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Best coach in the country?

You’re alone, Jay. In the endless flow of Lee County propaganda, does anyone actually believe the blather trickling from the Auburn Athletic Director’s mouth in the press conference announcing Chizik’s new deal? Apparently Florida didn’t. When the Gators recently needed a new coach, where did they turn? To alumnus Gene Chizik, fresh off of a […]

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My vote: Give Auburn the ’04 title

With the news that USC has been officially stripped of the 2004 BCS title, much discussion is hitting the airwaves about who the rightful owner of the title for that year should be. I say give it to the Auburn Tigers. Make them the rightful 2004 BCS champs. Remember, this is a program that will […]

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N.Korea ranks self 2nd happiest place on earth

Ran across this today and it was too good not to share. North Korea’s Chosun Central Television recently released an index compiled by North Korean researchers report listing the isolated and extremist nation as the second happiest place on earth, edged only by China. Rounding out the top five: 1. China 2. North Korea 3. […]

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Magazine covers that make us think football

As a kid I used to love this time of year. School’s out, plenty of free time, no responsibilities, and all the college football preview magazines start hitting the stands. You know you were like me, buying ‘em up with what money you had so you could memorize the jersey numbers, heights, weights and hometowns […]

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Bama softball setting pace men can’t match

With Friday’s double shut-out of Stanford by the Alabama Crimson Tide softball team, the lady Tiders advanced to the Women’s College World Series. After an abysmal showing in their 5-2 loss on Thursday, Alabama took the field determined to crush the Cardinal. That energy translated into a 10-0 win in five innings in the first […]

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Is AU listening as NCAA speaks loudly?

The NCAA Committee on Infractions spoke loud and clear in their recent response to USC’s plea for mercy. From page 8: “We believe that the penalties imposed make clear to other institutions the message which the Committee on Infractions intended to convey: Similar strong penalties will be meted out to institutions that do [not] take […]

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Questions abound about AU’s latest QB target

Barrett Trotter? Sit up and take note. Clint Mosely? Better get the picture. And parents of players being recruited by Frank Chiznik and his staff, it’d be smart to keep your options open. Especially if your son plays quarterback. Because for the second year in a row, Auburn is proving they aren’t interested in developing […]

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Goode proves how good Bama is right now

News out of Tuscaloosa today has Alabama senior runningback Demetrius Goode transferring from the Capstone for his final year of eligibility. To some, the news means the mean ole Nick Saban is at it again. To others, it means a player doesn’t want to work harder to make his way into the mix this fall. […]

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Superstar Trevor Lacey to Alabama?

You gotta love the internet. Chatter tonight on the eve of Trevor Lacey’s signing of his letter of intent has the 6’3″ combo guard making the decision to spurn mega-powers Kentucky and Kansas to bring his game to Tuscaloosa. If so, it would be the biggest news since Gerald Wallace inked with the Crimson Tide. […]

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Lowder out at AU; a foreshadowing of NCAA woes? is reporting tonight that Bobby Lowder is leaving the Auburn University Board of Trustees. Despite receiving a 3-2 vote from the Auburn Board of Trustees selection committee, the embattled banker is apparently walking way from his powerful grip on the university he loves. Lowder had served on the board since his appointment in 1983 […]

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Onterio McCalebb arrested

Another Auburn football player has been arrested; this time it’s Auburn running back Onterio McCalebb. If you’re keeping score at home, this is number six since the end of the 2010 season, that we know of. Today, according to, McCalebb was picked up on May 14th, for driving an “unregistered vehicle.” The second half […]

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This offseason has been one for the ages

It’s been said there are two seasons in Alabama: football season and the offseason. Football season in this state is wild enough, with enough ups and downs to keep a Prozac salesman busy. But the offseason is where the drama usually happens. It was in the offseason that we learned about the “rumors” that Mike […]

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Where’s the free water?

Life for all of us has changed drastically since last Wednesday. Somehow in the wake of all the death, tears and devastation, sports don’t seem to matter…for now. Yes, Auburn is still the dirtiest program in America, but even the filth from two decades of perfected cheating in Lee County pales in comparison to the […]

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ITK brief: baseball lows, gators and missing junk

Well, it’s here. The lull between spring practice and the football season begins its second week. Before this week’s off-the-field scandals break, and with 130 days left until the Tide tees it up against Kent State, please allow me to share a few random thoughts. Wanna see some bad baseball? Try Tuscaloosa. The Crimson Tide […]

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UAB rumored to have had a spring game

No one was for certain, and with little or no eye witness accounts available making it extremely hard to verify, rumors were rampant over the weekend that UAB’s fledgling football albatross program may have held a spring game last Saturday. The team that tarps entire end zone sections in surrender to the realization that it’ll […]

