It’s been said before that perception is reality.

If that is indeed the case, then from sea to shining sea, the “reality” is that Auburn is the dirtiest program in all of college football.

Because, nationally, overwhelmingly, that is the perception.

Nobody buys that Cam Newton turned down six digits to come to Auburn for free.

Nobody buys that four former players on HBO with nothing to gain and everything to lose were lying.

Nobody buys that other players regurgitating the party line (with everything to gain…or maintain) are telling the truth.

Nobody buys that a 5-19 coach in just two years suddenly turns into Knute Rockne.

Nobody buys that a prominent AU booster and casino boss under heavy Federal suspicion of buying politicians wouldn’t do the same with players.

And nobody buys the idea…since McGlover put it so eloquently–“the Alabama game is everything”–that Auburn’s power brokers aren’t 100% “all in” to doing whatever it take$ to ensure that they never return to the domination they faced in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Well, nobody except “the Fambly” and the state media, that is.

However, everyone buys that when Saban’s feet hit the Tuscaloosa tarmac, it was go time in Lee County. Desperate times called for desperate measures. And in their desperation, they hit the jackpot, albeit now it appears temporarily.

In a strange way, Auburn winning the BCS championship* may have been the best thing that’s happened to Alabama football in a while. Because finally…finally…the nation got a whiff of what Alabama fans have had to smell for three decades.

Now it appears the source of that stench…good ole fashioned Auburn B.S….is well on its way to hitting the fan.

Compelling arguments have been made referencing Auburn’s reckless abandon possibly leading to the death penalty. That fate may be a stretch, but looking a little closer I’m not so sure.

One thing is for sure: Lindsay Lohan and Auburn share the same chances of regaining their former images of innocence.

They say that any press is good press. But I bet there’s a group in Indianapolis tonight who would beg to differ.

The NCAA is most lethal when their backs are against the wall and their crediblity is on the line. The organization doesn’t possess the ability to monitor all schools to the same degree at the same time, but it possesses more than adequate punch to pull a detractor out of the pack and make an example of them.

And when that happens, Auburn will again be the leader of the pack as the most penalized team in college athletics.

There is the possibility that the enormous wave of bad press is all just one ginormous coincidence and Auburn is squeaky clean. There is the same possibility that my dog will perform Rigoletto’s ‘La donna è mobile’ on PBS tonight.

Is Auburn the new SMU, with a well-defined track record of doing whatever it takes to stay ahead? Again, if perception is indeed reality, all eyes are on Indianapolis to see if the Plainsmen will receive the same loving embrace.

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68 thoughts on “Auburn’s new billboard”

  1. The term is “toeing the line” not “toting”. Good stuff otherwise, and I can only hope the NCAA is as interested in slamming the barn as you and I are. RTR

  2. I will believe the NCAA has the power to sanction Auburn when I see it. The NCAA will most likely look the other way on Auburn and Ohio State and then try to dream up a new way to sanction Alabama. Mind you that no school has ever had as severe sanctions handed down for playing players that sold books back to a supply store as was given to Alabama.

    All that the Auburn story did was show that he NCAA can be bullied with lawyers and stalemated by a willing Conference Comissioner. Mike Slive is a joke and a liar.

    And furthermore, the NCAA is just a place for idealists that can’t make it in the real world as lawyers and washed up gymnasts to go and earn a living off of the Final Four TV money tit. The NCAA do something to Auburn? Yeah, I will believe it when I see it. And that is why I truly believe that college football is a waste of time and a goddamnn farce. If you waste time worrying about college football, you’re a fool.

    Major college football is a scam. When Tigers Unlimited, Lowder, McGregor and bag men can BUY a National Championship, why waste time paying attention to the game. It’s as legitimate as professional wrestling.

