The scariest thing about doing business with a piece of garbage like Cecil Newton is the waiting game.

It’s not a matter of if he’ll open his mouth and say too much, but a matter of when.

And as the investigation Auburn fans said was over rambles on, as spoken from the lips of the man at the center of it, it’s Auburn that will continue to inherit the aftermath for years to come.

Yesterday’s story in the Charlotte Observer should be disturbing to Auburn fans because it points out that papa Newton in his narcissism just doesn’t know when to shut up.

And now that the Newtons are in a new town, there are a whole new set of journalists who, unlike in this state, may be willing to do their jobs.

As pointed out here, Cecil’s non-denial continues to leave the can of worms he said he wanted closed wide open.

And as the Newtons continue to sail for greater shores, Auburn continues to hold the bag.

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77 thoughts on “AU holding the bag as Newtons sail on”

  1. When it all comes down on Cecil, he is going to turn on Auburn. How many Auburn fans would still approve if Auburn is caught paying for players again?

  2. Since you don’t believe anything a Auburn fan says, ask your own fanbase. They have experience in that as well…. oh wait, everybody is after Bama, thats what was said wasnt it?

  3. Brando,

    Cecil’s nondenial, denial is indeed awkward, but not troubling or certainly doesn’t cause “twitches”. Seems to me that Cecil and Cam both speak the same awkward vernacular, regardless of the subject. Look at Cam’s Heisman acceptance speech.

    Now, what hammer is gonna fall on Cecil? What type of felony do you think he has committed that will cause him to “turn on Auburn”?

    This outta be good to see what foolishness you Bammers have dreamed up. I bet the REC helped you with your creativeness by spreading ideas through the interwebs. GO ahead your stoopidity and answer those questions.

  4. I can assure you I’m not twitching. However you skoal dipping loverboys seem to do something on a constant basis that rhymes with twitch….

  5. Speaking of stupidity, check your spelling Hoopie. I live in Charlotte and there’s a large populus of Panthers fans that detest sCam Newton and the image he brings to this city.

  6. Lol squirm …twitch.. what have you! The fambly just needs to stop nibbling on the barrel and pull the fukkling trigger!!! Lmao Cecil tha diesel! !!

  7. Lol squirm …twitch.. what have you! The fambly just needs to stop nibbling on the barrel and pull the phucking trigger!!! Lmao Cecil tha diesel! !!

  8. If Cecil has the feds on him, and he is guilty of selling his sons services to Auburn, you can bet he won’t go down without taking Auburn with him. You guys stay in denial. But you have to admit that you don’t want this guy speaking to the media anymore about Auburn.

  9. What? The Newton investigation is still ongoing? Nothing like hearing it straight from the slimeballs mouth. You barntards lied to me again.

  10. They have to deny it because if there is any truth to it, they know it will be the end of Auburn football for a while. What is amazing to me is how many Auburn fans are okay with the cheating, as long as they win.

  11. Come on Brand ..try to keep up. I have always purposely spelled “stupidity” as “stoopidity” on here when referring to you bozos. I just seems appropriate.

    I still haven’t seen any of you bozos post what crimes Cecil will be charged for that will cause him to turn on Auburn. …tick …tick ..tick

    This is kinda like when I challenged you fools to a $1000 bet that Auburn never suffers any sanctions due to any of Cam’s actions. NO TAKERS.

    You guys are a bunch of biased, juvenile, 5th grade mentality, trailer dwelling, redneck, cousin humping Bammers.

    I haven’t denied the accusations. I’ve just said that there isn’t any proof. All of the same repetitive speculation that you fools engage in is really boring.

    Have an nice 4th.

  12. Brando: You Updykes need to remove the mote from your own eye before pointing one out in anyone else’s! Your comment “What is amazing to me is how many Auburn fans are okay with the cheating, as long as they win.” reeks of hypocracy! Does the name Logan Young ring any bells? What about the text book scandal or hey, while we’re at it, let’s take some of our star players on a little fishing trip! All of you updykes need to worry about your own program. Nick is no saint!

