ITKWhen you think college basketball, you think the Colorado Buffaloes. Last night, one of college basketball’s powerhouse programs taught Auburn and Bruce Pearl a thing or two, handing the Tigers a narrow 31-point defeat in Boulder. The loss was Auburn’s first in the Bruce Pearl era.

Yep, Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina…Colorado.

cmrPearl’s arrival in Auburn led to mild hysteria among Auburn fans. The University of Lee County rolled the dice on a proven cheater in Pearl, dismissed from the University of Tennessee for admitted NCAA infractions and banned from coaching by the collegiate athletics legislative organization.

By the way, on a totally unrelated note, how incredibly funny is it that Auburn has a player named Jack “Purchase.” You just can’t make some things up. But, I digress…

This basketball season for Tiger fans has come with much anticipation. Pearl has made more media appearances than a presidential candidate trying to take Ohio. In promotion of the Auburn program he’s appeared on every media outlet short of the Bobby T dance show. And if it’s one fanbase particularly easy to hype into oblivion, it’s Auburn. The cult that heralded a high school coach with one year of collegiate head coaching experience as the second coming of Nick Saban went into a frenzy over Pearl’s arrival.

But a 31-point thrashing has to concern to Tiger fans. This year may not be an “add water and win” year afterall. But the next play in the Auburn script will be a familiar one. Expect the next talking points from the orange and blue talking heads to be “next year will be our year.” Yep. That line is a familiar one in Lee County.

Across the state…
Alabama has looked good so far this young season. It’s still too early to measure progress against the disappointment of years past, but something definitely looks different about this team.

The Crimson Tide moved to 2-0 on the season with its win over Western Carolina last night. Say what you will about the Catamounts…a team that will hardly be mentioned come March…but they did hang around with Mississippi State, their other loss this season, even leading just before half. But the Tide looks to be the most athletic its been in recent memory, with a true versatile big man on the post in Michael Kessens. The addition of transfer Ricky Tarrant may prove to be huge as well, giving the Tide a boost from the bench. Tarrant added 18-points in Bama’s 80-74 win in last night’s game.

Bama returns to action this Thurday night hosting Southern Mississippi before meeting #14 Iowa State in the opening game of the CBE Hall of Fame Classic next Monday night. Bama will meet either Maryland or Arizona State the following evening. Auburn returns to action Friday against Louisiana-Lafayette before meeting Tulsa next Monday in the MGM Grand Main Event, a tournament featuring four unranked teams. But listen to Rod Bramblett and Tulsa, Oregon State and Oklahoma State will all magically be NCAA tournament teams come March.

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15 thoughts on “Pearl’s Auburn gets killed by basketball power Colorado; Bama moves to 2-0”

  1. “Pearl a crook?! But Bammer continues to get awl the SEC stuffs while the only reason they compete is because there playing that 5-star crook who got CAWT with a couple dozen pounds of marrowanna and $185,000 cash and nobody does anyting becuz its Bammer but I’m used to it now becuz its the Bammer cheat game every year anyway rite!”

    Pearl is a perfect fit at Auburn. He’ll probably win pretty good there one day, but until then it’s fun to watch when he can’t even come close to being competitive.

    Then again, it’s basketball. It’s filthy by nature.

    And Alabama still has the better former Volunteer coach. Roll Tide.

  2. say what you want about Pearl. I’ve said it here before myself.

    but i long for the day when Alabama starts taking basketball serious and jettisons this fraud we have coaching our basketball team.

    i watched ‘Bama v. WC. the equivalent to that game in football would be us kicking a last second field goal to win the game Saturday. Grant sat on his ass for most of the second half while his team flailed around against an inferior opponent at home. John Calipari, the Nick Saban of college basketball, coaches the best talent in the country. watch and see how many times you see him sitting down during a game.

    needless to say I’ve washed my hands of the potato head that occupies the space down there where a basketball coach should be. it’s truly ironic that had he gotten the job he made Mal wait a week for (Florida) before he took the job he has now, he’d have been canned after last season.