  3. Ha! Thanks Brett. It was late, and upon a second look the phrase didn’t make sense even if I would’ve had it right. So, it’s something else now. 🙂

  4. Regarding Alex Hamilton’s comment, I have to agree with him the ncaa has its ‘cash cows’ and won’t look their way for long. Look how long it took them to nail USC and Reggie Bush,and even then the penalty wasn’t as ‘stiff’ as they had feared! No, I ,for one, see the Aubies getting off ‘clean’ the ncaa is powerless to do anything, just wait and see if they do.Besides all the attention will still be on Aubies ‘super-do- everything star, Cammy who manages to steal the limelight whereever he goes! So stay tuned the best is yet to come

  5. Well, Auburn started the Chiznik era by openly defying the NCAA rules with intentional secondary violations, trying to get some kind of publicity in the wake of the Saban hire at Alabama. Big Cat weekend with little richard…I mean Trooper Taylor was flaunting rule breaking in the face of the NCAA. Trooper was punished, and was banned from recruiting for a period of weeks. Now it looks like he ignored the ban, recruited anyway. The NCAA don’t like stuff like that. Now we have the issue with Cam, and Trooper being questioned over ‘street agents’. It seems that with every dirty issue coming in college football, there is Auburn, or an Auburn recruit attached to it. They know something is up at Auburn, and they will take their time until they get the answers they are looking for. In the meantime, Auburn just takes hit after hit. The longer it lasts, the more it will affect recruiting, and their image as a perpetual cheating school will last for a long time now.

  6. Alex you’re one of my all time favorites here, and I can see why you and C.Smith would feel that way. You’re both suffering from concentration camp syndrome…you’ve become accustom to your conditions and expect them never to change.

    But if anyone thinks Auburn is a cash cow, untouchable, they are simply out of touch. Auburn is not USC or Alabama. They are the Clemson of the SEC…an also-ran clearly within reach of a good NCAA spanking.

    There is too much on the table for the NCAA not to move. And for those in the know, you’re aware the wheels are already turning.

  7. You’re partially right ITK. But what you overlook is the depths of corruption the Barnturds can and will stoop to. They have a very wealthy and powerful fan base. It’s not just Lowder and McGregor. They have no qualms about offering payoffs ‘To Whom It May Concern’. It wouldn’t financially hurt their group to pool 4 or 5 million to buy some NCAA clowns to look the other way. And if you think there aren’t 5 a$$holes in the NCAA who would go deaf, dumb and blind for a million tax free smackeroos, then you’re just too damn naive! The River
    Dance around Scam Newton’s eligibility at the end of the year is proof positive of the Barnturd-SEC-NCAA a$$ kissing ceremony. Like alex and some others have said, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. RTR!

  8. In the wake of the USC and Reggie Bush scandals, the NCAA is willing to take a recognized program, especially one that has just won big, and make an example out of to scare the rest in place. They do not have the resources to investigate a lot of schools on a broad scale. But the ones that are putting the organization in a bad light, they are willing to sacrifice. The Auburn allegations, true or not, is casting Auburn, along with the rest of the SEC in a bad light. Other SEC schools are complaining about the negativity, and most understand the steps Auburn has been taking the past few years. The voices are growing louder, and the pressure for the NCAA to do something is there. Auburn will be punished, there is no doubt. It is just a matter of time.

  9. Here’s a quote directly from Emmert during a final four interview by ESPN. Now we’ll see if he has teeth or just sits to piss! Is this lip service or is he threatening Awbie? If I was was a Barnturd I’d be hastily constructing a bomb shelter, cause innocent or guilty “It’s a matter of perception” and for this, somebody’s head must fall! War Beagle Fly Down The Field – Splat!!!

    “Dealing with that appropriately means dropping the hammer in terms of penalties for rule-breakers.” As Emmert himself pointed out, punishments need to transmit a “constructive fear” to potential scofflaws.

    “We cannot have coaches, administrators, parents or student-athletes sitting out there deciding, ‘Is this worth the risk? If I conduct myself in this fashion, and if I get caught, it’s still worth the risk.’” Emmert said. “We don’t want those kind of cost-benefit analyses going on.”

  10. $aban sways that McClover was not paid while at LSU. Do you believe $aban or McClover …which one is lying?

    Pick one or the other Bama fans.

    Personally I think they both lie.

  11. I think Auburn is going to fry, and Saban and McClover is a non-issue….McClover played at Auburn, not LSU, not Bama. So, if an LSU booster gave McClover money, Auburn must have out-bid them too. Auburn is the school that keeps on coming up here lately win pay-for-play issues are concerned. So, yeah, Auburn is going to get the hammer dropped on them soon.

