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Oklahoma sends Alabama football a clear message with Sugar Bowl win

by ITK The Superdome scoreboard read Oklahoma 45, Alabama 31. But the message was much clearer than the 14-point victory the Sooners enjoyed over the reigning National Champs. Alabama again struggled in the secondary, struggled in pressuring the quarterback, struggled in securing the middle of the defensive line, and struggled to get stops on third […]

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LSU’s Zach Mettenberger caught on camera…

…or should I say, Zach Mettenbooger. Good grief Zach. Good grief LSU fans. Just good grief. (Follow ITK on Twitter for Bama news, commentary and smack.)

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Gus Malzahn to the Cleveland Browns

by ITK The Gus Bus is pulling out of Lee County, at least that’s what many are starting to believe. Reports from Ohio have Gus Malzahn as the leading candidate for the Cleveland Browns’head coach opening, where he would be free to hire his own staff. Malzahn’s cinderella 2013 season and success in his only […]

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Nick Saban gets nails painted at New Orleans Children’s Hospital

by ITK Alabama head coach Nick Saban is everything that’s right with college football. Still the greatest living coach in the college game, Alabama’s head man continues to amaze, exemplifying what the game should be about. It’s the success story you’ve heard many times over by now, of the boy from the West Virginia working […]

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ALABAMA BASKETBALL: 5-6 Tide should self-impose death penalty

by ITK Saturday night, the Crimson Tide held a 12-point second half lead over visiting Xavier, only to let it slip away and lose in the end. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Against Oklahoma. And Duke. And Drexel. And South Florida. And Wichita State. And almost West Alabama for crying out loud. […]

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Warning to Auburn fans: Terry Bowden looked great too

Auburn fans probably won’t read this; reality isn’t their style. But amid the gloating and celebration following one of the most improbable regular seasons in Auburn history, let this be a word to the wise: Like Gustav Malzahn, Terry Bowden looked fantastic for a year or two. Bowden came on the scene in 1993 following […]

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David Cutcliffe named 2013 Walter Camp College Coach of the Year

University of Alabama graduate and current Duke University head football coach David Cutcliff has done an amazing job this season, and the Walter Camp Foundation signified his efforts by awarding Cutcliff as the 2013 National Coach of the Year. The Walter Camp Coach of the Year is selected by 125 Football Bowl Subdivision head coaches […]

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Numbers heavily favor the Tide in Saturday’s Iron Bowl, but don’t let that stop Auburn delusion

by ITK Numbers always tell the tale in the game of football. The very game itself is made up of numbers, from stats to the final score. Following another shut out of an opponent this past Saturday, the Tide’s third of the season, Bama “offically” turns its focus to Auburn this week. And oh what […]

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Let me guess, Auburn…”You want Bama”

by ITK UPDATED – December 2, 2013 Auburn wanted Bama, and they got them. The Tigers put themselves in a position to win in the 4th quarter while Alabama failed on numerous occasions to close the door and put the game away. Playing not to lose is rarely a winning equation in football, but that’s […]

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60 Minutes Sports feature: Built By Bama

By ITK One of many reasons why games like tomorrow’s are won by the Crimson Tide before they ever begin. It’s almost not fair. Roll Tide! (Follow ITK on Twitter for Bama news, commentary and smack.)

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Another big game week, another Saban to Texas Hail Mary

by ITK I don’t know if Vegas lays odds on such things, but if so, and if you’re strapped for cash right now, bet everything you have on a bigger, juicier “Nick Saban is going to Texas” rumor to waft in the wind the week of Nov. 30′s tussle with Auburn. Forget the 60 Minutes […]

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Bama-LSU no “Game of the Century” this year

by ITK It’s LSU week, and in the SEC, you know what that means: The Game of the Century, version 2013…right? No? The SEC West Championship game, right? No? Truth is, this year’s tussle in Tuscaloosa may not even be the game of the week. When the LSU Tigers come to town they’ll do so […]

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Prayers offered for Auburn’s Anthony Swain in the wake of his tragic knee injury

by ITK Auburn linebacker Anthony Swain suffered a tragic and sudden knee injury in Auburn’s game against Arkansas Saturday night. So sudden was it, that he didn’t even realize it until the very last minute, crashing what was left of his healthy body to the Fayetteville, Arkansas turf. The odd, soccer-like flailing in the face […]

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UPSET ALERT: Five ways Tennessee beats Alabama tomorrow

By ITK Tomorrow is a holiday. As the Vols come to town for the 96th gridiron meeting between the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee, Alabama holds a commanding lead in the series at 50-37-8. For Tide fans, the game traditionally known as the “Third Saturday in October” settles in somewhere between Christmas […]

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Bama stands tall during “upset Saturday”

by ITK We all love college football for different reasons, but one of those universally, invariably, is what is simply known as “upset Saturday.” The weird, annual anomoly where on the same day several upsets pop up like those strange mushrooms that appear on your front lawn out of nowhere. All over the country…different games, […]

