For years we have beaten the drum here that there is a double standard with the media in our state. Here, friends, is yet another example.

Charles Goldberg is reporting today, FINALLY….a WEEK LATER…that Auburn running back Eric Smith was arrested for third degree domestic violence. Yesterday Auburn officials announced he had been dismissed from the team for breaking “an unspecified team rule.”

According to Goldberg’s article:

“Smith spent almost 12 hours at the Lee County Detention Center before being released on a $500 bond.”

This happened on February 23rd. Today is March 2nd.

So a prominent player from the recent national championship* team gets busted for his 2nd violent crime in two years and does half a day in the Lee County Detention Center, and NOBODY IN THE MEDIA CATCHES IT?


People, whether you are a tree hugger or an Alabama fan, you have to see this.

If a walk-on, back-up holder at Alabama gets arrested for jaywalking, it is the lead story that night on the news. The Birmingham News has it planted as a teaser on the front page. Rick Karle and Sheldon Haygood have to change their pants from excited anticipation. Kevin Scarbinsky is heating up his keyboard at how Nick Saban is losing control of his program in T-town.

But somehow, in Lee County and around the state media, this felony from the roid rager just flies right under the radar…for six whole days until Abarn releases a statement.

If you EVER needed proof that the state media appears to take their marching orders and talking points from the Auburn athletic department, here ya go.

So what, you say? “We can trust Auburn to give us information.” “So what if state news media are not doing any reporting but only reading what comes to them over the fax machine from AU.”

Well, remember this. You know Smith. He’s the player who cleat-kicked a defenseless Oregon player (not wearing a helmet at the time) in the face while the player laid on his back in their bowl game. Then, after “a firm a’talkin’ too” from Chiznik on the sidelines, was back in the game at his next opportunity.

So you’re going to trust honest coverage to a regime with no integrity or scruples?

I hesitate to say anything about the Lee County authorities in fear that I’ll wind up in the cell with Al from Dadeville. But can you imagine the Tuscaloosa Police keeping this under wraps for six days? Juwaan Simpson’s traffic stop was widely known before he made it to the county line. Courtney Upshaw’s “altercation” with a crazed, psycho ex-girlfriend was the talk of the town hours, not days or weeks, after it occured. Everybody knew about Rolondo McClain’s confrontation with a snotty, biggoted frat boy.

So was it kept under wraps? Or was it public record and no one from the media bothered scooping it up?

SOMEBODY knew. But strangely, noticing a pattern here, I guess we’ll never know.

Make whatever argument about why you love * university while you look the other way from their transgressions, but keep your stupid mouth shut on the FACT that the state media in Alabama is incredibly biased.

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27 thoughts on “SHOCK: Smith arrested and no one reported it”

  1. And for those who are interested, someone just shared this with me: The Chris Keyes rumor was regarded as the truth, when we find out yesterday that Keys told the Tuscaloosa News it was all a LIE. Not one rebuttal so far from Jay Barker, JOX, Birmingham News, Mobile Paper, WNSP or any other member of the State Media that propagated this outright LIE. They just look the other way to this point, because it’s negative news about Alabama. Unbelievable.

  2. Preach on brother man! Tell it like it is.Two-thirds of all barntards will crumble when that glorious day of BARNERGEDDON comes like a thief in the night.Keep firing your Tomahawks ITK, all the Barn has is pea-shooters.There shall be wailing and gnashing of tooth.And all the faithful say, AMEN!

  3. And then Auburn brazenly KICKED HIM OFF THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!! I sick of how these Barn Turds just do whatever the hell they want to with no regard for how it will make Alabama fans feel. And also, they aren’t on the new SI top 25 released this morning! Son of a bitch!

  4. No, as usual WDE, you’ve missed the point.

    A starter on Auburn’s team getting arrested is big news, and yet the state media looks the other way while wearing out their F5 button watching the Tuscaloosa City Jail’s website.

  5. do know that the SI stuff was reported on last years preseason top 25..Auburn and GA were not in last years preseason ranking. Ergo they were not looked into….It is funny how you spin something but it really only proves your ignorance.

  6. God I bet it hurt to see the man you stupid ass Bama fans hate the most do this.

  7. That’s $cum in the background on the tape trying to interupt Reverend Cecil. “it all good, dey remember.” Auburn’s offer was 200K.BARNERGEDDON will be a bitch.

  8. “Coe Jizzer, Coe Jizzer.I didnt go to class but once. Can I still play?

    “We took care of that Cam, get on the plane.”

  9. You are bashing “state media” for not bringing this up when it went down? My question is why didnt YOU bring it up before now? Arent you suppose to be “state media”? Arent you suppose to be “in the know” ? How can you sit back and bad mouth REAL writers and REAL bloggers when you come out after goldberg? I tell you what …watching you bama inbreds squirm is great!!! Watching you turds trying to cope with Auburns National Title by making up “dirt” has been awesome . Yall keep your eyes on east Alabama boys , Because its only going to get better for CGC and crew. WDE !

  10. Something tells me that if any of you or someone in your family was accused of something and a tape of the same quality and integrity was played as evidence you all would require a lot more proof. I can barely hear what is being said. I’ve never heard Cecil Newton’s voice and I am not an expert on matching voices. Furthermore, unless you guys are listening to a version that includes a video tape I don’t know how you can say with certainty that Cam (or his father, for that matter) are there.

  11. WDE=denial. If Mr. Newton was really good at covering things up (which the way things look, he was not) then you don’t have anything to worry about. But if it is true that Auburn and UT was willing to pay, and he ended up at Auburn, then Auburn will be hammered. Not saying that it is or isn’t true, but the possibility is really there that something happened, hence the NCAA investigation that is not going away. But as far as being a conspiracy, I doubt that. Auburn knew the possible consequences of recruiting a player like Cam. In the short-term, the gamble paid off. It is the long-term consequences that Auburn will have to deal with from this point on.

