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ITKHi Auburn fan. We know, you believe in Auburn, and you love it. We know this because we read your ridiculous Facebook posts, where you ramble on and on with your blather in an effort to convince yourself, hoping you’ve convinced potential “converts” to your cult in the process. Somewhere there must be an unwritten rule that after a loss every female Auburn fan must IMMEDIATELY rush to social media to express how much she loves her underachieving football program. We get it, you love Auburn.

But why exactly? What is it that you love? Your leaders? Like your village idiot Navid Nousel, who offers up his orange and blue manifestos to the fambly in an attempt to circle the wagons “one more time?” Or Rob Pate, who wrote his own embarrassing dissertation last week for the “new generation” of boog fans out there? Funny how such a good eye doctor can be so blind.

Or what about Charles Barkley, your morally depraved loud mouth who totally contradicts the spiritual persona you’ve tried so desperately to assign to your low rent university? Or Cam, who you know as well as we was bought and paid for. Or Bo Jackson, who creepily hangs around your program (and locker room) like that weird uncle nobody trusts their kids to be alone with.

The joke about Cam, Nick Marshall and other players who’ve been kicked out of other schools only to find refuge at Auburn is well-earned. Have any of them earned degrees, of any kind? I’ll even take a barber school degree. And no, I’m not talking about honorary degrees. At Bama we produce student athletes, and are a leader in the SEC for the graduation rates of our young men. Auburn? Yeah. If your quarterback is a college student I’m Phyllis Diller. Could he even work the drive through at Wendy’s?

Do you love sustained success? Because if you do you’re pulling for the wrong team. In the 115 history of your program you have one instance of back-to-back 10+ win seasons. For our spanish speaking aubies, that’s “uno.” Your flash-in-the-pan, lightning in a bottle seasons are so cute when they come along. But my gosh, the patience you have to have to wait on those magical years. You deserve a medal, or at least some sort of coloring book where you can color Aubie holding hands with Patrick Fain Dye at the bar.

In contrast, we Bama fans just sit back and wait till next season to be ranked #1, right in the thick of the race for the National Championship. Since 2008, we’ve now been #1 at some point every year. You? Well, you just have to sit back and hope the stars align for you again in a few years.

Sustained success may be a new vocabulary term for you, so I’ll give you the proper pronunciation:


It means contending year, after year, after year, after year. Well, you get the idea. You may not like it, but surely even you get it.

Is it underdogs you like? Like seeing your high school, perennial 8-4 coach go up against that mean ole Nick Saban and once, just for one shining moment, come out on top? And by once, I mean literally once. You’ve had three coaches now since the greatest college football coach of our time has been in Tuscaloosa, and each beat him exactly once before being processed. I predict you’ll be looking for another by 2016. And in the back of your mind, you know it too. Gussy’s philosophies are a collective failed get-rich-quick scheme in a 401K world.

And why will you be looking again soon? Because your world totally revolves around us. You know it, we know it, and hopefully by now Nick Saban knows it. Your worth in your own eyes rises and falls on how you stack yourself up against THE University of Alabama. Heck, you even put our name on your team meeting room last season.

How freaking sad.
How freaking sad.

So as Gustav Malzahn’s dipsy-do, trickeroo offense continues to die, and you slowly realize a return trip to Atlanta ain’t happening (let alone a dipping of your toe in the college football playoff), the chances he’ll soon be canned for the next flavor of the month grow as big as crazy Kristy’s cankles. We’ll just sit, watch, and wait for the next orange and blue hail mary thrown to try and keep yourself in the game…and then we’ll entertain ourselves watching you all rush to assign blind credibility in support of the decision, whatever or whoever it is.

And just exactly how DO you stack up? Well, honestly, not too well. Unless your measuring sticks are the polls produced by the Opelika-Times Tribune. The University of Alabama remains the standard in college football…gridiron dominance that defines the game year after year. Auburn is simply a zit on the butt-cheek of the game. Sure it flares up ever so often, but then it bursts and goes back to being the runny mess it’s always been.

But please, by all means, believe in Auburn. Don’t let us stop you. Love it. Give ole Navid a hug for us. And worship at the Aubie altar with your cultish brothers and sisters. But if you need us, we’ll be in Atlanta, and THEN in the FIRST college football playoff! Isn’t that exciting? But don’t worry; I’m sure the Music City Bowl will be just as good.

Now quick, go read the creed again. After all, repetition leads to reality within the mind. And hurry back to Facebook. It’s been at least 15 minutes since you tried to convince your friends how unfazed you are that your Tigers failed again. And while you may find this hard to believe, I believe in Auburn too…and love it! I absolutely do! I just love the fact that Auburn’s fan base makes up the largest collective inferiority complex on the planet, and simply, we love making fun of you!

But if you’re wondering, this is how we really feel:

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446 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Auburn Fans”

    1. One word – PROJECTION.

      This letter is absolutely embarrassing. I come from a family of die hard Bama fans, but this is total hypocrisy. Projecting classlessness onto an entire demographic by writing a message infused with hatred & doing exactly what you accuse them of.. pathetic. This letter is a joke, but I speak now on behalf of Bama fans that actually want to uphold this so-called class you speak of… both sides are guilty of absurdity (reminder poisoning the tree) due to southern culture being fanatic over football, so shame on you for contributing… People like you that sit there & cast sinner as if a saint, bullshit

        1. What? You don’t believe a Bama fan can actually have the decency to call out hypocrisy that in fact makes Bama look BAD?

          I don’t care if you’re ranting & raving in support of AL football, that doesn’t mean I support trash.

        2. Delete me if you want ITK you and your mother/girlfriend know it’s the truth.

          1. It’s fans like you that solidify the disdain we hold for your fanbase not so much the institution. Probably why I don’t care for the Yankees, Lakers or the Cowboys. But oh well, it’s just a game.

      1. Pat Dye once said, Alabama fans love Alabama football, Auburn fans love Auburn. There is a huge difference in fan bases from just that statement alone. Auburn is loved because it’s Auburn, we love all aspects of our university. With the gumps, football is all they know and care about. Which is why 90% of the fan base are sidewalk alum bandwagon fans, which probably describes this blogger to a T.

        1. There is a lot to love about Auburn, not just sports. After Auburn football, my next favorite thing I love about Auburn is that it isn’t a snooty place that looks down on others, and our fans don’t feel that they are entitled, “just because”.

          When you appreciate success, because you know that the coaches and players have worked hard to get there, not because it is just expected.

          Yes, we are disappointed in this football season, but our lives will go on. We aren’t on the verge of committing suicide because of a sport. We know that with “work, hard work”, we will be back there soon, and we will appreciate if more than any of you self-entitled jerks ever will.

          1. You say you’re not snooty but your brethren just posted aside you that 90% of the Bama fans are sidewalk fans. I graduated from Bama but my older brother graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy and is currently a Captain and he is the Commanding Officer of the largest Coast Guard base in the world, Coast Guard Base, Miami, Florida. He is Bama boy, born and bred but because he didn’t attend Bama he’s not allowed to be a fan? My younger brother graduated from SUNY Maritime after attending the United States Merchant Marine Academy and is currently a Federal Harbor Pilot for the port of New Orleans. He is also a Bama boy, born and bred. Thank God they are Bama fans because according to the Auburn logic you must attend the University to be a fan. And you say Bama fans are snooty? The Iron Bowl was my 301st consecutive game and I love our sidewalk fans. They were all born into Bama families and became a fan from building memories and watching games with their fathers and mothers. Do you just expect someone to stop being a fan when they get out of high school because they choose to go to school elsewhere? Or go into the military? Or God forbid they don’t have the means. Snooty is these Auburn fans that all say if you can’t afford to go to Auburn you can’t be a fan of Auburn. Good grief. All of you deserve each other. Roll Tide!!

      2. Free speech is not really free

        To all that post here

        Thank you for your time, and for the time we have together.

        Please put some white space in your writings. It makes it easier on my eyes.

        Stop making out like you are a genius because you saw an obvious typo.


      3. Thanks MB for this reply. My thoughts exactly, but it is nice to hear it from an Alabama fan.

    2. Awe you hurt our feelings….omg what to do what to do!!
      I guess I’m gonna through out all my AU stuff and bow down to the alter of the bear!! We are just scum, low life, pond scum and so not have the right to walk on the same sidewalk as you Bama fans!! All because we lost a 60min football game! This is just too funny and rely sad!! Get a life!

    3. Congrats on the Iron Bowl win.

      Auburn has enjoyed more of these wins since Coach Bryant retired. In fact, Auburn leads in wins since then.

      Auburn has been even more successful in the Iron Bowl since the great Pat Dye changed the venue of the Iron Bowl from Legion Field to on campus games. Since then, Auburn has had 15 wins to 7 for Alabama. That is:

      Auburn -15 Alabama – 7

      The strategy for Alabama from the time when Coach Bryant was the coach has been to play the easiest schedule possible to increase their chance of getting a championship. Auburn has always played a more difficult schedule than Alabama.

      I think Auburn’s success will continue and the gap between Auburn and Alabama’s wins will widen as Auburn becomes even more successful.

      Get ready for the beat-down in Auburn next year bama fans.

      An Auburn Engineering Alumni

      1. Engineering Alumni?

        The record since 1989-

        Birmingham- Alabama 6, Auburn 0
        Tuscaloosa- Alabama 3, Auburn 5
        Auburn- Alabama 4, Auburn 8

        Alabama 13, Auburn 13

        1. Mr. Roll Tide — you obviously didn’t read the post!!

          He didn’t say since 1989 — he said since the game was moved from being played in Birmingham to playing on the individual Campuses — which is exactly what TigerForever said — Please read before you post!!

      2. Auburn always plays a more difficult schedule than Alabama, true.

        They always will.

        After all, Auburn always has Alabama on their schedule…

    1. Seems the jealousy still runs deep in the 85%er’s! Making fun of a speech impediment is pretty low, even for Updick standards. But what can you expect from an “anonymous” blogger whose entire pathetic life centers around a football game? I’m sure the closest thing he has to a g/f is his FatHead of Julio Jones in his bedroom…..sorry Julio for offending your name here.

  1. Wow!!! Bet that to a couple months to write. But still nobody cares we are not gonna change sides. We are Auburn, we are strong, we are fast and we will prevail lol. What an idiot. Lmao

    1. Let me help you with the grammatical correction of your post:

      Wow!!! I bet that TOOK a couple months to write. Still, no one cares. We are not going to change sides. We are Auburn. We are strong. We are fast and we will prevail. LOL. What an idiot. LMAO.

      As you see, my friend, apply the “hurry up” theory to your comment made YOU look uneducated. Maybe YOU should have taken that couple o months to proofread. RTR!

          1. Can Oregon have more hideous unis? Can they just come out in Bozo outfits with red noses and long shoes?

      1. Ok, silly boy. Go back to the library with all your other nerd friends. I bet you live an exciting life 🙂
        You’re a class act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. And YOUR dumb ass missed a comma. BOOM! “We are fast, and we will prevail.” You’re welcome.

        1. AUFanForeverAKA”Alumni”

          Proof you are an alumni of that cow college. The comma is not necessary before the conjunction in a short sentence with two, distinctive independent clauses. The pause the comma creates while reading that sentence is not necessary. Go back to school.

  2. That was Auburn’s best game of the year.

    That was Alabama’s worst game of the year.

    And still, a slaughter.

    Kick six? How about kick ZERO? As in, zero attempted field goals. Simply put, Alabama scored touchdowns instead of ever kicking a field goal.

    Roll Tide

        1. I’d also like to point out that since the beginning of the BCS, Auburn and Alabama have been to the SEC championship te same amount of times, and have the same amount of wins: 3 wins and 1 loss

          1. The BCS is over, so we can talk about it in the past tense.

            For example, “in the BCS era, Auburn and Alabama both went to the SEC title game the same number of times and left with the same number of wins, albeit Alabama won three times the national championships and lost zero national title games in that era, plus Alabama has an additional SEC title win and three additional appearances over Auburn since its inception before the BCS was created, not including the 2014 SEC championship game this coming Saturday.”

          1. Why didn’t they stop it? Get ready for the beat-down in Auburn next year. We will fix the defense and score even more points on Bammer.

            WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!

          2. Ahhh, the Auburn mantra…

            “Wait till next year you mean ole Bammers!” I love it.

            By the way, Saban is 2-2 in Jordash-Hare Stadium. I wouldn’t say a, how you say, “beatdown,” is in order. You’ll be lucky if you score.

        1. Funny, AU fans were running around and screaming incessantly last year about how much of a beatdown a six-point victory was. Seems as though you can dish it out but can’t take it.

          AU got demolished in BDS. Sorry you can’t accept that.

          1. Auburn, in the 4th quarter, had their pants yanked down and their rear end spanked…and there wasn’t anything Gussy could do about it.

            THAT’S what has them in a dither. They’ve been forced to face what we’ve known since he was hired. Last year was a complete sham…a figment of the mind. This year is the standard under Gussy, and they can’t stand the thought. I, personally, relish that thought.

  3. Can’t believe they only focus on us all year but the picture says it all. Poor little brother.

    1. Classic aubie right here. I’ll interpret…

      “Sure we lost, but look how close we were.”

      Every Auburn fan alive

        1. Auburn


          Between the 20s………..60…….561

          In the Red Zone…………30………67

          Eight times in the Red Zone. Five field goals and two touchdowns – one with 20 seconds left and had no effect on the outcome.

          1. That was my favorite part—–zero opportunities for a kick six of any kind whatsoever.

            Insult, meet injury. Roll Tide.

  4. Hey! Auburn! Don’t come around here no more! Stop Walking down my street Who do you expect to meet? Don’t come around here no more


      1. Really? And that explains why you were being “skull dragged” and “curb stomped” the entire first half of the game???

  5. And it’s always going to be football for you inbreds. At least Auburn grads (notice I say GRADS here because our fans actually GRADUATED from Auburn) will be able to get well-paying jobs and be exponentially more successful than the Bama fan base. Sure, hate on us football-wise all you want. Whatever helps you compensate for the fact that you flip burgers for a living.

        1. Actually, we had a med school. It’s called the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It’s now branched off as a separate university and is one of the most foremost medical research facilities in the world. We have a law school–where’s yours?
          And you don’t need a vet school when the cow college has one already.

          1. The medical school is the University of Alabama’s, not the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s.

            The UA law school is one of the best in the nation.

            The school of communications is second to none.

            But if you need to study cow turds, they have a great place for that. It’s called Auburn.

          2. I can promise you, as a current University of Alabama at Birmingham student, that you would be hard pressed to find any student/faculty member/Birmingham resident here these days that would accept the idea that the medical school belongs to UA. We, as a school are about to lose our football program because the UA alumni who head the Board of Trustees over the UA, UAB , and UAH campuses cannot seem to handle the fact that we want a football program too. We as a school and hospital provide over 70% of the revenue for the whole system, more than UA’s precious football program by a substantial amount. ITK please try to hold your tongue next time you try to claim OUR medical school. You can have your law school (mainly because we aren’t allowed to have one, once again because the BoT think UA should be the only school in the system with one). I know this is off track from the normal comments, but it had to be said. As of right now, there is a huge rally/protest being conducted on the quad of our campus to have our school’s interest be acknowledged instead of forever having to bow to the Crimson Mother Fucking Tide and there insane idea that their school is better than ours. We would fight to be completely separate from you guys, but it would be a fruitless cause considering 13 out of 15 of the BoT members are UA alums, and our school funds yours. I do not hate every Bama fan. I’ve lived in Alabama my whole life, no use hating half the state for no reason. I hate when fans like you bring MY school that I am damn proud to attend into a fight and drag our name down with yours.

            a beyond proud UAB Blazer who is tired of the tyranny

          3. The medical school is not UAB’s, dolt. It is the University of Alabama’s, hence the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION that meets every single cotton picking February to discuss matters with the school, not the University of Alabama at Birmingham MAA.

            UAB is an undergrad school. The medical school just happens to be located in Birmingham.

          4. False. The school is UAB school of medicine. Having attended the program…. I can read my diploma to you. War Eagle.

      1. I will have you know that this “cow college” plays an extremely big part in the agriculture industry that puts food on your plate you pretentious asshole. Pretty sure without this “cow college” and other land grant universities that strive every day to figure out new ways to feed the world, you wouldn’t have food to eat. Get off your high horse and quit thinking that your shit stinks less than anyone else’s.