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Commentary: Another reason I’m glad Alabama isn’t Oregon

by ITK As this season rolls along, 5-6 games in to the schedule for most teams, discussion almost always turns to who will play in that final game of the year. With every lopsided Oregon win over absolutely nobody (Nichols State, Virginia, Tennessee, Cal and Colorado…really, Ducks?), the inevitable proposition in the never ending discussion […]

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The Never To Yield Foundation illustrates fanatical desperation, again

There are psychos and then there are psychos. If you have the time and the stomach, and need something to help you induce vomiting (only if poison control has instructed you to do so), then we have a read for you. For years the “Never To Yield Foundation” has illustrated time and again what a […]

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ESPN: BAMA, college football’s four letter word

by ITK ESPN and Gene Wojciechowski nailed it. With a video just released, taking only a minute and thirty-three seconds to watch, ESPN encapsulates the feelings of an entire generation of college football fans in regard to the University of Alabama’s football program. Those who frequent this and other Alabama fan sites are exposed through […]

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Clinton-Dix story gives Auburn fans, others false hope

The recent news concerning Alabama All-Conference safety HaHa Clinton-Dix has been music to the ears of some itching fanbases hungering for relief. Hoping that the DJ Fluker revelation was the hors d’eouvre to a coming entrée, opposing fans can’t get enough of the news. If you’re a Tide supporter, the news isn’t good. But if […]

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10 reasons Tide fans should worry about Ole Miss

This weekend’s game with Ole Miss will present some challenges for the Crimson Tide. Alabama is on its third consecutive championship quest, but through the first three games of 2013, there have been as many questions as answers about this Bama team. Meanwhile, the Black Bear Rebel Thingies of Ole Miss are off to a […]

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GameDay: Nothing to see this week but silly rumors

Just how bad is this Saturday’s slate of college football games? Well, thanks to Auburn and Tennessee sucking, ESPN’s GameDay is broadcasting from Fargo, North Dakota. Use to, Auburn-LSU or Tennessee-Florida matchups would call for the world wide leader’s premiere college football show to set sail immediately for one of the two campuses. In this […]

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Did Texas Tech steal some of LSU’s luster in win over the Horned Frogs?

This early in the season there is a game within the game that takes place in college football. One starts measuring who you’ve beaten and how those teams have fared following your victory over them in hopes of gaining a quick evaluation of where you are this early in the season. For instance, Alabama struggled […]

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DJ Fluker speaks

The last 48 hours have been a ride, at times downright comical. One thing that has been exposed through this DJ Fluker saga has been the crystal clear desperation on the part of Auburn fans (and other Bama haters). Desperate for something to ease their pain. Something to soothe the agony that’s been placed on […]

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An open apology to Bama haters

With the news of the allegations involving former Alabama offensive lineman DJ Fluker, I feel as though Auburn fans and other envious haters of the Alabama football program are owed an apology. As we’ve already mentioned, a little perspective on the situation offers much needed rationale for those with unrealistic hopes. The frenzied zeal so […]

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Oklahoma State has much to learn from Auburn

Sports Illustrated has notified Oklahoma State of an upcoming series detailing major transgressions by the Cowboy football program starting in 2001. In a Monday news release, SI gave highlights of the five-part series that will begin today with a posting on The magazine says it conducted interviews with over 60 former Oklahoma State players […]

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GameDay: All is quiet with the Tide on a bye, but some good games go on

In an anomoly, Alabama gets a bye the 2nd week of the college football season. Normally the break would tick me off. Afterall, we wait 9 months for football season to get here, and as soon as it does, bam! We get one game and have to wait. But this year is different. Rarely does […]

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What the Bell is going on at Alabama?

Senior receiver Kenny Bell quit the team Tuesday following a handful of Tweets indicating a need to focus on his children. Then later in the day at his press conference, Alabama head coach Nick Saban said Bell would return Wednesday following what he called a ‘personal day’ to iron out some personal things in his […]

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I wish Bama had beaten Virginia Tech by 25 points

Looking back on Saturday night’s game in the Georgia Dome, I have many regrets on the Tide’s opener for the 2013 season. But the biggest one is this: I wish we had beaten the Hokies by 25 points. The line on the game was 18.5, but if I could have an early birthday present, it […]

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Texas A&M following Auburn blueprint regarding Manziel

The new college football season is now just a stone’s throw away, and with all the upheaval this offseason regarding Johnny Manziel, you can count on one thing. He will play every down for the Aggies. Why? Because they need him; he’s the cornerstone of their offense…even their team…the very key to their potentially unprecedented […]

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Lousiana Justice: Jeremy Hill free to play for LSU this season

LSU running back Jeremy Hill rushed for 755 yards and 12 touchdowns as a freshman last season, and apparently that’s enough to avoid jail time for sucker punching a fellow student in the face. If you haven’t seen the shocking video, too bad. Apparently being the prize running back at LSU enables you to get […]

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