  12. Hoopie,
    It is very true that someone at LSU could have handed Ol’Stanley the money. But
    1 That doesnt mean that Saban knew anything about it.
    2. That doesnt mean that Saban has ever knew anything about it.
    3. It will not affect the University of Alabama in any way.
    4. It is not going to change Auburn’s current lot in life one iota.

    So Hoopie, the old “everyone cheats so we are just trying to level the playing feild” excuse doesnt fly here. The most damning part of the report is when it was reported that an assistant coach was doling out the cash. The rest is just dressing.
    On a personal note, I am losing faith in the NCAA and the SEC. Any fool who has a pair of eyes, ears and an IQ north of 80 knew that Auburn was paying players just by looking at the last two recruiting classes.

  13. You dumb bastard. There is so much ignorance in everything you turdheads come up with to try and deflect $hit from yourselves toward Bama, that it would take a phucking novel to correct it all. Nobody here gives a $hit what happened at LSU and it has nothing to do with Alabama. There has been no connection made with Saban on the issue of McClover. The man went to Aubie, so if he was offered money at LSU, then they were obviously outbid by Awbie. There are no reoccurring charges involving LSU and therefore even if the offer took place and or he received some money it means nothing, because without a history of reoccurring charges the statute of limitations have run out. You need to worry about that phucking cesspool over in Lee County and quit nit picking bull$hit about Alabama, numbnuts! RTR!

  14. TMc ….$aban said that NO ONE paid Stanley. He didn’t qualify that by saying: “to the best of his knowledge” ..or “no one under his control” or any other disclaimer.

    So …my question stands ….who do you believe? Stanley or $aban? Which one is a lier?

  15. The past 2 years Auburn and Bama have had basically equal recruiting classes. So if Auburn’s class requires purchasing then Bama’s would also. So I guess bama bought their recruits?

    Cam Newton was only offered a scholly by 5 schools. Cam was considered a gamble. Auburn barely mentioned him in the 2010 pre-season media guide. So among all of the players in the top classes that Bama and Auburn have recruited in the past 2 years, Cam was far down the list in purchase value.

    Keep noticing that there is NO PROOF against Auburn. I’ve tried to bet ITK several times on here that Auburn will not receive any penalties associated with it’s association with Cam. ITK won’t take the bet.

    You Bammers just blindly soak up all of the rumors put out by the REC members and let your hate for Auburn convince you they are true.

    There is no evidence.

  16. Go away you ignorant bastard. Saban is known as the nations best recruiter, and Alabama is among the 5 greatest football schools in history. If Awbie didn’t pay their players Bama could outrecruit them without ever sending a coach off the campus. Your logic like your brain is full of $hit. And you retarded dumba$$, it has been proven and confessed to that Scum was being shopped for as much as 200,000 dollars and wanted to play for his ex-coach at Miss St. Nobody needs proof a$$hole. He didn’t turn down the money his dad desperately needed and go to Awbie free. Phucking retard! RTR!

  17. Ohio St., Michigan St.,LSU, Oregon,Texas A&M, Tennessee, late friday news broke of violations at UCONN and Kentucky in basketball. So yeah, I see the basis of saying Auburn is the only one doing wrong. You jackasses have no idea whats going on here, so forgive me if I ignore th rants of a fan base whose program damn near got shot in the face not so long ago. Stay tuned.

  18. Finebaum Junkie,

    Why are you always on here then if you don’t care what I think, you dumb bastard?

  19. FBJ, Auburn paid players. That is the school YOU should be worried about. Just because other schools are getting in trouble too don’t make what Auburn is doing right. But that is your excuse. When that fails to work, it will be back to blaming the REC.

  20. Crimsonite ..Just because you can curse and call names doesn’t mean that you have made a case that my logic is flawed. In fact YOU DIDN’T MAKE ANY CASE TO REFUTE MY POINTS. All you did was call names. That tactic is reminiscent of a 5th grader.

    So once again ….Which one is the lier?

    AND …does anyone wanna take me up on my previous bet?

