. I hate this game every year because it means so much, and determines so much in the circles that I run in. I have been uneasy about this game, but after some self-introspection, let me tell you why. I found the […]

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Capstone Saturdays: AU’s Secret Plan

Editorial Cartoon: AU’s Secret Plan I actually talked to a lost soul today, clad in orange and blue, who said Bama wouldn’t win Friday because they haven’t been in a hostile stadium this season.  Forget that 90% of this team played in Death Valley’s version of Armageddon last year, not to mention Knoxville and Athens. […]

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Shane: Trouble on the Plains

By Shane from Centerpoint When Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik took the job he said he was prepared to step up and do whatever it took to establish authority and gain complete control over the football program. Chizik promised an almost militaristic (drawn from years spent as military brat) approach to team discipline, vowing […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Whine-O-Meter

Editorial Cartoon: Whine-O-Meter

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Capstone Saturdays: Chizik Is On It

Editorial Cartoon: Chizik Is On It

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Flying helmets and other random thoughts

By Hunter Ford I played organized football from youth leagues to middle school to high school and NEVER once saw anybody’s helmet get knocked off their head. Not in practice, not in games, NEVER. So why is it that in almost every NFL or college game I watch these days somebody loses their headgear? It […]

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Auburn’s Eric Smith Sued; Others Named

Interesting discussion on the Finebaum radio network yesterday afternoon. Paul welcomed the attorney for Decari Jenkins, the Auburn student beaten by Auburn running back Eric Smith in August at party taking place at a hotel in Auburn. Allegedly, Jenkins was approached by Smith “and other Auburn players” and assaulted inside the hotel. A friend was […]

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Rich Rod May Be Out At Michigan

The wheels are coming off in Ann Arbor.  Apparently, coaches have to keep practice logs documenting their student athletes’ participation and time limitations.  And apparently, according to a story off the AP wire, the Wolverines weren’t doing it.  You can read the story for yourself here. But now the NCAA and school itself are involved in […]

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Shane: A simple plan – Tide’s stats tell all

By Shane from Centerpoint There is nothing new or revolutionary about the “process” Alabama coach Nick Saban uses to build a winning football team. The Crimson Tide head coach utilizes an extremely tough off-season conditioning program and combines it with the simple philosophy that great defense and a superb running game are paramount to being […]

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Classic footage of what happens at Auburn…

Thank you ESPN.  Just can’t control themselves down on the farm. You gotta watch this. Of course, if I had to watch that dispy-doo offense, with double reverse screen passes to a receiver for a statue of liberty flee flicker, I might start drinking too. My favorite part is when the couple explains they […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Black Jerseys

Editorial Cartoon: Black Jerseys

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Capstone Saturdays: Vol Jewelry

Editorial Cartoon: Vol Jewelry

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Capstone Saturdays: Fun Furman Fact

Editorial Cartoon: Fun Furman Fact Auburn didn’t make the list.

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Five Fun Facts For Bama Haters

Another week, another controversial call for people to cry about. Here’s a few fun facts for those of you who hate Bama. That is if you’ve gathered yourself from the fetal position you found yourself in when the last chance to see Bama lose sailed on you last Saturday. Fact #1: Video evidence is inconclusive […]

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Capstone Saturdays: A Corndog Weighs In

Editorial Cartoon: One Corndog Weighs In

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Shane: Ring of Crimson Fire

By Shane from Centerpoint In spite of the over-hyped pomp and pageantry surrounding last Saturday’s match up between Alabama and LSU, the Crimson Tide resolved the contest in its typical business-like manner, using brutal football fundamentals to relentlessly pound the Bengal Tigers into eventual submission. With Nick Saban football is a four-quarter game, and his […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Urban’s Scales of Justice

Editorial Cartoon: Urban’s Scales of Justice Okay, I know I’m late to the punch on this one, but I had to weigh in. The footage of Florida’s savage LB raking the eyes of the Georgia RB was one of the most troubling sights I’ve ever witnessed as a football fan. They say stuff happens in […]

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Shane: The SEC after nine weeks

By Shane from Centerpoint This league is definitely no place for the weak. On the other hand, it may be even more dangerous for the strong. On any football Saturday in the SEC, the weakest team can rip the strongest team’s chance to play for the national title away in a split-second. Actually, overall records […]

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Alabama’s dumb luck

note: I had planned to post this and another essay this weekend, but was enjoying the bye week so much I forgot. So, here it is on a Monday. Hunter was kind enough to share a different perspective on the win. Enjoy. By Hunter Ford Terrence Cody and Alabama were helped by dumb luck in […]

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