According to the words of his former player, Homewood High School’s (Birmingham, AL) Coach Doug Goodwin is a piece of work.

Brent Calloway’s recent interview with paints a grim picture of a man teetering on the edge of odd if not childish behavior.

From the interview:

“Like the week of signing day I had to cut my phone off. Coach Goodwin was blowing my phone up everyday. All day long, blowing my phone up about this, this and this. ‘Where you at? I need to talk to you.’ Coach Goodwin was blowing my phone up. And when he found out that I was going to Alabama, it was like he started sending me crazier messages, talking about, ‘I’m going to get in trouble.’ I was like, ‘Coach Goodwin, nobody has paid me to do anything.’ He told my dad it’s a shame he forced me to go. I said my dad can’t force me to do nothing. Peaches is my guardian. And for that matter, he has limits on what he has say so over. And college is not a say-so any parent has over his son or daughter. That’s a decision they have to make.”

Calloway went on to say that the Goodwins (including his wife) haven’t spoken to him since changing his commitment (and eventually signing) with Alabama (from Auburn).

Read the entire article by Aaron Suttles at…well worth the subscription in my opinion.

We’ve made the claim many, many times here that Auburn University’s fan following resembles more of a cult than a following. When you try to leave a cult, that’s when the cult members get nutty, resorting to odd measures to keep you in. Notice any similarities?

The bigger question is, parents, would you want your child to play for this man? If the University of Alabama has interest in him, will you ever know?

Tuesday, a caller on the Finebaum radio program, a former player of Goodwin’s while at Demopolis called in. He was one of several who wanted to weigh in on their former coach. Simply put, he said it best:

“Coach Goodwin wants you to go to Auburn. He wants his players to go to Auburn.”

The caller and others went on to paint a vivid picture of a coach who would be capable of what Calloway has alleged.

Also on the Finebaum show Goodwin’s sister called in. She said he’s one of the finest Christian men she’s ever met, and she’s not just saying that because he’s her brother. Neat. She also wanted us to know he once let a black boy sleep on his couch. Hearing her really changed my opinion.

Keep in mind through all this, what if Goodwin was a source in part to Jeffrey Lee’s landmark distraction last week? How does the idea of a coach telling a player that if he commits to Alabama he’s going to get in trouble strike you? And if this is so, was that a threat of things to come in return for scorning his beloved * University?

Sounds like the Homewood School system has some decisions to make. Good coach with a great record, but an apparent questionable track record brought to light by some of his own.

He may be fine, and maybe all this will deliver the wake up call he needs. But if I had a son playing football at that high school, based on what is coming out via Calloway, Finebaum and others, I would be more than concerned.

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47 thoughts on “A glimpse at Coach Goodwin’s trash can”

  1. Well, maybe his coach knew the people around him were going to get him in serious trouble. Like, mmmmm, Peaches… And he knew it…
    Unfortunately that is the case.
    What did you want him to do? Cover it up?

  2. Your article lost all balance and perspective once you added the word “cult.” Why must Alabama fans frame their losses to Auburn as the product of cheating rather than the product of being bested by a better program and team?

  3. Small fire coming out of Tuscaloosa….Soon the smoke pouring from there will be enough to cause everyone east of the Mississippi to have to wear oxygen masks. Then again, I’ve been told I dont know anything. Watching this play out slowly has been a pleasure, and the fun is just starting. Bunch of finger pointing rednecks.

  4. The booger eaters I see are out in attack mode, cover your nostrils. Archie the booger cult prophet pointed his greasy finger at UA. UA has been silent while the NATIONAL media has picked up on your blatant cheating and its not hard for others to believe with your cult’s legacy of cheating. Heck your stadium & field are named after ncaa convicted cheaters. This mess is your mess. You rolled this booger so enjoy.

  5. Whatever the stadiums name is, more often than not its Bama getting their asses whipped inside of it. And I am enjoying the hell out of it thank you very much.

