9 thoughts on “Georgia torques with their look…(sigh) again”

  1. Great picture of the blackout uni’s. I remember that game. Georgia was the team. Alabama was going to start the season with a loss—–wasn’t Georgia pre-season number one?

    Then Alabama put up two number one’s, as in number 11, Julio Jones. That’s how I was introduced to him, that Georgia game where nobody expected Alabama to be up nearly four touchdowns…at the half. I’ll never forget it. Roll Tide.

    Alabama is lucky. First, our colors are crimson and white, and sometimes black. Who doesn’t look good in those colors? And does anyone look good in purple and orange, or urine and lavendar? Maybe. But we’re lucky.

    So is Georgia. It’s hard to look bad in black-white-and-red. That’s why I don’t understand why they mess with the look, at all. We get it Nike, but why not just make the default uniform updated instead of redesigned like a new car model?

    See the 2001 Toyota Celica. Now they don’t make the Celica, a car Toyota sold for decades, because the design was terrible enough to kill the entire line.

    Crimson. White. Roll Tide.

    1. Conditt:For the love of God man dummy up.The Blackout was not the first game of the year!

      1. And except for shoes,when has Bama wore Black ?

        Excuse me while i cut my wrist………

        1. You sure are getting upset for some funny reasons.

          Alabama’s colors include black. Not in the uniforms. In everything else.

          Like houndstooth.

          Also, I didn’t mean to suggest it was the first game. I knew it was early, I also asked a question, in case you are wanting to use my comment as an encyclopedic reference (it’s not). We all know Alabama always schedules a good out-of-conference opponent for the first game of the year instead of a cupcake. I was in Atlanta for that one, against Clemson and Dabo Swinney, a ‘Bama boy in his own right and a championship ring-bearer.

          I remember Gameday being there in Athens. I remember Julio Jones putting a stamp on his talent. I remember both teams were undefeated that morning.

          Sorry for your loss.

          1. Sorry but Tommy Bowden was head coach of Clemson in 2008. You missed that one too.

  2. The Crimson helmets were an invention of Bear Bryant who introduced them for the bowl game in 1960. Up until then Alabama had worn either leather helmets or white plastic ones. Bryant had the team wear white hats when the other team had red or dark helmets. He even had receivers wear white helmets in some games while the rest of the team wore crimson. Ray Perkins reinstated white helmets for some games in the mid 80s and a lot of Bama fans went batty against it. I liked the white helmets for some games. I do agree that Alabama is best served by keeping it’s image constant and that Georgia looked ridiculous in those pajama outfits…and the black jerseys didn’t bother Alabama a few years ago.

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