    Didn’t think so…

    Crimsonite ….I’m glad to see that you now have DSL in the trailer park, but unfortnately for you being on the computer allows your redneck ignorance to be on full display to the world. You need to stick with something you are good at drinking Nattys, fightin’ with the trailer park neighbors or buying “Got 13?” T shirts at Walmart..

  21. RC say there’s proof? I make the same Cam bet with you also.

    An AU buddy of mine was at a private fishing/hunting club near Tuscaloosa the weekend that LSU beat Bama. Several REc members were there, got drunk because Bama lost and were bragging that the “stage been set to mess with Auburn and keep the NCAA on their back”.

    There ain’t no proof ..only rumors thrown around to just to get the guns pointed at Auburn.

    What happens when the guns get pointed at the Bama alumni that give money handshakes?

    what happened to the MSU tapes? Squashed. Why? Because they implicated MSU …not Auburn.

    Remember the FBI rumors in Mississippi? where’s that now?

    Remember the Milton Mcgregor rumors? where’s that now?

  22. This national championship is a gift that keeps on giving. We get the trophy AND we get to watch you people continue to whine about it.

  23. Dumba$$, you’re a troll on a Bama website. nobody here gives a damn what you think. I don’t have to meet your dumba$$ requirements for reproof. Your ignorant statements and accusations speak for themselves. No doubt the REC and other Bama organizations and individuals watch your a$$e$ and will jump at any opportunity to hamstring Barnturd U. I certainly will. Why not? You bastards have made a career out of doing the same thing to Bama. ie: Cadillac Escalades, Dodge Chargers, Laptops and Deep Sea fishing trip gifts to our star athletes, Gene Jelks, etc., etc., etc. But rumors and spreading false and unsubstantiated information doesn’t get a school investigated or sanctioned by the NCAA. Nor does it get what would be libelous articles published by ESPN, SI, Fox, Yahoo, HBO, USA Today and others. It might get those entities interested enough to do in depth investigations where they will substantiate those and other sordid details, as has been the case in the Barnturd fiasco. If that is the case then it’s your phucking problem for being crooked. It isn’t former Bama players who are ratting you out. You need to look to you own for that problem. You’re the ones who made a cheating head coach your phucking Athletic Director after he caused you to be sanctioned by the NCAA. Take it from a school with experience – the NCAA hates arrogance. All your little Brownie Points are being tallied up right now, and when the hammer falls everything will be taken into consideration when sanction time arrives. You better phucking well hope that 98% of the accusations are false, because if even 1 in 4 are true you won’t have to worry about winning or losing the IB for a long time to come. But if I were you dumba$$e$ I wouldn’t go buying any season tickets for a while yet. Cause like I said, the reputable authorities and media outlets who are crucifying your a$$e$ are not into running with false or unsubstantiated information. So, if you don’t like what I say on here, then don’t come over here flaming on a Bama board. Cause if you flame here, you’re gonna get Napalmed and Nuked back! RTR!

  24. I’m a troll? This whole site is a troll! Capstone Report is supposedly devoted to UA athletics but you wouldn’t know it considering every fourth article is about Auburn. But keep whining and keep up the mantra that the hammer is soon going to drop.

  25. WDE… More like every other article. And pay no attention to the biggest flamer on here. Not to mention the biggest coward.

  26. I’ve already told you, you piece of $hit, tell me what rathole town you’re in and when I get there I’ll give you a call, chicken$hit. And it’s none of your phucking business what we want to talk about on this site. The death of Barnturd U. is priority #1. Therefore all news, rumors and accusations concerning the Lee County goatphuckers is of interest to us. Thanks for taking the boredom out of the off season. Don’t forget to take pictures of those trophies before they disappear now, ya hear! RTR!

  27. And you’re not on here because you can be a$$hole. You’re on here because you’re allowed to be. One of the longest lived Barnturd trolls has already been banned here because he wouldn’t leave well enough alone. Any one of you could be next. You’re here because we love to deal out misery to the Fambuhly. If you weren’t here we would get bored real fast. RTR!

  28. In case you dont remember asshole, Bessemer/McCalla. I look forward to kicking your ass. Deal misery all you want. You do nothing here but leave a $hit stain on this blog.