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Bama Gymnasts Win National Title

In a sport I admire but don’t understand, and on a day where football (as usual) took center stage, the Alabama Crimson Tide Gymnastics team quietly won their fifth national crown at the NCAA Championships in Cleveland, Ohio. The Tide edged UCLA by .325, and blew out Michigan by 1.225. See, I told you I […]

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A-Day Game Preview

Today’s A-Day Game kicks off at 2:00pm, seen on ESPNU. Since Nick Saban’s arrival in 2007, the game has taken on a life of its own with packed stadiums for each game ever since….so if you can get there (admission is free), be my guest at taking part in one of the most impressive spectacles […]

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Briefing: Alabama news & notes

Scabs sings a new song At this website we openly critique the work of what we feel is a very biased state media. That media seems to paint a rosy picture in Lee County despite the barns being on fire, all while watching every movement in Tuscaloosa under a microscope. One such writer has been […]

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A Source Exposed: John Stancil

Paul Finebaum is what he is. Some love his show, others hate it. But one thing about his show is certain: It brings the freaks in this state into the light, exposing them for what they are. And yesterday’s show was no exception. The show that gave us Charles from Reeltown, Tammy, and Al from […]

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A glimpse at Coach Goodwin’s trash can

According to the words of his former player, Homewood High School’s (Birmingham, AL) Coach Doug Goodwin is a piece of work. Brent Calloway’s recent interview with paints a grim picture of a man teetering on the edge of odd if not childish behavior. From the interview: “Like the week of signing day I had […]

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Does Jeffrey Lee have any credibility left?

When you break a story, the first rule of importance is to be factual in your findings. Jeffrey Lee, in my opinion, is a complete douche bag committed to selling his soul for Auburn football. Far from an adonis, bless his heart, that dream is just about all he has. But when the dream becomes […]

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Where Jeff Lee’s ideas come from

While people are laughing at “writer” Jeffrey Lee for his recent actions on an Alabama radio station, the question has to be asked. Where does he get his information from? Lee has a longstanding and unapologetic love for Auburn football, and an apparent subsequent loathing for its rivals. Hardly a “journalist”, his site’s hand […]

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Gottfried proves American dream still alive

Neil Diamond sang about it. So did James Brown. Mark Twain wrote about it, as have countless others. America is the land of opportunity, where a little hard work can send you well on your way to a better life. In the case of Mark Gottfried, however, you can drive a basketball program into the […]

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“It’s Nick Saban, man.” features an eye opening interview with the father of Alabama’s latest commit Duron Carter. The elder Carter, NFL great Cris Carter, shed light on the overwhelming sentiment held in regard to Alabama head coach Nick Saban. It is an exclusive interview on a paid site, but here is one brief snippet that tells you […]

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News and notes: 4/04/11

Just a few thoughts for you… Finebaum finally agrees with This afternoon, the scuttlebutt on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network included Paul taking a shot at local media. We’ve been sounding the alarm for years that the state media is soft on Gene Chizik and Auburn, and worked as hard as anyone on the […]

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Auburn’s new billboard

It’s been said before that perception is reality. If that is indeed the case, then from sea to shining sea, the “reality” is that Auburn is the dirtiest program in all of college football. Because, nationally, overwhelmingly, that is the perception. Nobody buys that Cam Newton turned down six digits to come to Auburn for […]

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Jesse Williams: The next Mt. Cody?

Last month, among the host of amazing athletes Alabama head coach Nick Saban brought to the Capstone was Brisbane, Australia native Jesse Williams. Today FoxSports offers a look at the Aussie who now calls Tuscaloosa home. Regarded as the top JUCO in this year’s class, the 6-4, 325 pound space-eater immediately drew comparisons to the […]

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What should concern Auburn fans

“That’s the paradox of success. The moment you stop to enjoy it, you are in trouble. You have to keep moving forward. It’s not what you have done that’s important. It’s where you are going.” — Alabama head coach Nick Saban That’s my favorite quote from Nick Saban, recorded within 2008’s 12-2 season. You saw […]

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Bama belongs in discussion, but not dance

Yesterday the Kentucky Wildcats obliterated the University of Alabama in the semifinals of the SEC Tournament. As the game wore on, the gap between the two teams appeared to be wider than the score. It would be the second time the Tide had its preverbial pants pulled down in primetime, the first being the spanking […]

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More Auburn players arrested; AU the new ‘Canes

Remember the Miami Hurricanes from the 80’s? Renegades. Outlaws. Thugs. The Hurricanes were a team that played dirty on the field and off. They ran their mouths. Were undisciplined, and had a win-at-all-cost mentality. They employed cheesy stunts to gain attention, and pushed the limit of brash in-your-face arrogance. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the […]

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