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Auburn’s new billboard

It’s been said before that perception is reality. If that is indeed the case, then from sea to shining sea, the “reality” is that Auburn is the dirtiest program in all of college football. Because, nationally, overwhelmingly, that is the perception. Nobody buys that Cam Newton turned down six digits to come to Auburn for […]

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Jesse Williams: The next Mt. Cody?

Last month, among the host of amazing athletes Alabama head coach Nick Saban brought to the Capstone was Brisbane, Australia native Jesse Williams. Today FoxSports offers a look at the Aussie who now calls Tuscaloosa home. Regarded as the top JUCO in this year’s class, the 6-4, 325 pound space-eater immediately drew comparisons to the […]

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What should concern Auburn fans

“That’s the paradox of success. The moment you stop to enjoy it, you are in trouble. You have to keep moving forward. It’s not what you have done that’s important. It’s where you are going.” — Alabama head coach Nick Saban That’s my favorite quote from Nick Saban, recorded within 2008′s 12-2 season. You saw […]

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Bama belongs in discussion, but not dance

Yesterday the Kentucky Wildcats obliterated the University of Alabama in the semifinals of the SEC Tournament. As the game wore on, the gap between the two teams appeared to be wider than the score. It would be the second time the Tide had its preverbial pants pulled down in primetime, the first being the spanking […]

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More Auburn players arrested; AU the new ‘Canes

Remember the Miami Hurricanes from the 80′s? Renegades. Outlaws. Thugs. The Hurricanes were a team that played dirty on the field and off. They ran their mouths. Were undisciplined, and had a win-at-all-cost mentality. They employed cheesy stunts to gain attention, and pushed the limit of brash in-your-face arrogance. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the […]

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UAB, please give up sports

When I was in the 5th grade I went camping with a group of friends and our dads. The dads stayed in one tent while the kids were in another. Everyone got along with each other just great, except for Shane. No, not the Shane from the Finebaum Show (who incidentally hasn’t been associated with […]

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Even as a pro, Dareus’ mind still on Alabama

You have to admire the class of Marcel Dareus. But even more, you have to admire the class and mindset Alabama head coach Nick Saban has brought to the University of Alabama. Saban has changed the culture in Tuscaloosa from being all about “me” to being all about “us”, and it continues to show in […]

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With the dance looming, is Bama in or out?

Well, the hay as they say is in the barn. Saturday afternoon the University of Alabama basketball team played its final game of the regular season, a 65-57 home win over the Georgia Bulldogs. According to who you’ve listened to over the past few weeks, Saturday’s game was the sixth “must win” game in a […]

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Smoke in Lee County: NCAA vs. Street Agents

Might want to find your place of safety; there are more storm clouds on the horizon. The NCAA has a mess on its hands, trying to regulate, monitor or outright get rid of the use of “street agents” used in college football recruiting. News broke yesterday that the University of Oregon is under the NCAA’s […]

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SHOCK: Smith arrested and no one reported it

For years we have beaten the drum here that there is a double standard with the media in our state. Here, friends, is yet another example. Charles Goldberg is reporting today, FINALLY….a WEEK LATER…that Auburn running back Eric Smith was arrested for third degree domestic violence. Yesterday Auburn officials announced he had been dismissed from […]

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Gators slap Bama back into reality

Well, it was a fun run while it lasted. The University of Alabama basketball team did its best impression of the Michigan State Spartans last bowl season and got their you-know-what’s handed to them in Gainsville. Luckily, not everyone has ESPNU and didn’t see it. Let’s hope the NCAA Tournament Committee doesn’t have it either. […]

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Free throws need to be fixed, behind the basket

Okay, Bama Nation, time for a little housekeeping. With only one home game left this season, let’s look ahead to the 2011-2012 basketball season. We have to get our free throw problem fixed. No, I’m not talking about our players standing fifteen feet away from the basket, shooting one and the bonus. I’m talking about […]

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Bama prepares to host the tree huggers

Tonight at Coleman Coliseum the University of Alabama basketball team will play host to the biggest embarrassment to hit the SEC since Mike Slive. Throwing out their “blind-squirrel-finds-a-nut” win at South Carolina, Auburn’s margin of defeat on the road in the SEC this year is 17-points. They boast an overall record of 9-17, and 2-10 […]

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REPORT: Alabama doesn’t own Fox Sports

After vigorous investigation this morning, has concluded that the University of Alabama neither owns nor is affiliated in any way legally or professionally with Fox Sports television. Therefore, the University of Alabama is not liable for what Fox Sports decided to air during their coverage of Saturday’s Alabama-Arkansas game. Saturday night, during the broadcast, […]

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Help for Clyde Goode

Former Tide great Clyde Goode (87-91’) is currently battling leukemia and undergoing chemotherapy. Clyde is a single father with four daughters to support. His doctors have said that he will most likely be out of work most of this year due to his treatments. With all the hysteria about saving trees, here is a human […]

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Basketball: We’re witnessing something special

If the measure of a well-coached team is seeing marked improvement as the season progresses, then what we are witnessing in Tuscaloosa is something special. Saturday night Alabama continued its furious stretch in conference play with a 69-56 win over the Arkansas Razerbacks, avenging an earlier season loss to the Hogs in Fayetteville. The Tide […]

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Williams complaint casts more dark clouds?

