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Eyes On Auburn: Did the bag man lock the Arkansas coaches in an elevator at halftime?

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You have to admit, it sounds fishy.

It’s halftime in a game locked at 21 apiece, and four Arkansas assistants can’t make it to the Razorback locker room because they were locked in the pressbox elevator.

A smart move if you’re an opposing coach playing at Auburn.
Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, tight ends coach Barry Lunney Jr., linebackers coach Randy Shannon and defensive backs coach Clay Jennings were all stuck in the Auburn University elevator at the half, preventing them from joining their team. They couldn’t confer with their players and coaches, as Auburn’s coaches were able to do…Auburn coaches who, strangely, didn’t get stuck themselves.

Not a coach, or a couple. FOUR, including the OC.

In 2009 rumors of an orchestrated accident to prevent the Alabama team bus from reaching the stadium on time began circling on the internet. The next day? It happened. Bama reached Jordan-Hare Stadium almost 40 minutes late.

Stories of the Auburn cult orchestrating events around the opposing team’s hotel in Montgomery are also a mainstay. No fire alarm or car alarm is safe when the Tigers are playing the next day. And if you’re not employing a CIA-level room debugger in the visiting locker room prior to game time, you’re a fool.

I don’t know if anyone from Auburn had anything to do with the opposing coaches being stuck, but I wouldn’t put it past them. If anything, Auburn has historically displayed an all-out commitment to win at all co$t$.

So let opposing coaches beware. Take the stairs.

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23 thoughts on “Eyes On Auburn: Did the bag man lock the Arkansas coaches in an elevator at halftime?”

    1. I know in your mind you thought this would be clever and/or funny, but man oh man did you just fail miserably. Try again.

  1. it’s au;s god damned stadium…the halftime should have been extended to allow the asst’s tom meet with the players a normal half’s worh ,,,that is corrupt au bullshat as usual…and the stadium clock did not work for the first game how bush league is that-like bear said the cow college is not serious about football

  2. Two things you left out of this ” piece” .

    1. CBB told reporters that it did not keep his coaches from talking to the other Coaches , Because they talked VIA Cell Phone.

    2. They had an 1 1/2 hour weather delay to discuss whatever ,and that did not help. Doubt the additional 20 Mins of face time would have really mattered.

    Truth be told , Auburn’s coaches made adjustments where Arkansas did not. What is funny about this is the fact you could not find something else to crow about. Auburn’s offense is scary good, and it will only get better.You need to be finding the reason your tide struggled with WVU.

    1. I’m not sure allowing just one offensive TD can be considered struggling. Without the KO return, which will be fixed, Bama wins 33-16. I know you desperately want that to be “struggling,” but as an Auburn fan, I’m sure you’re used to disappointment.


      1.) I’m sure talking about cell phone in the heat of a game is exactly the same as being in the locker room with them. That’s why all coaches use cell phones to talk to their teams at practice. Oh wait…

      2.) The weather delay was an unknown…if the “stuck” WAS orchestrated, I doubt doing it twice in a row would’ve been as inconspicuous as once. And remember, at that point Auburn was up by two scores, NOT tied, as they were at halftime.

      So “dose of reality,” there’s yours.

      1. I’ll add 3.) Lane Kiffin was on the field the entire time (rather than up in the OC booth) for a reason. The booth and cell phones aren’t the same as face-to-face coaching. It can’t be the only reason for the change in the game after the half, but it also can’t be said it’s completely uncharacteristic of Auburn, even if it was or wasn’t totally coincidental for the elevator to fail only after the coaches were in it.

      2. Actually we were up 17 when the delay hit. So that would be 3 scores, not 2. And could have scored at the end, but no real need to do that.Yes the bagman did force them into the elevator, and then held the button for it to stay closed. Yeah right. Our coaches didn’t get stuck because they, like most coaches take the stairs so as not to get stuck among the crowds going to concessions/bathroom.

  3. Horrible site, horrible sidewalk “fans”. No wonder the real UA student are horrified when they see the great unwashed fat ua nation invading their campus on Fall Saturdays.