  13. Hey Baldwinbelle – The little fishing trip was with an AU booster. And the little fishing trip doesn’t even come close to what is going on at Auburn. It’s pathetic when you have to pay players to get them to come there in the first place. Logan Young paid Means to sign with Alabama and he never played a down there. And look what happened…so if I were you, I would be worried about the death penalty Auburn is facing because Scam played every down. Not to mention other players who received cash, unmarked ATM cards, i-phones, etc. But to sum it all up, you AU fans wouldn’t be on this site all the time if you were not worried about what is coming to Auburn University. Face it….the truth will set you free.

  14. ITK said:

    “… It’s not a matter of if he’ll open his mouth and say too much, but a matter of when.”

    You know them preacher’s ALWAYS have SOMETHING to say!

  15. Auburn is left holding a bag. A bag that has a 2010 Iron Bowl Trophy, 2010 SEC Championship Trophy , and THE 2010 BCS National Championship Trophy inside!!! God watching you turds just make up things to be happy about is AWESOME!!!! Whats next on Days of our life? ROFLMFAO!!!!

  16. It’s funny how all you Auburn crybabies wailed and moaned about Saban oversigning and the bump rule, yet your program IS being accused of improper recruiting tactics and possibly paying for Cam Newton. You all deny it is going on, yet Cecil and any Auburn official or player being asked has no comment on an ongoing investigation. Worst case scenario for you guys is this could all be true. Not one of you Auburn cult members here can prove, without a shadow of a doubt that Auburn isn’t guilty of something or the NCAA wouldn’t be expanding their investigation like they have. If half of what they are accused of is true, you guys will be crying for YEARS. But remember, Ass-Whooping Day is November 26 this season. So celebrate that National Championship for another 60 something days, because your team sure as hell won’t defend it.

  17. Brought the heat? Sounds like she just regurgitated some BS from an LSU message board. You people still believe that stuff? What are you going to do when the McGregor trial ends without hearing the “Trooper Taylor tapes?” “Uh, we meant it would come out in the Lowder trial. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

  18. WDEinTTown, we own you (giggle):

    I’ve already told you crybabies COUNTLESS TIMES that my source in the field is telling me this is a HEATED ongoing investigation. The compliance officers careers could be ruined before this is all over with. If I have to keep repeating myself, I will find a way to have you guys bounced from this website. THINK OBJECTIVELY.

  19. FYI,

    You don’t have to believe me. I know you’re currently living in denial about the whole thing. I WILL BE HERE TO RUB SHYT IN YOUR FACE WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR LOI. WILL YOU? I’m betting not you coward

  20. Brando says, “Not one of you Auburn cult members here can prove, without a shadow of a doubt that Auburn isn’t guilty of something…”

    I love this comment because it truly captures the crux of the argument. I’m going to let you guys in on a basic tenant of science and logical thought. You CANNOT prove the non-existence of something. In science, we refer to this as not being able to prove the null. In statistics, we test the null hypothesis and either reject it or fail to reject it… We would never accept it. If you don’t want to take my word on this, take a few minutes and go look it up yourself. Otherwise, you guys will continue to present yourselves as ignorant. It’s probably better to stick with comments that you have evidence to support. Oh wait, you don’t have that… LOL!!

    RC, I’ll be happy to come back here if something ever comes up that suggests AU is guilty. I’m not sure were this “coward” comment is coming from. Perhaps you are projecting your own insecurities.

  21. Those of you who are so sure that AU will get a LOI and go on probation need to put your money where your mouth is. And do it in a verifiable way. This is where comes in. On Intrade, you can create a contract that can be wagered on by others. For example you could create the contract “Auburn University will receive a letter of investigation from the NCAA by 12.12.31.” Those who don’t believe this will happen will “sell” it and those who do will “buy” it. What do you say? Who is man enough to actually do this?

  22. I think that what was committed – was the perfect crime. The money was laundered through multiple channels – love offerings at revival tents – the “magic slot” at Victoryland – you know – the one that Larry hit jackpot on all night … they did a fine job with laundering the money – and dammit – give them the credit.
    Crime well done.

  23. Ill bet you $10,327.53! we can set up a pay pal is my email so get with me on the specifics next week sometime! I ain’t the type That’s gonna sit there and tell you that im gonna whip your ass and how im gonna do it.I just walk up and commence to beating your eyes out and the bet is the same principle straight the fuk up! So line it up and lets wait. Better yet lets put that $20655.06 into a Cd or some kind of interest earning commodity!!!!