  29. Oh that’s right, the armpit of Jefferson County where all the inbred sister humping goatphuckers come from. Well hell, anybody pulling for that piece of $hit school in Lee County OUGHT to be right at home in Bessemer/McCalla. Know the place well. Married one of the stupid Bitche$ from McCalla. One thing’s for damn sure. You can take the Rednecks out of the country, but you damn sure can’t take the country out of the Rednecks! That’s just great dumba$$. Now I have nothing to worry about. After living there you have to be so stupid that you would bring a knife to a gunfight. Let you know when I’m in town, fool!

  30. Looking forward to it. Just get my info from ITK, I heard he is good at stuff like that. And before you come crimsonite, kiss that family goodbye, caause you won’t be coming back.

  31. Hoopie Says:
    April 2nd, 2011 at 5:05 pm
    $aban sways that McClover was not paid while at LSU. Do you believe $aban or McClover …which one is lying?

    McGlover says he was paid by a BOOSTER while at LSU. thas not a coach a member of faculty or even a student at LSU. Point is It was a BOOSTER YOU OBTUSE LITTLE DUMBASS.

  32. Please never quit talking about barns cheating and how slive turned the blind eye and put finebaum in his pocket. We are the movement. When the all in the fambily put that pos scam fig newton on the field after his pappy was exposed…it was time to expose the ncaa for turning a blind eye. I want these titty suckers to pay for their crimes. Never let up. We have to expose the ncaa and what they didn’t do and that’s the only way we get barners the death penalty. That is the goal ain’t it?? Keep it up. Do what I did and call guttercap.

  33. Haha I knew ol Hoopie wouldn’t let us down with the ‘lets blame the REC’. And he was actually down fishin’ with them, and overheard the plan. LOL! Hoopie, I am a member of the REC. I haven’t heard the plan yet, but I wish they would hurry up in let me in on it so I can give my share to the ‘Bring Down Auburn Fund’. Because, you know, thats all we do, is obsess and try to figure out ways to make Auburn look bad. Auburn is so crystal clean that somebody has to do it. Surely Auburn would never stoop to paying players and lying to the NCAA…unless Bama had something to do with it.

  34. Hoopie has no balls, and it appears most Auburn fans are programmed much the same way Denzel Washington was in The Manchurian Candidate once they enter Jordan-Hare Stadium and spend a liquor-fueled Fall Saturday listening to and observing other dumb asses having orgies over bald eagles. The SMALLER percentage of actual alumni and students of Auburn never stood a chance of normal adulthood with their “cultish” teachings and traditions at Auburn. Two of the biggest Urban legends are most fans at Jordan-Hare are Auburn grads, or have a “connection” to Auburn. Sorry, if that was the case the stadium would be around 45,000. You do not fill an 85,000 plus seat stadium with alumni and you’re a bing dingbat if you think that’s possible. Second, the “connections” claimed are no different than a “sidewalk” connection at UA. Sure, UA has more because they’re traditionally the more successful program as is Florida, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc etc. What a stupid, baseless argument for the Cow College to hang their hat on. This, BTW coming from a Bama alumnus.

    Second big myth is Auburn cheating must NEVER be their fault. BARNERS were cheating back in ’56 LONG BEFORE Bryant came to Alabama and the culture pervades today. People who worship eagles and trees are “cultish” and will always deflect blame to someone else so as to not take responsibility for their own actions

  35. I see your remedial reading comprehension classes at the Capstone have failed you boys again.

    I didn’t say I ws fishing with the REC. I saud that a friend of mine was at a hunting/fishing club and soem drunk REc members were there also. Actually they crashed the party.

    $aban heard McClover’s quote and then unequivocally stated that McClover did not get paid at LSU. That is very simple. So …don’t spin it …don’t deflect it ….Just answer the question

    Who is the liar: $aban or McClover?

  36. Based on his recent comments, Crimsonite is not Mega skeet. Crimsonite has a much more foul attitude and mouth than Mega…

    So: Crimsonite < Mega skeet

    Crimsonite if you don't understand that previous sentence, just go ask a 7th grade algebra student.

  37. By the way, I’m not just blindly trolling a Bama site. If your reading comprehension skills will allow such, you will notice that I don’t comment on articles other than the spun up trash you put out about Auburn.

