They said it could never be done: Finish dead last in the newly formed 14-team SEC in both football and basketball, back-to-back in the same season.

Now it appears the Tigers are going for the hat trick.

Auburn baseball appears to be as dismal as Auburn football and basketball. Fresh off a Tuesday night loss to UAB…freaking UAB…the Crimson Tide thumped Auburn in their own yard last night 6-2 to take a 1-0 lead in the weekend series down on the farm.

Auburn is now in last place in the SEC standings, and 0-7 in league play. After two consecutive series of being swept by Vandy and LSU, the Tide and Tigers are now tangling in Lee County.

To catch us up, here is the Auburn Athletic accomplishments for this calendar sports year:

Auburn Is Last

Well done, Auburn! Keep up the good work.

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35 thoughts on “Auburn attempting to finish last in baseball, in addition to football, basketball”

  1. BARNERGEDDON, the gift that keeps on giving. These clowns haven’t won an SEC football game since October 2011. 10 straight SEC losses for those of us keeping score at home. If they don’t beat Mississippi State at home to open SEC play this year, 0-8 again is a very real possibility. Road games @ LSU, Arky, A&M, Tenn. Home vs Ole Miss, Georgia and Bama.

  2. By God, they’re still tops at the important sports like swimmin’! War damn pool chickens! Hilarious.

  3. I realize the point of this post is to point out that AU baseball is doing its part to keep up with fambly tradition but let me take a moment to point out the latest from Lee county that has me very pleased. Have any of you seen the latest comments from Therezie? I saw an article on the other day trying to pump up the AU fanbase by promoting this guy as a real talent. That was fine but when he was quoted as saying he thought he was faster than Ontario McCalebb I couldnt believe what I was reading. Can you imagine a CNS coached player pubilcly promoting himself as better than a former player? Why hell no!!! This my friends is a mere tiny detail but its implications are huge. I know that I will be accused by the AU fans as a deranged Bammer but I have been trained (throughout my 30 year career) in identifying the finest of details in psyche and this is big! If (I realize you should never start a sentence with a conjunction) this is any indication of the mindset of the AU team then Malzahn has an enormous hill to climb and 2013 will be another long year for AU.

    1. Make no mistake. Gus Malzahn is Gene Chizik part 2, and the thuggery/self promotion will continue…and provide a glass ceiling for his team that’s about 4 feet high.

  4. Barn is “all in” the dumpster. And what a fine place for such a deserving crew. This reminds me of the time we threw a smartass in the dump behind the lunch room a long time ago. It was September, hot, and he came out stinking like hell. Well, barn has been in the trash dump for a while, and they sure as hell STINK.

  5. Bama takes game three to win the series in Mal’s honor…AU a lock for last place. War Eagle!

  6. This “article” and the ensuing comments really shows the arrogance of you bama fans.

    Auburn has played Vanderbilt, the top ranked team in Eastern Division and currently ranked no. 2 in the nation, LSU, the top ranked team in the Western Division and currently ranked no. 3 in the nation and Alabama.

    Meanwhile, Bama’s baseball team has played two of the last three placed teams in the eastern division and Auburn, the last place team in the West, which did beat bama this past Friday night.

    Auburns overall record is 16-12, while Bama’s is only a whoping 2 and a half games better at 18-11.

    I’m pretty sure most non gumps would agree if Bama and Auburn’s SEC schedules to date were reversed, the chances are good that bama’s SEC and overall record would be worse than Auburn’s would be.

    But hey don’t let facts get in the way of a good opportunity to write and article and make comments to prove you are actually as low class as you claim the Auburn fans to be.

    1. First, would you please go back to using your original name you’ve used on here, or has cowardice overcome you to the point that you have to stay in hiding? We know that answer, just hoping you’ll try to be a big boy and do the right thing.

      Second, to not be “an Auburn fan” you sure worry about them alot. It really makes no difference, your fear and loathing of Crimson Tide domination is so apparent it has become funny. Every post from you is a whiny replay of the last, crying about this or that from those arrogant Bama fans…trying to find some small loophole to point out error.

      Why don’t you just focus on your own team’s issues, honestly assess where they are as a program, find a way to be part of the solution, and avoid the spin cycle that most fans prefer (because it’s easier) rather than owning up to deficiencies that keep you sucking hind tit to Alabama?

      1. “Second, to not be “an Auburn fan” you sure worry about them alot”

        Wow isn’t that an ironic comment coming from a hypocrit bama fan who was the one who wrote this “article” about Auburn to begin with. You gumps never cease to amaze.

        And by the way my team, the LSU baseball team, is a consensus top three team in all the latest baseball polls. And the program is in great shape, so I’m not sure what issues you are talking about. Maybe you should focus on your teams issues. How many College World Series Championships have they won?

        Maybe you should do a little more research before you attempt to write any more aticles and comment on anyone’s post who cites facts that proves you are everything you attempt to call others.

        1. So we’re going to try and act like college baseball…a sport that anybody worth a crap in the game never dons a college uni because they get nabbed by the bigs straight from high school…matters?

          Come on dude. College baseball is just a sport to pass the time until football season, and you know it. Or have you gone the route of Auburn fans, who desperately hold on to swimming for dear life?

          Here’s the difference between us, pal:

          1. Alabama is in your head.
          2. LSU is not in mine.

          I write about Auburn, LSU and other schools we own because it’s fun. You write back out of desperate hate.

          Now quick, string together loosely knit facts in another failed effort to call me a hypocrit again.