  12. Barn fans why are you here? You spend more time trying to discredit information, covering up, and making up false stories than you do actually enjoying your success.*

    * Success is loosely defined in this situation. Some people think all achievements are worth merit even if you cheated while accomplishing said achievement. The use of the word “success” in this case is geared more toward that feeling. Very few people actually use “success” in this context.

  13. UA>AU just keep running your phucking mouth over a one-and-done crooked season. We can live with an accident once every 57 years. Can you fart sniffer? Everybody knows who’ll be competing for a National Championship this year, and everybody knows who’ll be 5th in the SEC West. And most everybody with even half a brain knows that eventually Barnie’s a$$ is NCAA grass. Between losing 90% of your starters, NCAA investigations and Murdered Trees, I’d think you would have more important things to occupy your time than coming on here running your mouth about your wet dream fantasies to people who know better and consider your kind less than dangle berries on a stray dogs aSS. RTR!

  14. Hey crimsonite. Glad to see you found time to spit that used condom out of Your mouth that Jose left in one of your mexican ho’s. Just keep reaching losers. EVERY REAL media outlet (Bama and Auburn based) have discredited the so called tape.Even the sports by brooks has said the tape was BS. Yes the very same brooks that ITK was ready to crown as the greatest blogger ever. I understand why each and everyone of you hold on to it with a death grip though. Its your last thread of hope that the big bad Auburn Tigers will go away.Sorry to inform you gumps but the biggest choke job in IB history is here to stay. The Beatdown in ATL. of the very same team that bitch slapped bama isnt going anywhere. You can bet your 1972 mobile home crimsonite that the 2010 National Championship is damn sure not going anywhere. Now take your antibiotics for the crotch rot the mexican lot lizards gave you and shut the phuck up before the pimp shows up and beats the updyke out of you.

  15. Auburn and Oregon are about to get MAJORly hammered. A source of mine very close to certain NCAA officials told me there was a lot of yelling and cursing from staff members today over Auburn’s constant cheating. Worse, some are saying Mike Slive is on the take. However, I’m willing to laugh at more Barner logic like the following:

    Cam: (seen on video shooting a clerk): “I gots yo money biotch.”

    Police: “Freeze, you’re under arrest. You damn repeat offender

    Auburn fan: “It couldn’t of been Cam, he’s part of our fambly…Bammer must have been behind this….That wasn’t Cam, it was his unborn evil twin brother!!”…We’re not delusional..our fambly can do no wrong, we’re all Christians!”

  16. Phucking retard. I wanna hear you say the Barnturds are’t going anywhere next December when you stupid ba$tards don’t win enough D1 games to qualify for a bowl! Bwaa Haww Haww!!! Sorry fart blossom but I’ll be damned if I can find an official release anywhere in which the NCAA, ESPN, Fox or SI have discredited the ‘tapes’. I’d advise against any more Crack – either the smoking kind which is obviously what is inducing your hallucinations, or the Brown Round kind which is obviously the source of your A.I.D.S. Go ahead, keep on taking up for the crooked Motherphuckers at your piece of $hit school. Who gives a shit about tapes? The fact that your criminal phucking quarterback knew and was involved with his daddy shopping him, regardless of how much he lies and says he didn’t, should be a source of shame and embarrasment for anybody. Should be. But not for you ba$tards. You act like it didn’t happen, like you’re proud of the $on-of-a-bitch. Like you think you deserve the games and titles you stole because of him. You stupid SOB’s weren’t better than anybody. Without ineligible Scam you would have gone 5-7 and no Bowl game. And I’m just talking about the fact that Scum Newton knew what his dad was doing. That’s a completely different subject from the huge possibility that he WAS paid to come to Barnturd Town. Yeah, like after shopping him to Miss St., Tennessee, Fla St. and Oklahoma he just suddenly got ‘God’ and went to Barnturd Town free. Riigghhtt! Nobody in this country gives a good Goddamn what legal shenanigans Barnturd U. pulls to coverup and get off free. Nobody. The whole nation knows how that $hit works. In the nations eyes Barnturd U. is dirty and won a championship* by cheating. Doesn’t matter the outcome of the investigation. To everybody else the 2010 NC* will forever be tainted. And without your crooked QB and no telling who else you would have lost the IB 60-0. So phuck you. That’s good enough for me! RTR!

  17. Wut do you mean ItK?

    I ant read in the burminham news bout no one getten themselfs arrested! are you trying to stir the pot agin?

  18. ITK — if you think Jay Barker is going to say anything to piss off the Aubarn faithful on WC(j)OX — ain’t going to happen — he hardly defends the Crimson Tide let alone the beta program in the state.

    Plus, Kevin Scarbutsky — the Aubarn homer who doesn’t want to piss off the new Aubarn editor who runs the B’Ham News — they’re just not going to put a black eye on the “National Champions”. I’ve DONE cancelled my subscription to the so-called newspaper in the largest city in Alabama. I know I’m not the only one either. It’s not a fact of homer reporting — I just WANT THE FACTS and THE NEWS!!!! Shew, I could rant about this all day.

    Surprised the Pat Dye police force didn’t “keep this down home” for the “fambly”.

  19. “Auburn and Oregon are about to get MAJORly hammered. A source of mine very close to certain NCAA officials told me there was a lot of yelling and cursing from staff members today over Auburn’s constant cheating.” Ten bucks says this guy cant even name his source. I swear bammers have more sources then most reporters baw haw haw

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