Jim Brown is an idiot. The bruising running back who made his name when weight training in the NFL was considered science fiction has fired off his mouth again.

Brown, a bitter, washed up NFL legend, had a few unconstructive things to say about his former team’s acquisition of former Alabama running back and Doak Walker Award winner, Trent Richardson.

“I think the kid is a good working back, and if you’ve got everything else around him he can play his role. But when it comes to outstanding, I don’t see anything outstanding about him. It’s not said in a cruel manner. He’s very efficient, and that’s what you want.”

In the radio interview with WKRN radio in Cleveland, Brown continued.

“I’m not trying to be mean. There are certain people you look at and there’s something special about them. I don’t see it.”

Since hanging up his cleats in 1965, Brown’s lone personal accomplishment has been his supporting acting role in the Wayans brothers’ “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” in 1988.

Still, he’s a media guest of the Charles Barkley ilk guaranteed to give you a sound-byte…perfect for radio this time of year. Here’s more:

“You’re not going to make it with strength and ordinary speed and quickness,” Brown said. “I don’t think it’s even an issue. When you deal with Richardson, he comes out of that Alabama mold. He’ll work hard for you, and he’s kind of an all-around back. But if you look at Cleveland, I would have gotten me a couple of receivers.”

Interesting that Brown made that assertion, since the Browns organization’s well-documented pass on making Brown a part of their team.

Jim Brown was a prodigy on the field in his day…again when defensive tackles weighed in at a buck eighty. But today, Brown needs to shut his old, bitter hole.

Trent Richardson is everything that Brown is not…positive, youthful, and playing in a league where defensive backs can break you in half. A far different NFL from the one Brown “dominated” in his day.

Richardson’s style of carrying multiple defenders with him down the field has been compared to Brown at times, which is what could be irritating the old blow hard.

The difference is, Richardson does it against grown men as big or bigger than himself. Kickers and punters in today’s NFL are bigger than linebackers were in Brown’s day.

Trent has his opportunity to leave his mark in Cleveland. Brown has sure left his. The difference is, Brown’s mark leaves a smell from which most want to stay far away.

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45 thoughts on “Washed up Jim Brown calls Trent Richardson “ordinary””

  1. Sometimes when legends speak you just have to listen. Brown is one of the greatest to ever do it and you discredit his accomplishments by attacking the size of the defenders he faced? SIT YO ASS DOWN!!!!! You know you wouldn’t have hit him head up. Personally I think he’s wrong about the “ordinary” statement but a Hall of Famer has earned the right (more so than any journalist) to grade out college players in transition to the NFL

    1. No, Brown is a has been who could never stand the idea of other players coming along and being as good or better than him. He is a bitter, bitter person.

      1. Of course he is a has been! No one plays in the NFL in their 70’s! What a stupid comment by you ITK. But when he was playing he was the best there was.

        Do you know Jim Brown? What support do you have that he could never stand the the idea of other players coming along and being as good or better then him? And what is he bitter about?

        You sound like nothing but a homer, because someone didn’t praise someone just becaues they played at Alabama!

        I think you, based on your comments are the bitter, bitter person.

    2. And sometimes when legends speak, it’s just more BS being spewed out of ignorance or envy.

  2. I totally agree even if he was telling the truth he should have been more focused on building him up since he is the best running back out of the draft. but at the same time i like this opportunity for trent richardson to prove the old man wrong and the show everybody he’s something special

  3. I totally agree even if he was telling the truth he should have been more focused on building him up since he is the best running back out of the draft. but at the same time i like this opportunity for trent richardson to prove the old man wrong and the show everybody he’s something special. there’s always gonna be haters in the world is no way to avoid it but as a professional athletes its your job to go to work 2 work and prove people wrong so I really hope you texas challenge to be the best so I really hope he take this as a challenge to be the best.

  4. Brown is a racist asshole. He always has been and he always will be. He’s a loudmouth with a bad attitude. Sure Trent is black. So what. To Brown, Trent playing for ALABAMA makes him an Uncle Tom. The man has been bitter from the day he was born against Whitey and the South and it got worse after a white QB from the South beat him out of the Heisman Trophy. I haven’t figured out if the idiot is going senile, using reverse phsycology in the hopes that Richardson will save the team, is just bitter because management wouldn’t take his advice on who to draft, afraid Uncle Tom will break his records, or is just plain stupid. As many times as he was hit in the head, I tend to think just plain brain dead like Mohammed Ali. One thing is certain – he’s giving Trent lots of motivation. RTR!

