Knoxville, TN – Caught amid the Cyrus Kouandjio news, the University of Alabama basketball team took down the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville Saturday night.

The win marks the second time Bama has humbled the Vols on their turf in the past four months.

The Tide slapped the Volunteers 41-10 in football on October 23rd in Neyland Stadium, then 105 days later basketball’s version of the Crimson Tide had the privilege of taking down the Big Orange in Thompson-Boling Arena 65-60 in OT.

Rarely do you have the chance to rip both Auburn’s and Tennessee’s heart out on the same day. With the Kouandjio news and the Tide win on Ole Rocky Top, indeed…life is good.

The win in Thompson-Boling Arena marks the second visit in a row the Tide has beaten the Vols on their floor, the previous win coming on March 8, 2009, a last second buzzer beater.

The Crimson Tide football team holds the same win streak in Neyland Stadium, with a 29-9 whipping on October 25, 2008 to couple with their win last October.

It may be time to get out the check book to pay our property taxes.

And with the NCAA clouds starting to roll in, current Vol fans may soon be telling their grandchildren about seeing the Big Orange beat Alabama in something in east Tennessee.

With Saturday night’s win Alabama (15-7, 7-1) nurses a one-game lead over Florida for the overall SEC season title and a three game lead over Mississippi State in the SEC West.

“You have to give credit to all our guys,” UA head coach Anthony Grant said. “Everybody on our team who got on the court did something in the course of the game that made a difference tonight to give us the win.”

Alabama gets a long week before heading to Nashville on Thursday to take on the Vanderbilt Commodores, an 8:00pm tip in their odd facility, Memorial Gymnasium. Alabama hasn’t won there since 1990. The game will be televised nationally by ESPN.

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40 thoughts on “Oh yeah…Bama beats UT in Knoxville, again”

  1. The Vols have been a national power the last few years. It’s sweet to be good enough to whip Pearl at home. Everybody is crying the same tears, that their team played like $hit against Bama. Don’t think 1 out of 100 of em know diddly about basketball. Bama is 4th in the nation giving up 57 points per game and that’s just .1 points out of second. Hell, the Vols fun and gun offense only scored 60 in 45 minutes. People don’t understand that any basketball team who is held to under 60 points in 40 minutes is going to look like $hit. By the way I just took a tour of Awbies Rivals blog. Just let me say you don’t want to go there. If you’ve never been there then just stay away. You will understand real fast why we have Barnies stuck on this site. The poor phuckers, as bad as they are, probably can’t stomach the garbage on their own site. Every post is worse than 47, 334 and Mandy. Right now they are exploring the rumor that CK’s high school just got a $500,000 donation from you know who. Dementia reigns! RTR!

  2. Wonder if Bruce was on a cell phone during that game to his AHC. We punked them in their house and that’s RPI heaven – the key lies to defeating the East. Now let’s go Steelers to make this a game where I don’t have to look forward to the commercials like some of the past Super Bowls.

  3. ITK, first of all I am on your side. However, I have to question your boastfull after the fact info. If you were “IN THE KNOW”, then why cant you “report” information before the fact? Not sayin, just sayin. If you are gonna rock that screen name then live up to it. RTR!!!!

  4. Jimmyo who made you the official critic? You can’t even type a coherent sentnce. This isn’t CNN. Blow me!

  5. Hey Jimmy; a valid point you make.

    Actually I did post on Cyrus, predicting him to announce he was going to Auburn. I guess I was half wrong, half right on that one.

    Sometimes there is much going on behind the scenes that you can’t speak about openly until things come to fruition. Not doing so affects your “in the know” status, but truly I’d rather step aside and let things occur than take credit for something that I have a hand in screwing up by talking about it too soon. Does that make sense?

    The name actually was born when I posted about Coach Fran blatantly not preparing the team for the Iron Bowl in 2002, info coming from frustrated players who were on that team. His mind (and often times body) were with Texas A&M that week.

    I’ve shared many “predictions” through the years; some are still in the works.

  6. ITK,
    Did you predict an AU crowd singing “we just beat the hell out of you back in Aug 2010?”

    That one was clouded in the crystal ball by every Mullet’s ego. Kind of funny. The rivalry has never been this fierce. I kind of like it.

    Good luck to Cyrus K, very indecisive guy. Hope he doesn’t block that way. He was a great lineman. I think Calloway will make a decent LB, not RB. Good luck this year.

    Holding out an olive branch for this one post. Good nite.

  7. LOL, no Nicket…no one could predict the defending champ choking out a 24-pt. lead at home. AU had an amazing run with an amazing player…a one of a kind.