Now that Cam Newton is signing Under Armor deals and flashing his toothy smile for NFL representatives, the coast is clear in Lee County, right? Maybe not. Word has broken recently about Lindsey Smart’s complaint against Pinnacle Preps, LLC and Walt Williams, filed on February 12th in Washington County (Arkansas) Circuit Court, and it’s not […]

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Could Updyke get a fair trial in Alabama?

Now that the nation’s most despicable human being, Harvey Almorn Updyke, Jr., is safely locked away behind bars, it is fair to ask the question: Could this man get a fair trial in Alabama? As I write this, I am but a few moments from heading to bed where I will rest peacefully knowing that […]

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Bama wins again, controls the West

Baton Rouge, LA – The Crimson Tide (17-8, 9-2) overcame a furious start from the home standing Bengal Tigers (10-16, 2-9), but in the end it was a familiar finish for both teams. Bama would win their ninth in league play; the Tigers would drop their ninth in a row. JaMychal Green led all scorers […]

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Auburn, cry me a river about your stupid trees

Word from Auburn today confirmed reports of soil samples surrounding the live oak trees at Toomer’s Corner. They have been poisoned with lethal doses of the pesticide Spike 80DF. The Auburn president issued a statement; the trees are as good as dead. As for who did it, many point to a caller on the Paul […]

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Clowney, Dick Vitale and horrible basketball…

I’m so glad Valentine’s Day is over. Are you with me? Look, I’m a happily married man with an incredible wife and family…but is there a more obvious Hallmark holiday on our calendar each year than Valentine’s Day? When standing in line to buy flowers, candy and other junk I get the same sinking feeling […]

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SEC, make Vandy move their @*#$ benches

Dear Commissioner Mike Slive, Since you have nothing better to do but keep watch for fax girls, would you please get off your pasty, old, white duff and make Vanderbilt move their benches to where virtually every other bench resides at every level of basketball? I mean, from Upward basketball leagues to the NBA, nobody […]

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Vanderbilt, you’re not as smart as you think

Tonight the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team makes its bi-annual trip to Memorial Gymnasium in Nashville to play in one of the goofiest venues in all of sports. For some reason through the ages we’ve arrived at the notion that it’s cute to let teams or schools individualize their ballparks or arenas. I’m not talking […]

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State Media Accountability: Don Kausler, Jr.

Usually, when you see the above title, this is where we expose our state mediots for their orange and blue slanted journalism. However, today we take the rare occasion to congratulate the Birmingham News’ Don Kausler, Jr. on his “Hot Corner” piece: “On oversigning recruits, Alabama’s Nick Saban deserves to be cut some slack” Within […]

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Mike Groh expected to join Tide staff

Update: The official release was added below The University of Alabama is expected to announce the hiring of current Louisville assistant coach Mike Groh this week, filling the vacated position coaching receivers. Groh previously worked for Saban at Alabama for the 2009 season as a graduate assistant before serving one season as quarterbacks coach at […]

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Oh yeah…Bama beats UT in Knoxville, again

Knoxville, TN – Caught amid the Cyrus Kouandjio news, the University of Alabama basketball team took down the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville Saturday night. The win marks the second time Bama has humbled the Vols on their turf in the past four months. The Tide slapped the Volunteers 41-10 in football on October 23rd in […]

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Mike Slive: What a freaking joke

Mike Slive, you’re 71, and it’s time to retire. They say the mind is the first thing to go. Thursday of this week SEC Commissioner Mike Slive made a call to University of Alabama athletics director Mal Moore about the “fax girl”, an Alabama student dressed in her Crimson Cabaret dance gear appearing briefly on […]

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Cyrus K…does this sound like a mind made up??

Conflicted is the word you could use to describe Cyrus K. Watch this video of Cyrus with his family following his decision* today from and you tell me if that family is on the same page with his decision.* My favorite quote: “I didn’t really know this morning. When I got on the podium […]

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Calloway calls Tuscaloosa home

Remember when Brent Calloway, a two-year Bama commit, de-committed and announced during the Army All-America game that he was jumping ship and going to Auburn? Speculation was rampant that he had been fed a lie by the good reverend Cam Newton that $Cam would be back for his senior season, and Calloway got caught up […]

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Luatua and Jones are Crimson

At opposite ends of the spectrum, Chris Jones and Isaac Luatua have signed their letters of intent to roll with the Tide. Jones is a quick, 5-11, 175 lb. cornerback from Minor High School in Birmingham…a rare state of Alabama product in this year’s class. Chris is cut from the cloth of corners that Alabama […]

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