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UT, who’s staring down the barrell now?

Well, well, well. Almost nine years ago to the day, our friends from East Tennessee were sipping moonshine, throwing hoot’n’nannies and kissing each other on the mouths in celebration of “the evil empire” in Tuscaloosa being brought to their knees by the NCAA. My, my, my, my, my. How times have changed. Now it’s the […]

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Oh yeah…Bama beats UT in Knoxville, again

Knoxville, TN – Caught amid the Cyrus Kouandjio news, the University of Alabama basketball team took down the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville Saturday night. The win marks the second time Bama has humbled the Vols on their turf in the past four months. The Tide slapped the Volunteers 41-10 in football on October 23rd in […]

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Another Auburn star bolts for the NFL…in secret

The Birmingham News is reporting that Auburn junior Darvin Adams is bolting for the NFL draft. Adams was Auburn’s leading receiver the last two seasons, with 60 catches in 2009 and 52 in 2010. The DJ Hall look-alike joins fellow Tigers Cameron Jerrell Newton and Nick Fairley in electing to forego their senior seasons to […]

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State Media Accountability: Charles Goldberg

Charles Goldberg, the Auburn flunky…errr…Auburn beat writer for the Birmingham News is at it again. The Auburn apologist this time has published what looks like a press release direct from the Auburn athletic department in defense of Cecil Newton being at the Auburn-Oregon game last Monday night. The NCAA made their feelings clear in regard […]

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Auburn, your god hath foresaken thee

Barely a year after stepping on campus, the object of worship for the Awbuhn Fambly has left the building. Cameron Jerrell Newton has declared he will enter the NFL draft. The man at the center of the pay-for-play investigation is leaving the pasture for greener pastures, where the green doesn’t come in hundreds of thousands […]

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Now they’re really all in

Despite enough circumstantial evidence to make even the most objective observer amazed, last Saturday Auburn University spoke loud and clear by playing the clearly ineligible Cam Newton: “Weeeeeeeeee!” Winning is fun, and Auburn is enjoying their most successful season in years. The problem is, what lies just beyond the instant gratification they are opting for […]

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Capstone Saturdays: It Didn’t Happen

Keep those heads buried, Auburn. Keep ’em buried. USC did too. There are dark days ahead for Auburn University.

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Tennessee’s Phil Fulmer wants a job

Former Tennessee Volunteer coach Phil Fulmer was begging for a job Saturday. He called out Lane Kiffin and by imputation current Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton on television. One thing we know about Fulmer is that he knows how to campaign for a job. He stabbed former Tennessee coach Johnny Majors in the back to […]

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“Welcome Coach” t-shirts

Fridays this fall a new t-shirt design will be featured on for that Saturday’s game, and the following Monday you can order the shirt with the score included.  We figure since you come here for college football smack, you ought to have a t-shirt to go along with it. This week’s shirt commemorates the […]

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ITK: A legend returns to Bryant-Denny

This Saturday, Bryant-Denny Stadium will host two legendary coaches, and one in the making. Joe Paterno will likely make his final visit to Tuscaloosa, at least as a coach, as he brings his #14 Nittany Lions to the house that Bear built.  Fittingly, the contest will take place on Bryant’s birthday. Also in attendance will […]

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ITK: Cam reality, thoughts on the first weekend

With the first college football weekend of 2010 now in the books, what do we know? 2009 was just the beginning. This notion was offered by Saban at a BCS championship party last January, but it really was true.  There’s a lot of football to play, and yes, a football can take some funny bounces, […]

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Capstone Saturdays: California Leaving

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The Bham News drops another edition

We at Capstone Report strongly encourage you to consider your choices when it comes to where you get your news…specifically, your sports news…in our fair state. If you enjoy reading that a football program who has yet to play a game, led by a coach who is a perennial loser somehow holds all the cards […]

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Remember when Chiz said Abarn was taking back the state? So do three in-state Abarn QB’s that just got displaced by a juco Georgia peach.  Maybe he meant they were taking “back ups” from the state… I guess lying is okay in the Ahwbun Fambly?  Think other in-state kids will catch on to the game? […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Abarn relieved ODK is okay