  6. Auburn is a Cult and they are The Klan…….he let a ‘black boy’ sleep on his couch…really? It just keeps getting better, Jeff Lee, the sister, STFU!

  7. Um, JUNKIE:

    Hey WHITE TRASH. Auburn has only beaten one good Alabama team in the last 10 years. That team had 3 losses, but it was a Saban team. I wouldn’t be bragging on beating on some sucky teams that had bad coaching and probation. Alabama set the standard of excellence in the IRon Bowl YEARS AGO. Auburn can only beat Alabama MOST of the time when they suck. Now you can suck on this: Auburn has 3-4 potential NCAA investigations running concurrently. How much do you wanna bet they get nailed for just one of them? 🙂

  8. All your excuses are YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT. And why were you on probation? For Cheating wasnt it? Keep on crying, son. You amuse me.

  9. It would be nice to see the hammer fall on Aubiee! but alas, the ncaa is apparently very weak just as I figured, and all is quite at the stockyards in Lee County!! no ‘breaking news and no more new ‘jail residents’… yet! Don’t sound like they’re concerned at all… but all the info I get is from this rag of a paper that is Aubarn biased at best, so I’ll just have to take every thing I read with a grain of salt and keep an open mind…

  10. Junkie, RC raises a good point. Even one of the 4 current investigations could cause serious competitive harm to Auburn. The likelihood is, however, that’ll be more. Camgate is not over, regardless of what you’ve heard from your Aubie friends. The NCAA moves at a snail’s pace, but according to a source in Indianapolis, they are still VERY intrigued that a player would go to Auburn for free when it was admitted that his dad was shopping him elsewhere.

    Look dude, you know it’s coming. Just keep your 2010 highlight video handy. You’re gonna need it in the days ahead.

  11. FBJ, Brent Calloway himself has debunked all of the Auburn conspiracy theories. His High School coached pushed him away from Auburn because he couldn’t contain his cult tendencies. Now, are you going to say he is lying too? We already know that he doesn’t have a car, and he can’t even get one now because of all of you jilted Auburn cry babies. No money was paid, no mortgage was paid, and this is how one Auburn homer coach treats his players that want to go to Bama. You guys are like a cult, and that national championship you just won doesn’t grant you any special powers. Sorry, but even when you are trying to sling mud and tear down an 18 year old who turned you down, you still look like a bunch of desperate losers. The attempt to put Bama in a bad light has turned on you guys. This is so funny watching this play out, and your excuses are getting more lame by the day. As the facts keep coming out, the more it looks like Auburn was in the wrong, again. But keep it coming. The more you keep this story going, the worse it looks for you.

  12. Wonder if Goodwin was paid by the barner to send Brent to the plains? Starting to sound like it more and more.

  13. If YOOOOOUR favorite writer is a charter member of the Men Boy Lovers Association, yooooooou might be a Barntard.

  14. If YOOOOU’ve ever screamed JACKPOT, during the recruiting process, yooooou might be a Barntard.

  15. if YOOOOOu’ve ever had to follow up an official visit with a shot of penicillin, yoooou might be a Barntard.

  16. Okay Auburn fans, there is plenty of information coming from the participants in this crazy Calloway smear campaign. The first shots were fired by Jeff Lee. Now there is plenty of questions answered, very quickly, by the accused. And now all we get from Jeff Lee is ‘no comment’. Standard Auburn operating procedure. So we quickly have insight on his HS coach, in his words, Brent Calloway, his dad, and Woodruff. All sides of the story is out, except the parts that Jeff Lee is dodging right now.

    Where are the answers to the Auburn 4 that admitted to pay-for-play? We heard Chizik rant the day after, and was promised Auburn would look into it. Now there is just awkward silence, and Auburn fans trying to jump on this Calloway thing. What more proof do you need? We have everyones side of the story.

