While people are laughing at AuburnSports.com “writer” Jeffrey Lee for his recent actions on an Alabama radio station, the question has to be asked. Where does he get his information from?

Lee has a longstanding and unapologetic love for Auburn football, and an apparent subsequent loathing for its rivals. Hardly a “journalist”, his site’s hand in the Big Cat Weekend cover up shed that title for him.

He could more likely be referred to as a “supporter” of Auburn athletics. An athletic supporter…yep, that just about sums him up perfectly.

But here, don’t take my word for it. Read what was said just yesterday in the mainstream about Mr. Lee and his site:

“AuburnSports.com is a part of the Rivals Network. Like all Rivals sites, it is independently owned and operated with minimal oversight. And like all Rivals sites, some degree of “homerism” is to be expected on the editorial end. They’re mostly, if not completely, owned by people with at least an interest, if not an outright emotional attachment, to the teams they cover, after all.”

This then, says it all:

“But some are worse than others, and in this regard, Jeffrey Lee’s site is among the worst of the worst, in my opinion. He is essentially a glorified fanboy with corporate sponsorship.”

There you go. In a nutshell. So the next time you hear the name Jeffrey Lee, I invite you to associate it with other names you’ve come to love laughing at, like Baghdad Bob, Bill Clinton, OJ Simpson and others, whose word is about as good as a wooden nickel.

Look, what Jeffrey Lee does is entertainment, much like what I do is entertainment. I love Alabama football and believe Auburn is a secondary school infested with little-brother syndrome. Hence, their fanbase tends to act irrationally, disregarding common sense for the sensational headline “that I a’hope izza true!”

The difference is, what we discuss here regarding Auburn comes through verifiable sources like, I don’t know, The New York Times, Home Box Office, ESPN, the Sporting News…you know, impartial members of a multibillion dollar industry with an obligation to reporting the truth. We don’t allege information, simply report it.

Maybe Jeff should shed his fantasy device and do the same. Maybe he’s about to provide shockingly accurate details that substantiate what he said on air.

But it’s more likely that what came out of his mouth is similar to the wind produced after a good Mexican meal.

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25 thoughts on “Where Jeff Lee’s ideas come from”

  1. Why is it when this site claims to have “proof” all they can ever muster is thoughts from another wannabe website? Why didnt you inform all 20 of your readers that the info you claim to have “known” or “found ” came from 1.) Your own site, and 2.) opposingviews.com? Wtf is opposingviews.com? ROFLMFAO!!! Intheknow should change his name to googleusingidiot! You googled a topic then tried your best to read for one that agrees with your views. How far down the list did you have to scroll to find opposingviews.com? This is classic!!!!You bash other reporters and blogers , But this type of useless bullshyt is the best you can come up with? Ive seen better journalism in my sons Junior High Newspaper. Keep up the outstanding work itk. Your 12 readers expect it. LMFAO!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Jeff. And thanks for conveniently passing over the Sports by Brooks link. But why should we expect an Auburn fan to be thorough in his investigation before he speaks? Since there is no real story, the majority of verifiable sources won’t comment on it. Pretty simple.

    McClover. Reddick. Ramsey. Raven. McNeil. Mosley. Kitchens. Goodwin. Reed. Robinson.

    Now there’s some names I can use for this “google” that you speak of.

    Oh looky!

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Questions is an Auburn ‘supporter.’ I wouldn’t expect him to face the facts and reality of the situation without trying to attack all the anti-Auburn opinions on a Bama site. He is just trying to do his duty for the cult. Jeff Lee deserves all of the scrutiny he gets. And his credibility is on the line here, and if he can’t produce some facts, he will be fired for being like 99 percent of the Auburn fanbase. Full of sh!t.

  4. Wow, if we write it then it isn’t fact and if we link you to someone else then that isn’t good either.

    I’m amazed at this guy’s logic.

    Plus, we have more than 20 readers. 🙂 tens of thousands more than 20. Oh well, you can hope the truth will go away, but I can assure you that we will keep telling the truth here.

    And yes, Auburnsports.com did try to conceal Auburn’s cheating on Big Cat Weekend by redacting video evidence of the cheating. That was seen by hundreds of people the morning the video was published to Rivals. It is a stain on the Yahoo/Rivals brand.

  5. Ayatollah Lowder promised Jeff Lee 72 virgins in the hereafter shortly before he blew himself up.The only problem was he was standing in a pasture when he detonated and besides himself, only took out a couple of cows and an oak.He looked across to the other side and saw there wasn’t a single female in his harem.