        Senior in Animal Science at Auburn University

          1. @ITK

            “The UA law school is one of the best in the nation.”

            Good job! Auburn’s pharmacy school has about 130 students graduate with their DOCTORATE of Pharmacy each year, and is pretty well known for their engineering program*. But gosh, those doctoral students and engineers can’t compete with those lawyers! I mean, everyone knows how stupid engineers are.

            *Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that UA has an engineering school, too. Though no one could blame me if I did, because Auburn’s is consistently ranked higher than UA’s.

          2. How do you know you’re a loser? When you have to leave the gridiron to cling to something…anything…that’s ranked higher than your rival.

            How’s your ping pong team?

          3. How do you know you’re a loser? When your self-esteem is tied to how your team and its rival perform a game.

  6. Coach Bryant was right…. Auburn does not take football seriously Go shotgun an third and one genius

  7. Thank goodness for spell check as we know an Alabama “fan” (as 99.5% are not graduates) could not spell that many words over 4 letter long.

    1. I’m sure you don’t personally know everything about every fan, therefor I think it’s safe to say that more than .5% are. Besides, in what way does not being a graduate have to do with whether or not someone’s a fan? Also, the number 4 is more than one. So it’s “letters”, not “letter”.

      1. Being a graduate matters because this whole article about why would anyone ever be proud of Aubun? The answer is that for most of us, Auburn is our Alma Mater, and we’re loyal to them no matter what. We aren’t going to stop supporting them just because they lose, and unlike Alabama fans, we don’t tie our own individual self worth to how a bunch of people we’ve never met play a GAME–which is unlike the author of this article, who clearly thinks that being an Alabama fan makes him superior to others.

          1. Really, you thought it was beatiful?! Clearly my words impacted you deeply, making you realize just how wrong you are. I can’t wait to read your retraction!!!! oh happy day!

          2. No, you’re a skank that doesn’t know how the game is played here. I’m just taking it easy on you because I feel sorry for you.

  8. Please don’t ruin a mostly pleasant experience I had in Tuscaloosa yesterday with the Auburn Marching Band. Your fans mostly either were very nice, or just kept to themselves. I was impressed with the overall high level of class shown by the bama fan base, and Bryant Denny was definitely a great atmosphere for college football.

    This however, is pathetic. You, unlike most others, don’t see the line that you DO NOT cross. You can dis our football program all you want, cause yours is obviously more successful in history. As a human being, you should at least respect our love for our school. The difference between the Auburn family and most bama fans is that We feel no different about our school or football program when we’re winning a national championship or going losing most of our games. We love our school because our school always has integrity. It unites us as a family of like-minded people who care about eachother and being decent human beings. Love for a school should have nothing to do with winning football games. It’s about tradition, family, and brotherly love.

    Enjoy your win and leave us alone. Go on loving your football team and we’ll love our family and school. It’s that simple.

    War Eagle always.

      1. Yeah, that was about as clinically cultish a response as I’ve ever heard.

        Deal with it. I’ve had enough Auburn fans cross parking lots to yell “War Eagle” at me this past year…in the state of South Carolina, no less. I’ve never done that, never will, and all you get is a blog and that’s the line that must not be crossed?

        What a cult.

        1. The one thing you bama fans will never understand is that we are not the least bit jealous of you. We don’t wish we were you. We’re GLAD we aren’t you. We’re glad our school and fans show respect to visiting fans. We’re glad Jordan-Hare creates it’s pwn hype rather than Bryant Denny trying to force it with way roo loud canned music and that GOD AWFUL annoying voice of your stupid strength coach. Seriously, even if I was a bama fan that would piss me off. We’re glad we’re us. I don’t care how many hundred thousand national championships you ever win. I really don’t. You guys think that it bothers us when you wave your wins our our face. It doesn’t. Do it all you want, I don’t care.

          I’ll be glad I’m me, and again, enjoy your win. Your school has a better football team than ours. I really couldn’t care less.

          It’s time to grow up and show some decency to your neighbors in the great state of Alabama.

          Again, WAR EAGLE!

          1. That’s nice it doesn’t bother your…except enough to respond letting us know it doesn’t bother you.

            But it does bother Auburn.

            After all, I’m sure you saw Auburn’s publicity commercial on Saturday night, you know, the one that focuses on what you can do in “one second” and shows Auburn winning against Alabama last year. I’m not saying they shouldn’t use it, but saying they don’t care or that you’re special because you don’t care, well, I simply beg to differ.

            So when you say “we” are not jealous of you, make sure you’re paying attention. “What do we have to do now” is what Auburn’s AD said after Nick Saban’s first national title at the Capstone. Next thing you know, it’s the Cam Newton scandal and successive national title. It’s hard to say that wouldn’t have happened without the Little Brother reaction, but that’s just one example and the commercial is another. You might not like parts of the culture at Auburn, but claiming you personally don’t belive them doesn’t mean they’re not characteristic as a whole.

          2. Well I guess I can’t reply to your reply, but you still don’t understand.

            You think its your program’s success that bothers us. Its not that at all. Its fans like you. Yeah, you bother me, but not in the way you think you do. You bother me because you’re being a terrible person. I would react the same way to any other fan of any other school, even my own.

            There is a way to go all out cheering for your team without putting down others, and so many people do not understand that. Cheer on your team, and when you win, cause you most likely will, you go celebrate with your family, friends, and classmates. The existence of this article is a perfect example of this. I had much respect for your school when I left on Saturday night, and that is dwindling down to about nothing because of this thread. Enjoy your win for the next year, you deserve it cause your team played better than ours.

            Sure we use your success to motivate ourselves, and you should take that as a compliment! Yeah, we want to be better than you, but we also want to be better than Georgia and LSU. We want to win games, but when we don’t its our reaction thats different. Yeah losing sucks, but we’re still Auburn. We will look forward to next year, so we can take another shot at ya, all in good sport too. trash talk and bragging rights are what make rivalries fun, but this is over the top hate speech.

            Just grow up PLEASE.

            War Eagle

          3. Yeah, I know. We all know.

            Look, this is the definition of cult, and we hear it all the time.

            All the time.

            “Hey, I’m a great guy, but you Alabama fans FORCE me to give up the positive image I was so gracious to have given you in the first place that you have never given us and you’ll never understand.”

            First, it’s not true. I went to NOLA for Halloween, stopped in Tuscaloosa for lunch on the way and Auburn for dinner on the way back. I have plenty of respect for Auburn, and I’m not alone, just as I’m sure you’re not alone in being someone that doesn’t hate Alabama and absolutely everything they represent.

            But this is a blog.

            Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

            I think it’s one thing to write about a victory over your rival in any way you want and another thing to have your university dedicate an entire ad campaign slogan to the way they won a football game over their rival.

            You’re a good person. That’s great. But don’t ignore Auburn’s cultural idendity as a whole in favor of the parts you like about the Auburn creed you think you live up to. Even if you do, Auburn doesn’t, and that’s not said to be offensive but to highlight that saying Auburn doesn’t care is simply inaccurate.

            Auburn does care. That’s part of what makes the rivalry so great in the first place. Don’t forget that.

            However, Alabama cares too. And then they move on, at least as a whole. I guarantee you won’t see a single second of Alabama’s Iron Bowl victory this year in any of Alabama’s admissions commercials for 2015 whatsoever. You have your idendity and you don’t have to like it, but at least understand that as an Auburn fan you are a small part of a whole culture that cares enough to call for coaching heads to roll if they don’t beat Alabama after losing 3 games earlier in the season. They did call, and they did roll.

            And yes, Alabama does care about football more than any other sport. That doesn’t mean I don’t personally also care about golf, gymnastics, softball, or any other sport Alabama has won national titles in recently, and also baseball, basketball, etc., but I’m not unaware that most Alabama fans don’t pay much attention to them.

            Those other sports, however, adhere to the same cultural idendity as Alabama’s football team does, and that’s the biggest reason I think their relative success is no coincidence.

            Besides, what do you expect?

            No, seriously Tyler, I understand not thinking it’s fair to have to read a blog that’s not perfectly nice after a football victory, but is it any worse than what Auburn has done both as a culture and as a promotional tool for itself the past year? I know this too will sound outright insulting, but if the shoe was on the other foot and Alabama had done what Auburn has done the past year, not only would I be disappointed but you’d have an awful lot more to be upset about.

            Alabama beat Auburn in football and we get to gloat about it. Deal with it knowing it won’t define the University of Alabama or its culture, but it’s still fun for us anyway.

          4. Tyler Martin-
            “You think its your program’s success that bothers us.”

            So much so that in 2010 you bought a ringer QB for 200k (that played one year) with the aim to do what Bama did in 2009.

          5. Thank you for the at least somewhat considerate comment. I can absolutely listen to what you have to say, cause your post doesn’t contain hate speech as most of these others do, thank you for that.

            On the :01 commercial:

            When you win a football game in such an amazing way, it has the right to be talked about for a long time, and the school has the right to use it to their advantage. I understand that it can be annoying to hear all the time, but it’s no different than you guys shoving your 15 national championships in our faces. It is the same thing. I proudly have a :01 sticker on my water bottle, because it was a freakin amazing football game. You should see that too. My cousin who is a HUGE bama fan was there at the game, and he admits that yeah it sucked to lose, but it was amazing to witness such an incredible game from both sides. Ya’ll wear your national championship years because it is a big accomplishment that your school and football program has the right to be proud of. We, in the same way, are proud of our win last year against you last year.

            About being a good person:

            The creed is tough to live up to. It is a great piece of literature, and its something we can be proud of. The fact that not all AU fans live up to is doesn’t make it inaccurate, it gives us something to strive for. I am a christian man, and that defines me even more so than Auburn, so you can say what you want about that. I love my God, and then my school. My school contains my family and most of my friends. I am a fourth generation AU student, so Auburn is a part of my family’s history and tradition. We’re not a cult, we’re just loyal.

            About the rivalry:

            Gloat about it all you want. But your definition of gloating is the problem. Our definition is talking trash and bragging about our win, yours is simply trying to put down others and everything they love. if you posted about how badly Amari Cooper burned our terrible defense, I’d have no problem with that, cause its true. Your team is better than ours, and that much is obvious, that should be enough for you.

          6. @Tyler

            I never said Auburn doesn’t have the right to use footage of a football win over Alabama in their promotional commercials, nor do they not have the right to base their promotional campaign around the characteristic of a lone game-winning play.

            Instead, you said Alabama cares more about football than Auburn cares about Auburn. The evidence points to the opposite, that’s the point, like it or not.

            It’s less annoying than you might think, but when you say Alabama fans are the outliers for using an Iron Bowl victory against Auburn fans, I don’t need to say you’re wrong. Instead, I pointed to the evidence Auburn University uses to promote itself. It’s definitive. It’s not that Auburn isn’t allowed to, it’s that they did, and, more to the point, Alabama didn’t, doesn’t, and won’t, which is similar to not storming the field or Gatorade-dunking anyone but for a national championship.

            Loyalty is one thing. Blind loyalty is dangerous, particularly in Auburn’s case, hence the cult idendity.

            See, rules are for people who need rules. I’m christian too, and it’s not that I don’t agree with or try to live by many of the things in that creed. But, for example, it’s one thing to make a rule saying you’ll never be violent against another man, and it’s another thing to apply it. If a random thief tries to take you out, you don’t need rules to keep you from hitting back and knowing it’s OK. I’m not dissing the creed, but the way it’s cited so frequently in bad situations is what makes it more similar to religion, and since it’s not used as religion but as a defense (“what are your crimes” from Scientology comes to mind), it’s cult-like.

            Look, that sounds insulting. Fine. I don’t mean to be rude, and I’m not trying to tell you not to be an Auburn fan. But playing the high-and-mighty creed card in the face of Auburn’s own promotional idendity in this very game alone simply doesn’t correlate with the way you’re trying to portray the University of Alabama’s culture as a whole or directly from its administration. In spite of a blog teasing Auburn fans back in a way that’s frankly less insulting to me than we’ve seen from Auburn’s own administration since the play in the Auburn commercial, you want to suggest that’s what makes Alabama worse? It just doesn’t add up. I know this is an emotional time, so if it bugs you so much, my advice is to simply avoid looking at Alabama fans enjoying this win so you don’t find part of it you don’t like. I’m not going to Auburn sites to gloat, but it’s not like they didn’t come to Alabama sites to gloat last year and beyond, and I’m sure you recognize that even if you’re not necesarily one of them, right?

          7. Agree Tyler. Funny, it just seems to bug bama fans that we have so much more than football in our lives and at our school.

            If they truly are ‘so much better’ and we are ‘little brother’ then why write this letter in the first place? It seems that winning isn’t enough. They can’t shake hands and walk away. They want to ‘wipe that pride off our faces too’. So sad. It reminds me of the kids that have everything but can’t stand for someone else to have something they don’t. Poor little rich bama.

            I don’t post negative things about any team. I don’t need to. I don’t need to put others down to feel big or superior as this person seems to…I don’t need to feel superior at all. Period.

            Good luck to the fan that wrote this letter and all of you here commenting. You really need to get more in your life (as well as some clothing without the letter ‘A’ on it – okay, that was just for fun).

            You win some, you lose some. Congrats bama. Now you have something to live for for another month and another year.

            It’s a game. We love our school and our community. We really don’t care what you think.

            War Eagle.

          8. “nope”,
            people who are not a part of the Auburn family can never understand the creed, and that doesn’t mean we think they are bad people, or worse than us. It’s just what it is. It’s just like rolling toomer’s corner. Something one of your fans tried to take away from us. I know that most bama fans would dismiss his actions as bad, due to the fact it was illegal, but its still something that you can never understand. I’m sorry, but you can never get even close to knowing how much that hurt us, and I even can’t say that I understand completely because I am only a Freshman here and didn’t get to see the old oaks but a few times when I was a little kid.

            You don’t understand our traditions because you were never a part of them. In the same way, we can never understand or appreciate yours in the way that you do, because we didn’t grow up with them. Thats all it is.

            You seem to be a considerate person, and I respect that. Just don’t jump to conclusions in the way that you are right now. Respect our traditions, and we’ll respect yours. there’s no need to question them or call them stupid, because such traditions hold a special place in our history, as do yours.

          9. “nope”,
            people who are not a part of the Auburn family can never understand the creed, and that doesn’t mean we think they are bad people, or worse than us. It’s just what it is. It’s just like rolling toomer’s corner. Something one of your fans tried to take away from us. I know that most bama fans would dismiss his actions as bad, due to the fact it was illegal, but its still something that you can never understand. I’m sorry, but you can never get even close to knowing how much that hurt us, and I even can’t say that I understand completely because I am only a Freshman here and didn’t get to see the old oaks but a few times when I was a little kid.

            You don’t understand our traditions because you were never a part of them. In the same way, we can never understand or appreciate yours in the way that you do, because we didn’t grow up with them. Thats all it is.

            You seem to be a considerate person, and I respect that. Just don’t jump to conclusions in the way that you are right now. Respect our traditions, and we’ll respect yours. there’s no need to question them or call them stupid, because such traditions hold a special place in our history, as do yours.

          10. @Tyler Martin

            LOL – Please continue!!! I love hearing a barner talk about his devotion to the cult! I only wish I were there to see the tear gleaming from your eye as it trickled down your cheek. WEEGLE!!!

          11. ITK,

            I’m done here.

            you are a joke, and you give your school a bad name.

            I hope that someday you’ll realize what a terrible person you are being right now, and I’ll accept your apology, because I’m willing to see people for who they are instead of what football team they cheer for.

            War Eagle forever.

          12. Good, I thought I told you you were banned. You’re not allowed to come back because you’re stupid, forever.

            Now go enjoy the bowl with the rest of your goathumping alumni. If you need us we’ll be playing for it all!

          13. Well said. Some people are too arrogant to understand what Auburn is about. Even their own coach gets tired of their spoiled, hateful attitudes.

      2. Cult? Having studied cults in *college*, I believe you need to do some research my friend.

        Aw, is that jealousy? Or perhaps there’s some projection going on here?

        Two words: “The Bear”

        I’m sure Saban will be worshiped one day too. So we’ll call you all “Saban Worshipers”.


    1. @Tyler Martin

      Tyler, thank you for your response, but without knowing, you demostrated my point beautifully.

