You’re alone, Jay.

In the endless flow of Lee County propaganda, does anyone actually believe the blather trickling from the Auburn Athletic Director’s mouth in the press conference announcing Chizik’s new deal?

Apparently Florida didn’t. When the Gators recently needed a new coach, where did they turn? To alumnus Gene Chizik, fresh off of a national championship* in just his second year?

Nope. It appears they saw through the smokescreen too.

Fact is, as Chizik enters his fifth year as a college head coach, in years where his team didn’t buy a once in a lifetime, lightning in a bottle player, his record averages to 4-8.

And for those interested, six months after this player sprinted away in the cover of night for even more money, the NCAA is still investigating why a player would turn down $180,000 at Mississippi State to come to Auburn for free.

Cam is gone; Gus soon will be too. And soon Auburn will be stuck with a Les Miles kind of deal; a bumbling moron they can’t get rid of without breaking the bank. And I, for one, am tickled about it.

Maybe Jay is right. After some stellar (and what many call questionable) recruiting the last couple of years, what excuses will Auburn have if their $3.5 Million dollar man doesn’t produce at least nine wins this season?

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89 thoughts on “Best coach in the country?”

  1. He is 2 wins over .500 and now he is the best coach in America. That is an insult. Stoops, Brown, Saban, Jimbo, heck even Lane Kiffin is a better coach. Auburn had the luck and breaks go their way last season, they were just a few plays away from being an 8-4 team last season. Miss. St. was a wide open incompletion from beating them, Clemson took it to OT, Bama choked, but if Ingram doesn’t get the ball popped out and Bama goes up 30, Auburn doesn’t come back. It was skill that popped the ball lose, but pure luck that it goes 40+ yards through the end zone. If anything, I would say that Chizik was the luckiest coach in America last year. He will be back to a 4-8 average coach this season.

  2. Mr. Yeldon thinks pretty high of CGC. Dont worry BB the rest of the mullet wearing bammers will be here soon to help talk you down from that ledge. No matter how much you turds bitch and whine we are STILL 2010 Iron Bowl Champs, 2010 SEC Champs, and 2010 BCS Champs. The nightmare continues in tuscalooser!

  3. For the moment, “we own you.” Better take a picture of those trophies should you need to prove you once had ’em.

  4. Chizless just negotiated a deal where he still gets paid if Boogsnot U. goes on probation again.His original contract did not contain the clause. With Gus Malware being named coach in waiting, he sees the writing on the wall.How’d those coach in waiting deals work out for Texas, FSU, Maryland and West Virginia?

  5. The Barn doesn’t own anybody, even when they were barely beating crappy Alabama teams.

    Yeldon is only the money he will be making at Auburn. That’s OK though, Auburn is being watched very closely now. They have 3 investigations under way, and a source in the field tells me that half of a 9-hour day is almost totally devoted to leads regarding Auburn from reputable sources

  6. I am far from being on the ledge Mr. Cult Member. My point is one luck filled season doesn’t equal ‘greatest coach in the country’. Do it consistently over a period of time and earn that compliment the right way. Yet this is just more milking of the situation. He has already converted one fluke season into a book, a raise, and head preacher of the Auburn Cult. Like ITK said, better take some pictures, this is all y’all we be about to feel proud about for awhile. You won’t be feeling so smug and proud 11-26 this season.

  7. I don’t understand the fascination with this Dodd article. Of course the NCAA investigation into the Cam Newton scandal isn’t over. Jacobs himself has said this within the last two months. It isn’t like Dodd has broken some monster story here. It isn’t over until the NCAA says it is.

  8. Yeah dork, you won those things last year – or maybe it would be more accurate to say you stole them. Meanwhile in ’09 we did the same and did it far more impressively in every respect and without cheating or controversy. Furthermore, we were right there with you last year until the IB and will be right back there this year. Where were you in ’08 and ’09 and where are you gonna be this year fool? Do you really think anybody in the Bama nation is jealous of your shyt school? Turn loose of those ankles and get your head out of your azz. RTR!

