Well, well, well.

Almost nine years ago to the day, our friends from East Tennessee were sipping moonshine, throwing hoot’n’nannies and kissing each other on the mouths in celebration of “the evil empire” in Tuscaloosa being brought to their knees by the NCAA.

My, my, my, my, my. How times have changed.

Now it’s the University of Tennessee, that shining beacon on the hill, that has been tabbed as the cheaters that they are.

Fat Phil, wherefore art thou? Commissioner Kramer? Canst you not come out of hiding to save the Vols from cheating, yet again?

Guess not. The NCAA slapped the University of Tennessee with an official letter of inquiry, citing its men’s basketball and football programs with multiple violations. Read the glorious documentation here.

We’ll have flying cars before UT beats Alabama in anything again. Anything that matters…not something useless like swimming.

See Tennessee, when you sell out to a “win at all costs, as quickly as possible, however possible” mentality, it always…ALWAYS…comes back to bite you. Do things the right way, and you’re fine. But buy in to college basketball/football’s version of a get rich quick scheme, and the ill gotten gain you acquire will one day appear veeerrrrry tarnished.

But don’t worry Vol fans. You won’t be alone in your transgressions for long. Something tells me you have a hick-brother to the south of you that will soon learn the same lesson.

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