      The cult mentality in Auburn is that no one loves their university as much as Auburn fans, and no one is a “family” like Auburn fans are. If you are critical of their beloved god…and yes, that’s ultimately what it boils down to being for you…then said criticism sends the Auburn fan into a tailspin that they can’t handle.

      Your program is second rate. It borrows most if not all of its traditions from other programs, and you’ve been drafting behind THE University of Alabama for its entire existence, benefiting from the wake we’ve created for you and other SEC schools for decades.

      You lost. Suck it. Part of being in college is learning to be a big boy and face facts. Looks like you still have work to do.

      1. I’m an Auburn fan and I have no idea what “beloved god” you speak of, especially when Bammers continue to worship Paul Bryant even though his time has been gone for a while now. And criticism when completely comprised of opinions and not facts is what sends me into a tailspin (AKA your response). For the love of all things good, PLEASE stop making generalized statements. I find it funny that you say to face the facts and yet, you never list any. And we are perfectly aware that we lost. I’m still proud of our boys though because we got 44 points up on that board and that’s not easy against your team. You might say that’s “cult-like” of me to day, but I believe taking pride in your team is what any true fan should do, win or lose. But maybe that’s something you won’t ever understand.

      2. Yeah we lost, you think I dont get that?

        That borrowing traditions comment is hilarious. Not even gonna argue my point there cause its obvious.

        Also, we have a winning record against y’all since the early 80s. But do I point that out to every bama fan I see? Nope. Y’all have been more successful than us for the past 5 or 6 years, but remember that we beat you 6 times in a row in the 2000s. It goes back and fourth.

        You are pitiful for taking shots like this, you are the one who needs to grow up.

  9. Wow, my last comment didn’t make it. Fuck Auburn and the cow they rode in on. This is from a proud graduate of THE University of Alabama. Auburn University, for a school that used to pretend to be “working class” when it benefited them, now acts like what they accuse Bama to be. Fucking hypocrites, tour ass got whipped last night and your coach cried like a bitch afterwards. Call me a hater, but Auburn fans are too. They’re just hypocritical about it. Old South passive aggressive puss balls

      1. @RC

        I will have you know that this “cow college” plays an extremely big part in the agriculture industry that puts food on your plate you pretentious asshole. Pretty sure without this “cow college” and other land grant universities that strive every day to figure out new ways to feed the world, you wouldn’t have food to eat. Get off your high horse and quit thinking that your shit stinks less than anyone else’s.

        Senior in Animal Science at Auburn University

      2. Seriously? This a rivalry and just a game. Granted…an important game for the fans of both schools, graduates and for those who never stepped foot in a classroom at either school. However, there are real problems in this world. Senseless killings around the world, children starving, homeless people and all you can do is gloat on an 11 point win? The kick 6 is long over and Auburn’s field goals instead of TDs will soon be forgotten as well. But the violence and poverty will continue long after these games are finished. Get a life and perspective. Oh and for good measure- WDE

        1. @May, take your own advice son. This is a deflection from life’s real issues. It’s fun…believe me…I’m having the time of my life. As are the Auburn fans who are pouring in in droves to protect their sacred idol, Auburn fooseball. At least, I guess they are…why else would they be here?

          Oh, because they’re a cult and they have no choice but to respond to stimuli that leads them to do so.

          1. They’re responding because you addressed this article to AUBURN FANS. You really expect a lack of responses? Yeah right.

  10. Dude really? Show more class because I’m just astounded at how trashy I now feel as an auburn fan after this article and after reading all of the bammer comments. You guys love to reference the bear because he was ACTUALLY a class act as well as a great coach. He would be ashamed of the Alabama football program he helped build because of how its fan base acts towards, pretty much everyone who isn’t Alabama.

    Stay classy Bama

    1. Bear was an alcoholic and mean as a snake — Joe Namath is an alcoholic and wears pantie hose — Ken Stabler is an alcoholic and a wife beater!! If that’s you definition of Class, well you belong right where you are!!

  11. Rarely have I seen 13 paragraphs spent on something so “irrelevant.” Can you say “contradiction?” I knew you could!

    Stay classy crapstone report.

      1. That’s all you can come back with? Obviously you missed my point. You say Auburn is irrelevant, yet you post a 13 paragraph diatribe about Auburn, then continue to reply to Auburn fans’ comments.

        If Auburn is so irrelevant in your little dreamworld, I dare say you wouldn’t spend one second discussing it. You are clearly “AUBsessed.”

        1. No, I just had a minute and it is absolutely entertaining beyond explanation to interact with y’all as you flop around on the pavement in disbelief that you’re once again completely irrelevant.

          I’d walk 100 miles to get to do this.

        2. Alabama fan posts about Auburn: “Clearly you’re AUbsessed.”

          Auburn fan posts about Alabama: “We’re not bothered by your school or your success, I just came here to point that out for the tenth time. I believe in Auburn and I love it. War Eagle!”

          You guys are a bunch of hypocrites and uncomfortably attached to your cult. It’s creepy.

          1. @Aaron…you get it, brother. There is a huge double standard, and a disgusting air of false superiority based on fantasy.

  12. wow, someone’s on the outside looking in. You clearly know nothing about the school you’re bashing in this article. I love Auburn because I actually ATTEND the university I claim to love, unlike so many of your fans. This article is rude and inaccurate on several accounts. Can Newton came back on his breaks from the NFL to finish his degree as I’m sure Nick Marshall will complete his this spring. You’re clearly bitter about something, but I’m not sure what.. So regardless of your classless and rude article I will still post and scream war eagle! Win or lose I’m an Auburn fan, and that’s something you just won’t ever understand.

    1. “Can Newton came back on his breaks from the NFL to finish his degree”

      I find nothing in news/internet sources that says Cam Newton has a degree. Maybe “Can” Newton has one.

    2. Mallory, that “I attend/attended/Granpappy attended ” Auburn lie has been exposed by me several times. I actually graduated from ‘UAT’ and most fans at Auburn games did not graduate from Auburn. If that was the case, Aubs would only fill half the stadium. It’s a lie that has been passed down to you through generations. Think for yourself. Question your lineage. You’ve been brainwashed

  13. I might take you more seriously if you could spell. It is honorary and credibility, not “honory” and “credability”. By the way, I am a graduate of Tennessee. I don’t have a dog in this fight. You’re just an idiot who needs to be called out. I doubt seriously if you graduated from Bama with such atrocious spelling. And if you did graduate, well, there you have it. I was at the game and the fact that the Bama students booed when the Auburn band took the field speaks volumes.

  14. Lol typical bammers. Still worried about everything Auburn does. Can’t accept the fact that Auburn will always be better than that dump you call home. Stay salty!

  15. This exemplifies what Pat Dye famously said, “bama fans love bama football, auburn fans love auburn”. Try not to be so salty when you win, it’s not becoming.

    1. Millions of people saw Auburn’s admissions commercial based around what you can do in “one second.”

      Yeah, that’s not being salty alright. That’s being obsessed on top of being salty. Nice try though, but the cult doesn’t ask you to look at yourselves so you may have missed that one.

  16. Last I checked, going to college in the United States is about getting a good education. Football is something fun to watch in the fall on the weekend when you have a break from class, but that’s really it. Whether we have a winning or losing season in football, tests and classes still go on undisturbed. When I graduated high school all those years ago, I chose to go to Auburn because I valued my education above everything else a school had to offer. That was my primary decision factor when choosing a school. The sidewalk fans seem to forget what’s really important about college. At the end of every football season, whether we win or lose, I have to live and study at my university of choice and that is exactly why I’m an Auburn fan. Football is fun and exciting to watch but thirty years from now I won’t be dwelling on winning or losing seasons, i’ll be using my degree to provide for my family. I doubt I will care about the outcome of this game or many others for that matter because at the end of the day I will still have an outstanding education that allowed me to make my life so much better. I know most of the students at UA feel the exact same way. They have a consistently outstanding football team but they aren’t there to be a professional football fan They are there to get an education. However, it is just laughable how many sidewalk fans live and die by the outcome of a football game every year. Admittedly, Alabama excels at football every single year and it is even fun for me as a native of the state to see a school so close to home succeed every year. But if you think for a second that I don’t or should not love my school simply because our football team didn’t do well, you are having a laugh.

    1. You’re saying it’s not all about football for Auburn, but it is for Alabama, correct?

      Did you watch the game? Because I saw a commercial during the game several times, a commercial for Auburn University.

      The commercial is based around what you can do in “one second.”

      That’s right. Auburn’s entire commercial advertising campaign seen by millions Saturday night is based on a football play, a play against Alabama, no less.

      Did you see the University of Alabama’s commercial? Notice the difference?

      Tests and classes at Auburn go undisturbed? You mean except for this year when Bruce Pearl interrupted a marketing class with an enormous setup and nobody knew who he was?

      Yes, there are plenty of sidewalk fans for both teams, fans who don’t necesarily care about Alabama’s golf championships, gymnastic championships, softball championships, et. al. But there are sidewalk fans across the planet; it can’t be this popular and limited only to college graduates (kids can’t be fans until they’re 19?).

      To answer your question, there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t love Auburn, not just football.

      But if you don’t think it’s right to make football such a priority in the face of your rivals, tell it to the Auburn University publicity and advertising departments.

      1. So now we can’t use one of our greatest achievements as a football team to appeal to those applying to our school? It’s a lie to say that football is not a part of the college experience at ANY SEC school. We pride ourselves on our school because guess what? It is proven to be academically better than yours. That is something Bammers can’t argue because facts always hold true. And what a general answer to the question that was actually never asked: “There are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t love Auburn, not just football.” Not even going to try to support your statement with facts or, in your case, opinions? You should consider going back and finishing high school. Or at the very least, take an English course.

      2. You misunderstand my point. I don’t deny that most actual students and graduates of the University of Alabama value their education more than they do football or any sport for that matter. My argument is geared towards those whose happiness in life, and arguably mental stability, hinge upon the outcome of the football games of a school they nor any of their family have ever attended. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fans, but a little bit of perspective goes a long way.

        Unfortunately I’m not on the decision making team for the advertising department. I don’t think the marketing campaigns should target football as heavily as they do, but it’s what many people want to see and it is what people respond to. However, what you fail to realize is that Bruce Pearl’s marketing stunt was in a marketing class for that very reason. It surely gathered some attention if you as someone who claims I should not love my university and home were made aware of it. What a prime example for a class of marketing students to see how a stunt like that could really gather attention.

        Now I have been to Tuscaloosa in a professional capacity, as a tourist, as an Auburn fan, and as a traveler passing through. Everyone I encountered when I wasn’t wearing Auburn clothing was very kind to me and my family. However, one scrap of Auburn clothing (during the off-season mind you) and suddenly i’m the target of hate speech, foul language, disrespect, and plain old-fashioned anger. All of this simply because of an AU hat that I wear everywhere. That was just the beginning. I have spent a total of 5 years living in Auburn and every single day I see at least one person wearing University of Alabama apparel. Never once have I seen anyone disrespect or yell at them or any thing like that. Just because they choose to represent an unpopular team in the area doesn’t mean they deserve to be targeted or even attacked (yes I say attacked from personal experience in Tuscaloosa). My point is exactly this: I love Auburn because of the town, the people, and my exceptional education. Having been to Tuscaloosa more times than i’d like to have been, I can honestly say that it is not a place I would like to live, work, or study. Auburn may be a “cow college”, but I would rather see cows on my way to class in the morning than nasty people on the streets pouring hatred onto strangers they don’t even know simply because they don’t like a football team. I love my school and my town because I’ve seen Alabama, i’ve seen a large part of the world, and i’ve seen what people can be like across the globe. Auburn is where i’m proud to call home.

        1. You’re a cult. Go dry hump Aubie’s leg all you want if it makes you feel better. But you obviously weren’t battling to stop all the hate speech pointed our way after the kick six. I’m sure you tried your darndest to remove all the :01 stickers you saw.

          Hypocrit. Put on your big boy pants, start peeing standing up, and shut up.

          We won. You lost. Your school sucks.

          1. ITK, you have proven my point without even trying. Thank you for that. It’s easy to prove my point when you do so much to help me. With every word you type, you remove more and more of your credibility and a few IQ points. You my friend are why the stereotype surrounding ‘bama fans exists.

            Nope, thank you for being a literate and thoughtful fan of your school. While I disagree that there reasons I should not love auburn, I at least appreciate your willingness to engage in a classy discussion.

    2. Student

      Put some white space in

      this may be absolute poetic brilliance but I will not read it

      Block Head

  17. Let me start by saying that I love college football as much as anyone. I plan my weekend around the games and celebrate game day Saturday as if it were a holiday spent with friends and family, so don’t get it twisted.
    The one thing I don’t understand is how so many people seem to be able to take something that they profess to love and use it to form such a strong hate. I find this to be very sad! If you were not on the field, you have NOTHING to do with the success or defeat of any team, so stop acting like it! You are supposed to be a fan and for the most part the fan base is supposed to be ADULTS. Grow up. I am sick of seeing this mess.
    Yes, I am an Auburn fan. One who attends Alabama games and supports them against other teams. I am an Auburn fan who understands that the young men on the Alabama team have never done one thing to me, so why would I have any reason to hate them? If they are not from Alabama, then they are at the very least temporary residents of our state and should be treated as neighbors, until they have done something that would render them as less than neighborly. I just wish that the adults of this state would realize how stupid they look when they focus so much anger and hate over a game that they are too old and out of shape to participate in, in the first place. Those kids on the field win or lose the games, not any of us.
    I am an Auburn fan and I do love those kids. They have not given up, even when things were really tough. Guess what, I also love those kids from Alabama. They also work hard and have not given up. I hope they do win the National Championship. I see that as being a good thing for our state, unless the fan base acts like total idiots and makes national news again for doing something as stupid as poisoning trees, because they just hate someone they don’t even know.
    Y’all act like you got some sense!

    1. Cindy, this is entertainment. That’s all it is.

      I’m sure you went on Auburn boards last year to correct Auburn fans being tacky after the kick 6. I’m sure you did.

  18. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this site. Am I on Geocities? Is this the standard for web design in Tuscaloosa – an MS Paint Logo, a shitty WordPress theme, poor spelling, and a whole bunch of articles about Auburn? Any way, keep up the great work! It reflects really well on your university (you did go to Bama, no?).

  19. Hahahahahahha I’m an auburn fan, and I read this article. The writer is hilarious. He/she definitely comes across as that Bama redneck/ Auburn hater that we all know and expect from the Bama fan base.They aren’t all that way, but the stereotype is there for a reason.
    War Damn Eagle.

  20. Because we can’t possibly be proud of our school if our football team isn’t up to par… YOU MEAN THERE’S MORE TO A SCHOOL THAN ITS FOOTBALL PROGRAM??

    Sorry for that blasphemy Bammers…

  21. All of you are idiots. The fact that college students playing football is this important to your lives is sickening.

    1. @Trent

      “Hi I’m Trent. I’m really an Auburn fan, but since my team got run out of Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday night, I’m gonna take a third party, righteously indignant stance on the ills of college football fandom.”

      Nice try hack. Scoreboard.

  22. 3 reasons why it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger:

    1.) We know the difference between good natured, rivalry-based smack talk, and classless, self-important garbage.

    2.) We read letters like this and are reminded that our lives, values, identities, and sense of worth aren’t tragically dependent on the outcome of a game played be a group of kids.

    3.) We’ve never lost to Louisiana Monroe.

        1. …and Alabama has never lost to Wake Forest or South Florida.

          Auburn vs
          Wake Forest…..38-42
          Wake Forest……21-24
          South Florida……23-26

  23. Look at all the little barners melting down. You touched a nerve, ITK. I’m waiting for the NTY Foundation to come up with their response post.

    All of the responses only point to the fact that everything you said was unequivocally, 100% true.

    Keep crying, barners.

    Just one second?

    SCOREBOARD…You’ve been Processed.

    1. No doubt. Auburn is a cult, and they can’t handle critical analysis of their beloved god which FELL SHORT once again!

      I thought Gus was a guru? 1-3 in November? Wow. Just, wow.

    2. NTY has apparently responded to all the cult members: 1) Football isn’t that important at Boog U
      2) Bama fans didn’t graduate from UA, but ALL Boog fans graduated from Boog U.
      3) Auburn isn’t a cow college – Tuscaloosa is! NYAH, NYAH!
      4) We LOVE Boog U! We don’t care AT ALL about Bama handing us our asses in the Iron Bowl. Not at all. Not even a little. That’s why we have all taken time out of our day to respond to an article on a Bama site. Because we don’t care!