  9. Actually, in ’09 we were right there with you until the very end. But for some reason, it is only a “moral victory” if an Auburn fan brings it up.

  10. Yeah, 2009 was the year Ben Tate was posing for the Heisman on the Iron Bowl program, and self proclaiming he was the ‘best back in the state’. We all seen how that worked out, much like we will see who the best coach and recruiter in the state is this season. And Mal Moore won’t be the one to have to make the statement, it will be echoed across the land, much like it has the last three years and running.

    2008, WDE, when Auburn was not as depleted as they are this season, Auburn got whipped 36-0. I suspect this years game will be similar, considering last Iron Bowl, and the motivation to beat Auburn this year is as high as it has ever been. All your Auburn friends here seem to think Auburn is going to continue on from last season, even though they replace nearly the whole team. And now, Chizik is ‘the greatest coach in the land’, he will be expected to do so, by a crazy and demanding fan base. Watch how quick the Fambly turns when Chizik has a losing season.

  11. And Auburn continues to outshine bama with the addition today of their 9th commit, 4 Star RB TJ Yeldon.

    So in Rivals thats:

    Auburn-9 commits: 7-**** 2-***
    Alabama-13 commits: 5-**** 8-***

  12. Funny how the greatest coach in the land has padlocked the intramural fields at Cornhole U. and denied deserving students rightful access.And this comes just days after the SEC banned 7 on 7 camps. The reason given by the disgrunted barner is they plan to use them for football camps.

  13. What’s funny is the obseesed white trash Barner posting on a rival website calling others “obsessed.” CUE the “Im only here cause u guys talkin bout my tree huggin school.”

  14. Versho, wonder where Yeldon will end up when the NCAA gives the okay for barner players to transfer?

  15. Where the hell did versho come from ? Who the hell brags about having a better recruiting class in June?

  16. versho is hanging on every little thing he can until Ass-Whooping day 11-26-2011. He knows it is coming, and The Best Coach In The Countryâ„¢ won’t be able to help him.

  17. Please, Bamabino, spare me your feigned concern for the plight of the Auburn student who has been denied his rightful access to the intramural fields. The reality is that in the summer no one uses those fields except for fraternity guys on new row who hit golf balls into it. And those are only being used right now because the practice facility is still being constructed.

    And where do you get the idea that this is a 7 on 7 camp? Do you just make sh!t up for fun? Guess what is going on in Tuscaloosa right now? A football camp! And guess where the players are staying? Tutwiler! How dare The University of Alabama deny “deserving” students an on-campus living facility during the summer.

  18. WoeEagleinTTown,why are you disregarding a legitimate gripe from one of your own? Nor did I ever say the fields would be used for 7 on 7 camps. Nice deflection.

  19. Yup ..JJ said it. I suppose that he believes that CGC is the best. I don’t, and most reasonable Auburn fans don’t. I say that it is not possible to pick out the best coach in the nation. Picking a group of the best 5-10 would be reasonable.

    Does this statement by the Auburn AD really warrant the silly anger you rednecks display on this blog?

  20. Scardbuttsky couldn’t resist throwing his penny’s worth in over at He thinks Cheat U. has the best assistant coaching staff in all of college football too. LMAO. These Barntopians are a hoot.

  21. No Hoopty. It is funny to watch JJ and the rest of the Auburn fanbase believe that they have hired a coach that is only two games over .500, yet he is a better coach than Saban. Not just him, but everyone else too. When the rest of the country considers Saban one of, if not the best coach in college right now. You can see the desperation on Auburns part to want to be perceived as greater than Bama. Some things will never change.

  22. 28-27 still stings like a whip across the ass, doesnt it Crimsonturd and Bamabimbo? New 4 star recruit Jaquay Williams, best receiver in GA. How you like them apples LOSERS.

