Another Auburn football player has been arrested; this time it’s Auburn running back Onterio McCalebb. If you’re keeping score at home, this is number six since the end of the 2010 season, that we know of.

Today, according to, McCalebb was picked up on May 14th, for driving an “unregistered vehicle.”

The second half of the duo that some feel is the best returning backfield in the SEC, McCalebb was driving a vehicle that didn’t have a license plate, registration decal…and subsequently proof that it belonged to him.

Nor could he produce a driver’s license, according to the report.

McCalebb’s mugshot, courtesy of

Somebody tell Onterio that Bobby Brown wants his "every little breath I take" video hairdo back.

According to the website, McCalebb was admitted on May 14th at 7:08pm. His charges: LICENSE REQUIRED; SURRENDER OF PRIOR LICENSES.

So today, ask yourself two questions:

1.) Who did that car belong to?
Can a program already under intense suspicion for improper benefits and gifts given to producing players (McCalebb’s a starter who had 810 yards last season) afford something like this to hit the news?

2.) Why hasn’t the local media reported this?
Once again, we have to get the news from the national media, not the “unbiased” Alabama media. Why is that?
(Update: finally reported the incident today (5/17), three days later.)

The most laughable item to the article:

“With charges this minor (relatively speaking), it seems unlikely (McCalebb)…will miss any time, and certainly not more than the Tigers’ opener against Utah State. But with Gene Chizik no doubt on the warpath after the embarrassment of the earlier arrests, McCalebb is probably on his way to getting very well acquainted with the Jordan-Hare Stadium steps this summer.”

So the warlord who stood mere feet from seeing his player cleat kicking an Oregon player in the unprotected face, only to put that player (Eric Smith) immediately back in the game….we’re supposed to believe there’ll be discipline?

Riiiiiiight. There’s a better chance Perez Hilton will open mouth kiss a girl.

I just hope the NCAA doesn’t get wind that a star from a school already under suspicion is driving around in a car that may not be his.

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20 thoughts on “Onterio McCalebb arrested”

  1. I’ve already sent petitions to have certain employees from the Mobile Press Register and Birmingham News to be fired. If I hear there is “no proof” from anyone regarding Auburn’s sins again, I’ll spit in their face!

  2. An Auburn player in no way, shape or form would be doing anything wrong. It is the REC doing there usual frame up job again. Everyone knows that Auburn is the bastion for what is good and right in the world. Any card carrying Auburn cult member knows that.

  3. I also want to know why this was not reported for 3 DAYS. This supposedly “misdemeanor” infraction has “COVERUP” written all over it, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Chette Williams had his hands in all of this

  4. My goodness you guys are pathetic. Now it is a sin to have an expired tag and no license? LOL!!!!!! Get a freaking life fellas!

  5. I have personally been pulled over whole driving a truck That’s was unregistered and my license was expired! I was issued citations and sent on my way I had no warrants and the violations were misdemeanors. I don’t think that these are sins by any means BUT the real question is why was he arrested? Oh by the way I was pulled over on highway 14 just past masterlock in the auburn city limits by auburn police. Sooooooo there’s more under the surface for sure!

  6. BamaTruth:

    that was exactly my point…3 DAYS and we are just now hearing this! My sources in the field tell me to stay tuned!

  7. Perhaps you wish to read the rest of the story, “A DeKalb County spokesman said there was a delay in processing McCalebb’s arrest because of a backlog of arrests in the county last Saturday night, and that contributed to an extended stay.” Come on guys, a good conspiracy theory is fun, but this is ridiculous.

  8. Fyi I can agree with the processing delay that’s understandable BUT why was he arrested for basic citations makes no sense

  9. I think if a booster is going to buy him a car, he would at least get his drivers license.

  10. You stoopid paranoid Bammer-necks. Why don’t you get out of your trailer every once in a while? It doesn’t matter how your local Barney Fife treats you for driving without a license …Driving without a license in metro ATL will land you in jail.

    NOW …you think that the Po-Po in metro ATL are all in on an Auburn coverup conspiracy because they take their time putting the info out to the public? Dekalb is a heavily populated county. It ain’t Albertville.

    AND …you think that CBS sports took too long to report it? …and CBS called it minor and you want to try to make more of it?

    OMac will be in real good shape next season because of all of those bleachers he’ gonna run this summer.

  11. He can run bleachers all day and all night, but with no talent blocking for him or another ineligible QB improvising, it won’t mean a hill of beans.

    My sources in the field tell me there is LOTS more to come out of this story. STAY TUNED

  12. Bullshit you don’t get arrested for misdemeanor traffic violations ESPECIALLY in an area as populated as dekalb county where they are absolutely packed like sardines in jail cells! There is more to the story we all know it and BTW….all it takes its one phone call that can be made in a matter of seconds to stave off a media blitz! Processing delays or not!

  13. No tag, no license, he must have hid the crack stash real good lol. McCalebbbbbb is just another AU thug.

  14. LOL!!!! I love the “we all know it” exclamations. Say that enough and it’s true right? So now the ATL police are in with Auburn in their dirty ways??? LOL!!!!!!!!

  15. Ok 77, let’s see which is more likely: 1) a young man forgets/neglects to renew his tag and realizes he left his license at home when he was pulled over in ATL, which results in arrest (consistent with the news report); or (2) the ATL police department is conspiring with Auburn because ATL is invested in the success of an Alabama school’s football team?

    LOL!!!!!!!! Let me guess, you also believe the moon landing never happened, the government is covering up the Roswell thing, and Bush made the WTC buildings collapse? Put your tin foil hat back on and go watch an X-files re-run. LOL!!!!!!!!

  16. FYI, the point was he was arrested. We get to point and laugh about it. Who cares what it was for? And why do you feel the need to justify it on a Bama site? Are you are just trying to live up to being a good cult member? Way to go! Get used to coming up with excuses, you will need that ability a lot this year.

  17. And there it is… When all else fails (that is, logic and rational though), rely on the old “why are you on a bama website” retort. You guys crack me up! Hey man, if a good time to you is making a big deal about nothing so that your pathetic life seems a bit better, go for it. LOL!!!!

  18. FYI–maybe you are too stupid to read with that biased Lee Co education, but I’ve already reported that a source of mine said that much more will come out regarding this so-called “misdemeanor” in the coming days. I know people from Lee County are illogical and slow, but I get tired of repeating myself. Questions you need to ponder are the following: why were the tags expired? Who owns the car? Was the loaning car an out-of state loan? How does nexus and interstate commerce (or lack thereof) play into this transaction? I know I may be talking over your head, but i’m sure the wareagle reader and Opelika Times will break it down “dummy style” to you when my sources authorize the release of the information in question

  19. FYI police DO NOT arrest motorists who don’t have a license and an unregistered vehicle! The issue citations and see your ass in court! dear God you can’t be this shit heel stupid man! Hell call ANY PD in Alabama or Georgia and ask the magistrate the protocol they will be glad to tell you!

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