      Silly cult is a cult.

  24. It’s funny how the writer says our world revolves around them, but he/she is writing about Auburn and is so worried what Auburn fans post on Facebook. We could careless about what you trashy Bama fans do, so get over yourselves you bunch of rednecks. The only words you rednecks know is “Roll Tide”. Win or lose at least we stick with our team!

    1. That’s why you read(?) the article and took the time to respond. Because your life doesn’t revolve around football. Until it does.

      Sorry for your loss.

  25. If it were easy being an Auburn man, there wouldn’t be any fun in it.

    War eagle yesterday, war eagle today, war eagle tomorrow.

  26. That probably took a lot of time and effort to write and a lot of built up jealousy and envy for a fan base that loves their team no matter what. Bama wishes they had that. Yes, I believe in Auburn and LOVE it!

  27. You do realize that both Auburn and U of A are state schools in Alabama and because of this, both have almost identical tuition. So calling Auburn a “low rent university” is literally calling U of A a low rent university. But then again you probably did not attend Alabama.

    Cam Newton was investigated by the NCAA, SEC, and FBI and was cleared of all allegations.

    I’m almost embarrassed for respectable Alabama fans after reading this. You are on the same end of the fan spectrum as Harvey Updike.

    Before you comment accusing me of being a butt-hurt Auburn fan, let me just clarify one thing; this is coming from a UGA alum. Believe me I hate Auburn. But the lack of information and general trashiness of this letter is appalling.You continue to prove that the University of Alabama has the lowest class fan base in the nation.

    As a side note, when Auburn loses, their fans still love their team and school. When Alabama loses, their fans destroy landmarks and send death threats to their own players. Of course Auburn wants to beat Alabama. Just as much as Alabama wants to beat Auburn. I remember a time just a few years ago when Auburn was the dominant program in the state, beating Alabama 6 times in a row. But of course you wouldn’t remember this. You didn’t become an Alabama fan until Alabama pulled their shit together and started winning games.

    Come up with your own argument, organize your thoughts, at least make an attempt to appear educated, minimize the level of trashiness displayed and then try and write another letter and we’ll see what happens.

    1. NTY doing work. Could some of you Boogs at least come up with different talking points? This is cult behavior at its finest.

      Sorry for your loss.

  28. I had to avert my eyes after reading the word “honory” and am still not quite sure why I began reading in the first place.


    An Auburn grad who can spell without spellcheck yet with enough common sense to do so when publishing my writing

  29. What about the Cult of Alabama and the worship of Bear Bryant? Who’s followers blindly set out on a jihad to poison trees, beat spouses after a loss, engage in football related shootings, and post absurd “open letters” on the internet. If you’re going to refer to one thing as a cult, at least acknowledge your own cultish tendencies.

    1. Um, not to burst your bubble or antying, but none of the things you just mentioned are cult-like at all. Maybe the Bear thing would be if it were true, but then again who doesn’t respect what Bear Bryant did? Alabama fans love the Bear. Of course they do. But worship? Come on man. Not as bad as “I don’t care what Auburn does I love them” sounds like.

      “Auburn, why do you let bad things happen to us good people?”

      1. So supporting your team despite a loss makes you a cult? Yea, that makes sense…are you saying that if Alabama lost you would stop supporting them?

  30. I thought maybe I only noticed this, but this statement is so true!…… “Somewhere there must be an unwritten rule that after a loss every female Auburn fan must IMMEDIATELY rush to social media to express how much she loves her underachieving football program.”

    I know one Auburn lady that finds is refreshing that no one talks about the football game in Church, since that is NOT the place to talk about those things (she actually posted this after the Georgia loss).

    Funny, because last year she did everything but stand on the pulpit to brag about Auburn winning.

    Auburn has a very hypocritical fan base. Its funny how the rules of engagement change when they lose.

    Roll Tide !

    1. BTW, I’m an Alabama grad that married an Auburn grad. I KNOW this fan base better than a lot of people.

      Simply put, Auburn fans are born with a chip on their shoulder about Alabama.

      Why? Because in their psyche, Bear Bryant is still whipping their ass. And that is something they will never get over.

      Nick Saban looked to be on the verge of doing the same thing…that is why they are on their 3rd coach, because they are scared to death of it happening again.

      1. Wrong, ‘Whore’.

        Here’s the thing you don’t seem to understand…Auburn fans don’t even THINK about your beloved, and dead, Bear Bryant. Don’t think about him. At. All.

        We don’t dress up in just-like-Bear hats, scarves or jackets. We don’t name our children “Bear” and “Bryant”. We don’t talk about him as if he is still there, guiding his ‘boys’ to a victory.

        You see, that is cult-like behavior.

        There is no chip on the shoulder of Auburn fans. You are mistaking our impatience with your ignorance with some sort of chip.

        1. Yeah, no, you’re full of shit. Every Auburn fan on here trying to act all nonchalant and say things like, “Football isn’t all that important in the grand scheme,” are the same people who ran in the streets last year screaming about the kick six.

          Your fanbase is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. You lost. Own up to it instead of making excuses and whining like a bunch of babies.

          1. @Aaron

            Oh now I see that chip. Planted firmly on your shoulder, my friend. Probably just hard to see past it.

            Otherwise, why write this when you won? Alabama won the Iron Bowl! It happened!! Can’t you just take your victory and celebrate?

            Oh! We celebrated one of the best, and most memorable games and plays, in our history?! That still upsets you so much. So you need to somehow avenge bama? Please. We are not the ones whining.

            I’ve said congrats here and, more importantly, to those that I know are AL fans with integrity. You all are giving your school a bad name (as many have said here). Good that your boy posted this so the whole world can see this display of ignorant and angry baiting.

            Wishing the best to you. Moving on.

  31. 36 of 69 (currently) posts from Boog fans. But this game of football doesn’t really mean anything to them. But when the word goes out from the cult leadership to get those fingers typing, the members get it going!

    Love it. Happy day, Capstone Report – Boogs are making you some cash! WTG, ITK!

    1. This article is addressed to Auburn fans, so why would there be a lack of responses from them?

      WAR EAGLE.

      1. Great point. And “Fan”, any other fanbase wouldn’t pour in here like homeless democrats bussed in on election day.

        Only Auburn’s paranoid, inferiority complex-fighting cult fanbase would do that.

        Annnnnnd, here you are!

          1. @sup

            Seeing your two dozen responses to my article makes me heavy hearted. I’m sorry that I dominated you so badly. But take heart; there should be a cream somewhere you can put on your wounds.

          2. If (and I’m paraphrasing some responses in this thread):

            (a) Auburn fans don’t care about Alabama

            (b) Football ultimately doesn’t matter

            (c) You don’t need to defend your school

            (d) You believe in Auburn and love it

            (e) etc.

            Yes, you should ignore it. But you not ignoring it shows you do care so all the posts saying otherwise are just hilarious.

        1. @ITK

          You wrote a letter addressed to Auburn fans…and you not expecting to get responses is absurd. You’re the hypocrite here.

  32. It’s funny. I see more articles about Auburn on this site than anywhere else, yet the writer here claims Auburn’s world revolves around Alabama.

    Oh, the irony. Alabama hands a team its fourth loss and Is going to the SEC title game but the Capstone Report Is still posting about Auburn. How about a preview of the Missouri game or something?

  33. “And no, I’m not talking about honory degrees.”

    I don’t know what an honory degree is, but I’m sure Updyke Nation can shed some light on the matter for those of us with educations that extend beyond employee training at Jack’s.

  34. I will tell you what. Why don’t you get your heads out of your ass’s? The guy that made this post is as low life as it gets. There are more important things than football people. Get out of the house. Go outside and do something instead of arguing at the computer. Your balls aren’t any bigger than they was a few minutes ago. So just leave it alone. Alabama fans are by far the worst about sportsmanship that I have ever seen. Poisoning trees, and sitting behind a computer screen to make yourself look badass. Well you aren’t badass. So you can stop. Just say good game and move on. Nothing more to say than that. The past is gone also; so stop bringing it up. As for auburn fans just say good game and move on. There is no reason for any of the stupid shit that is turning people against the sport.

  35. Go fuck yourself

    SEC Titles since 1981
    Auburn: 7 (1983, 1987, 1988, 1989, 2004, 2010, 2012)
    Alabama: 6 (1981, 1989, 1992, 1999, 2009, 2013)

    Undefeated Seasons
    Auburn: 3 (1993, 2004, 2010)
    Alabama: 2 (1992, 2009)

    Iron Bowl Wins
    Auburn: 18 (1982, 1983 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010)
    Alabama: 16 (1981, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014)

    Wins since 1981
    Auburn: 285
    Alabama: 273

    SEC Wins Since 1981
    Auburn: 157
    Alabama: 152

    Bowls Since 1981
    Auburn: 23 (16-7-1)
    Alabama: 21 (14-8)

    Heisman Trophy Winners since 1981
    Auburn: 2
    Alabama: 1

    NCAA Probations since 1981
    Auburn: 1
    Alabama: 3

    1. Not that you care or anything. LOL. Any realistic view of history, if that is your thing, leads to one inviolate conclusion. Alabama owns the state; is considered football royalty; is on the verge of legitmate dynasty status; and Auburn is the little sister. Order has been restored. Alabama is on top, Auburn has been exposed, and somehow, it’s the fault of the refs.

    2. These are great stats.

      They show Auburn is the longest slide for an out time and time again, kinda like scoring 44 points and losing handily.

      Thanks for the info Tcandler. Roll Tide.

      1. Not to mention Bama winning 5 out of the last 7. See what I did there Barners? Selective records to justify my point.

        Borrowed a page out of your playbook.

    3. National Titles since 1981
      Alabama: 4
      Auburn: 1

      National Titles since 1971
      Alabama: 7
      Auburn: 1

      National Titles since 1961
      Alabama: 10
      Auburn: 1

        1. yep, only national titles count, folks! all other wins are meaningless…unless of course they were Alabama’s!



      But you forgot National Championships:
      Alabama 4 (about to be 5)
      Auburn 1

      But that didn’t fit your argument, so you casually left it out. Niiice.

      1. this is the best part…you automatically assume your next victory before it’s happened! funny, you did that before last year’s iron bowl, and look how that turned out.

  36. You think our world revolves around you? Look in the mirror, you spent God knows how long writing this ridiculous letter about Auburn, to what make yourself feel superior? Why the hell do you care how auburn fans feel about auburn? I’m an auburn grad and would rather lose every football game for the rest of my life as an auburn fan rather than be associated with the university of Alabama. See the difference is auburn fans went to auburn and have pride in everything about the school and the town. Alabama fans just care about Alabama football. All you have in your life to make you feel better is football records. Congratulations. By the way no one gives a shit about Alabama football records outside the state of Alabama. Every team goes through a cycle of good times and bad times, and I’m going to feel sorry for you when Alabama has one of those cycles. You’re going to have nothing in your life to validate yourself to feel better.

    1. Auburn fans care about Auburn and Alabama fans only care about football?

      Erin, tell me, why did the Auburn University commercial millions of us saw Saturday night completely revolve around a football play against Alabama? The entire ad campaign was dedicated to that “one second.”

      On the other hand, you say Alabama is the opposite? Let me know when you see any footage of any Iron Bowl in any University of Alabama commercial, but my advice is not to hold your breath.

      You’re right, Auburn’s world doesn’t revolve around Alabama’s.

      It revolves behind it.

  37. wow, what a sad commentary on humanity and our priorities getting joy and satisfaction in trying to humiliate and degrade those who chose a different team to cheer on to victory.

  38. What gives you the right to look down on others because they show loyalty to the team they choose to pull for? You sound like a very hateful and unhappy person. You are arrogant, lack class and I pray I never have the displeasure of meeting you.

      1. Well please tell me what makes us a cult and not y’all? And if you think we are a cult maybe you need to look a little closer at how bama fans worship Saban. Talk about a speck in someone’s eye when you have a plank in your own. Hypocrite

        1. Oh, for heavens sake, could you people PLEASE get some new talking points? “We’re not a cult, we just all think EXACTLY alike and have all posted nearly the EXACT same posts. But we’re not a cult!” If any of you Boogs would actually read the other boog posts with any objectivity at all, you’d be horrified at the level of cult-speak in them. I don’t really expect any of you to do that, though. I don’t expect Tom Cruise to walk in my church anytime soon, either.

          1. “We’re not a cult, we just all think EXACTLY alike [we think we are superior to any human being that doesn’t support the tide; we love Saban; we’re the best team over omg we’re so freaking amazing look how awesome we are everyone wants to be us everyone is jealous of us omg Bama is why I live]….But we’re not a cult!”

          2. and you know why all the posts from us barners are nearly the “EXACT same posts”? Because no matter how many times we say our problem is how you all act like a bunch of fair-weather jack-asses, not that we are jealous of your precious football program, Bammers cannot seem to understand it! You just can’t get it through your brains, not that that is really a surprise. I mean, 1) you’re an alabama fan and 2) how could ANYONE not want to be a Bama fan?

  39. A wonderful summary capturing why these toothless goobers have earned the torment of second class citizenship. Now that the wheels are off the hog trolley, let the games begin. Ellis first, and after another 7-4 year, which could have easily been 5-6, the faithful will be coming for the head of Mr. Gimmick.

    1. @ebowthe

      Auburn will have a new coach by 2016 or 2017. The wheels are coming off the Gus Bus and it’ll be some other up and comer they can afford.

  40. Why would anyone take the time to write such a vindictive letter after his/her team wins? Scanning the content, it is obvious you, the author, are a very unhappy person in general. Friendships must be few and far between to seek such feeble attention through the media. I pray for your psychological health because you are one debilitated individual with a serios disorder for which I’m sure there is medication!

  41. Great article. After the Reese’s goes to pieces butt-snap game there was not a single barner fife to be found. After the Athens fiasco, there was not a single barner fife to be found. And now they come outa’ the woodwork? What strange creatures.

        1. Yep. Probation year wins are impressive.

          We’ll be in the first college football playoff.

          You’ll never see the barn play for another title in your lifetime.

          See what I did there?

  42. Haha, cute article. I love Auburn for all the reasons you didn’t state. First off, I could honestly care less about final score of football, it’s the educated community of students, faculty and towns people I love. I know don’t know half of what you are talking about. It goes to show what ALL Auburn fans and students already know, that Auburn fans love Auburn as a whole, Alabama fans love Alabama football. It’s such a pleasure to see your classless fan base ( who I might add consists of mostly of people who never have been to a college class, or even at Alabama for that matter) get upset at the fact we love our city, team and community and there is a lack of tears for you to sip on. But hey, you wrote this gem, so we do have tears of laughter to see you upset that we are not. Was a great game, Auburn played well, Alabama played well….it’s called class. We don’t expect you to understand.

  43. This goes back to one of the many fundamental differences between Auburn and Alabama. “Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn fans love Auburn.” Auburn fans are making sure that everyone knows that just because one school in the state can’t handle it when they lose, Auburn fans love their school even when they lose because Auburn is about a hell of a lot more than football. Can alabama dans say the same?

    1. @K

      At least Alabama fans can say when we claim we love the University of Alabama more than we love football that we don’t air commercial ad campaigns based exclusively on a single football game, let alone football as a whole.

      Wait, that’s exactly what Auburn did. And millions of Americans saw that commercial Saturday night. Oh, that’s just weird, isn’t it?

      Alabama can handle losing. Auburn can’t handle winning. Did you like when Alabama fans rushed the field after the Iron Bowl or did you wake up first?

      Yes, we know football butters our bread at the University of Alabama better than it does for any other school in the world. But from an official and administrative leadership perspective, it’s easy to see the opposite of what you claim is true.

      1. It seems like all of your posts have been about the ad campaigns. Thing is, the fans don’t get to determine what ads are played. We have absolutely NO say in it. None. But because our marketing department decided to use it, we should disown our school and not support our football players? This is versus you all, who had this crap laden article posted by a FAN saying “we’re better, so don’t support your school; there is no point! bow down to our superiority! anyways, supporting your school makes you a cult! we worship a dead man and our god Saban, but we’re not a cult.”