  23. Auburn Coach who is only 2 games over .500 just watched lil nicky (who is under .500 against Auburn for his career) puke all over himself in last years IB. Even at the crapstone saban can only muster a .500 record against Auburn. Hey did Auburn add ANOTHER 4 star today? Only thing more impressive then the amount of stars that CGC and company are adding to Auburn is the amount of stars saban is cutting trying to get under 85. I think all of you turds are about to be wittness to the dark side of sabans so called “process”. Its all down hill from here gumps. Like the name says “we own you”. Oh as for you crimsonshite. This strange sexual position you are talking about (ankle grabbing etc) must have been taught to you by your mexican lot lizards. Good thing you dont live in Alabama, Because all of your STD mules would have to be deported come september.

  24. Auburn doesn’t own anything, even when they barely beat those crappy Bama teams from ’03-07 (NO 2005 was NOT a great year). Last year’s 28-27 victory over a 3-loss team was pure shithouse luck. On 3 straight possessions, Richardson dropped a sure TD pass, Ingram fumbled on his way to end zone, and our FRESHMAN right guard did not finish a play when his QB fumbled. Are these excuses? If they are, why do Auburn fans feel the need to defend their TAINTED TITLE on their RIVAL’S WEBSITE? IT’S TAINTED!!! Cecil Newton is a pimp and Auburn UNiversity is a DIRTY WHORE….Chizik will not win consistently with his own players

  25. If your coaches can’t coach up players better than that, they don’t deserve their inflated salary.

  26. One more thing, midget nickie is old and balding. He is also scared because he knows Coach Chizik and his staff are all young bucks and can run circles around him and his old pitiful excuse for a coaching staff. You bammers, drunkard bear, and your whole school are a total joke! Auburn has no respect for you morons because we are the school of the present and future! Plus, we are the current NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! NANENANEBOOBOO!!! bammers and mulletheads suck!

  27. I hope SnotTard U.’s coaches can coach up all those walkons that dominated that farce of a spring game.Enjoy 5-7 again.

  28. LOL, Robert’s back or is it hoopity hoe? Funny how Robert just reappears out of nowhere. Nanny nanny boo boo?! Hahahaha. NICE. Still doesn’t change the fact that Auburn University is a dirty whore, Chizik is a GD LIAR who had his lawyers put in a clause in his contract where Auburn can’t fire him in the midst of an NCAA investigation. That has angered some staff members at the NCAA. The Auburn Creed is a worthless piece of shit

  29. Did anyone catch the excerpts from Jizzlips’ new book where he touts $Cam as an upstanding Christian role model?

  30. Rc, looks like I struck a nerve by your reaction. You idiot bammers talk about Coach Chizik needing to prove himself, but how about shorty (satan) proving herself?! He had one LUCKY season at tuscaloser because of Fat Codi! Utah beat the holy s@$t out of you delusional apes after a Meyer coached UF team embarrassed you! I don’t post on here often because you losers are a waste of my time! My 14 yr old daughter even got bored with you idiots (besides the fact that some of you updyke lookalikes are plain old perverted ummm Rc). Don’t get frustrated about the fact that AU is back on TOP and will stay there little girl!!!

  31. Oh, Robby, you don’t strike a nerve with me. I LOVE you on here and your little whore daughter. What was her name again? Or are you one and the same? BTW, Trooper Taylor is buying pussy for Auburn recruits to get them to committ. Story will break in a few days. Tell your little whore to go to bed

  32. By the way, I post using my true name because I am not ashamed of my opinion you bammer faggots! I live in Florence,AL. Look me up sometime rednecks! Oh yeah, oatmeal creampies are for short balding midgets!

  33. Rc, post your true name and address, and I will personally come beat you down! I am not joking about this. My daughter posted on here some a month or so ago and told me some stuff you were saying. I realize that you might think that we are one and the same, but we aren’t. I told her to stop posting when I heard about the banter back and forth. So, final word from me is that if you say something about my 14 year old daughter again, I guarantee you that I will find you and beat the holy shit out of you! If you think this is an idle threat you are wrong you pervert! Look us up on Facebook if you think we are the same. I mean what I’m saying. You need to chill on my daughter, you can give me all the help you want. It is all kind of fun to me.