    Where is Auburns defense? So now there is 4 separate NCAA investigations into Auburn. Why is it taking so long to get any definitive answers? If there is nothing there, it shouldn’t take long to see that. And all you Auburn homers care about is some allegations by a fellow paid Auburn homer, who is laying low and not backing up his side. When are you guys going to demand some answers from your own school? Or are y’all just going to continue on with your head in the sand obsessing over a fantasy of Bama getting in trouble?

  17. I thought the capstone report was supposed to be a good website. This is just what happened on Finebaum. I can go to Finebaums website and get this crap.

  18. I can’t wait for the NCAA to find dirt on the Crimson Turd program again!

    I will laugh my @SS off while you Bammer Morons eat a great big $HITBURGER!

  19. Sorry, the truth will set you free Joseph Sneed. The only place you will find any ‘good’ news for Auburn is your own homer sites. And by ‘good’ I mean getting your hopes up over unfounded allegations by a fellow Auburn homer. I suggest you go there for your daily dose of smoke up the ass y’all are so desperate for here lately.

  20. Joseph (post #24), sorry you feel that way. But what you will get at is the truth.

    You won’t find another media source working overtime to prop up Abarn. We view them for what they actually are.

    And I promise you…promise you…if there was anything respectable in Lee County, I would lead the charge. For instance, you hear me saying very little about Tennessee because I think Derrick Dooley is a good coach, and a man of integrity. We’ll see if the program follows suit, but I like Dooley a lot.

    Chizik and Co. (run by Dye, Lowder, Rane, and the others who are NCAA cheaters) are a completely different animal, willing to pull whatever cheap stunt necessary to win. That can, does and will catch up with you in the long run, and I don’t know what’s going to be more fun: (1.) watching it all unfold and implode, or (2.) watching the denial from the AU cult as it happens.

    Either way, there is nothing respectable in Auburn, and it has always been that way. Auburn is a secondary program in need of a good cleansing. And I think I just heard the NCAA snapping on the rubber gloves.

  21. I’ll just go ahead and post this article that says Chaz Ramsey will now talk to the NCAA WITHOUT the Auburn lawyers present. Don’t know how or why this is possible, but if Ramsey wasn’t lying earlier and doesn’t correct his story, then this would be a problem for Auburn. Remember …Ramsey signed an affidavit upon leaving Auburn wherein he testified that he had not received any NCAA prohibited benefits.

  22. Yep Barnturds you better tighten up those jock straps cause while you’ve been phucking around with a load of bull$hit against Bama, your own Chaz Ramsey is getting ready to nut kick your a$$e$ with the NCAA. – “Yeah Crimsonite fool, there is no NCAA investigation going on against Auburn. We haven’t done nothin’ – nothin’. We’re clean, unlike you textbook selling felons at Bama!” Bwaa Haww Haww!!!! RTR!

  23. ITK ….you stating that you are trying to “get at the truth at” is as big of a joke as Finebaum claiming to try to get to the truth.

    The difference is that Finebaum’s apathy towards the truth is based on him creating an entertainment experience for the Jerry Springer-types that enjoy and participate in his show.’s apathy towards the truth is due to your overwhelming hate for anything Auburn. You have twisted and amplified every rumor and inuendo to make Auburn look bad and so far nothing has been proven. In fact, you have probably supported around 20 different theories about how or what Auburn has done wrong and NONE have been proven and most of them have now gone by the wayside. YOUR CULT of readers are so mindless they totally forget all of your abandoned accusations and eagerly await your next one.

    The only thing that has been proven is that Cecil admitted asking MSU for money. That is a problem for MSU because they with held that info until Cam committed to AU. MSU sent that data to the SEC in January 2010, AU was notified by the SEC and Auburn did an internal investigation. The SEC asked MSU for more info and MSU never responded to the SEC. MSU instead, contacted the NCAA in July, 2010.

    You were all over the Cam story forever and nothing has or will come of it.

    That’s OK tho …just keep spewing out every rumor you can to keep that hate and the posts from your CULT following flowing.