        1. No, the fans don’t get to choose the ad campaign – they just act like it doesn’t exist, when we all saw it multiple times just this past Saturday night. And, honestly, get off the high horse about Bear Bryant. I still hear Boogs defend Pat Dye like he didn’t admit right on tape that he was cheating. And he’s still on the boog payroll. Along with about a dozen other former football coaches and assistants. And now Ellis gets to join them.

          1. How do we “act like it doesn’t exist”–are you saying there have actual been people denying it’s existence? If not, then how do you suggest we go about acknowledging the ad? Or are you saying that because we still support Auburn, we are acting like it doesn’t exist? Not being sarcastic, I just really don’t get what your basis is for that comment.

            The key word in my post wasn’t “Bear Bryant” (well clearly, as that is two words)–it was “worship.” It’s one thing to respect him–he was a darn good coach, and Bama thrived under him, but he is not a god. Yet the attitudes I see and the comments I hear indicate that many think he is/was.

  44. This goes back to one of the many fundamental differences between Auburn and Alabama. “Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn fans love Auburn.” Auburn fans are making sure that everyone knows that just because one school in the state can’t handle it when they lose. Auburn fans love their school even when they lose because Auburn is about a hell of a lot more than football. Can alabama fans say the same?

  45. Wow. For someone trying to define new terms, you sure are in desperate need of a dictionary to help with your spelling. I won’t bother with the blather of your blustering bytes in the blogosphere, but surely you have a word processor capable of signifying that it’s spelled “credibility”, not “credability”. I mean, wouldn’t a website as formidable as this one maintain some semblance of academic integrity, especially while espousing graduation rates?

    If not, why don’t you just admit to being a bandwagon fan whose crimson went in the drawer as dreams went down the drain year after year before Saban’s arrival? Then you can go to Wal-Mart, buy another t-shirt, and allow Aubies to remain happy in their understanding that the Creed stands for far more than just football.

    How sad is it that this cretin has to take to the internet and brag about football glory in order to make life seem worthwhile?

    But hey, you like definitions, so here’s one for you to ponder: class. Might want to look into developing some.

    Then again, you ARE a bammer, so perhaps that’s too much to ask.

  46. This is so unintelligently written with no background argument that it isn’t even worth arguing against. It is just plain stupidity. Any real football fan/player/coach would say the same about this. If you want to talk real football, or even make any type of college argument, then don’t do it over the internet. If you must do it over the internet, at least make it intelligent and well written. If you blabber on about stupid topics that are completely irrelevant to any subject matter, then at least make it grammatically correct. On every level, you fail to make any solid argument worth fighting against. So with that being said, get a life and stop trying to make yourself feel superior because you go to the University of Alabama. It is a college that most people who attend there would call heaven ONLY because of football, not because of anything else.

  47. This guy never attended college. Sidewalk Gump. Auburn will always be better than Bama. Because it’s more than football. I’m so thankful my parents went to Auburn, I went to Auburn, and I’m an Auburn graduate and fan. I’m so thankful that I’m not a Bama fan.

    1. Forgetting about the iron bowl, wether past, present, or future match-ups, chanting “Lutzie is dead” (for those of you who don’t know the nick name, I am talking about Philip Lutzencherkin, an auburn student and football player who died last year due to a car crash) during this years Iron Bowl was pathetic. The fact that a fan base (yes I was at the game) would applaud the death of a good hearted young individual who had their whole life ahead of them is sad, especially because their only reason for doing so was because he played football for Auburn University. I graduated from UF in 1984, and my only reason for being at the game was to attend an Iron Bowl with my daughter (a current Auburn student). I’m not saying that all Bama fans are morally unjustifiable individuals but I do believe that no matter what the circumstances are praising the death of a good young person is morally, excuse my French, fucked up. Anyone who wishes to comment cutting me down or saying my relationship with Auburn makes me biased needs to grow up because you are bashing someone’s son, a grandson, and many people’s friend. So to you “Bamers” who par took in the chants about “Lutzie” which I’m sure many of you who posted on here today were involved in, being ASHAMED of your actions doesn’t cut it. In the eyes of the general public who know about your ignorance and blatant stupidity you are probably known as the scum of the earth. And after your actions in the stadium and all of YOU Bamers posting on this site, you have more than successfully won the battle for the lowest moral standards in college football. Thank you for always fulfilling your pathetic and embarrassing stereotypes.
      A concerned individual

      1. @morality check

        “Lutzie is dead?”

        That was a chant?

        Then I’m concerned too.

        I’m concerned enough to ask when this was chanted.

        I didn’t hear it, but the game is on tape. I haven’t watched the tape yet, but can you hear it on the broadcast? I was close enough to the student section to hear and chant with them, but I certainly didn’t hear anything like “Lutzie is dead.” Most Alabama fans know Phillip grew up an Alabama fan and I’ve met his family in GA. Frankly I think most fans would have loved to have Lutz on our side, especially the way he performed against Alabama. That includes me.

        Tell me more. Tell us all. I’ll wait. The University of Alabama’s administration and leaders have a good track record of finding and addressing issues with fans, such as leaving blowout games early, but I haven’t heard of anything like this outside of LSU in the past ten years and certainly not Saturday night.

        1. I wasn’t what they were saying. They were saying:

          “Luck is dead.” Several witnesses attest to this, as well as members of my own family.

          But go on and believe whatever you wish.

          1. That makes sense. We don’t even know him as “Lutzie” anyway. That’s an affectionate nickname the cult members use.

          2. I know him as the guy who could have killed me or a member of my family had we been on the road with him. Terrible thing that happened, but don’t expect me to immortalize someone whose reckless behavior could’ve cost an innocent person his or her life.

          3. @ITK

            Now that, I remember.

            I see what happened.

            He thought the “luck is dead” chant was supposed to be “Lutzenkirchen is dead” but it was shortened to “Lutzie is dead” for the sake of brevity and clarity.

            Or something like that?

            Coincidentally, luck isn’t dead, and in fact had a significant part to play in Auburn’s performance Saturday night.

            For example, zero holding calls against Auburn. Call me an Alabama homer, but there’s simply no game with no holding and there are plenty of examples anyone can cite for themselves. Luck? I don’t know a better word to describe it, but I certainly won’t cry conspiracy either.

            Another example was the jump ball which, upon official SEC officiating review on Sunday, should have been an interception for Alabama. Even if it’s a question, the rule took any question out of the situation when I read it Sunday, but my take was it was an incomplete pass at worst. Still, another lucky turn, but it resulted in another Auburn field goal.

            It’s not as definitively characteristic of Auburn as it has been, but luck isn’t necessarily dead.

            Still, assuming any culture is celebrating a student’s death, even a culture you hate (which he says he doesn’t, which makes even less sense ot jump to such a dark conclusion?), is pretty short-sighted. Good to know I didn’t completely miss a hate crime chant there.

          4. True on all counts. But you have to remember nope, the standard move from an Auburn cultist is to move from the game which they CAN’T win into the realm of some made-up, moral issue where they can create reality for themselves, whereby they CAN win. It’s classic boog speak 101. So expect it early and often.

      2. “Lutzie is dead” was chanted at the Alabama game?! Really! You are going to go there !

        That was never chanted at all…and it is truly pathetic and sad that you would LIE to use THAT as propaganda against the Alabama fan base!

        “morality check Bama?”, you are a horrible (and truly stupid) person.

      3. Provide me a link to a youtube video or audio file showing that fans chanted that, and I will apologize on behalf of Bama.

        His sister plays soccer for Bama. We would never do that.

        But we keep hearing about “dead bear” ad nauseum from you barners…guess that’s OK.

        1. Good point, “Denny”.

          “Bear is Dead”, pictures of Auburn fans disrespecting Bryant’s grave, pictures with a Skeleton with a houndstooth hat, etc.

          i guess if Bryant was a tree, the Auburn fans would show more respect.

          They are truly a pathetic and hypocritical bunch.

          They talk class…Alabama shows class.

          1. @WhoreEagle

            We did a story a while back about this. It’s attrocious what they did to that man’s grave. But that’s okay in their eyes. I believe Jesus once spoke about a speck and a plank in one’s eye…

  48. So you want to criticize Bo Jackson, the man who raises so much money for T-Town tornado victims. Amazing.
    I fail to see what is so wrong about loving a school outside of the football program.
    You are an embarrassment to the good Bama fans out there.

    1. Prove to me one dollar from his gratuitous, media driven bike rides ever made it to Tuscaloosa.

      I’m waiting.

        1. The only thing I can prove at this point is that your team is 8-4 and nowhere in the National title hunt, and that my alma mater just won the SEC West, the nation’s toughest conference division, and will own its 24th SEC title by Saturday night, well on its way to its 16th National Title.

          I hope you DVR’d last season…you’re gonna need those memories for a while. Gussy’s mystique is dead!!!

      1. The money raised by Bo Bikes Bama goes to the Emergency Relief Fund. If no money was being received if definitely would have raised news. Similar to how your idol Harvey was proven to have paid very little of what he owes.
        Secondly, if you think that an Auburn legend would start this charity event and not contribute the money to people in need just because it’s a rival school? You sir, need a reality check. Please prove to me that no money was given to the victims.

        1. The tornado hit in more places in Alabama than Tuscaloosa. I did relief work in two locations myself other than T-Town. So no, Bo did not do work to “help” Tuscaloosa. But that’s what you aubs do Rachel…take half truths and paint with a broad brush to support the cult. Last I checked a half truth is still a whole lie.

          1. He did work to help ALL victims, and that would be including Tuscaloosa. Also, it looks like you are the one painting with a broad bush. Hence your silly little article.

          2. My silly little article has gone viral, babe. B-b-b-b-b-o is a self-promoting Uncle Rico who wants to be in the center of all things Auburn for his own personal glorification. Sell that crap about him being a hero elsewhere.

          3. ITK, at least he is doing something. So what if he is using his fame for charity? Also, you keep ignoring that the money raised by his charity goes toward the Governor’s Emergency Relief fund, which sends money to those who are in need of it. Again, that includes Tuscaloosa. So yes, he is helping Tuscaloosa.
            Your article is an embarrassment to the good Bama fans, like my family.
            You think we shouldn’t love Auburn because our football program has not had the same success as yours. Well then I guess all other schools should not love their teams as well.
            You describe our love for Auburn as a cult, when the same could be said about your own. For example, wearing hounds tooth in honor of Bear Bryant (a beloved symbol for Bama) could be considered cultish as well. In fact, I would say it’s very similar to our Oaks. Loving symbols of our university is not being a cult.
            One of your last points talks about acting unfazed that we lost. Of course we are upset that we lost a game we could have won, but I think that because the majority of us respond in a calm manner it really bothers you. We chose to win and lose with dignity, while your fan base reacts by killing landmarks, murdering other Bama fans, hitting and kicking OU fans, and threatening the kicker. Seems like cultish behavior to me.

  49. Who takes the fucking time out of their day to write an “Open Letter to Auburn Fans”? Number one, Im sure you are just some low life individual who didn’t even get accepted into Alabama (even with Bama’s lowsy standards). Number two, why does it bother you that Auburn fans love Auburn? Why does it concern you that not only Auburn fans love Auburn football, but they just love Auburn University? I guess you wouldn’t understand considering you probably didn’t even go to Alabama or a college for that matter. Number three, not only are you embarassing yourself but you are only making Bama’s fan base look worse than it already is (which didn’t seem possible). Number four, the game is over, it was over 2 days ago, Alabama won, why are you so upset? Number five, most 16 year olds have more class and maturity than you, it’s just college football, nothing more and nothing less. So here’s to you, stupid ass bammer, have fun sitting in your trailer, drinking your nattie light, doing nothing better with your life than writing about how “stupid” Auburn fans are for loving Auburn. Your “Open Letter to Auburn Fans” will not make Auburn fans love Auburn any less, so congratulations on wasting your time writing this and making your fellow fan base look trashier than it already is, you definitely succeeded.

    1. Wow! You might want to break your comment into paragraphs.

      It will make it easier to read about how you don’t care about this blog post. 🙂

      1. You may want to choose a screen name that would make your parents proud… So are you a whore for the team or do you think that is a clever way to put down Auburn?

        “Keepin’ it classy” seems to apply more often than not.

    2. Who takes the time out of their day to write an article like the one you and 300+ of your cult “fambly” responded to? Why, that would be the guy that makes $$ every time you and one of the cult “fambly” grabs your sister’s computer and responds.

      Who’s the goof here?

      Sorry for your loss.

  50. I do believe you should check your spelling and grammar. That is, if by “honory,” you mean “honorary,” you’ve left out a couple of letters.
    And, in regard to your comment, “Sustained success may be a new vocabulary word for you…” No, that would not be A word, but rather TWO words, (counted as one, two) also known as a phrase.

  51. Based on the Auburn assessment, here is the summary…

    1. Alabama fans only care about football

    2. All Alabama fans never attended the University (seems statistically impossible, but whatever)

    3. All Auburn fans graduated from Auburn (Again, really?)

    4. Auburn fans love Auburn more than Alabama fans love Alabama (don’t agree…we would kill trees for Alabama if we had to)

    5. Auburn fans don’t care anything about Alabama (and they will come in droves to the Bama site to let you know how much they don’t care!)

    6. College football started in 1981. Not 1980. Not 1982. Not 1985. BUT 1981, DAMN IT!

    7. Tuberville is a better coach than Saban. Chizik is a better coach. Malzahn is definitly better than Saban. (I think to get a better coach, you might have to hire Saban)

    I would go to 10, but want to save some observations for later….

  52. Wow! I just really want to apply to Bama now! Why would I ever want to go to school at Auburn if I could instead spend the best four years of my life with people like you? Your classiness is apparent, and you are such an excellent representative of your university. Please, can I ask you for advice on my Bama application? I’m worried that I might not get in, but you clearly have intelligence to spare. I’ve already got a great essay title, “Roll Tide, Full Ride, Fries on the Side!” 🙂

    P.S. I can’t believe I have to share this state with you. War Damn Eagle.

    1. Well, you’re not allowed to apply to Bama because we don’t want dumbasses like yourself.

      Now, if you’d like to go do your business, Aubie’s leg is waiting.

        1. @Mama Chris, I’m starting to worry about y’all surviving as Gussy is exposed as the high school coach I’ve known him to be from day one. The Gus Bus is dyyyyyiiiiinnnngggg……

          1. And yet, RBU – your former DB with all the passing yards STILL LOST THE GAME!

            Thanks for your contribution.

            sorry for your loss.

      1. FYI moron, to get into Alabama all you have to get is a 21 on the ACT, Auburn 24. A degree from Auburn University is worth 20k more after 15 years than Alabama, who is worst in the conference. Might want to check your facts before you embarrass yourself even more. Stay classy bammer…

        1. Speaking of facts, I hate to muddy the waters for you, but you got anything to back this up? I mean, more than just the fantasy you’ve reached elbow deep into your own rectum to pull out for us.

          1. Alabama 55, Auburn 44 sez what?

            Alabama won the West sez what?

            Alabama is playing for (and will win) the 2014 SEC Championship sez what?

            Alabama will be in the FIRST college football playoff sez what?

            I’m sorry, I just can’t hear you.

          2. We’re talking about the SCHOOL genius…stay focused for a second here. The University of Alabama is a school, not just a football team. My goodness you’re dense…Congrats on the win, but there are more important things to life than the outcome of a game played by 18-22 year olds, like an education which you seem to lack.

          3. @RBU

            “Hi, I’m RBU. And suddenly, because Auburn was whipped by ‘Bama, I don’t care about football anymore. Instead I want to talk about things I haven’t cared to talk about prior to Saturday night’s outcome.”

            You’re such a bigger person than us RBU. Thanks for dropping in.

          4. @ITK please stop you are embarrassing the entire university. i can hear you and i sure wish i couldn’t.

          5. Umm..I graduated from Auburn University with a 3.5 GPA and have a job. You should try it sometime…Football is fun, but it isn’t my life. Also I’m not sure an 11 point victory is the definition of “whipped”. Like the poster above said, you are embarrassing every other person that actually has graduated from Alabama, unlike yourself.

          6. Deflect! Deflect! Protect the cult identity!

            The price of tea in China is cheaper than in Tuscaloosa!

            Auburn has more varieties of Teddy Graham flavors to choose from than anywhere! Deflect! Defend the cult! What are your crimes! Deflect!

            I love you and your fambly so much.