    I don’t even read those posts, so if you think I’m a troll just because I come in here to point out what a bunch of biased idiots you are, then so be it. Call me a Troll.

  38. I would propose to you that worshiping statues and “Got 13” T shirts is much more cultish than how Auburn fans “worship” eagles or trees.

    There are some folks out in the NW US, however that really do worship eagles and trees.

    If you have a problem with that kinda stuff, I suggest you go take your anger out on them. We can even call the TV stations so they can film a bunch of redneck Bama fans beating up on Eagle/Tree worshipers.

  39. No, Hoopie. The way Auburn fanatics have historically went on and on like they are on some kind of mission is why people think y’all are like a cult. Your ex-AD Navid Nousel made speeches comparing Bama to Nazis, and that Auburn is the symbol of everything that is right and just in the world. And you and all your fellow cult members are just carrying on in that tradition of hating on Bammer. Bammer is the cause of all the Barns problems. Saban be the Devil.

    We just have higher expectations than just beating Auburn every year. That is the only game that matters to you guys. Bama has the prestige and traditions that you guys only wish you had. But you don’t, hence the bitter hatred you guys have for Bama fans, because we will always look down our noses at you. Jealousy has been the Auburn way for generations.

    But last season, with Aubie wearing preacher robes and Cam preaching about how the devil be messin’, Chizik explaining how God was an Auburn booster and all, really brought the religion angle into it. And now Auburn fans are carrying on those traits like they were instructed by the Auburn cult leaders.

    Now that Auburn is looking like blatant cheaters, all you can do is blame Bammer. Take it like a man, accept what is coming, and blame yourselves for the behavior that gets the hammer dropped. Us Bama fans will just set here and laugh at the joke you have become. Blame your own for what is happening. Auburn brought this on themselves.

  40. Don’t worry about these rednecks Hoopie. They have ran this site the past few months on speculation and allegations without any proof. Meanwhile, for weeks I have told them this is bigger than they think. News of troubles at various programs continue to come, lying and corrupt bowl execs, the whole system is flawed and corrupt. TMC, there are corrupt boosters at a lot of places, but then again, you know that full hand, right?

  41. Thats right there, FBJ. Corrupt boosters are everywhere. Bama fans know this as well as anyone. Auburn was guilty of actual coaches paying players, and the boosters that facilitated that have been still affiliated with Auburn all these years. But nobody else will be going down, because Auburn is looking like the prime candidate to be made an example of. Auburn is making SMU look mild, if even half of the allegations are true. It is coming. Who is the NCAA been investigating for nearly a year? Auburn. It took 2-3 years before they come down on Bama. I think it will be quicker in Auburns case.

  42. As I said, if that happens, then we will talk. But the only road this is going to lead to is a collapse of the entire ncaa system. Watch and be amazed. Do I think Auburn is guilt free? Absolutely not. Look around you is all I can tell you. When you have coaches making the money they do and the money generated by the games and such and the pressure to win, shortcuts WILL be taken. Happens all the time. But its all about to come out, like I told you weks ago.

  43. Well, talk about the FACTS up to this point:
    1. Cam Newton investigation by NCAA and the FBI that is STILL ongoing.
    2. Auburn players being linked to street agents via Trooper Taylor.
    3. Auburn players arrested for ARMED ROBBERY.
    4. 4 more players with allegations that COACHES paid money.

    What other school in the NCAA is looking worse than Auburn right now? No, FBJ, you are wrong, and you are not a prophet. But COMMON SENSE will tell you where to look first in all of the corruption. Auburn will be the example, and hit the hardest. Hide and watch.

  44. Yeah, you are right. Street agents seem to be getting in the news lately. Seems I alluded to something like that a while ago, now look at the schools that have recently made news about that very thing. And there is a reason the FBI is involved Brando, and it aint just Auburn.

  45. I still stand by my statement that Auburn is involved in multiple issues, and will be hit the hardest. Auburn seems to be at the forefront in a lot of the shady dealings going on. They are looking like the pioneers of the new wave of cheating. As for your perception with ‘if Auburn is going down, the whole thing is’, that is just not realistic. Enjoy your trophy. The hits just keep coming from Auburn, and it isn’t over yet.