  24. WDE in Ttown:

    I know most Auburn people are filthy ass gamblers like MCGregor and steal people’s money like Lowder, but I will not stoop to the Auburn level. My satisfaction comes from my source’s knowlege that justice will eventually prevail. It always does

  25. WDEdumbphucker, when PBjr is arrested let us know. He’s not the one on trial in Montgomery.

  26. I didn’t say he anything about him being arrested or being on trial. I only alluded to the fact that he has been in the gambling business.

  27. And I don’t get you people trying to make McGregor the face of Auburn University. He is rich and has made some generous contributions to Auburn University over the years but you people are trying to turn him into the Phil Knight of Auburn athletics.

    And I think you’ll be hard pressed to find many Auburn people who have any sympathy for him. I certainly don’t.

  28. He is just part of the long history of Auburn and corrupt boosters. That is all we need to know about him.

  29. FYI, you still can’t prove Auburn isn’t guilty. Now shut the hell up. Scientifically speaking, of course, you are full of fecal matter.

  30. Brando, are you really that dense? Please go read my post again. It’s impossible for anyone to prove a non-truth. For example, I could say Bama paid for Calloway… Now prove it’s not true. You can’t because I can always argue there is evidence that hasn’t yet been revealed. This isn’t rocket science, but it is a basic cornerstone of science, statistics and our current legal system. Why do you think the burden of proof in a court case lies with the prosecutor? Surely that taught you guys better than that at UA.

  31. the ncaa doesn’t have an OPEN INVESTIGATION in the calloway situation! They sawvthat for what it was…a disgruntled delusional awburnite such as yourself was just mad about the barn being set on fire so he conjured up a fairy tale! Whats so bad is that all you goat herding blow hards are this mad with just the barn being set on fire. Can’t wait to see how y’all react when the Bitch burns to the ground! Ill be there when it does too! Ill be the one making s’mores!!!

  32. FYI, you are the one that is really being dense. There is no NCAA investigation into Calloway. FACT. But there is at Auburn. With Cam Newton, and with Auburns recruiting practices. Another FACT. See, your theories and Auburn bull-sh!t ‘science’ don’t mean anything when you are dealing with FACTS.
    See, I can prove that Auburn is under investigation by pointing out to you quotes from news articles from people like Cecil, people from the NCAA, etc. I didn’t make any of it up. It is not a theory, educated guess, or REC conspiracy. Remember, a FACT is more solid than a THEORY.
    Now prove that Bama is under investigation with Calloway. That is just called an outright LIE. So, quit getting your FACTS confused as being equal as a LIE, and I won’t confuse you with being a DUMBASS LIAR.

  33. Oh yea fyi in case you didn’t already know an envelope With a handwritten address brought down the death penalty for SMU and just one insignificant disgruntled player! The barn has the 4 horsemen and a plethora of “evidence” that overshadows that of the SMU SLAUGHTER! btw didn’t awbarn win the SEC and BCS TITLES last year? Sad that y’all can’t enjoy it instead of constantly defending that cow college of yours……WOE IS YOU!

  34. Sing It Chaz Ramsey!Sing that song boy. Sing it loud and strong. What a beautiful voice he has.

  35. I hear ya bamabino tell them phucking awbs that denial ain’t just a river in Egypt! !!

  36. Had some things to say but so far I see you guys are doing a pretty good job of dusting Barnturd azzes on this particular thread. I’ll leave it at that. Just one thing to keep the record straight Bamagirl; Albert Means played sparingly in 4 games at Bama before he transferred. But the NCAA didn’t see fit make us forfiet them. As for that fishwife Baldwinbelle; yes to you it is Saint Saban or else how could he dance around the edges of the rules so much and never get busted. How many NCAA rules does YOUR coach have named after him. Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

  37. Now you’re changing your story. Your original statement was that we couldn’t prove AU isn’t guilty of something. That isn’t the same thing as saying we can’t prove AU isn’t under investigation. AU is being investigated. That is obvious. Hell, even Jacobs admits it. UA isn’t under any investigation. That is true as well. But that isn’t what FYI said. He said you can’t prove UA didn’t pay Brent Calloway. Those are two different things. UA probably didn’t pay Calloway. But as FYI said, you can’t prove a non-truth. So I can say “prove to me UA didn’t pay for Calloway.” You can point to the fact that their isn’t an investigation but that isn’t the same thing as proving it didn’t happen. Hell, there isn’t an investigation into AU paying Bo Jackson but most of you probably believe it happened. Therefore, by your own logic, The absence of an investigation isn’t the absence of proof.