    1. So you’re saying Trent needed lots of motivation?

      Brown is a racist asshole, and idiot, you say? Wow! You may not have figured out if Brown is going senile or not, but your comments prove who is the ignorant idiot here.

  5. Brown is probably telling it like it is, but its just his opinion However,he was good ‘back in his day’. He’s paid his due so he’ll say whatever he likes, but it sounds to me that his ‘ego’ is such, that he feels the need for publicity. You know like the need to keep his name in the news, whatever it takes and whatever he can say…… RTR

  6. On another note: Roll Damn Tide Roll!!! Congratulations to the Ladies National Champion Golf team. As I stated before, Bama has never won multiple National Championships in the same year before. We already have 3 in the past 5 months with outstanding posibilities of making it 5. The Softball team is seeded #2 and was the first team to qualify for the World Series begining next Thursday and the only team to sweep the regionals and super regionals. The mens golf team is seeded #1 in the NCAA tournament starting May 29 thru June 3rd. The national record for same year National Championships is held by Stanford with 6 and that was about 15 years ago and did not include the biggie – Football. So Roll On Tide. Nick Saban’s process is filtering down through the entire system. RTR!

    1. So your softball team sweet the regionals and super regionals, big deal! Who did they play, not a single team worth bragging about beating. Do what the unranked LSU softball team did and then you can brag. They went on the road and swept a regional hosted by the 8th seeded team, and then went on the road to a super regional hosted by the 9th seeded team and took 2 out of 3. That is a hell of a lot more impressive than your sweeps against unseeded or lower seeded teams.

      And if “Nick Saban’s process is filtering down through the entire system”, please explain your baseball team. Hell it was on of only two teams in the entire SEC that DIDN’T make the SEC tournament.

  7. I think Trent will prove Jim Brown wrong. Whatever. I also think Earl Campbell was a better runner than JB with what he had to run behind. Don’t think EC was in any movies and could not “act” but JB could not act either. RTR

  8. Hey CR ..why don’t you wait for 3 years to see if TR is and ordinary pro or not.

    Your Bama arrogance and narcissism is showing again.

    Kinda like when you announced that the SEC baseball tourney would be a bust without the Bama fans in attendance. Well guess what …the SEC just set an attendance record WITHOUT BAMA. You guys a such dunces.

    2012 Attendance Figures – Regions Park
    Session 1: 5,489
    Session 2: 7,145
    Session 3: 7,019
    Session 4: 6,860
    Session 5: 6,798
    Session 6: 6,672
    Session 7: 9,067
    Session 8: 9,243
    Session 9: 12,526
    Total Attendance: 129,112 (New Record-High)
    Average Per Game: 7,595
    Average Per Session: 8,103

    1. hoo”some of my best friends are black”pie do you believe anyone on this blog cares about attendance numbers for the baseball tournament. They were simply stating that some of the usual fans that attend had no reason to be there this year. Yes it is true your beloved Auburn did make it but they simply served as a punching bag so dont beat your chest too loud.

      1. Considering this blog posted an entry about it, they must have cared. That laughabale part about that blog was the part about how well Alabama fans travel to support their baseball them when they are 5th or 6th in average attendance in the SEC at their own home games.

        Winning or losing, the LSU fans support their baseball team. They led the league in attendance both last year, when they didn’t make the tournament and this year when they won the SEC. And there wasn’t that much of a difference in the numbers between the two years.

        Maybe if the bama bandwagoners would support their team better the team would be better.

    1. I didn’t even bother to read the WER, but I sure didn’t see any headlines that suggested narcissism.

      I’m talking about the self-centered, biased, “the rest of the world is wrong and we’re always right” mess that the CR puts out in this blog that you folks just seem to accept and eat up.

      That is narcissism.

      Jim Brown has made a bunch of wrong statements. He has also made a bunch of right statements. We’ll know in a few years whether TR is a superstar or ordinary pro. In the mean time, it is incredibly wrong for the CR to attack Brown.

      Remember …the CR is that same bunch that predicted Cam Newton would never do anything good in the pros.

      Ya’ll need to learn to think for yourselves and to quit blindly sucking up and believing the mess these folks put out.

      1. What was Cam’s win-loss record in the pros again? While on that subject, what has any ex-Auburn QB ever done in the NFL? Is there even one that has ever had a winning record?

          1. What was the name of the Alabama’s National Championship Quarterback a couple of years ago, Greg McRoy or something like that? What was his win-loss record in the pros? Oh yea, that’s right he wasn’t good enough to start or play (other than preseason mop up duty) and therefore has no record.