  24. Doug Goodwin is a POS. He has sat at Russellville and blatantly recruited kids from area schools to RHS. (Calloway) If you are good player rules are bent to make sure you can play. (Anyone remember a 5* back from a few years ago? When you are done he has no more use for you (Callaway) Way to go Homewood. You have Rush Jr. on board.

  25. It’s not a rumor when every national media outlet in the nation jumps on it, a$$hole! You act like this website is out there dregging up you phuckers bad press aka:Jeff Lee. The Fab 4 are your problem, motherphucker, not ours! RTR!

  26. Hoopie, there are 4 separate NCAA investigations into Auburn. The Auburn allegations are one of the biggest issues in college football right now, period. With each passing week, more information comes to light, and in the end, Auburn always seems to look badly when the facts start coming out. Even when you guys sling sh!t toward Bama, it flies right back into y’alls faces. What is amazing to me is that all this is going on a Auburn, you still think that it is no big deal, and that Alabama somehow, is doing much worse things. Yet there is no investigation by the NCAA, no proof of any conspiracy by the REC and there actually are Auburn players claiming to be paid. Y’all seriously need to wake up, and demand that Auburn do things right. Aren’t y’all the least bit embarrassed by all of these issues coming up with Auburn football?

  27. Auburn Logic 101

    1. A crime is a crime. Our players commiting armed robbery is no different than a Bama player jaywalking…Its practically the same thing and Bama needs to be put on probation for it!!!!!

    2. Having multiple common media outlets reporting our misdeads and having multiple NCAA investigations does not mean we did anything wrong. However, an Auburn website owner making unfounded accusations that cannot be colaborated and has been refuted by the accused in the media, with no proof that was presented and now (the accuser) giving a “no comment” when asked about it….means Alabama is getting the Death Penalty (“tick, tock” all that). Bama is in much more trouble than Auburn !!!!

    Class will resume tomorrow and will be held in the Auburn Sociology building.

  28. Hoopie, first let me say you’re wrong on so many fronts I am at a loss as to where to begin.

    At this website we have made zero allegations. We simply report what is being reported, or widely believed.

    And yes, while we do laugh at Auburn, it’s only because it’s easy to do.

    I’m sorry your beloved Auburn’s kingdom is crumbling around you, and what you thought was made of stone has turned out to be styrofoam.

    But we do thank you for stopping in. The truth will set you free.

    I would only add that in your fantasy world you may want to build in more time for things to develop. It’s only been five months since the cheating was first discovered. These things can take years…agonizing years…as the truth slowly and painfully leaks out.

    May want to stock up on Tylenol, friend.

  29. Building a Championship team the easy way

    Instructor: Mr. Gene Chizik
    Location: Auburn Socialogy Building
    Time: 9:00 – 10:15

    How to build a temporary championship team by cutting corners, dumb luck, and help from friends and alumni. NCAA Loophole Investigation 104 is a prerequisite to this class.

    “I was 5 and 19 coach and won a temporary championship…and you can too!”

  30. Chaz Ramsey is supposed to name Eddie Gran as a coach who was paying players in the coming days. This is looking bad for Auburn, according to my inside sources with the NCAA. Malzahn and some HS coach in Little Rock are being investigated for the recruitment of Michael Dyer. My source said the Cam investigation is pretty much over though and has been. AU is in hot water over these other investigations

  31. Well, whadda ya know?! Chaz Ramsey is talking to the NCAA next week and the crony Auburn lawyers have been told to stay home. Didn’t I report this a couple hours ago? Where did I get my info? HMMM…I think I’m more credible than anyone on Auburn Undercover….NOTE: I copied and pasted the last two posts from another article on Capstone. I have a source who is for real compared to the voices inside Jeffrey Lee’s head

  32. Indianavile speaks again when the only way ut matters is another w in the win column and the official NCAA announcement over their upcoming hammer against ut, His only hope is for bama to be penalized

  33. Brando those FACTS. There are no FACTS, because there isn’t any proof. Your entire post is bogus because there are no FACTS.

