NO LIBERAL DRIFT: SBC Credentials Committee worried that expelling pro-LGBTQ church was ‘gay bashing’ and would harm church planting efforts, says member of that committee.

Pyramid Scheme promoter James Merritt: ‘There is NO DRIFT. NONE. Ignore anyone who says otherwise.’

Way back in 2019 the SBC was drifting left despite what SBC Elites like a former pyramid scheme promoter tell you. In fact, the SBC was drifting left before 2019, but what I want to point out today is a problem on the Credentials Committee in 2019—and how at least two members of the committee resisted removing a Pro-LGBTQ church from the Southern Baptist Convention, according to someone who was on that committee.

In 2019 a Georgia church was brought before the SBC Credentials Committee for changing the church’s bylaws to allow full membership and participation to practicing homosexuals. It was an “open and shut case;” however, at least two committee members pushed back on the expulsion.

One argued that this was a “slippery slope” to single out the sin of homosexuality and not expel churches with members who are engaged in heterosexual adultery. “Sin is sin,” they reasoned.

One argued that this had the appearance of gay bashing and if the SBC were to remove that LGBTQ-affirming church, then that would hinder church planting in the Northwest.

Talk about pragmatism!

Applying the Bible is a slippery slope. (Note: eventually, the church was disfellowshiped; however, it was a case that should’ve been easy for the SBC but was not.)

So, keep in mind that while the SBC’s present Credentials Committee wanted help in answering the question: What Is a Pastor?, that the leftward drift began much earlier. There are many SBC Elites who did not care that Guidepost is pro-LGBTQ.

There are members of top SBC committees who do not know the Bible or at least are afraid to apply it. This is why there is Leftward Drift.

SBC Elites tell you there is no leftward drift, for example James Merritt.

James Merritt said, “Congrats to @bartbarber on being elected SBC President. So proud of the SBC for this vote and adopting the #SATF report! Our convention is headed in the right direction and there is NO DRIFT. NONE. Ignore anyone who says otherwise.

If you aren’t willing to dismiss the evidence of leftward drift because James Merritt tells you so, then you are wise. After all, James Merritt once promoted what the FTC called a pyramid scheme. Merritt claimed the pyramid scheme offered better hope than praying for someone having financial troubles.

But no leftward drift!

Everything is fine!

Just keep sending in that money for SBC Elites to spread around with six-figure severance packages, book deals, and cushy jobs for their brats.