  46. Keep whining losers. We can’t do it on the field like men, so like our cussing midget coach, we will blame and throw temper tantrums. Crystal biotches.

  47. “On the field” means “playing by the rules” nicket with no dick. That’s the irony of your statement. Aubarn doesn’t deserve the National Championship because the team (not just Cam) has a payroll. It will come to the surface. As far as “midget” and “cursing” coaches, Chizik is maybe 1 inch taller than Saban and cusses like a sailor as well. Remember the Nat Champ celebration?? Shameful behavior in front of children. Chizdick is also 1 chromosome short of looking like someone with “special” needs. Saying that is no more wrong than throwing “midget” around, but I don’t expect an Auburn Piece of shit, trailer trash, lying, hypocrite as yourself to see that

  48. You think we are whining Nicket? No, we are taking great joy in watching the Auburn meltdown. Once again, you show how misguided you are. Bama has done it on the field, many times. More times than Auburn ever has. The record proves it. Bama doesn’t have to worry about them being taken away, either. But anyways, you keep grasping at excuses and insults, we will take our midget coach and win a few more ‘crystals’ before Auburn gets out of the mess they got themselves into trying to compete with Bama.

  49. Since 1994 Auburn has not been on football probation by the NCAA.

    Since 1994 Bama has ALWAYS been on probation with the NCAA.

    Bama is on probation right now!!!! Remember the textbook sales?? OR did you just conveniently forget that in your hurry to spew speculation at Auburn?

    So careful with the rocks, you ol’ glass house dwellers!!!

    There has been no proof presented that Auburn has done anything wrong. For 7 months now, the speculation has been rampant and no proof has surfaced. The NCAA and FBI have all done their thing and NOTHING.

    How long before the NCAA realizes that this is a setup and starts to look for the perpetrator of the setup?

  50. Auburn could be doing everything 100% on the up-and-up and you would still claim they are somehow cheating. That is why I, along with many Auburn fans, put no stock in your opinion. So when sites like this and Tiger Droppings claim AU is cheating all I can do is laugh. And if it turns out to be true, try not to pat yourself on the back too hard because you thought it was true simply based on the fact you hate Auburn University.

  51. Bamabando ….I’ll offer 2 bets to you right now. The offer is contingent on you taking both of them.

    1. Bama does not win the BCS for the 2011 season.

    2. Auburn never receives sanctions from the NCAA for anything regarding Camgate.

    How about a $2k bet?

    ITK wouldn’t take the second bet, but since you seem so sure of yourself behind that keyboard, how about stepping up.

    Remember …in the back of your mind you should keep in mind …if the REC is spreading these Camgate rumors ,then nothing will come of Camgate.

    Dis-information is a powerful tool. As an Auburn fan I know too well. Bobby Lowder is a master at it and we have suffered because of it. Do you really believ the REC doesn’t engage in dis-information? If so, bet on it. I will.

  52. BTW , If y’all are getting tired of me, then ask ITK to quit posting anti- Auburn stuff and you won’t see me again.

    Why are you posting on this mess anyway? You should be enjoying the spring practice news and focused on your team.

    If I were a Bammer and posted on here regularly, I would actually prefer that ITK, et al just post Bama stuff instead on 25% of it being anti-other teams (mostly anti-Auburn).

    Why do you guys enjoy making up and repeating negative rumors? Is it a self esteem issue? Does it make you feel better when you speculate and make up negative rumors about others? Does it make your own miserable existence seem not so bad?

  53. Hoopie, I never said Bama would win it all in 2011. But they will be in the hunt for it again before Auburn makes it back in the picture. Wanna bet Bama has a better season than Auburn next season? I didn’t think so. And no one is making up anything about Auburn. There is a lot going on, and it is all Auburn. Did Auburn know about the issues with Cam before he signed? Yes they did. And they took a chance, and the gamble paid off. Did they take any other chances? Big Cat Weekend was a blatant violation, but did that stop them? This kind of attitude and judgement is what is being under scrutiny from the NCAA. You don’t think nothing will happen, and I think that it will. There is a 100% chance one of us is right. But the odds keep stacking against Auburn, when you have armed robbery, pay-for-play allegations, and Pat Dye and his history involved. Cam Newton questions were just the beginning of this nightmare for Auburn. Trying to bet on it is stupid, because you would never pay up, because I don’t know you, and don’t want to know you. You have no clue if Auburn is guilty or not. Just your blind faith. You are not part of the program, or have any inside information. Neither do I. But I do know this has nothing to do with the REC, or you overhearing top-secret plans from devious members of the REC. You are just another blind cult member of the Auburn fan base, Hoopie.