    ITK: It’s real simple. Look at your introductory statements for each subject compared to the lack of facts and it is obvious that you have total apathy for the truth.

  34. Oh it’s simple alright, Hoopie. To borrow a line from a movie whose title definitely doesn’t describe your team, you can’t handle the truth.

    Here’s truth for ya. The NCAA is interviewing former and current Auburn players in 2011, one of which recently lost a lawsuit against Abarn over a mistreated injury. Think he’s ready to sing pretty songs about your beloved cow heap?

    Me neither. But in your world, what you don’t want to believe equals fiction. In your world, if I couldn’t produce a piece of the moon in my hand you wouldn’t admit that it’s real.

    So here’s to the dream world you’re living in. The rest of us know the truth. And the FACT is, you really don’t want to know it.

  35. Here ya go Hoopie.
    RUMOR: Jeff Lee accused Woodruff of paying off a mortgage, and buying BC a car.
    FACT: The mortgage had been paid off 15 years ago, and BC still rides the bus to school.
    FACT: The NCAA has 4 separate investigations going on with Auburns football program.
    FACT: Cams dad tried to sell his sons services to the highest bidder.
    FACT: Cam went to Auburn.
    FACT: 4 ex-Auburn football players and 1 ex-coach claim Auburn pays football players.
    FACT: This has happened at Auburn before, and the people involved then are still involved now.
    FACT: Calloways HS coach pressured him to go to Auburn.
    FACT: Trooper Taylor has been using street agents as recruiters for a long time.
    FACT: Auburn Homer Jeff Lee tried to deflect the attention off Auburn.
    FACT: It has blown up in his face, and he is backing away from any damaging accusations he made initially.
    FACT: Auburns problems are not over.
    FACT: Chaz Ramsey is talking to the NCAA WITHOUT Auburns lawyers present.
    FACT: Auburn is a long way away from being in the clear.
    FACT: None of Auburns problems have anything to do with Alabama.
    FACT: Auburn fans have a history of trying to smear recruits who pick Bama over Auburn.
    FACT: Auburn is the posterboy for cheating in college football right now.
    FACT: Hoopie has his head buried in the sand and is denial that Auburn has some serious issues to deal with.

  36. Image make a movie about recruiting trips to awbarn I think ill call it WEEKEND AT BARNIES! it’s symbolic in a way it involves two idiots, trooper and gene, running around with a dead man,their football program, trying to evade a hit man,the NCAA! Now that will be an instant classic!

  37. We found out yesterday the need for Lee’s attempt at distraction- Chaz Ramsey IS talking with the NCAA. When asked if HE knew the names of boosters that paid players at AU, he replied, “I might.” Naturally, he didn’t care to elaborate to the reporter who asked that question- I think it was Solomon at the B’ham News. UA supporters/alumni don’t need to go around attacking 17, 18-year-old kids like Brent and Cyrus and their families, either, but apparently Auburn people and even the puppets of Auburn University do. How sad is that??????

    Haven’t we all learned the drill by now? Whenever something bad is about to go public in the media about Auburn, out rolls some distraction story. Whenever the NCAA decides to FINALLY conclude their investigation into Auburn -(but look at all of the skeletons that keep coming out in the meantime) University it will be VERY ugly indeed for them.

  38. Yep, you are right. Auburn was sitting on the dead trees story, and come out the SAME DAY that the NCAA was expanding their investigation. The Calloway allegations came after the HBO show. And the Auburn defense over Chaz Ramsey is, ‘Hey he signed a document that said Auburn wasn’t cheating when he left! So this proves he is a liar!’ Hehe this is going to be like Eric Ramsey, but 4 times as fun! Auburn will be lucky to have a football team, and if they do, they will probably be banned from TV and bowl games, scholarships will be lost, and they will give SMU a run for their money for being the most corrupt program ever.

  39. FACT: The CRIMSON TURD program is a habitual offender in the eyes of the NCAA (and most college football fans across America)!!

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