When pagans have higher standards than Christians, well higher standards than SBC Voices at least.

A secular institution’s president resigned when caught plagiarizing one speech.

The Washington Post reported, “Bob Caslen said in a statement that his resignation would take effect Thursday. ‘Trust is the most important ingredient of effective leadership, and when it is lost, it is nearly impossible to lead…I believe that is the case right now between the University of South Carolina and its president.’”

Ed Litton was elected SBC President June 15 and within days was exposed as a serial plagiarist.

Contrast Bob Caslen’s action with how certain Southern Baptists continue to defend admitted plagiarist and repeated liar Ed Litton.

What better place to cite here than the epitome of SBC wickedness, SBC Voices? According to one SBC Voices post, Ed Litton repented, and anyone still concerned is a vicious dog or the Devil or maybe even worse, a discernment blogger!

SBC Voices leader Dave Miller said people calling on Ed Litton to resign are working with Satan to destroy the Body of Christ.

Miller wrote in a comment, “Where is the grace here? I can tell you. Those who bite and devour have turned aside from grace to join in the enemy’s effort to destroy the Body of Christ.”

And best of all, Miller claims Ed Litton repented.

Miller defended Litton by claiming Ed Litton’s plagiarism and lies were not disqualifying.

Miller wrote in a discussion thread under his article, “The word “disqualifying” is over the top. Sermon borrowing is problematic, but to make it a disqualifying sin is over the top. Stone sells his sermons. How many guys use Sermon Central or some other site? I wouldn’t do it and I think it is wrong, but disqualifying. You guys are really bloodthirsty.”

That’s right. Dave Miller has decided that one can be a serial liar and thief and still be qualified to pastor an SBC church.

Also, he resorts to defending Ed Litton’s lies and theft and fraud by attacking Mike Stone for selling sermons.

Allow me to say this: Selling sermons is OK. We all benefit from reading other sermons or commentaries. The problem is when someone like Ed Litton takes those resources and passes the work off as his own.

This is Big Eva gaslighting.

Ed Litton has not repented.

Ed Litton has disqualified himself as not only SBC President but also as pastor of his local church.  

That Dave Miller won’t admit it tells you a lot about Dave Miller, Dave Miller’s theology and the entire SBC.

Why are secular institutions, pagans as it were, demanding greater character than the SBC?

Maybe, because these so-called “Christians” really aren’t that committed to Christ and His church as they pretend.