  35. LOL @ ROBERT! HAHAHAH, please produce these so called conversations. Now, go put on your makeup. OOOH, Dire consequences. Robert or Roberta has a split personality. He’s his daughter and himself

  36. OH, BTW, Robert Gerrard, if that was your daughter, she is a whore. G’Night. Yeah, I’m really going to post my true name and address for this psychotic guy who probably pimps out his whore daughter much the same way Cecil pimped out Cam to Auburn University

  37. BAMABINO, look me up on FB, you will see I’m no girl. However, my 14 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS. Emily is her name! So like I said, no big deal. Rc just needs to chill on the daughter stuff. I can handle whatever you throw my way. It’s just entertainment.

  38. Hey you guys,

    My daughter Emily cookin up some porridge for the Sausage Festival at our house on Saturday. Be sure to bring plenty of weiners.

  39. My name is Emily now, and my daddy wants you to look us up on facebook so he can see if that facebook tracker that sees who views the profiles actually works. Don’t forget to bring the weiners and my buns will be ready

  40. Rc, I don’t know why you are continuing this! I understand that it would be hard for me to find out who you are, but I definitely will try if you continue. I told you that my daughter does not post any longer. She thought it was funny when I showed her how irritated you guys get. I told you to look us up if you don’t believe. Now, please lay off the family.

  41. Robert,

    You are a crackhead. First, you don’t know who you are dealing with. I will wipe the floor with your ass. GUARANTEED. SECOND, unless you want Protective Services at your door and a lengthy court battle while your so called daughter is in foster care, fine by me. Keep talking shit.


    ROBERTA IS ON THE LOOSE. He’s no Updyke. He only poisoned a tree that cult members worship! This guy is out for HUMAN blood!

  43. I don’give a shit who’s computer you look us up from or what redneck bammers name you are logged in with. I’m telling you that I think that you are a tacky and perverted coward and I hope that whoever runs this site let’s you know that you better tone it down a notch. I am getting really really angry! I mean fun with the back and forth is one thing, but you’ve gone a little far.

  44. Robert,

    You are not representing the Auburn fambly very well. Would Gene Chizik be proud of your un-Christian behavior? I mean, I know he had 5 players rob an unarmed trailer park, but come on!!

  45. You are a truly gay faggots coward. I live at 167 kimbrough lane in Florence Alabama. Now, why don’t you tell me where you live, or either come visit my house you little bitch.

  46. Take het 20 toward savannah, tn. Turn onto co. Rd. 12, then lft on co rd 19, then right onto kimbrough lane. Second house on left bitch!

  47. Hello, I don’t hear you Rc?! Hopefully we can drop this and continue to have a little rivalry fun on here. After all it is just a game.

  48. Rc, I think That I found out who you are. Oh lordy sakes alive. What are you gonna do now?!?

  49. Um Roberta, I was SLEEPING while you were still on your little diatribe. And, NO, you are a CRACKHEAD if you think I’m actually going to meet you at your house while you and your incestuous daughter try to ambush me.

    You are funny, Roberta. You actually believe that ppl here are going to think OR EVEN CARE that you won an Internet argument or you are some tough guy because you post trash behind a computer. Do you and your daughter sleep together and boink each other also? Keep posting trash, and the LAW will be at your door before I get there. The only time I will show up is five years from now to check to see if your skanky daughter, IF SHE EXISTS, is legal yet

  50. Versho,

    Saban will get his recruits. It’s only June idiot. Plus, you do realize these are NON BINDING now, right? I suspect a few or more will decommit once the NCAA sends them their Letter of Inquiry. Oh, it’s on their way. My source in the field tells me it won’t arrive until the last week in August. Stick your head in the sand as the rest of the members in your cult have done, so the pain won’t be as bad. Trooper will AGAIN be under investigation before too long for buying pussy for recruits

  51. “My sources”

    If I had a dollar for everytime an Alabama fans makes a claim about Auburn using sources…

    Good luck with all of that. Meanwhile, Auburns dominance over bama continues. Be a lot of sad little men after Auburn makes it 9 of the last 12 and saban not only has a losing record against Auburn (which he already does) but will have a losing record against Chizik too.

