ITKYou have to admit, it sounds fishy.

It’s halftime in a game locked at 21 apiece, and four Arkansas assistants can’t make it to the Razorback locker room because they were locked in the pressbox elevator.

A smart move if you’re an opposing coach playing at Auburn.
Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, tight ends coach Barry Lunney Jr., linebackers coach Randy Shannon and defensive backs coach Clay Jennings were all stuck in the Auburn University elevator at the half, preventing them from joining their team. They couldn’t confer with their players and coaches, as Auburn’s coaches were able to do…Auburn coaches who, strangely, didn’t get stuck themselves.

Not a coach, or a couple. FOUR, including the OC.

In 2009 rumors of an orchestrated accident to prevent the Alabama team bus from reaching the stadium on time began circling on the internet. The next day? It happened. Bama reached Jordan-Hare Stadium almost 40 minutes late.

Stories of the Auburn cult orchestrating events around the opposing team’s hotel in Montgomery are also a mainstay. No fire alarm or car alarm is safe when the Tigers are playing the next day. And if you’re not employing a CIA-level room debugger in the visiting locker room prior to game time, you’re a fool.

I don’t know if anyone from Auburn had anything to do with the opposing coaches being stuck, but I wouldn’t put it past them. If anything, Auburn has historically displayed an all-out commitment to win at all co$t$.

So let opposing coaches beware. Take the stairs.

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