    ITK, ive been hanging around here long enough that i think you know where my allegiances lie. Bruce Pearl is a greasy, lying, cheating snitch. but check the win/loss column. he’s got a track record.

    if we’re gonna judge him after two games at Auburn, lets call Anthony Grant’s last four years as the highest paid basketball coach in Alabama athletic history for what it is:

    a bad joke.

    1. Pearl is one of the best. That’s the point. He choked against one of the worst, and in an enormous way.

      And you’re right that it won’t last.

      I don’t know what it would take to get Alabama to go nuts on basketball. Pearl and Calipari are both rule-breakers, though, don’t forget. That’s not to say they don’t have coaching talent, but that’s also what their blowout loss sortof exposes and why it was worth a 5 second laugh and little more than that.

  3. ITK…you “know” nothing! Colorado is a legit NCAA tourney team. Western Carolina is garbage. Until Bama fires Grant Pearl will own our ass. At least we got that white boy from Albertville.

    1. @Jeff

      Colorado is a legit team….because they beat Auburn so badly?

      Or because Auburn is a legit team, but Colorado beat them?

      Or Auburn is a legit team that lost by so many dozens of points because what now?

      Oh, basketball. How I don’t love games of errors in the first place. I’ll take football, gymnastics, hockey and golf, you can keep basketball and baseball. Fun.

    2. Not sure I’d call them a LEGIT NCA A team, dude. They went 20-13 last year, lost twice to UCLA, both times much worse that that terrible Alabama team did, and lost in the first round of the NCAA,s by 30 points. They did beat Georgia though – Woooooo!

  4. @nope. Don’t throw UA’s golf team in the same mix as Bball! Wyatt…signed by Titleist. Mullinax…signed by Ping. Not sure about “former” USGA Junior “champ” Whitsett…he didn’t qualify for the Q school finals. Don’t forget about Justin Thomas and Bud Cauley…they are the Joe Willie of UA golf killing it on the PGA Tour! Plus Bama has Robby Shelton going into his sophomore year. He is the best of the whole bunch!

    1. As a UA alum, fan, and supporter….I sense “Jeff” is an insecure Aubie.

      He even created a hash tag. LOL! Funny, but also sad

  5. @whoreeagle…wow your moniker sure is clever. I bet u find it “hilarious” when someone throws the ole LSWho haymaker! You bags on this website are what gives UA a bad name. As I head to Reese Phifer and Alston…pretty sure none of you have a clue what those are. UA is much more than football and sports!


    1. The Inbred U TURDS are a perfect representaion of the ReTaRdation that IS the Bammer Moron Nation!

    2. Wow, Jeff. You went online and got the UA building names…you are hardcore pathetic.

      Didn’t take many classes in Phifer (actually I don’t think I took any). But spent a lot of time in Alston and Bidgood.

      Shall I go to the Auburn site and get an online campus map and start spewing building names? And then I will try to convince you I’m a student at Auburn. No, I won’t do that. Why? Because I’m not pathetic and stupid.

      As far as my moniker…I didn’t realize I needed to get the fine china of names out to impress anyone. Maybe, you can suggest something more sophisticated.

  6. @Jeff – Wow, your moniker is not clever. It goes along with your comments. If every school shed themselves of their “sidewalk alumni”, many of them would never fill and arena, nor hand out another athletic scholarship, and many academic scholarships. Just because your true team is having a two-game losing streak, and the “magic” that is the Gus Bus has been deciphered by skilled coaches at competing schools, don’t get all uppity on a Bama site about championship expectations.

    And Colorado is NOT an NCAA Tourney-caliber team this year. Pearl’s non-subsidized recruits just plain didn’t do the job, and his coaching couldn’t pull them through. Give him a couple of years to “acquire” the necessary talent and he’ll be schooling all the other non-Kentucky schools on the art of basketball.

  7. Most “fans” who actually go to Jordan Hare are non-alumni. This idiot has been fed a lie from his racist Auburn family, probably the same family that produced star Auburn alumnus, Lee Bradberry

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