Guy who attends Woke J.D. Greear’s church sides with Wokesters in attack on Voddie Baucham.

Voddie Baucham did not plagiarize James Lindsay. That is, if James Lindsay is an accurate judge of what James Lindsay has said.

According to Lindsay, “Voddie allegedly plagiarized me, and I’m not seeing it. They’re just trying to discredit people who are upsetting their racket. Looks desperate.”

This is accurate.

The allegation of plagiarism and misattribution arose from Woke Joel McDurmon. And as you can see in that Twitter thread, the Woke delusion is strong with McDurmon. He slandered Samuel Sey.

If you want more explanation of why McDurmon is either a liar or an idiot, you can read this excellent examination by Kevin D. Williamson.

Of course, the high priest of Winsomeness Neil Shenvi chimes in with a typical Third Way solution—both sides are awesome!

Shenvi accepts the claims of wrongdoing in a manipulative way. Watch.

“I’d urge us to consider these charges in light of both grace and truth. I don’t know Voddie well, but I consider him a friend and have always been struck by his kind, gracious manner. His book offers firm, but loving rebuke to people he loves as brothers and sisters in Christ and he’s insistent that we ought to construe people’s motives as positively and charitably as possible. I think the same applies in this case. For what it’s worth, I would advise him to simply acknowledge his mistakes, apologize for not being careful, and correct his errors in future editions.”

Catch that?

In other words, according to Shenvi, Voddie Baucham did something wrong.

Now that something is rejected by Lindsay and others.

But, ignore that. According to Shenvi, we must accept McDurmon’s claims. They must be pondered as if these were given as a kind, gracious rebuke.


Why would anyone view the absurd charges leveled by McDurmon as anything other than what Lindsay said—a desperate act of people upset they were exposed as grifters?

Now, if someone wants to offer actual evidence, then do it.

However, this entire situation is instructive of how Neil Shenvi operates as a tool of the Woke Evangelical establishment.

There is a reason Shenvi lectured at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS). SEBTS is Ground Zero of the Woke infiltration of the Southern Baptist Convention.

There is a reason Shenvi attends J.D. Greear’s church. What is that reason?

Does he disagree with Greear? If so, how can one attend that church?

And at this point, there is little doubt Greear is a driver of that Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention. One black pastor left the SBC directly because of J.D. Greear’s Wokeness. Also, Greear promoted the ideas of white privilege and systemic injustice as present in America today. Further, Greear’s leadership of the SBC embraced racial identity politics through appointments that focused on racial diversity as the primary purpose.

In other words, no conservative who is slightly aware would think J.D. Greear was a conservative.

So, why would any Christian trust Neil Shenvi, who attends J.D. Greear’s church, and now attacks Voddie Baucham on the basis of Woke claims?

You shouldn’t.

This is especially true when one compares Shenvi’s silence on Sermongate. Sermongate is the explosive plagiarism case involving Ed Litton and J.D. Greear. Supposedly, Greear granted Litton permission to preach or utilize Greear’s sermon series on Romans. Of course, further research exposed Litton’s plagiarism was far more extensive.

What did Neil Shenvi say about this?

According to a search of Twitter, nothing. And lest you think that search was not sufficient. Shenvi said nothing about Litton.

This shows who Shenvi is and what he is doing.

He is preparing a Third Way approach. Beware!