  38. Comparing Calloway allegations and comparing the Cam scam, the four pay-for-play, plus all of the things other things is a stupid point to make. Look at it like this: Since Bama is not under investigation for Calloway, there is a 0% chance Bama will be found guilty of anything. On the other hand, you have Auburn with multiple investigations into the football program, so odds are at least 50% that Auburn is guilty of one or more infractions. FACTS. Not a THEORY, or OUTRIGHT LIE, that you seem to be wanting to compare the FACTS too. Comparing Auburns issues with your allegations with Calloway is a very weak comparison.

  39. The only reason I am responding to this is that I am seriously worried about your cognitive abilities. No one is saying the University of Alabama committed a violation in their recruitment of Brent Calloway. No one is comparing the Calloway story with the Cam Newton story. No lies, no wild theories. What we are doing is showing you how it is logically impossible to prove a non-truth.

    So again, you can relax. No one is claiming UA paid Calloway, his parents, his third cousin’s ex-girlfriend, or did anything illegal or against the rules in their recruitment of Calloway. Maybe you can look past this issue and finally understand what is being discussed.

    Here is an example outside the realm of sports. I’m claiming that there exist a deity called the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can’t prove to me that the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t exist. Go ahead, try.

  40. Great posts WDE!! It’s really amazing to me that the abstract point of my example is completely lost on these guys. If they would calm down and actually read the original post, they might realize that the Calloway example was chosen because there’s no real evidence to support it, which emphasizes the ridiculous notion of telling someone to provide evidence it didn’t happen. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, however, given the high correlation between abstract reasoning and IQ.

  41. Weedintinsletown I called u on your bet so put up or shut up! Fyi ill match your hourly rate for 6 months if your IQ is higher than mine! You comparing the calloway “situation” to the newton “investigation” is as laughable as when you cross dressed as Tina turner and sang whats love got to do with it after scammy was outed by MSU! You awbs don’t know whether or not to Shit or go blind you all may as well close one eye and fart! Keep talking in circles maybe you two will eventually get sick and drown in your own vomit!

  42. Auburn is going to get in trouble, Bama is not. You are trying to illustrate a point, using Calloway as an example. I say that is a bad example, because the Calloway stuff is crap made up, and Jeff Lee has backtracked on it.

    The Auburn allegations, they are real. See, you are trying to say that they are made up, and there is nothing to it, like the Calloway allegations. I say that is a bad example. I say there is something to them, and they are not made up, like the Calloway allegations were. There is enough suspicion there to warrant several NCAA investigations. If there wasn’t something there, they wouldn’t be looking. Cams dad confirmed they were still looking into Cams recruitment, and Jay Jacobs has confirmed they are looking into several areas of recruiting that has nothing to do with Cam. Why would it take so long if Auburn is clean as you say?

    You guys don’t think Auburn is guilty of anything. You think there is no real evidence. That is your right. You have a 50-50 shot at being right. Saying that Bama is in trouble over Calloway, you have a 0% chance of being right, because there is no investigation going on. I CAN prove Auburn is under investigation. You CAN’T prove Bama is, so your logic is flawed. It is not the same. So by using your ‘abstract reasoning’, Ulysses Everett T. McGill, I have a 50% chance of being right about Auburn. So I would say that both of you have twisted and deflected the FACTS over and over, trying to somehow link your troubles to Bama by some weird Auburn abstract math, and both of you still look stupid in the end.

  43. As I have said in the past, my source has told me that Auburn’s cheating is a daily topic in Indianapolis as the Cam Newton/recruiting services/Chaz Ramsey investigation rages on. Stay tuned the week of August 22

  44. bamagirl: As I recall, Julio was one of the bammers on that fishing trip. If you think your slate is clean, then you live in a dream world. I don’t condone cheating and NEVER have but until you updykes can show me proof (and NOT blog accusation and updyke speculation) that Cam was paid to play at AU, then keep living in this dream world you’re in. BYW, Finebaum loves you guys! This crap feeds his otherwise pitifull radio show!