  52. Versho,

    there is no dominance anymore. Only a dumb ass Auburn fan seriously considers victories over Shula or Fran coached teams worthy of a conversation. Check back with me in 5 years and we will see who has won more. Not only that, the ONLY stat that matters is Alabama’s overall 40-34-1 lead in the Iron Bowl. Since you cock suckers including Emily think you can cherrypick which stats to count and claim dominance, I’m stating that a 6-game series lead makes you and other Auburn fans still our little brother. Congratulations are in order for Auburn FINALLY beating a decent Alabama team for the first time since the Stallings rea, albeit a 3-loss team by one point that had graduated a majority of the defense from the previous year. Even though it ended up being TAINTED like Auburn’s Title

  53. And YES, I have one main source who’s VERY close to the investigations. What’s this I hear about Trooper Taylor buying snatch for recruits?

  54. Rc, I’m done with you. You aren’t worth the time. You are weird, gross, and perverted. This morning, I reread Our conversations and felt embarrassed that you made me mad enough to stay up so late and waste my time. I’m not proud of that fact. Anyway, that being said, Bama and nickie still suck!

  55. Robert, you have to be the dumbest SOB alive. You don’t know RC or anyone else on this board. You post your address and driving directions…..and tell everyone you have a 14 yr old daughter !!! You know people read this blog without posting. I don’t give a sh** how tough you think you are, there is always someone a little tougher and crazier than you ever thought about. You let Alabama – Auburn banter basically endanger your child. I would be ashamed if I was you too. I feel sorry for your daughter that her dad is such a dumb-ass.

    You are a typical Auburn fan…..,no brains, no logic, no sense, no class, and soon no title.

  56. Whore Eagle,

    Robert, the dumb ass, will now create a new identity, MO, and ethnicity now that he’s been exposed as the typical, dipshit, white trash Auburn fan that he is. He’s probably done it already

  57. What do 14 year old Auburn girls from Florence scream during sex?


  58. LOL @ Bambino!

    Robert, the dumb ass, will have another screen name soon and will post, “I only come on here to defend my white trash Auburn.” SOB, Whine, TEARDROP

  59. roberta came on here to troll, but he got mad instead. Typical of all the Auburn trolls here.

  60. I think that’s about the third 10 win mama team in the last decade auburn has beaten. When’s the last time Alabama beat a good auburn team? And now u pick which coaches we can brag about beating? I guess u don’t count any victories over Barfield do u?

  61. FIRST, Nobody in their right mind except a DA, white trash Auburn fan counts Fran and Shula. THose were fluke 10-win seasons cushioned among 4,6,5 win team. Not consisten = Not relevant. Second, Auburn and the mayor gave Tuberville the keys to the city for beating Mike Shula. His 2008 Auburn team was picked to win the West at Media Days. Tuberville responsible for downfall. Third, Alabama is always the team that has garnered the most attention in the Iron Bowl, even with the bad press Cam Newton put out last year. Alabama set the standard of excellence and is the traditional team in the rivalry as well. Therefore, Auburn is the team that must prove they are worthy of being on the field with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Auburn has rarely had good teams where Bama had to prove themselves because they did not set the standard of excellence in the rivalry. Beating Alabama is the only thing that makes the Iron Bowl a good rivalry. Auburn is just Auburn. Whiny, white trash crybabies with an inferiority complex. Finally, BTW, Barfield only coached in 5 IRon bowls from 76-80. We won all those, but Bear made his reputation of slapping around the weak, Shug Jordan with a 13-5 record against him. Shug did win a National Title and had a stadium named for him last time that I checked.

  62. Ill help you out RC. Alabama hasnt beaten a 10 win Auburn team since 1974.


    In fact, let me give you the records of the great Auburn teams Alabama has beaten recently.


    Congratulations on all those great wins. You have to go back to 1994 (when Auburn was on probation so according to you bammers it doesnt really count) to find an Alabama team with a win over a good Auburn team. Then you have to go back to 1984 to find the next one.

