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The newly announced candidate for President of the Southern Baptist Convention Clint Pressley hired an illegal immigrant at his church and talked about the ‘Dreamer’ when he promoted open borders in a video posted online, the Capstone Report can reveal.

Clint Pressley, a newly announced candidate to be President of the nation’s largest Protestant Denomination, hired an illegal alien as youth minister at Hickory Grove Baptist Church. Pressley talked about the need for immigration reform based on his experiences with Dreamers.

“From my perspective as pastor at Hickory Grove here in Charlotte with a community that is filled with guys like Jose, with Dreamers that are seeking to invest their lives not only in the church but in the community, it makes perfect sense, not just for Jose but for me, it makes perfect sense, to have a legislative solution to Dreamers so we can have them as a part of not just our community but as a part of the United States of America,” Pressley said in a video posted on the Woke Twitter of Alan Cross—a pastor who has written pro-open borders opinion pieces for the leftist New York Times.  The video no longer appears to be online; however, you can watch it below.

Jose Ocampo was known to Pressley as an illegal who in 2018 campaigned for an extension of DACA. Ocampo remains listed on the Hickory Grove Baptist Church’s Staff page as of today.

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was ruled multiple times by federal courts to be unlawful. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “DACA provides immigration benefits, including lawful presence, employment authorization, and forbearance from deportation to certain aliens who are in the United States illegally. In addition to other eligibility criteria, these aliens must have been under the age of 31 on or before June 15, 2012, and have entered United States prior to 2007, thus making the eligible population between the ages of 26 to 42 years old.”

However, men like Pressley were enthusiastic about promoting this open border program.

Ocampo as early as 2017 was working with the George Soros funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) through a website NIF created and owned called According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “NIF receives millions of dollars from Soros groups, including support for its infiltration campaigns directed at evangelicals, police, and business.” You can see the DNS info linking the site to NIF here.

And Ocampo was associating with some of the Woke leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention. According to Baptist Press, Ocampo was close to Walter Strickland. Strickland is a seminary professor known to promote Critical Race Theory and admitted to the New York Times that he dishonestly promoted the ideas of Liberation Theologian James Cone to Southern Baptist pastors.

Why would a conservative allow anyone at their church to work with known racist Walter Strickland?

Perhaps Pressley is Woke himself and that’s why? After all, Pressley is a huge fan of Matthew Hall. Hall was provost at SBTS and promoted Racial Identity Politics. In fact, it was so bad that Al Mohler ordered some of Matt Hall’s works scrubbed from the Internet.

Pressley’s announcement as candidate for SBC President won praise from Woke SBC leaders like Dr. James Merritt. Dr. Merritt is instrumental in leading the right to keep churches with women pastors in the SBC. Further, Merritt defended admitted plagiarist Ed Litton and attacked Conservative Southern Baptists. Don’t forget Merritt promoted a pyramid scheme that he called better than prayer for helping the poor. Plus, Merritt defended his gay son’s preaching by attacking Trump supporters. So, that is who supports Clint Pressley. Do you understand now what is happening?