  54. And ITK, you continue to write and make fun of the poster boys for cheating in the ‘modern era’ of college football. It makes these jerks come here and beg you to please stop with the Bama fans take on the trouble brewing at Auburn. Pretty funny. If it were Bama accused of these things, these jerks would be here in droves reminding us of it daily. Why would they care what some Bama fans think of them or why we would care what they think of us? Auburn fans have always hated Bama, and now the hate is becoming more mutual than ever before.

  55. Brando, I’ve never seen anything like it. Even the most delusional AU fan (which makes up 90% of them) has a sick, sinking feeling that there’s simply too much smoke billowing from their beloved trash heap for there not to be some semblance of truth to it. They are beyond wondering if ANY of it is true, moving on to wondering HOW MUCH.

    They come in here with impotent arguments, pointing to scoreboards from a season that’ll be tainted if not vacated till the end of time…

    …and somehow, what brought them so much elation last season they know will soon be their undoing.

    And I will be here, laughing with my brethren, till my stomach is cramped with pain.

  56. That smoke you see is the REC burning elephant dung.

    The NCAA has been around since last July and …nothing.

    I have no worries about anything that has been brought up so far by all of the speculators. My only worries are that if the NCAA looks long enough at ANY SCHOOL, they will find something. The REC seems hellbent to keep the NCAA showing up at Auburn.

  57. “Nobody buys that Cam Newton turned down six digits to come to Auburn for free. ”

    If you claim to be “in the know” please atleast get your story straight. Cecil was the one offered not Cam. Also I have to ask are you saying that The Auburn Coaching staff are the best when it comes to judging talent? I mean If they were willing to pay Newton to come to Auburn in you words “6 figures” that would mean they just knew he would bring home the National Title and Heisman….Right? I mean NONE of the major sports outlets had a clue what this kid was about to accomplish but CGC and crew did? Yeah ok!!

    “Nobody buys that four former players on HBO with nothing to gain and everything to lose were lying.”

    Yeah kind of strange if you pull up stanley mcclovers facebook page and go back a few weeks you will see where HBO made a sizable donation to his “Big Brothers” foundation. Then throw in the Ramseys are now avoiding the NCAA and Auburn’s Attorneys.

    “Nobody buys that a 5-19 coach in just two years suddenly turns into Knute Rockne.”

    Yeah that damn saban! He damn near single handedly killed the dolphins then is now king of college football? Smells fishy!

    “Nobody buys that a prominent AU booster and casino boss under heavy Federal suspicion of buying politicians wouldn’t do the same with players.”

    PBJ would be proud!!!!!Got to love Green Track!

    Guys start as many fires as you like but I PROMISE YOU that the backlash from this smear campaign will not be pleasant for bama NASHUN and the rest of these idiots that are trying to make a dime off of rumors. Hell is coming boys and its wearing Orange and Blue!

  58. Bring it on. Bama is not being investigated, but Auburn is. By the NCAA and the FBI. The fires were started by Auburn, and the new coaching staff. Blatantly committing secondary violations and taking chances on risky players. And the boosters involved in pay-for-play under Dye are still deeply involved the the Auburn football program. No one else is to blame. You have the corrupt boosters, the thug coaches, and you have the motive (Saban be the devil!). That is not a rumor. The longer this goes on the worse it will become. Remember Bama had to wait nearly 3 years before the hammer fell, but it will be a little quicker for Auburn, since the NCAA needs to quiet down the attacks and make an example of someone from the SEC. Auburn is the prime candidate.

  59. does cheezdik have any damn teeth?! im damn near willing to pay for any proof of that bible thumping meth head having any teeth!

  60. Why are there auburn fans on an Alabama Athletics fan website? Don’t they have anywhere else to go trolling?

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