  53. I find it a little odd that Alabama won Saturday night and you Bama fans are STILL worked up over the kick six.

    As a Georgia grad and a fellow Auburn hater, it was an incredible play, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon, sorry.

  54. Never seen sour grapes like this after a win before.

    I think it’s probably because there were no meltdowns, and that infuriates you guys.

    1. @Jerry Jackson

      What you just said made absolutely no sense. You’re not allowed back at You’re banned for stupidity.

    2. Obviously, JJ, you haven’t been to any Boog sites since the game ended. Glorious melts all around – even with some *gasp* implied death threats. Glad Bama doesn’t deface any trees or clotheslines after a win or they would be in serious danger now.

  55. hmmm. Its pretty creepy that an old died alcoholic speaks incoherent words before a game. Wait is that bear Bryant or creepy Joe that sexually harasses women trying to kiss them hammered drunk on national TV?hmmm O what about psycho fans who poison trees and stick their dick in other peoples mouths? O and crazy drunk women who attack some frat boys. And girls rushing to Facebook or whatever is every school…And what about all the bam a girls taking snap chat selfies all game. O and what about the dumb ass sorority girl that posted “chi o aint got no niggas” o and the fact that in the 21st century the bam a greek system has to be monitored for racist shit. O didn’t they deny black people from going to school at UAT? They invent their own national championships to overcompensate for all the dumb shit of their past. O and what about the number of coaches Alabama went through when Auburn had Tuberville? Didn’t one get busted for fucking hookers? You are a fucking fucktard. Why don’t you talk some legitimate trash not spinning good things into trash talk. O and didn’t bama lose to ULM? O yeah! Go fuck yourself. Bama is not some wonderful magical entity except for the fucking white trash rednecks and stuck up pricks who wear your gear and fill your stadium

    1. You need to sober up first, then start typing! (I’m actually hoping you are drunk. If not…damn!)

    2. Have you ever heard of paragraphs? They’re neat, and really encourage people to read what you have to say.

      Oh, and..scoreboard.

  56. Soooo, I can say this because I’m:
    a) older, so I have the benefit of hindsight when it comes to this type of wacked-out, (Alabama-fan) behavior,
    b) somebody’s mother and therefore entitled to give anybody a ‘spankin” if I think they need one
    c) in the midst of leading a very adventurous life (does the author of this regretful opus even have a passport, I wonder?)
    d) making money from writing for the legal community, so your grammatical skirmishes scare me not. at. all.
    e) positive that this regretful opus would not have the support of your esteemed faculty and/or colleagues at the University of Alabama, which is, indeed, a respectable temple of academia
    f) equally positive that you’ll regret these types of outbursts when you grow up (as this isn’t your first display of immaturity, poor breeding and complete lack of sensibility, so it will not be your last)
    g) even more positive that when your future potential employer sees how you abuse your stewardship of words and time, he/she will think twice before inviting you into his/her sphere of influence (this stuff never. goes. away.)
    h) absolutely convinced that your mother would be completely ashamed of your outburst online, and if she would not, then God help you, because that would explain a LOT (see item ‘b’)
    i) I spend a lot of time with my teenaged children discussing whom to avoid, and showing them real-life pictures of peoples’ lives going forward after they’ve made it a habit to burst out like an international wanker of grand proportion (avoid. ignore. it ends badly for those people. #aintfacebookgrand)

    On the basis of the above points, I would discourage any further discussion, either online or otherwise, related to a most regrettable and unfortunate display of poor upbringing, abominable manners, and an altogether ridiculous display of an inability to prioritize one’s time, effort, energy, and passion. I mean, really.

    Proud Auburn Grad
    Class of ’89


    1. Your problem isn’t this article. Your problem is that your collective self-worth is generated from a perceived membership to a fictitious “fambly,” which is more cult than family.

      I simply touched a nerve because Auburn is way too precious to you, in terms of a healthy perspective on life. So you, ma’am, are the one in need of growing up. 🙂

      Oh, and scoreboard.

      1. “Healthy perspective on life.”
        Coming from the fanbase that threatened Cade Foster. The fan base that murders fellow fans for not being angry about the Iron Bowl. The fan base that is represented by Harvey Updyke.
        Is this what you call a healthy perspective on life? Because these actions were driven by “love for Bama.”

      1. Okay I don’t know what kind of schizophrenic bull crap you’re swimming in here, but your posts from you and your mum are coming from the same ip. Freakin’ me out over here.

    1. Um no, whilst this is quite funny, no she’s not. She has been married for 20 years, and I took some offense to this.
      – Her Child

  57. HA! Now, that was funny.

    And no, Auburn is not too precious, as it’s firmly where it belongs amidst my priorities. It’s fun. I have great memories. The end.
    You’re the one making such an arse of yourself. Most (educated and sane) people know that, unless you’re hoping to get drafted into the NFL, it just doesn’t matter.


  58. This is a perfect representation of your trashy school. You should be ashamed.

    1. Well I’m not sweetie. I’m elated that Auburn was put back in its place in this state…


      See what I did there? Pretty clever, I know… Sometimes I impress myself…

      1. You’ve been waiting all year for that, huh ITK? How sad.

        Oh and Congrats. Seriously. I worry about my Bama friends when they don’t win. This letter and the amount of time you’ve spent on this board are great examples.

  59. I’m a student at Oregon reading this because one of my friends sent me the link. This is flat out embarrassing. I don’t like Auburn or Alabama but why would you go through the trouble to write this blog after you won? This really makes Alabama look terrible. Go Ducks!

    1. And we should care what you think, why? I’m sure someone who comes from the fierce Duck vs. Beaver rivalry would understand the Iron Bowl and the hatred between Alabama and Auburn.

      Now go smoke some weed, dude. We’ll deal with you in a few weeks.

      1. And we should care what YOU think, why?

        We care what David at Oregon thinks because it shows that it is fan’s like you that make people hate Bama–not your team’s victories.

        1. Well, the record setting number of reads, Facebook shares and social media tags this article has gotten pretty much proves you DO care what I think.

          And thanks for stopping in.

    2. Thanks David

      But embarassing?

      I thought the “we want Bama” shirts were embarassing every time Oregon lost another title opportunity but this year they might finally not look so bad.

      Also, why does everyone think writing a blog post is so much “trouble?” It’s not as hard to do as you think.

      Then again, we’re pretty good multi-taskers around here.

      This doesn’t make Alabama look bad. It doesn’t. It makes us look like we’re having fun, and we are, and I don’t expect Oregon fans to understand football in the south instead of just thinking it’s all “SEC bias.” I go to a lot of ACC games too and it’s a cultural difference like most people never see on both sides of the country.

      Looks like the playoff is potentially working out for Oregon. Let’s face it; they wouldn’t be in the national title game this season except under a 4-team playoff. I’m not saying they wouldn’t deserve it, but here we are. Be careful what you wish for.

      1. Oh, but it does make you look bad. It makes you look like a bunch of jerks who can’t win graciously. Knocking a fanbase because they’re loyal to their team, not fair-weather fans? Saying that loyalty makes them a cult?
        Knocking them because their marketing department–which they have no control over–made an ad that hurt your feelings?
        It’s one thing to smack talk, but mentioning Kick 6 is NOT the same as dissing people because they aren’t a fair-weather fan like you who can only be proud of their team if they win.

        1. @sup, @hmmm, @what (because it’s all the same ip address)

          You’ve illustrated for us how desperate you barners are to be recognized as equal, when you’re far from it. We own you. Now get used to the beatings. We’re about to rattle off at least five in a row as Gussy’s offense continues to die.

          1. Yes, I do whant to be recognized as equal–as a person. Your team is incontestably superior to ours at present, and for much of the past, and I readily accept that. The point I have been making is that someone rootimg for a superior team does make they themselves superior to others who root for other teams. Teams can be superior to one another; their fanbases cannot.

            from: sup/hmmm/what/ Lord Voldemort

  60. Wow, dude! Mad when you win and mad when you lose. What a miserable existence. BTW – I find your use of the phrase “Because your world totally revolves around us” quite ironic given you just spent several hours writing an essay about Auburn.

      1. You’re absolutely right. If I wanted to pen a letter like this one, I’d have to start hanging out on bama’s social media pages so I’d know exactly what the fans were saying/thinking/tweeting. I’d also need to do some homework on past players and coaches, since I don’t have any of that information committed to memory. So…you win. 🙂 (p.s. Not that it will make a difference, but…congrats on the win.)

      2. perhaps it took you mere minutes to compose your thoughtful diatribe. that doesn’t change the fact that you actually took time–little as that time may have been–to write about Auburn, a team you claim is irrelevant. That’s funny, when I find something irrelevant, I don’t spend time writing about it and responding to comments on it.

          1. but you spend time talking to rivals on your site. i don’t usually go to rival sites–the only reason I came to this one was because it was titled “Open Letter to Auburn Fans.”

        1. Would you please stick to one user name instead of renaming yourself every single time you post? That is, unless 20 people are sharing your ip address. Goober.

          1. I only rename myself every couple of times. It gets boring having the same name each time! but i’ll try and be consistent from now on. from now on I’ll be…Lord Voledemort

  61. The BIGGEST reason why, in my opinion, Auburn fans blindly love their team is simply the majority of it’s fan base attended the university. Why would someone cheer for Auburn if they are going to lose more often than win against your rival? Well, because it’s not all about winning and losing. Going to football games is part of the college experience (Something most Alabama fans have never had). Many people choose to be Cowboys fans or Yankees fans for unknown reasons. This is often the case with Alabama fans as well. Many times these fans have never been to a game in person, and most of the time they haven’t even been to the city where their team is located. These fans are, again, cheering for the team because it’s a TEAM, not because they have any lasting ties to the town or school. In Alabama, Hoover traditionally wins state championships for high school. Would it not seem silly to cheer for hoover when you have never lived there or attended that school? There are even Alabama students and alumni who where shirts that say “I’m part of the 5%.” Their own fan base even recognizes that only 5% of their fans have a connection to the school. As disconnected from academics as college football (and most sports) has gotten, NCAA athletics are still part of the college landscape. Many people struggle to put into words what “love” is or why they have such strong feelings for a person, place, or thing. Simply put, most Auburn fans blindly love Auburn because of the fond memories of the campus, school life, friendships, events, and all other aspects of the college experience. Trying to explain that to the 95% of Alabama fans who never attended the university is like trying to explain music to a def person. They may feel the vibrations and know that somethings there, but they’ll never understand its beauty and meaning.

    I love Auburn because I am a 4th generation Auburn grad. I also attended Vanderbilt University. In high school I cheered for Auburn and Vanderbilt. I cheered for AU because I had parents/grandparents/aunt’s/uncles/brothers/sisters and so on who graduated from there. I cheered for Vandy because it was different. Now that I have been to Vandy, I cheer for them because of all the reasons I have stated above. I am a 2010 AU graduate and feel great about my choice to go to that great school.

  62. Hey, ITK. Cade Foster still alive? I was kind of worried for his health after all the UA fans got done with him last year!

  63. That’s touching and wonderful for you. Your premise is flawed though. There is no evidence that some significant proportion of people who are Auburn fans vs. Alabama fans went to one school, or the other, for that matter. The fandom of both schools is more or less determined at birth, or soon thereafter. I know plenty of goobers who call themselves Auburn fans… called themselves that in high school, and never got closer than Phenix City to the Auburn campus. Your poignant memories are sweet, but baseless in this conversation. BTW, I graduated from Alabama, and it was really cool. Don’t delude yourself into believing it was somehow better across the state, or that your fan base had something like the same college experience either of us had. It’s not the case.

  64. The inescapable truth in ITK’s essay is that the Auburn nation defines itself by its standing as second class citizens in the state and in the rivalry. Watch the YouTube videos of your toothless fan base reacting to the end of the game last year. That kind of euphoria over a football game can only be expressed by people who view the outcome as a vindication of their status as human beings, ie., “see, I really don’t suck, because Auburn can beat Alabama.” BTW, did you notice what didn’t happen at the end of the game Saturday. No stampede, no flowers plucked, no bushes trampleld, no ashes scattered.

    1. second class citizens? toothless fan base?
      That’s interesting, considering most of the Auburn fans I know have degrees and worked in advanced fields (engineering, pharmacy, etc). The Alabam fans? Usually live off the government and/or work for $2 an hour at places that don’t even require a GED/high school diploma to work there.

  65. As an actual journalist, I’m embarrassed for you. I would say you probably received your journalism degree from Alabama, but let’s be honest, the likelihood that you ever attended a class there is very slim.

  66. I can’t wait for another Mike Shula to come back to Bama after Saban is done with y’all. LOL

  67. I have a serious question, do you realize Cam has been coming back during his offseason to finish his degree and will be graduating this May? Also, does Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Julio Jones, etc. actually have a degree from Alabama? That’s a serious question because I have no idea as I am an Auburn fan who does not have my life revolve around your football program.


    1. That’s good that your life doesn’t revolve around Alabama’s football program.

      It’s just that your school’s advertising campaign does revolve around Alabama’s loss last year.

      I’m glad you took the high ground there. Go teach that to the Auburn leadership who told you to follow that creed instead. Or pretend that commercial never happened.

      Wait, there’s actually more than one version of it. Oops.

      1. That’s a mighty nice reply, however it fails to answer my questions and you speak about something I hadn’t even brought up. However, I’ll try again. Do any of the players I mentioned actually have diplomas from Alabama?

        As for that commercial, clearly you don’t understand the point of it. That was my last game as a student at Auburn as I graduated in May with an actual degree in engineering from the school I cheer for. That commercial is showing that Chris Davis not only made one of the best plays in college football history, but also received a diploma from Auburn. The commercial is also showing all the other great strides in science and research Auburn men and women are performing.

        1. You didn’t bring it up?

          Um, but you did bring it up.

          Seriously, it’s right there.

          No, Alabama’s Heisman winner didn’t graduate. I can give plenty more examples too if it will help strengthen your inferiority argument.

          Alabama’s quarterbacks though, that’s a different story.

          Then again, Alabama’s quarterbacks all spend more than 8 months at the University of Alabama.

          Cam spent 8 months at Auburn. It took longer than that to built his immortal statue. He spent more time at both Florida and Blinn College but didn’t graduate from any of the 3 schools he enrolled with. I don’t understand what your point was supposed to be.

          But hey, enjoy the statue.

  68. Seems that AL didn’t get enough attention last weekend. This letter is more like a cry for help than anything.

    Stomp those feet and say “but my opponent isn’t sad enough!” and “LOOK AT ME!” like a spoiled little child. Complete with name calling and a few ‘nah-nah-nah-s’. I think you guys even got to stick out your tongues.

    It is entertaining, I’ll give you that. You are getting your attention and even making some AU fans mad. Maybe that’s better than winning?

    Here’s hoping for a big stocking full of humility, dignity and a little maturity (all with a big *A* on it, of course) for you this year.

  69. This article and some of the comments show that many Alabama fans don’t understand Auburn students and the love for their school. I would like to add some clarity to that.

    First of all, our love goes way beyond the football program. It’s the small town feel, the world’s greatest lemonade, the deep southern roots, hell, we even love our trees.

    Football is just icing on the cake. Every fall it gives us hope and entertainment. From exciting no loss seasons (2010) to the disappointing bowlless ones (2012), you’ll always see the fans flocking to the games with a positive attitude. Because no matter the outcome, we still all share the love for our school.

    So when Auburn loses to Alabama, don’t hate when we refuse to become depressed and accept defeat. There’s always next year. And remember, every second counts.

    1. and you will have 31.5 million of them to contemplate second class citizenship until the next beatdown confirms it.

      1. Second class citizens? Well, then I’m glad I am a second class citizen along with these individuals who graduated from Auburn. But you Alabama fans probably hate Apple and never use Wikipedia
        Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
        Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia
        Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity
        Six astronauts

    2. I love Guthries in Auburn. Congratulations.

      But yes, we’re going to have fun after an Iron Bowl win.

      Auburn based their entire commercial ad campaign on a single play from last year’s Iron Bowl so don’t try to sound like it’s insulting to make it about football in any way. What, did Auburn’s commercial bother you then?

      I didn’t think so.

      1. The Auburn fans bases everything on beating us, and then turns right and around and become righteously indignant when we hand it back to them. What a bunch of sissies.