  45. After the Bammer Athletic Dept announced minor violations, you still want to harp on the Auburn story? 16 violations in Bammer football alone!

    “Let him who is without sin”

    “Ranging from improper recruiting text messages to selling complementary game tickets, the Alabama athletic department committed 44 minor NCAA rules violations the past two years.

    The school released the list of secondary NCAA violations committed from July 1, 2009, through Thursday on its website Friday. Sixteen involved the football program and two were for men’s basketball.”

  46. Bammergirl10;

    Not only did Albert Means play for Bammer a couple of years, he left Bammer in shame when he found out he had been sold without his knowledge and transferred to Memphis. He later flunked out of school.

    Get your facts straight before you make a FOOL of yourself!

  47. Damn Indiana ball knows alot about bama!obsessed much? Since you know so much about bama and so little about the volunqueers why don’t u stop fighting the urge and just come on over to greener pastures?

  48. Yeah Indiana, if you want to know everything Auburn, this is the place for you lol. For real though, I would like to take this time to wish all the people on here a Happy 4th of July. Have fun, relax, but by all means, make sure you pull your bbq grill a good distance from your homes….it’s a bytch for a firetruck to try to pull into a trailer park.

  49. No one is denying Bama hasn’t been guilty. We know that. Bama has paid the price. Now UT gets to pay, and soon it will be Auburn paying up. Except what Auburn is being accused of makes Bama and UT violations look like childs play. But that isn’t the topic.

    The topic has been about Auburn getting caught. We think it is funny coming from Auburn people slamming Bama for things a few years ago, now it is Auburn being accused, and they all stick their heads in the sand while screaming, Bama did it too! I used to hate UT more than Auburn, considered Auburn to be more like a family rivalry. But all that changed after seeing what a little success would turn you fools into. If Auburn was playing the Taliban, I would have to root for the Taliban.

  50. And just how would you know that its hard for fire trucks to get in a trailer park fbj? You’ve caught your meal on wheels afire before huh?

  51. Vol shut your phucking cumhole and go back to your suckazz infested State. You double ignorant bastard. Albert Means played sparingly in 4 games his freshman year and transferred because he didn’t want face the hate that was coming because of the shyt he and his pimp high school coach got Alabama in. The NCAA didn’t see fit make Bama forfeit those games. Now STFU and get back on your sister. That ignorant Fishwife Baldwinbelle needs to get her facts straight too, or just get back on the Shrimpboat where the smell doesn’t matter when she uncrosses her legs. RTR!

    1. Crimsonite (aka EGGHEAD WHITE);

      You are an ASS, and you prove it each time you post your blithering BS!

      Do us all a favor and clean up your act.

      Bammer fans should be embarrassed by your lack of civility!

  52. “The topic has been about Auburn getting caught”

    Now if you dont mind to take a minute out of your busy life of ……well nothing could you please tell everyone here what exactly has Auburn been “Caught” doing? Dont try to blame the actions of 4 dumb ass college students on the university either.

    Now to you crimsonshite. It still amazes me that you have to come here and spew such garbage to make you and your mexican whores think you are a man. You are the true definition of poor white trash. You couldnt have an educated conversation if your entire street corner full of illegal ho’s lives depended on it. You make every bama fan, and hard working truck driver look bad. Now please respond with yet another profanity filled post while the rest of the decent people here wonder why a human being would choose to live such a sad and filthy life.

  53. We own you – you don’t own shyt. In the 4 years he’s been here Saban has outscored your silly azzes by about 40 points. And after this year it’ll be more like 80 points. You stupid inbreds don’t even own Vanderbilt. If your candy azz can’t handle the fire then don’t come on this site and flame, especially with dumbazz facts that aren’t facts, but ignorant azz erroneous information. Updyke had the right idea, he just lacked a large enough plan. The best thing for the State of Alabama would be to Nuke Lee County! RTR!

  54. Crimsonite (aka EGGHEAD WHITE);

    You are an ASS, and you prove it each time you post your blithering BS!