  4. So Arkansas coaches get stuck on a elevator for less than 5 minutes and its an Auburn plot to sabotage them? Bama fans seeing conspiracies everywhere now. Guess you’re just building them up for that Iron Bowl loss.

    1. @peachy

      You sure do read a lot into things that weren’t said.

      Again, another story that isn’t exclusive to Alabama sites, and it doesn’t say anything about conspiracies, just other examples of fortunate coincidences at Auburn. Nobody said conspiracy, but good grief.

  5. Love how bammer nashun is spinning this WVU game. Even ITK throwing out ” we only allowed 1 TD” card. How many TDs did bama score against one of the weakest defenses in the country? Then the whole “sims broke records” crap is hilarious!!! If sims is the record breaking QB you want us all to believe, why is the QB position still up in the air? Then just looking at the numbers, and Auburn out performed bama in every stat while playing an SEC school.

    I am curious just how ready bama will be when a hungry Florida team comes calling on the 20th?

    1. @dose of reality



      I mean, Sims did break debut QB stats, good or not. It’s not like the stats are a lie, but is that what you’re suggesting?

      Still, that was my point all along before—-McElroy, McCarron, they went on to win national titles in their debut years, and they performed worse than Sims against a power-5 team in their respective debut starts. Sims made mistakes, but never mind the big WR drops, too. Read into all that what you want, but it is what it is.

      Something tells me you didn’t watch both games. Say what you want about Alabama, I understand you hate them, but I’ll say West Virginia was impressive in their BIG12 debut (as was OK State) and I’ll leave it at that.

      1. West Virginia is a weak team. This is a team that ended last season with losses to Iowa St and Kansas: two of the worst teams in the nation. They’ve only won 6 of their last 21 games. They’re probably a 4-8 or 5-7 team this year. They were 110th in total defense last year, 108th in passing defense, 91st in rushing defense. In Phil Steeles game grade performances Auburn finished 6th, Alabama not even in his top 25. West Virginia is not a good team. Alabama is going to struggle this year.

        1. So, peach, ol’ girl – which UWV did Bama play last Saturday? Last year’s or this year’s? Because comparing the two is – like @nope said – EXACTLY like comparing the Fighting Chizics with the first year Gus Bus. If you knew diddly about football, you’d know how stupid you sound making these comparisons.

          1. @Pete4tide

            It’s more accurate than you think——WVU replaced a ton of staff from last year, not just one coach, and particularly on defense. To say it paid off will be a gross understatement, but I consequently remember Auburn’s defense being rated one of the poorest in the nation last year too if that’s the argument peacy is trying to make.

            Bottom line, Alabama gets the best game out of their opponents. You can see it as a curse, a frightening side effect of unprecedented success, or you can see it as a blessing that you get to see football teams at their best and most determined. WVU was that team Saturday and we’ve seen it before, particularly in many of Alabama’s season openers.

            And no, I absolutely don’t see WVU losing six more games this season.

  6. There is 2 things REALLY ironic about the title of this story …

    1. It has already come out that Luther Davis is the bag man.

    2. A so called bammer sports website titles a story in a way to say that Auburn is cheating, but the same bammer site has a picture of Derrick Henry and his charger , and the link to another website’s story titled ” QB says Alabama Football is breaking the rules ” .

    You just can not make this kind of stuff up!

    1. 1.) None of that is actually ironic.

      2.) You inferred a lot of stuff that simply isn’t written here. “You just can’t make this kind of stuff up!” Only that’s exactly what you did. Cult-minded, it sounds like.

      3.) Derrick Henry stole that Dodge Charger from a child with cholera and uses it to move drogas back and forth from Mexico City eight times a year. The NCAA works with the SEC, DEA, and Border Patrol to make sure he’s on time, every time. Didn’t you read the link you mentioned?

      4.) It’s the same way Nick Marshall got his Charger, only he got caught with his drogas because CONSPIRACY.

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