  70. You know, for this to be an “open” letter to Auburn, you sure are opposed reading opinions other than your own.

  71. What gutless vagina wrote this without signing it? I hope the Ducks hang 70 on you white trash trailer park inbreds.

    1. The gutless vagina was the one wearing an AU visor, a sweater vest, chewing gum like a 5 year old and clueless about defensive football. Enjoy your bowl loss and your 5-7 season next year.

  72. All I have to say is that every time we won, we did not try to make everyone forget the last time Bama won, and we did not right an angry anonymous letter asking why Bama fans cheer for Bama. We are proud of our SCHOOL, win or lose. College is about much more than your football team.

      1. You poor thing. You seem to have PTSD or something, bamabino. Seek help. And rest assured that your coach made sure the *bad man doesn’t run that football back for a TD ever again* [pat pat].

        Now, try to focus your energy on *your own* team. Celebrate! Go for a walk. Talk to a friend. Read a book. Drink a cup of tea.

        Try to get past last year and this anger and move on. You now have a reason to live for the next year.

        BTW, it was the media that loved that play and rubbed it in your face, it wasn’t really AU. Maybe they didn’t make a big enough deal about your win? That’s something to talk to your therapist about. Please.

        1. See Mama Chris, we can multitask. We can celebrate our team and make fun of yours at the same time.

          Don’t worry, ole pig face should make it another season before he takes his high school offense to conference USA.

        2. What?

          It wasn’t Auburn University that rubbed the play in anyone’s face, but it was the media you say?


          This is exactly what makes Auburn a cult.

          In case you didn’t see the Iron Bowl this Saturday, millions of people did. They also saw one of several Auburn University commercials based entirely on that play you’re saying wasn’t glorified by Auburn.

          There’s even footage of one of Auburn’s leaders giving a graduation speech about that “one second.”

          So when you say it’s not Auburn but the media, that’s why we say you’re as cult as a scientologist. Look them up and how they defend at all costs and cannot look critically at their choices and leadership.

          And if you did miss the commercials, don’t worry, they’re all online on Auburn’s official promo page.

          Cult creep.

          1. You are hilarious. And what’s even funnier, ITK thinks this is good.

            I don’t care if your feelings are hurt because AU celebrated a big play that happened to be against you and your proud coach that actually help make it happen.

            You see, I didn’t say a peep and neither did the vast majority of AU friends and family that I have. Maybe you live in dumb-dumb land where all fans act like idiots. I’ve driven through there, it’s not pretty.

            But to somehow make yourself feel better by calling the other team a cult is just pathetic. It’s showing your ignorance by putting something down because you don’t understand it.

            I hope, for your sake and that of your brethren, AL wins the National Championship. You seem to need it. You’ll probably write an article about how AU didn’t win it but that’s okay. We’ll still be happy for you and you’ll still be pissed off.

          2. One more thing Conduit. I didn’t see the commercials but want to make sure you understand that this is called marketing.

            Why are taking all of this so personally?

            You see commercials are spots to highlight things to get more people to want to come to your school or alumni to give back, etc. Commercials work best when they elicit emotion. Most of the schools have them.

            It was a great play. You would be celebrating it had it been made by your team. It seems to bother you personally and it wasn’t just AU that plastered it on the fronts of magazine covers, gave it awards and showed clips over and over.

          3. Mama


            You really deflected there.

            I didn’t say the kick six wasn’t a game changer. It was arguably the most historic play we’re likely to see.

            And yes, I understand marketing. I’m a business owner myself. I don’t even inherently blame Auburn for using it as their campaign mantra, albeit leaving out the part where Auburn’s national title was instead the longest slide for an out.

            More to the point, I’d actually be more surprised if Auburn hadn’t used that play to promote “more than football.”

            But remember, you’re the one who came here to say Auburn cares more about Auburn than football and that Auburn University wasn’t responsible for promoting visibility of that play but it was corporate media instead.

            After all, Alabama has had historic, epic, even last second wins in the Iron Bowl too. But you’ll never see that in an admissions campaign for the University of Alabama. Why not? I think you already know

            Yes, we’re all proud that you and your family and everyone else you know associated with Auburn didn’t care about the play enough to talk about it. You’re such a genuine, sanguine angel. However, that only means you don’t represent Auburn’s culture the way Auburn chooses to represent itself publicly and en masse. So either you’re not like the rest of the Auburn family, you’re lying, or you’re outright blind.

            But don’t take my word for it. Watch the commercials yourself and tell me again how much more Auburn cares about things other than football and how Alabama cares about nothing more. The evidence simply doesn’t correlate.

            That, you see, is what defines a cult mentality, rather than it being an insulting defense mechanism like you mentioned. Look up other cults for examples of the same behavior. Scientology is the easiest place to start because there are so many similar examples.

  73. I had to add my two cents to the nonsense. Not nonsense because you speak ill of Auburn, it’s players, it’s coaches, it’s fans or anything else remotely associated with Auburn. It’s nonsense because in your own whimsical mind you think you just published a letter worthy of an “Editorial Pulitzer Prize”. Your letter is lame, I’ve heard my nephew give a better Auburn bashing that this nonsense that you wrote. Surely that is not the best you can do?

    You left so many players out that you could have mentioned and found some dirt on, Cadillac Williams, Dee Ford, Terry Beasley, Tracy Rocker and not one mention of “Shug”. You really must brush up on the history of Auburn football if you are going to attempt to make a scandal of the players.

    I’m very disappointed in your feeble attempt to show humor while maintaining some intelligence about yourself. I even heard that Harvey Updyke laughed at your “master piece”.

    Sadly not everyone can be a comic, a literary genius or even a mediocre story teller. Sure, there are some that will find your article funny, even hilarious but you must look closely at those who do find it entertaining. They could not be more that mere Bama fans that live 364 days of the year hoping that the Bammers will whoop the Barners. One would think that with such dedication to a football team that they could keep the stadium full the entire game. I feel awful for Saban when he has to publicly scold the fans and the students for not sticking around for the entire game.

    Well, you gave it your best shot, that all anyone can ask of you. I sincerely thank you for being a Bammer fan, us Barners have no respect for those that have so little respect for themselves that they have to hide behind satirical nonsense to feel like they are worthy. Keeping trying will never win if you quit.

      1. Okay, to be fair I am going to give you one more shot at being funny and showing that there is some deeper thoughts inside of your head. 1,2,3..GO

  74. LMAO@ 8-4. LMAO@ playing the game for 120 years and finally making a #1 vs #2 for all the marbles in 2010. barner Fife’s should take the UAB route and give up the sport.

    1. bambino, it seems you fall into the same category..shame on you! When will you feel secure enough to enjoy a victory without putting down the opponent? Come on..have some pride in yourself..

      1. I’ve got plenty of pride. Problem is, Barner Fife’s can dish it out ever so infrequently, but they meltdown at the drop of a hat. This site was infested with AUmost trolls until y’all quit like the quitters you are about a month ago. Fairweather bunch If I’ve ever seen one.

        1. Be honest with that really the best you can do? Seems your feathers are ruffled…why do you get more upset over another team when yours is doing so well?

  75. Commentary such as this should be met with “deafening silence “. It is every bit as poisonous as Harvey Updyke’s potion and has no place on a civilized society. I implore Auburn fans to rise above this discourse.

    1. Yeah, that’s why there are about a hundred of y’all on this site today that have never set foot here before.

  76. Holy shit bro it’s just a football team lol. People in my family went to Auburn, so I pull for Auburn. It’s not because I believe in a “moral code” or a “level of skill” that must be reached to properly enjoy a team, I just like to see them play football.

    Why does that have to be a complex thing? When we lose to you, does knowing we don’t crumble into a million hopeless emotional pieces bother you SO MUCH that you have to write a thesis as to why rooting for a football team makes us terrible people?

    1. Nearly 300 posts but y’all don’t crumble? Another typical Barner Fife response. Epic meltdown in progress. Maybe y’all should just go ahead and fire Short Bus Gus now.

      1. no, we don’t fire a coach based on whether or not we win the iron bowl, because it’s just one game. cough::SHULA::cough

  77. The only thing missing from this thread is Barnboy Peachfuzz. Another PoS that can dish it but cain’t take it.

  78. So how many boogers did Gus eat Saturday night? Was that part of aubies food conservation study?


  79. That was a very well written statement which I got a chuckle out of reading; I cannot say I agree with the logic or like what was said, but it did make me laugh.

    Yes, it is undisputed that the University of Alabama’s football program is damn good, the historic statistics are proof. I cannot argue with that. Bear Bryant was a legend in college football and is a piece of Alabama’s legacy; Nick Saban is working on following in his footsteps. The Alabama football program has generated a lot for the University, both as a name, a symbol, and, as mentioned, a number of well ranked colleges (Law School, Medical School, etc.).

    The University of Alabama is great:
    -It is harder to get accepted to: 56.55% acceptance (82.74% at Auburn)
    -It is higher ranked: tied for 88th (103rd for Auburn)
    -It is older: 1831 (1856 for Auburn)
    -It is less expensive: $9,826 in-state/$24,950 out-of-state ($10,200/$27,384 at Auburn)
    -It has more coeds: 46% male/54% female (51% male/49% female at Auburn)
    -It has a larger student body: 29,440 (19,799 at Auburn)
    -And, yes, it has more College Football Titles, in all categories (claimed National, unclaimed National, divisional, conference, etc.)

    So, with all the data why would anyone not want to go to Alabama?

    For many of the Auburn faithful, it is family, the smaller student body (many prefer this for smaller class size), it is where one grew up, it is where we were accepted, or in my case, it was where I was stationed for 3 enjoyable years (Alabama does not offer a Naval ROTC program).

    There is a certain charm to Auburn that many who spend a lot of time there are drawn to. When I moved to Auburn, I had no college football ties (my Alma Mater had D3 football, it was a D1 hockey school) and truly didn’t understand the whole following for one team or another even though I grew up in the south (not Alabama). However, as I lived, worked, and went to school in Auburn, I found the experience to be relaxing, rewarding, and fun; I enjoyed the atmosphere of Auburn football season and the friends I made there (many of whom I continue to keep in touch with today).

    Would I have the same experience at Alabama? Quite possibly, but it was not where I was chosen to be. It is because of these experiences at Auburn which is why I choose to greet a fellow fan with a ‘War Eagle’ or cheer for the Tigers even when they don’t have a chance in hell to win. During this past Iron Bowl, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game even though the Tide rolled over the Tigers throughout the second half. Would I have preferred a different outcome? Sure, but I knew it was wishful thinking (hey, it is the Christmas season, the time for miracles); that doesn’t mean I should not root on my team even if they don’t win. Had Alabama lost, would you stop cheering on the Tide (since it would have been 2 consecutive years of lost Iron Bowls) if I asked you to? Umm, I know the answer to that one, “NOT A F***ING CHANCE!” Conversely, as a fan of the ‘winning’ team, what would give me the right to ask you to stop? Again, nothing; it is a ludicrous request.

    What you (the author) are asking for is just not possible and illogical. Asking a Tiger fan to give up on their team simply because they’re not the best is like asking an Alabama fan to not love Bear Bryant because he is dead. Again, not possible and illogical. True, Auburn football does not put up a ‘W’ week after week, month after month, and year after year; but, that is part of the appeal, the roll of the dice on the chance that ‘THIS’ is the game or year. Would an Auburn fan prefer to have a consistently winning program? I cannot answer for everyone, but I would think that most would say sure. However, every year, one team has to lose the Iron Bowl.

    While I cannot answer why one person runs to social media to post a “Maybe next year…” to their wall 15 seconds after the final drive, I can say that if you do not like these on your feed, then you can hide their posts or remove them from your friends list so you do not have to see things you do not want. Social media is what you make it to be and you can have it show only what you want to see; well, except for the advertising, that is forced upon you.

    Football is fun to watch. And, while it is more enjoyable to see our favorite team win the game, it doesn’t mean the fan base should give up on the team. What I don’t understand is why we cannot enjoy the game, be fans of our respective teams, and get along at the same time. I didn’t do anything to help Auburn lose nor Alabama win, I have no stock in the game, I just enjoy watching it. I like Alabama and most of their fans, just not ones that make a bad impression upon the team or university (I don’t like Auburn fans who do the same thing). I just enjoy the game and leave it there.

    As for which university graduates more, I couldn’t find that statistic; it can be Alabama, that doesn’t phase me in the slightest. However, my experience has been to the contrary. I have only at one time worked for an Alabama alum while I have had dozens of Alabama fans (many with degrees) work for me throughout the years. Your user experience may vary.

    *College statistics are from U.S. News website for college rankings based on 2014-15 academic year.

    1. My lord, you lost. Get over it, and detach your self worth from some made-up family that doesn’t actually exist. It’s a football game, bro. A game. Find Jesus. He can save you, not Navid Nousel.

      1. Yes, we lost…and I’d think the fact we said we’re proud of Auburn anyways indicates we’re “over it.” As you said ‘It’s a football game, bro. A game.” How bout you don’t link your self-worth with a game?

      2. See, that is where you’re mistaken, I didn’t lose anything. Auburn lost to Alabama in a football game, that is all that happened.

        As I stated in my response, I did not have anything invested in the game and I had no effect on whether Auburn won or lost. There is no attachment which you so vehemently think exists; sorry man, it is not happening.

        However, just because you do not perceive something (ex: Auburn family) does not mean it does not exist. Perhaps you have no similar experience by which you can relate, I cannot say for certain as I do not know you; but, I can assure you that the Auburn family does exist. You don’t have to like it or believe it is there; just understand that for the Auburn faithful, it does.

        As you said, It’s a football game; yup, I agree 100%. Your conclusions to other values and effects counter that point of your perspective, you obviously feel as though it has given you a sense of entitlement to devalue Auburn’s fan base; therefore, you have your self-worth attached to this game you and I both watched (not played, but, watched). So, my day hasn’t changed as a result of Saturday’s game, Auburn lost to Alabama; but, life moves on.

        1. Well be a big boy and deal with it. Why should I value your stupid school? I think your traditions are silly, your fans petty (which is being substantiated by all of these responses), and your football program low rent and under-accomplished compared to ours.

          And as an American, that’s my right. I have a right to think you and your fan base are stupid. What I don’t get is how personally you aubies take it…you have no backbone. You can’t take criticism. Because I’ve touched on a nerve. I’ve messed with your god. You are a cult. And you’re going to some meaningless bowl that I will watch and laugh at.

          Your line of thinking is what’s gotten our country in such a mess. It’s political correctness bull crap. I can’t have a differing opinion…In your mind I have to agree AND support your rolling of trees, taming a bird to attack a rubber mouse, chanting a creed (with eyes glazed over), and ripping off a half dozen traditions of other schools, claiming them as your own.

          Well, no I don’t. Auburn is stupid. Alabama is superior. And we just beat Malzahn at his own game, and you’re going out of your mind about it. And we LOVE it.

          1. Obviously, you have not read nor understood anything I have written.

            Yes, Alabama is superior (I stated this earlier); you on the other hand are not. Have fun trolling, your responses are comical as you get worked up over a program you have no contribution to.

  80. You are the mean old hag lunch lady that wrings every last drop of fun out of life like a wet dish rag. Go fuck yourself

    1. Or I should say “eliminates every last drop of fun out of life like wringing out a wet dish rag”. But I digress I’m no smug, pompous, long-winded college grad, just a blue collar dude that likes to watch college football and my team of choice always happens to be the underdogs.

  81. This article is AMAZING…at proving how Alabama has the dumbest fan base in America (

    There are several points made by the aforementioned article that ITK’s lovely blog post has shown to be true:

    (1) If any fanbase is a cult, it’s Bama:

    “If Nick Saban was on Twitter…and he stepped in dog crap on Tuscaloosa’s campus, he could take to Twitter and Tweet, ‘If a thousand Alabama fans don’t show up and lick this dog s**t off my shoe, I’m leaving town.’ Ten thousand of more Bama fans would immediately show up to dutifully stand in line for hours to lick the dog s**t off Nick Saban’s shoe.”

    Thing is, if Nick Saban really were to tweet that, this would totally happen; I believe that 100%. THAT is a cult, folks.. Being proud of your team despite a loss?…not so much cult-like as it is being loyal and not being a fair-weather fan.