  9. just finished watching the alabama/auburn replay and this thought struck me:

    cherry pick brown’s cleveland team “in the day” and drop them into today’s sec.

    they’re ole miss.

    just sayin’.

  10. HOOPIE,

    SERIOUSLY?! An Auburn FAN preaching to others about biased narcissisum?! The War Eagle Reader was talking about how AU got screwed in the 1974 IB 5 days ago. Inside the
    Auburn Tigers is ALWAYS slamming Alabama. All AU fans read from the same cultish literature and false belief system passed down from them across generations. Your own damn newspaper gave you morons a fake People’s Championship in 2004. Your former fat ass AD and SID compared Alabama people to Nazis. And your dumb ass comes on here and ARROGANTLY judges us?! HYPOCRITE

    Is your wife still giving paid holidays to THE HELP?

  11. Ahhh…..I see the folks at Capstone Report are still uber-sensitive about any opinion other than Crimson. Jim Brown is only one of the (if not the) greatest pro running backs of all time. What does he know ? Time will tell. It always does.

    1. Trent has done nothing to prove he is an NFL back.

      But with his comments, Brown only put another brick in the wall of opinion that he’s a washed up, bitter old man. Why even go off on a first round, Doak Walker award winner like that? Answer? Bitterness.

      1. “He’s washed up” at 75 years old! You don’t say! Wow thanks for informing us of that news. Do you know any 75 year old football players that are not washed up?

        I would be willing to bet he accomplished more in his life during and after football than you will ever come close to.

  12. One day the truth will come out about Cam Newton and all the BIASED, NARCISSISTIC AUBURN FANS will say, “but he read DR SEUSS to those ‘special’ kids.” AU ppl are hypocritical bastards!

      1. So, IQ – no garbage to pickup in NOLA yesterday morning? And obviously no news worth commenting on about your beloved bengals, either, so you are trolling a Bama site and getting all insulted that the posters here support Bama. I’d call you an idiot, but you’d have to pick up that smart phone from Walmart and reply, probably missing at least 6 garbage cans while you worked out the spelling.

        1. Excuse me peteie I didn’t realize this site was an imbred site, like most alabama redneck families, and was for bama fans only so they could stroke each others egos or anything else of each others they felt like stroking. Maybe you should ask CR to put an notice at the top of this site that reads “For Rednecks or Bama fans ONLY”.

    1. O.K. This will happen on the same day that Obama produces a birth certificate, and hell freezes over.

      Are we still on the Cam cheated thing ? Really ?

  13. Iq>u is stroking himself to Bama blogs. Hey, Genius, didn’t LSU only have 40,000 in attendance for Curley Hallman’s 20-18 career ending loss to LSU in Tiger Stadium in 1994? Where were those “supportive” and “loyal” LSU fans then, you sorry son of a bitch?

    1. Wow RC you had to reach all the way back to 1994 to make a comment about something that is irrelavant to the conversation and hand? Wow I thought you bama grads were smarter than that. And then resort to your typical name calling when you have nothing else intelligent to add.

  14. Ms indian note it was a butt hurt lSUoser fan (or an embarrassed butt hurt fan of another team) who brought up the liar known as cam newton. Just saying.

  15. Yeah,Jim Brown was pretty good back in the day. Against line backers of 210-230 pounds. And could get from here to there pretty quick. And DB’s of 165 and 180 pounds and were even faster. Take a look at their size and weight now days.Wonder how ole Jim could do now? RTR

    1. And I wonder what Trent would do with a leather helment? What an irrelavant comment DES? Surely as a Bama grad you’re smarter than that?

      1. I didn’t say anything about leather helmets. And I hope you do not think Jim Brown wore one. If you do then you are way behind. RTR

  16. Hey stupid, Cajuns are widely renowned for fucking their sisters. BTW, my ’94 example does match when you talk about the supposed lack of attendance by Bama fans at baseball games. Tell me how the example doesn’t match? MOST LSU fans left the Superdome before the final LSU player blew his wadd on Jan 9

  17. I really believe that Jim Brown will eat those words. Trent Richardson has shown that he can carry a team on his shoulders. (Sometimes its the opposing team.) The kid is fast as a hiccup. Strong as an ox and has the heart of a champion. He doesnt take a play off, and is not scared to block. (I dont think I ever saw Big Jim block for anyone. He was too busy being the team star to risk it.) You can wirte this down. Trent Richardson will have a stellar NFL career.

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