Tonight at Coleman Coliseum the University of Alabama basketball team will play host to the biggest embarrassment to hit the SEC since Mike Slive.

Throwing out their “blind-squirrel-finds-a-nut” win at South Carolina, Auburn’s margin of defeat on the road in the SEC this year is 17-points. They boast an overall record of 9-17, and 2-10 in the conference. Though rumor is experts on “the bunker” give them a “better than average” chance against big brother tonight with their team of athletes “with huge upsides”. Heard they had some “head hunters” too. (What a stupid website.)

Meanwhile Alabama (18-8, 10-2), who clinched the SEC West title last Saturday against the Hogs, is going for its 15th straight home win in a row this season, and currently stands neck-and-neck with Florida for the overall regular season title.

As we head down the stretch, the Gators face a tough Georgia team at home tomorrow night, travel to Kentucky on Saturday, play host to Alabama next Tuesday night (3 games in 6 days) then travel to Nashville to face the Commodores.

Alabama gets the pansies tonight before traveling to Oxford and Gainsville, then closes out against Georgia at home on March 5.

As for tonight, my vote for pregame music.

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6 thoughts on “Bama prepares to host the tree huggers”

  1. Ooohhh, basketball… Yawn. So jealous, little red headed brother? We suck in basketball, WHO CARES.

    You are still losers this year. Go wear your scarlet A which means “asinine”. You beat us in Gymnastics and Chess, too. Wonder who will win croquet this year?

  2. no a little swat on the back to get qb’s head out their azz but he got msg even though he did not feel it

  3. Enjoy your one and done Peewok. Everybody gets lucky and wins one now and then a$$hole. We gave up 21 in the second half, but you gave up 24 in the first half fool. The most embarassing loss? 36-0 in a year when the Barnturds were preseason picks to contend for the national title! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  4. AU sucks at football and has to cheat, lie, and steal to pretedn to be competitive remember to keep it down home cuz and accuse people of wacism when your gravy train derailed the barner way…Oh yeah and have you abbay murdering basketball “greats” fat ass imbeciles spit of 5 year old girls

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