Abarn fans expressed relief Saturday that the Foy-ODK Trophy was accounted for and “okay.” “We hadn’t seen it in a couple of years and didn’t know if it was just missing or what,” said Lloyd Bromingham, a long-time Abarn fan and graduate. “But I seen it with mine own eyes today. I feel better.” Other […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Bama Basketball

This Saturday as the Tide hosts the Tiggers, the men’s basketball season mercifully comes to an end in Tuscaloosa. Sure, there’s the SEC tournament to look forward to next week, but for all intents and purposes it ends tomorrow. After all, does anyone expect this team to make a run next week? Though basketball seemingly […]

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Clowns of the Alabama Media: Scarbinsky

Editorial Cartoon: Clowns of the Alabama Media series: Scarbinsky I am beginning a new series simply entitled, “Clowns of the Alabama Media.”  Oh, there are so many.  Check back weekly for new installments this spring. Today, we honor Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky.  Some call him a Finebaum wanna be, others a shock writer, others […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Fire When Ready, Aight?

Editorial Cartoon: Fire When Ready, Aight? I continue to be utterly amazed by the job Nick Saban has done and continues to do at Alabama. When you stop and think about what he’s accomplished in just three short years, it is staggering. First, there was the change of perception. Momentum and buzz stepped off the […]

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Capstone Saturdays: ODK Missing From Beard Eaves

Editorial Cartoon: ODK Missing From Beard Eaves Circulating reports yesterday had the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy missing from Beard Eaves Memorial Coliseum for the second consecutive year. The trophy, awarded to the winner of the annual Iron Bowl clash between the University of Alabama and Abarn University, is presented at halftime at each university’s home basketball […]

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Capstone Saturdays: One Big Cat Gets Away

Editorial Cartoon: One Big Cat Gets Away Abarn is doing better in recruiting than they have in years, and while there may be rea$on$ for that, that’s not what this article is about. Week in and week out, the barn benefits from Alabama media writers and talking heads who offer their PR services at no […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Smoky Is Stuck

Editorial Cartoon: Smoky Is Stuck Oh what great days to be a Bama fan.  He Vols, Dooley you really think you have a chance against Bama in the near future?

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Capstone Saturdays: Vol Candy Store

Editorial Cartoon: Vol Candy Store If you like poking fun at the Volunteers, it’s a great day to be alive. Like a fat kid in a candy store, it’s hard to know where to begin. Almost ten years ago now, the Big Orange hillbilly nation repeatedly buried the toes of their boots in our Crimson […]

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Capstone Saturdays: What It’s All About

Editorial Cartoon: What It’s All About

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Capstone Saturdays: Auburn In Championships

Editorial Cartoon: How Auburn Participates In Championship Games Tonight, Alabama goes for its 13th National Championship, just three years removed from being laid to waste on the college football landscape. If you’re an Aubie, there is a way you can participate too.  But sadly, it’s the only way. Auburn will never stand on the platform […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Where’s The Bowl Beef?

Editorial Cartoon: Where’s The Bowl Beef New Year’s Bowls Mean Nothing Today Remember when New Year’s Day was a sacred holiday? I do. In the days before cable, my family would gather in the living room, stack television sets on top of each other, and watch multiple bowl games at once. The match-ups were that […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Lane Visits Santa

Editorial Cartoon: Lane Visits Santa

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Capstone Saturdays: Auburn Hell

Editorial Cartoon: Auburn Hell This is a tall statement, but perhaps there is no worse time in history to be an Auburn fan than right now. If you’re an Aubie, you live, breathe, and die Alabama football. The demise of your big brother across the state is what keeps you going. It’s the focal point […]

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Capstone Saturdays: CBS Arrives In the ATL

Editorial Cartoon: CBS Arrives in the ATL

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Capstone Saturdays: Passing Out The Trophies

Editorial Cartoon: Passing Out The Trophies Wow, what a game. We have the FOY Trophy for another year, and the boogs shelve another moral victory trophy. In a hostile environment, back against the wall, vying for its second consecutive perfect regular season…the first back-to-back 12-0 regular seasons in a row in its illustrious history…the Bama offense […]

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Capstone Saturdays: Daddy’s Home.

Editorial Cartoon: Daddy’s Home This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. I hate this game every year because it means so much, and determines so much in the circles that I run in. I have been uneasy about this game, but after some self-introspection, let me tell you why. I found the […]

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