    You beat us when we’re bad. We beat you when you’re good, at home and up by 24 points with a preseason #1 team full of top ranked recruiting classes.

    War Damn Eagle.

  63. versho, you will be bad this year, so go ahead and mark down ASS-WHOOPIN for 11-26. I don’t care if you have a good team or a bad team, a win is a win, and Bama has more of them than Auburn PERIOD. Over 100 more. If Auburn is so great, where are all of the SEC Championships? National Championships? You don’t have them because Auburn has ALWAYS been just a middle of the pack team. BAMA will always be your daddy, Auburn will never surpass in Bama in anything, except probations and major violations.

  64. You keep moving the goal posts dumbass. First Auburns wins over bama the last decade didnt werent important because of who the coach was and now its “I dont care if you have a good team or a bad team, a win is a win”

    You have to be about the dumbest bam ive ever encountered. Stick to one idiot statement at a time please, and try to remember it the next time an Auburn fan shows you up.

  65. Versho,

    NO IDIOT EXCEPT the Auburn trolls count 2002 and 2005. Where is Fran & Shula now boy?! I’ve told your dumb ass that 2010 is acceptable despite the 3 losses, and I DID say earlier that you beat a couple decent Stallings teams. HOWEVER, I ALSO said Alabama is really the only measuring stick in the Iron Bowl, meaning you beating us carries more weight than we beating you. You HAVE to beat us to feel good about yourselves. We don’t respect Auburn EVER because when they do win, they’re usually cheating. SEE LAST YEAR with CAM the SCAM

  66. Versho,

    there’s NO WAY some WHITE TRASH AUBURN UNIVERSITY fan can ever show us up. You need Alabama as a measuring stick of success, we do not need that hayseed University in Lee County

  67. I find it ironic that once again an Aub is using a specific time frame to make a grandiouse claim. Gene Chizik was damn close to being unemplyed a couple of years back with a 5-19 record. No he is supposed to be the best coach in the country. Yeah… right…

  68. versho, I never said that any game didn’t count. Go back and check every post I have made, and you will realize how stupid you look right now. I think they all count, and when you add them all up, Bama has won more. FACT. How simple do I have to make it for you to understand? Auburn math doesn’t count. You are such an idiot. If you were really a smart Auburn fan, you wouldn’t even be here to start with. I promise you, you will never see me on a Auburn site arguing with the loons there. I could care less what any of you guys think about Bama. But you watch who you think you are calling out, be sure to get your facts straight first, dumbass.

  69. My point is (and the reasonable Auburn fans agree) is that they do all count. However, if Auburn fans continue to discount the overall series which included a quarter century (and some random after) major ass beatings, them I’m going to discount the Shula, Curry, and the last Fran year due to the circumstances. See, I know they all count, but so does the quarter century of dominance that made Alabama THE ONLY TEAM THAT MATTERS in the State of Alabama. It still has not changed to this day, and Auburn is still the Little Brother because of what happened under Bryant. CASE CLOSED. Moving on, next case

  70. I agree RC, you can’t pigeon hole the numbers and only count what goes into your favor. To me, use the whole record, or you don’t see the real picture. Sure, Auburn has gained some ground with winning six in a row, and going undefeated last year. Bama won nine in a row, yet to Auburn people 6>9. Sure Auburn won the National Championship last season. Yet to Auburn fans, 2>13. The whole record shows that Bama has more overall wins, 3 times as many SEC Championships, 5 times as many National Championships, yet Auburn is somehow superior than Bama because of one fluke season. There is no way they come close to duplicating it next season. Auburn has not been consistently good, just an average team that has a good season from time to time. Bama averages those good seasons more than Auburn, historically. Thats why there are more wins, championships and such. But dumbass Auburn fans like versho here fail to see simple logic and would rather believe a convoluted use of the numbers, only accepting a certain amount of them, all because they can’t accept that Bama is the football king in this state. It is why the rivalry exists so much to start with. Auburn wants to be like Alabama.