    Do us alll a favor and clean up your act

  55. Hey can’t help cause he talks through his cornhole. Crimsonite is having his “bad” time of the month

  56. All those NCAA investigations say you are caught. They are not over yet, and until they release a statement saying Auburn is clean as the Virgin Mary, I will assume Auburn is guilty. The rest of the nation see you guys as a bunch of guilty cheaters too.

    1. BamaBrando (Tim? Is that you?):

      The NCAA never — NEVER! — releases any statement pronouncing a program clean. It just doesn’t happen. So if you’re hanging your crimpson hat on that, well, you’re going to be waiting a looooooooooong time.

  57. At least you are honest on your feelings Brando. It’s your choice to feel the way you do, and thats to be admired. Whats not to be admired is that trash bucket a few posts above you, that goes on constant rants about gloryholes, sperm spewing, and every other disgusting word that his little vocabulary can muster. What a piece of work he is…. and also what a piece of trash.

  58. And about that Flying Spaghetti Monster… that is a theory. You can say it exists, but I have as much of a shot of being right as you do if I say it doesn’t.

    Now back to the reality: How many college football teams have been through numerous serious and long-winded investigations with the result being an apology from the NCAA for wasting their time? You know the answer. So, odds are more than a 50% chance that this long-winded investigation into Auburn is going to find some guilt. I would say, based on past long term investigations into other schools, that Auburn has about a 90% chance of getting hit with major violations.

  59. Die Barnturds! Here’s hoping you get the death penalty in sports and lose your accreditation as a University. Hope they kick your azzes back to the dark ages. Any of you shyt holes that don’t like what I say can take your azzes back to your own barnturd site — or we could arrange a meeting – Candy Azzes!

  60. I tried that once with you, you trashy piece of crap. Keep running that mouth of yours in that sewer you live in.

  61. No azzhole you didn’t try it with me. You just ran your mouth and never did more than claim you live in McCalla or some suckazz place close by. Makes it kinda hard to narrow you down. What’s more I’m not meeting any internet azzhole in a public place cause if I need to eliminate your stupid azz I don’t want any witnesses. Your azz ‘aint worth a life in the hole. But I’m sure we could arrange something since you’re so internet brave. Or you could save everybody the grief and just your hole about Bama on a Bama site.

  62. Talk about internet bravery…. any decent father would put you in the ground my man. I ain’t like other people here that post addresses on blogs, but McCalla is all you need to know. Where is it that you run that snaggle toothed mouth of yours again??? Mexico is it? Yeah I think thats it. So when you get back around the southeast and in particular, the state of Alabama, holler at me. I’ll give you the chance to eliminate me, you filthy bastard. The rest of you have a good day.

  63. DG:

    they DO announce when an investigation is closed! My source within the organization tells me it’s become a more contested case for Auburn

  64. Moron, there aren’t any decent fathers on this site flaming for the Barnturds. If they were decent they would be doing something with their kids instead of spreading hate and discontent over here. And you anal takers started this shite long before I lost enough of my patience to get down and dirty. Before we lost to USCjr last year this was a pretty calm site. Indiana Volunqueer was our worst regular poster and after him Ballplay Indian and Omni weren’t so bad. Who knows where Omni went. He supposedly was in bad health. Ballplay let 1 year of Barnturd success go to his head like the rest of you fruit flys and got himself banned. The little fahg from UThug is still with us. Comforting isn’t it? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  65. Auburn fans should do themselves a favor and quit engaging in moral relativism. What happened at Alabama does not in any way compare to the organized cheating machine that Bobby has engaged in for over 25 years. Whan a member of your board, and yoru head coach, run a payola scheme for more than two decades you need to look in the mirror, not fo on Bama oriented blogs and attempt to spin the situation.

    Tax evasion will be the beginning of the end for you. It is about to get ugly, and you have only yourselves to blame.

  66. Yeah, all the Barnturd azzholes that keep saying the FBI isn’t interested in Aubie and doesn’t have anything on Aubie better get their heads out of the sand. Any illegal benefits are always hidden not only from the NCAA but quite naturally from the IRS. That my friend is a federal crime and that involves the FBI. With all of the allegations against Aubie for illegal benefits you can bet your sweet azz that the FBI is involved big time. Apparently you novice titty suckers are so young that you don’t remember how the NCAA used the FBI case of tax evasion to nail Bama’s azz in the Albert Means case. Adios Barnturds. RTR!

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