          1. What a joke you are ITK, you wrote this article about Auburn and Baseball, not me! Then when I respond to your article you now want to ask me if I’m going to try and act like it matters! Yes you are a hypocrit and I didn’t have to look for or string any facts together for this one…your provided it! Another failed effort by you.

            So if baseball doesn’t matter, why did you write this article? Oh yeah that’s right because Auburn is in your head.

            You say you write about Auburn, LSU and other schools because it’s fun. I say you write about Auburn out of desperate hate. I write back to point out your errors, your lack of facts or knowledge, your arrogance and hypocrisy, and also because it’s fun!

          2. Desperate hate? How can you desperately hate someone that you own? AU hasn’t scored an offensive point in 2 years against Bama.

            The article wasn’t about baseball. It was about Auburn being last in everything, including baseball. I’ll mail you a crayon and Capstone Report coloring book if you need the learning deficiency version of this site to follow. I know it’s hard for you.

          3. I’m not surprised that there is Capstone Report coloring book considering how childish some of the articles and writing are here.

            Just the fact that you think you own someone says volumns about how childish you are and what a short term memory you have.

            I know you are probably to childish to understand the history of the Roman Empire but maybe you can get some one to explain it to you. They too thought they were invinceable and owned everyone. And they did for a while until their arrogance helped bring them down, as will yours. For the cliff notes see USC.

          4. Okay first:

            “volumes” is not spelled “volumns”
            “someone” is one word, not “some one”
            “too childish” needed an extra “o” in the context you meant it
            And speaking of articles, you left out several. Are you a cave man?
            Now that I’ve corrected your childish grammatical mistakes in your argument that I am childish…

            Just so I understand, the fact that I’m able to gloat about winning three national championships in four years, which included beating your LSU tigers twice in one calendar year…both in your home state of Louisiana…with more certainly on the way…this is the reason Alabama will soon not be any good? Got it! Thanks!

            What brought USC down was a compliance department that had the ferocity of a group of lunch room ladies. Bama has been there before and learned from its mistakes. To the tune of:

            2009 BCS National Champions
            2011 BCS National Champions
            2012 BCS National Champions

            Ya’ll won one too though, didn’t you? Like half a dozen years ago or so? When all the seniors on your current team were in the 11th grade?

          5. So not only are you immature but you are a narcissist also. But then again must gumps are.

            Calling yourself and claiming to be a “champion” based on the hard work and efforts of 18-22 year olds, when you’ve done nothing yourself to earn that title, I guess is about as narcissistic as it gets.

            Why don’t I just call you King Gump.

          6. You can call me whatever you want. I’ll just join the rest of the population that don’t listen to you.


          7. Seeing how you reply to my every post, I would have to say you are most definitely listening ITK.

            And I love how you presume to talk for other people. I guess its part of your narcissism.

    1. Yes early in the season after only three SEC weekend series, Auburn is “currently” in last place in baseball, but that is a whole lot different than being in last place at the end of the season and not even making the SEC tournament like Alabama’s baseball team last year! Right?

      1. The point, you keep missing, is that Auburn’s athletic endeavors right now are awful. And yes, following finishing dead last in football and basketball…not having a bad season, finishing DEAD LAST…in the same calendar sports year, it is newsworthy that at the moment they are DEAD LAST in baseball as well. It’s not hard.

        Tell me where to mail your crayon and coloring book and I will.

        1. NO it wasn’t “newsworthy” that at “the moment” they were dead last in baseball because of the reasons I explained in my earlier post! It WOULD be “newsworthy” if they are still ranked last at the end of the season like they were in the other two sports and therefore your suppposed “point” would be valid about finishing last in all three major sports.

          The only reason YOU considered it “newsworhy” at this premature time in the season is your childish mentality to want to make a dig for any reason at your arch rival. I bet you were a bully in school. You are not that hard to understand.

          As for as your crayons and coloring book, you can keep them. I would hate for you not to have anyting to do during recess at your “job” for the highly acclaimed Capstone Report.

          1. I point out the truth. You call it a dig. I guess when you’re determined to find an ulterior motive, you’ll find it.

          2. Well ITK if you “point out the truth as you say, then point out the truth in your first statement of this article.

            You say and I quoute you – “They said it could never be done: Finish dead last in the newly formed 14-team SEC in both football and basketball, back-to-back in the same season.”

            Can you please point out who “They” are you refer to in that statement and can you provide a reference or link as to where it is documented where they said it?

          3. By the way, hope you watched the Louisville-Michigan game. That’s what a close championship game feels like.

          4. If that is one of the dumbest post you have ever read, then you obvioulsly don’t read your own writtings.

            As for as your comment about last nights Final Four championship game, tell me has Alabama ever even sniffed a final four appearance? I didn’t think so.

            LSU has at at least made it to the final four on three occasions. Maybe you should wait and mouth off about that championship game once you’ve made it to the final four. Oh wait, you’re a gump you can’t help yourself.

  7. I’ll say this, if they are paying players at Auburn, they’re sure not getting their money’s worth. Post 2010, I mean.

    1. I guess about as much as Alabama got out of the $200,000 they paid for Albert Means.

      I know your comment in your post was limited to post 2010, but I guess even a gump has to admit that if in fact Auburn did pay the $180,000 for Cam to come to Auburn, they sure got their money’s worth out to that payment, regardless of what has happened post 2010.

      The national championship victory won by Auburn was just lagniappe after he helped Auburn erase a 24-0 lead to beat the great Nick Saban defense and your Alabama team, wouldn’t you say ITK? Just compare that to what you got for the $200,000 paid to Albert Means and all that followed for Alabama.

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