  71. Is that why you constantly talk about lil brother then? So worried that us Aubs dont see the whole truth huh. I’m pretty aware that this should’nt be a championship season for us, but I also know that the wheels aint falling off our program. I see Bama is doing great in recruiting, but in cased you have your head in the sand, you might want to tell Big Brother that Auburn is as well, or have you been missing that on purpose? You better get us this year, cause its going to be your easiest chance for the forseeable future. And by the way, how about all that damning evidence coming out of that bingo trial. Wow, I am totally shocked….LMAO, what a bunch of booger pickers and liars.

  72. It will be okay FBJ. Talk big about the future. Nothing will change. Bama will always be Bama, and Auburn will always be, well, Bamas little sister.

  73. If you say so Brandy. I can deal with that. Must have been a miserable day for you last November, huh? Losing to little sister in that fashion. On nation tv at that. You people love to talk about this “barnegedden” fairytale, but you better hope to God Saban doesnt choke in this years Iron Bowl. Against a “under manned” Auburn team. Then you will truly see what a meltdown is all about.

  74. FBJ,

    Tuberville’s players and the one man team are gone, so there will be no choking. The only choking will be from Auburn when Chizik’s players are not living up to their expectations from 2012 forward. That SR class that Tuberville recruited and the purchased QB were more redponsible for the success than the toothless, gutless lying ass Chizik. He is a hypocrite just like the rest of the Auburn people. Preach the gospel and pay the players. They better give Malzahn a lifetime contract

  75. FBJ, you just need to worry about being bowl eligible. I feel pretty confident Saban will use the 28-27 to get the ultimate motivation for this years team. Ask Florida and Michigan State about playing a revved up motivated Bama team. I hope he runs up the score in your own backyard. And talk about choking… that’s what Auburn has been known for, and why they rarely ever even get a chance to play for championships. ASS-WHOOPIN DAY IS A COMIN’ 11-26 FBJ. Better hope you don’t have many injuries this year after playing with that target on your back.

  76. I’d say you little panty wankers better watch out for LSU. You discounted their team and coach last year and he made your red headed DC (the guy who nobody remembers his name cause he is Saban’s flat headed beer stand), I think it is Scott Farkus, got beat down like a retarded piñata. I think Tatoo was pisses too. He was pacing back and forth like a cockroach on a stovetop.

    Anyways, AU will have some problems this year due to the O line. But I still think we will be good enough to beat your choke “dynasty” team this year.

    RC you are a sick fuck, the guy asks you to keep the family out of it, I guess you can’t because you are so used to fucking your own family including your tick laden coonhound. Your mom should have pissed you out when your dad shot you, the double tailed birth defect sperm into your mom’s fishy cunt. Blowtide Loser, hope you don’t fall down a flight of stairs.

  77. Nicket, Bama lost 9 starters on defense last year and still won 10 games, and the three we lost were in question until the very end.

    Auburn loses all but three starters by my count, most importantly the freakshow you had at QB last season. Still, with him in the backfield, AU had to come from behind 8 times.

    He’s gone now, and so is your hopes in game 12. Barrett Trotter simply scares the life out of me.

  78. No one has hardly beat Saban two years in a row in his career. And Gus don’t play on the field, and trick plays won’t get you by next season. Which will be what Gus will rely on because he won’y have the talent, experience or depth to make it through a tough SEC schedule. By the time they get to Bama, Auburns season will already be over. That ass-whoopin is coming. Most realistic Auburn fans know it.

  79. You are a total moron. LSU is not stuck with Les Miles and he is by no means a babbling idiot. Seems to me that LSU has constantly slapped your overrated Tide around over the last 11 year with an 8-3 record and even with your sellout Saban, LSU has matched them and the two wins in the last four years came when LSU had two down years. Look for LSU to slap your overrated Tide around again this season. You are an arrogant Bammer piece of crap who as most Bammer fans has his head stuck up in the clouds. You could have left Les out of this, but when you slam our coach, I’m going to smack on your crap overrated program that thrives on living way in the past!

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