  6. lol now that was pretty funny bambino. I don’t know which is worse for Auburn, the murdered trees, or the perception that Alabama is behind an elaborate smear campaign. I think the combination of those two issues there, mixed with an inferiority complex is all the ingredients you need for a typical terrorist organization. You have the brainwashed fans, god is an Auburn fanâ„¢, and here lately they have been twisting in the wind over all these bad issues hitting them lately. Somethings about to give, and they are all gonna snap when somebody kills Auburn football for a few years. This ought to be fun to watch.

    It reminds me of Gollum at the end of The Lord of the Rings… Auburn dove off the cliff to get the ‘precious’ ring, laughing and unaware, all the way down to the burning lava pit.

  7. Why would an auburn fan go trolling on a website that is dedicated to Alabama Athletics and it’s fans? I do not go to the auburn fan based websites and spew ugly comments. This is just a pissing contest! They should be eliminated off this site. This is no Fox News where it has to be balanced news reporting or commentary! Send them away! They need to get a real life!

  8. Auburn people are white trash inbreds who have been caught in several ethical dilemmas since the NCAA began dropping the hammer on cheating football programs. Seriously, what other University in America derides another fanbase for not graduating from the school they support?This doesn’t bother me because I’m a UA alumnus, but it’s just a big big lie that Auburn’s fanbase is supposedly all alumni. They do not add additional seats to football stadiums (As AU did in ’87) for alumni. Almost all AU fan I know has no true “connection” to Auburn beyond being a fan. The “family connection” is something AU fans dreamed up to hopefully find something that they could hang their hat on because of their secondary status to Alabama. Myth exposed.

    Second myth. Auburn is not “God’s chosen people.” Another myth Auburn ppl have pushed to hopefully make their fanbase feel like they’re not second class citizens to the University of Alabama. If God is an Auburn fan, he has a bad sense of humor considering their history of NCAA violations and major beatings on the football field by Alabama. Sure, AU does have a 17-13 record over Bama in the last 30 years. However, if you take out the Shula years (0-4) which was a very dark period for UA football, the record is even. I feel I can do that since AU wants to erase 25 years of utter and complete woodshed beatings (19-6). Chizik with his foul mouth and utter disregard for all things ethical is not a disciple of Christ. His continuing denial and “no comment” from the Cam Newton saga has ruined his character in the eyes of fellow NCAA coaches

  9. As a fan, I come here because I would rather torch your bias than bask in my own. I don’t read that crap, I know how biased it is. I certainly wouldn’t pay to read it.
    Plus this site happens to be well built, and shows up on the first page of google searches.
    Add that it I very easy to post to… I would say it’s a rather successful site, and the capstone should welcome all the hits and banter, even encourage it…

  10. We do welcome opposing views here. Occasionally a barner will present a rational thought, giving us hope that we’re getting through to them. Those days, though rare, are good ones.

  11. The failure of Traditional Media has spawned the Internet Sites and Callers to Talk Shows that can bulls*it well – That is what has become Raw News. This is what it has come down to. Shifting through the Sand to find a speck of Truth anymore. Media can’t investigate nothing anymore – News is dictated by bull*hit on the Internet. I just hope that when you pan for Gold – it’s not Fool’s Gold Cuz.

  12. This web blog site has as much journalistic integrity as the North Korean Times. How about Jerrell Harris and laptops, cocaine selling Sundays with Jimmy Johns, or pimp slap your bitch Upshaw Wednesdays? How about some of them names pillowbiter?

  13. And the reason why we “troll” over here is because you can’t keep your cunthole shut about AU? Why not talk about your team? Oh I forgot you got knocked out like McGirl… Can you tell me how to study in Oxford with that beep noise in your ear?

    How does it feel for someone to say SEC champs, Heisman, and crystal back in your face now little BCS midget voyeurs. Keep that hate going little crimson tampons, 3rd in the West. Hehe.

  14. Another abarn fail has Nicket’s undies in a wad. You know that when he starts referring you back to the season he knows they’ll have to vacate.

  15. Nicket, enjoy that season. Auburn did good. Won every game, the Heisman trophy, and the coveted National Championship. Be proud, you deserve it.

    These desperate moves and trying to smear Bama in retaliation for Auburns mess that they got themselves into are fun to watch. And when they fail, Nicket gets mad. When the integrity of that trophy Auburn won is in serious question Nicket gets mad. I can’t wait for the hammer to fall, just to see Nickets reaction.

  16. Now wait just a damn minute ITK. Mexican food absolutely does not deserve to be lumped together with that $hit pile in Lee County! It is the most popular foreign cuisine in this country. Now you retract that statement! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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