    I do, however, predict everything you’ve savored from 2010 will fade away when the NCAA finishes its work. I won’t predict AU officially changes its mascot to the Mustangs when it’s all over though…not that it couldn’t happen.

  8. Well I think you are wrong. If anything happens, I think Miss St will get the brunt of sanctions. There is no one saying AU paid money. If McGregor or Lowder did, then they might get us but after June, if nothing happens, forget it, the NC I’d in the books and we will still hear Shane the Centerpoint Oracle talking about Cam Newton. I think he secretly desires Cam, sexually.

  9. Nicket, if you honestly feel Cecil Newton shopped Cam to one school then led him to another for free, I have some stock I’d like to sell you.

    Believing the school that blew the whistle will take the larger brunt over the school that SIGNED him…that’s gold.

    Thankfully, we both know you’re not that stupid…and most Bama fans are equally thankful the NCAA doesn’t believe that either.

    It doesn’t make any difference if it takes six months or six years to prove, the investigation will not stop until what is believed is proven.

  10. BTW, getting back on subject, Bama’s RPI is now up to 95…far from good, but miles from where the season’s tumultuous start had taken it.

  11. It’s not Gold, it’s Platinum or maybe even Unobtainium. For those tards to deny any Awbie wrongdoing and think the school who ran him off for offering play for pay and then turning him in, will be the one penalized. That’s just so rich! ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  12. Hey BammerDon,

    Why don’t you do Middle Tennessee a favor and stop stinking up such beautiful country. Go back to Bammer where the air is always foul and the Bammer teams are always CHEATING!! You will fit right in with the rest of the Bammer Moron Nation!

  13. Wow, another post of deeply intelectual insight from our little UThug butt humper. Hey IV, seen Miss Lacey lately? Has she given birth to little baby Brown yet? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  14. Indy vol do us a favor and go jump in the Great Lakes and
    drown yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must have a wonderful life
    you sorry piece of human being!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bammer Don and EGG HEAD White do the Bammer Moron Nation proud, both are shining examples of the stupidity and inbreeding that is the CHEATING Bammer football program!

  16. Dang Vol, how far has your teams fallen? Hard times on rocky top I see. It has you guys reduced to being Auburn fans. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  17. “It has you guys reduced to being Auburn fans.”

    Anyone and everyone has more class than the Crimson TURD fans and their idiotic opinions. BammerBranDUMB, EGG HEAD and the rest of the Bammer Moron Nation can stick your opinions where the sun don’t shine!

  18. Ol Rotten Crotch
    you will always be….
    A piece of sh!t to me,
    Poor ol Rocky Flop
    Sittin at the bottom of the SEC…..

  19. Hey Vol, I think you are Mandykes sister. It’s really hard to tell you two apart. Must be the inbreeding.

  20. Indy Vol,
    Are you enjoying your Jack Daniels to much ASSHOLE!!!!
    Your vols are going on probation in football,basketball
    and baseball you freaking IDIOT and you come on this
    Bama blog talking shit to us. You are one reason why
    I hate the vols. What a JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Wow. Thats original. Vol, you aint too bright are ya? I feel kinda bad being mean to you, like I am picking on a retarded person or something. But not bad enough to stop though. How much are you missing Fat Phil? Kiffin has made your football program look like the big joke. Fulmer tried to bring Bama down, and now look at where they are. And look at where Fulmer got UT. Pretty funny how it all turned out huh?

  22. You were really original with your perverted rendition of “Rocky Top”!

    That took all of the brains in your uneducated, inbred, toothless head!


  23. Fulmer? Who is that? Seems to ring a bell, but its been so long I can’t seem to remember. Isn’t he the one who’s exit song was to the tune of “RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER, TENNESSEE WE BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU – LITTERALLY – AGAIN!”? Yeah, thought so. ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  24. I knew you missed him. But look at what he did, and look where Bama is now, and look where UT is. That is karma, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving football program. ROLL TIDE enjoy the bottom of the SEC.

  25. Rammer-Jammer, Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!!!!!

    The CRIMSON TURDS; the best team money csn buy!

  26. Vol, if your brains was gas, you wouldn’t have enough to fill a piss ants motorcycle enough to drive half way around a BB.

  27. If I was Tennessee, I would ask for a refund for the players they bought. Hell, even Aaron Douglas couldn’t stand to play another year with that bunch.

  28. I just remember hearing about Fulmer telling recruits that Alabama football was about to be out of business. I bet he really hates Bama now, the fat bastard. He helped UT get where they are now, along with Hamilton. My how the mighty Vols have fallen.

  29. “My how the mighty Vols have fallen.”

    My how the Crimson Turd is the dirtist bunch of CHEATERS in college football!

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