    (2) “[most] Bama fans are incapable of coherent thought and have a deep-seated insecurity about all things in life. Alabama football comprises, and this is not an exaggeration, 99% of their self esteem.”
    If this wasn’t true, ITK wouldn’t feel the need to bash a team that his team just beat. Your team WON! You’d think that would be enough, but ITK’s post shows just how deeply his self-worth is tied to his team’s performance–that he isn’t content in that victory, that he needs to shove that victory down the throat of everyone. Yep, some Auburn fans “Kick 6-ed” everyone to death this past year. But has anyone considered that maybe Auburn is just returning the favor? Alabama has a long history of rubbing its sucess in the face of any opposing teams. I mean, Rammer Jammer; following a victory by yelling “we just beat the hell outta you!” to the losing team? Alabama has long treated other teams like crap, it only makes sense that said teams have gotten tired of it and decided to point out when Alabama is the one on the receiving end of a loss.

    And that article I quoted? The author isn’t an Auburn fan. So clearly, it isn’t only us Barners that dislike Bama. But WHY? *Why* do so many hate on Bama? … What it boils down to?: It is Bama fans’ attitudes, not your team’s accomplishments, that we resent. Most Bama fans like to claim that it is jealousy of their team’s accomplishments that fuels the hate, but really, it’s how they act about those accomplishments–accomplishments made, by the way, not by them, but rather by a team of people who don’t know them from Adam and of which they will never be a part of.
    Bama fans turn a victory of a GAME by the team they support into thinking they are superior to everyone else that roots for a team besides their’s. ITK’s post is proof of that.
    But this point seems lost on most Bammers. If we hate Bama, it MUST be jealousy…it couldn’t be that the team’s fans are some of the most self-righteous and obnoxious people on the planet.

    1. So Rammer Jammer is what has you butt hurt enough to come on a rival site and cry and whine like your sissy bitch Stan White. Got it.

      1. So the fact that you base your self worth on how Alabama plays football is why you wrote this article. Oh, and so you could interact with a cultist fanbase you find so irrelevant you dedicated a whole article to them . Got it.

        1. If you don’t want to hear it, just ignore it and turn the other cheek like Jesus instructed. Don’t say you’re defending Auburn, they’re not worth defending… bradberry

    2. Now that is some serious, hard core deflection.

      Wow. I thought I had seen it all. But bravo, Little Brother. Bravo.

    3. NTYF doing work. Nice talking points, Aubie. Do any boog fans actually have an original thought? Surely one of you can take the time to read the other 300 boog responses on this article and come to the conclusion that they all sound exactly alike.

      Please, boogs – try to come up with something original every now and then, even if it’s just for our entertainment.

      1. As pointed out to you ealier, all the posts sound alike because no matter how many times us barners try to explain something to you Bammers, you still can’t get it, and instead insist we meant something completely oppositie from what we said. we say “we love Auburn because we went there, and because we don’t want to be fair weather fans” and you all say “you’re just jealous! stop crying about it. we won. you lost. we’re better! you can dish it but can’t take it.” Yep, that response is perfectly related to what I just said. When did I mention being upset about losing again? Oh wait, I didn’t. I mentioned being upset…but it was because my fanbase got berated for daring support any team other the glorious Bama. oh the sacrilege!
        And what original thoughts have you shared on here, pete, that haven’t been shared by countless other Bammers?

  82. To all these people bashing on ITK ,give the guy a break. His Mama is Phyllis from Mulga and all that hate comes from his genetics. Roh Tahd!

  83. Love it when someone forwards me a copy of the crapstone report. An open letter from the most classless of the classless. I thrive on their ignorance and shamelessness. I loved Coach Malzahn’s response when asked by reporter about being pelted with cups and trash when leaving the field Sat night “yah whatever”. Classy response to more classless acts from the Gumps. Stay classy crapstone!

    1. Again – NTYF doing work. Obviously they forwarded this article (how many others?) to all of their minions who have drank of the Blue and Orange Kool-aid. All of the ones who don’t have jobs or responsibilities got on their mom’s computer in the basement and responded to defend the poor defenseless (literally) Boog football team and the Glorious Creed.

      PLEASE read all of the other responses and tell me you boog fans aren’t brainless cultists!

      So Sorry for Your Loss.

  84. This blog post is the only evidence I need to be glad that I am part of the Auburn Family.

    War Eagle!

  85. Love when Auburn talks about class, especially after losing.

    I remember how classy Auburn fans were during their fluke 6 win streak. Tuberville holding up the fingers…that was classy. Desecrating a man’s grave and taking pictures of it! Fear the thumb shirts, etc., etc.

    So now they don’t like the return treatment.

    You reap what you sow, Auburn. You basically set the standard and we decided to play by your rules.

    We are just dishing out a little of what you dished out to us during the Shula years. Auburn is not classy, only a bunch of hypocrites.

    Kick Auburn, Kick!

  86. It’s so enjoyable watching inbred Alabama fans trying to pose as classy people. You’re getting better at typing!

    Please, continue calling Auburn a cult when cult is defined as: “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.”

    Figure, as in Bear Bryant, or object, as in Alabama football media guide with the pages stuck together.

  87. Why does it bother you so much that someone loves a university? I’m a Bama fan and this article is a joke man. You blame the Auburn fans for doing just what you wrote about in this article. Stop worrying about Auburn and start carrying yourself with a little more respect and class.

    1. Are you wearing an Auburn hat in your picture?

      This is a sports blog article meant for entertainment and a little info. I don’t think anyone is actually “worried” about Auburn. Just having fun.

      If you find it offensive, then go to NTY.

  88. Such a well-written, prime example of the heralded Bammer “class” we always hear so much about. Just what one should expect from the 85%.

    You refer to Auburn fans as a “cult”. Let’s take a look at that for a second. Here’s an excerpt from “The term cult often suggests extreme beliefs and bizarre behavior.” Shall we dig a little deeper? What would be some good examples of extreme beliefs and bizarre behavior?

    How’s this one: Destroying your rival’s campus landmarks because of a loss? Or maybe teabagging a passed-out fan of the opposing team in a fast-food restaurant? Kicking an opposing fan in the head repeatedly during a game and being immortalized on YouTube? Getting taken down unceremoniously by stadium security for throwing cups and drinks at the opposing team’s fans? Shooting someone at a party because they aren’t sufficiently unhappy about a loss?

    Of course, these are just the examples that got publicity. And yes, all committed by the 85%.

    Call us a cult if you want. Wear us out in your little blog. Feel good about yourself, enjoy the win, and your supposed self-superiority. But thanks for proving once again that the word “class” doesn’t mean what Bammers think it means.

    At least in this case, no charges will be filed.

  89. Sure, none of your ilk care about losing the Iron Bowl. Keep repeating that lie. Keep repeating THE CREED ad naseum. Here’s proof that all you say is untrue (note-offensive language from actual supposedly God-fearing Aubies)

    You have to scroll down a bit before you see all the Aubies melting down, but here’s a tiny sample in case you don’t want to click it (I cleaned some of the language up):

    “Our defense is hot f-ing garbage and has been now for a f-ing DECADE.”

    “I could kick a puppy.”

    undisciplined, uncoached, unskilled. I’m done”

    “Thank God I bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto this week. Time to run and gun a bunch of casual civilians so I can get a taste of what it’s like to be Bama in the 2nd half of this game.”

    “Nick Saban, you are a f-k. Go f-k yourself. War damn.”

    No, Aubies care nothing about the Iron Bowl. The truth is plain to see:


  90. I hope, for your sake and that of your brethren, AL wins the SEC and National Championships. You seem to need it. You’ll probably write an article about how AU didn’t win it but that’s okay.

    We’ll still be happy for you and you’ll still be pissed off.

  91. Football-You’ve had a better history. No doubt about it. Facts don’t lie.

    Life-, Auburn #173, Alabama #370 in graduate salaries.

    If you want to put all your eggs in the football basket, go ahead. I’ll take my higher salary. #winning

  92. I just wanted to be comment #401. ITK, congratulations on 400 comments.

    With #401 do I get some sort of prize? Maybe the Cam Newton special? I promise to keep it down home, cuz.

  93. Congratulations, ITK – 401 – now, 402 – comments on this incredible entry. You get player of the year!

  94. A question for Gus Malzahn:

    What do Amari Cooper and Waffle House have in common?


  95. Not even worth a response….No class. I am a huge Auburn fan. Will be pulling for ALABAMA to bring home the NC! I will say that I understand God’s love of humility in his people and why it is an important trait.

    1. Not worth a response yet here you are. God has a sense of humor. He created Auburn football.

  96. ITK – I bet you wouldn’t say this to an Auburn Fans face. I dare say you would get that inbreed look wiped off your face. I now you can’t help how you act. It’s a direct result on the poor up bringing. That being said you should prepare yourself for a life of disappointment and misery. Hate is a bad thing. You won’t stop. You’ll go through life hating everything. If it isn’t Auburn you’ll hide behind your little keyboard and pound out more red neck comments to someone else. You’ll live in a pool of hate and misery for the rest of your life. .. SO…… I’m ok with this. If it makes you feel good to make such an ass out of yourself in front of people – have at it brother. You do a great job!

  97. Wow — I just read this letter from the Alabama Fan — what a disgrace!!! For him to say anything about Pat Dye being an alcoholic, he needs to check his facts, Bear Bryant was an alcoholic and mean as a snake!! In order for Alabama to even get a Coach they have to pay unbelievable salaries to get them. I really wish I knew exactly how many coaches Alabama has gone through and it is usually due to the fan base!! You are correct, Alabama believes they are entitled and this is the reason most fans from other Universities do not like them. The Commentators drool over them, then you have yahoos that this one that has no clue what being a true fan of your school and your team are all about plus the only FAMOUS Alabama player I even remember is Joe Namath (an alcoholic who wears panty hose). Auburn is more than just Football — We are Family and love it — and I didn’t even attend Auburn!! I live in Auburn and had been away for several years and came back and just driving in following the Tiger Paws and the Beautiful Oaks and Campus – my husband and I literally tear up and get a feeling like no one can explain!! You just don’t get the same feeling when you pull into Tuscaloosa!! I am blessed to have very gracious friends who are Alabama fans and this would totally embarrass them. Alabama Football is boring — they choose to play weak schedules where as Auburn wants the hard ones. This guys is just obviously a very angry person — who knows, since it was anonymous — it may be Updike himself – wouldn’t surprise me!!

    1. Oh — and one last thing!! The reason they have to pay their coaches so much is because of the fan base!! Not even Saban likes them, he likes the money. It’s sad when your fan base leaves in the middle of the game and the Coach has to beg fans to stay!!!

      1. “Not even Saban likes them, he likes the money”

        So most coaches are only there for the fans?

        I guess Malzahn would coach for free because he loves Auburn so much and he is an “Auburn Man”. And I’m pretty sure the Auburn fans believe that….hilarious.

        1. Not what I said at all — I said nothing about coaches working for free — I said Alabama had to bring out big, big bucks just to get him there due to the fact most Bamers are fair weather fans. He does not like the fan base there because of letters and posts like IDK or whoever he is. It is a game, doesn’t affect my life one way or the other. But since you did attack Auburn as a Community and what stand up citizens Alabama has produced — chew on this little article — I’m sure it won’t matter to you because it doesn’t mention Alabama Football and actually doesn’t mention Tuscaloosa at all!!

  98. ITK you’re a dick, and IDK how else to say it so I will say it again. YOU’RE. A. DICK. You’re welcome.

    1. Based on the comments (400+), I would say same thing about Auburn Fans….they never disappoint! (And basically support the stereotype that Alabama fans peg them with)

    1. First of all, D – lame response. Try harder.

      The stereotype we are considering here (if you actually read the blog entry and aren’t just spouting the “talking points” sent to you with the article by email) is of Auburn fans (the boogs) pretending that football doesn’t mean as much to them as it does to Bama fans, by either spouting on and on about your “creed”, carrying on about how much you just “love” Auburn (as a village, not just a school), and how the boogs are just one big happy family that all thinks alike. That’s what we are considering.

      Have you read any of the 300+ responses that are attributed (by the writers themselves) to Auburn fans (who are ALL graduates of that hallowed University)? Because that particular stereotype is pretty much spot-on based on this evidence. It’s hilarious how each one of you has come on this Bama Sports site to say essentially the exact same things, nearly verbatim.

      Now – the stereotype for Bama fans that you espouse, that of in-bred, toothless, virtually uneducated nincompoops is not only dispelled by my *ahem* quite readable, logical and well-educated response to you, but by several more on this very thread. I will concede that there are many goofballs with little literacy who are fans of the University of Alabama’s football team, who didn’t attend school there, and certainly didn’t graduate from there, who clearly worship the years that Bear Bryant walked the sidelines, regularly whipping the butts of other schools – I’ve got some of them in my (wife’s) family, and there are some who both read and respond on this blog site.

      However – I’ve met just as many Boog fans who meet and surpass that same stereotype, and I would bet that you have as well. If not, then I doubt you have ever set foot on the Boog campus, or even have been in the state of Alabama. The stereotype is only funny if it’s based in truth.

      The stereotype of the Boog fan that we are making fun of in this blog, however, is firm truth. You are only angry because it is so obvious.

      sorry for your loss. maybe you can find something new to do in Nashville or Shreveport on New Years.

  99. First of all, how do you know what stereotype of Bama fans that I espouse, I didn’t say and you don’t know me, so you can scarcely assume you know. Second, how in the world could you possibly assume that I’m angry? I didn’t state that in my post either so perhaps you only wish that I’m angry because that would fit your stereotype. I am well aware of the fact that there are fans of all types on both sides, I grew up in Alabama although I am much relieved to no longer reside there. While it’s quite natural to respond when being attacked, the whole thing saddens me, not angers me. It saddens me that there are people out there who feel the need to try and make superiority and dominance important and also be so condescending. It saddens me that what has been “friendly” banter for decades, long before most of us on this site were born, has increasingly become hostile over the last few years. A sad testament to the current state of humanity. This whole post is a sad testament to the current state of humanity.

  100. Serious question for Auburn fans…

    Is there an Auburn equivalent site that is like the Capstone Report ?

      1. I actually tried and it took me to

        No lie,…first time I knew of its existence. Won’t look at, but I at least know it does exist.

  101. I’m sure the writer of this letter (like most alabama fans) has no affiliation with the university of Alabama. They are bandwagon rednecks who can make theirself sound smart by looking up a few stats on the library Internet. But did you see where in the like 25 years auburn has been owning yall cousin fuckers? Yeah yall have won more championships. But we have beaten yall more. Fact. The only reason you have more wins in the rivalry is because yall had home field advantage for 30 years. And now that nick is there and yall are decent at football again. You think everything should just be given to yall. Yall were talking about firing ol amazing nick saban after the ole miss game. After all those wins, and 1 loss to ole miss yall were ready to throw nick under the bus. Thank you God for not making me a dumbshit bammer (who has probably never been to an actual bama game or even stood foot in the shit smell city they call Tuscaloosa.

    1. That is hilarious coming from a bunch of white trash, sister fucking country bumpkins in Lee County. BTW, I am a Bama alum, and if you are an Auburn alum, where’s your class?? BTW, over last 25 years, Bama is 13-12. Youre cherry picking is off this time, and your Auburn family lied..If Bryant could beat UT in Knoxville, LSU in Rouge, we would have beaten the Cow College every other year at their stadium. The seats were split 50-50 in Birmingham.. FACT

  102. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read. ITK, you speak as if you are better than everyone and that whatever you say has any sort of relevance. You’re just an ignorant, hypocritical fuck, get a life. If you weren’t obsessed with Auburn, you wouldn’t have written that embarrassment you call a letter. The letter was written terribly and there are pretty much logical fallacies in every sentence of your “argument.” I would’ve paid money to see your reaction to the “Kick Six” laat year. It was probably hilarious and down right retarded. I seriously doubt you attended UA by the way you conduct yourself in such a childish manner. Your’re that fan that UA grads are embarrassed to be associated with. You’re part of the reason most of America hates UA fans, just like they hate heat fans. I have no problem with the real UA fans, but the majority of their fans are just disgusting people like you. I hope you move on with your life, because it sounds pretty pathetic right now.

  103. Auburn to play Wisconsin

    An Aubie reaction-

    “Wisconsin? Could there be a worse opponent? This really sucks. Minnesota would have been good. Notre Dame even better. What a total loser of a bowl. Wisconsin loses 59- 0 to Ohio St, so, if we don’t clobber them, we look like losers. If we do clobber them, it’s expected. If they beat us, we look like total losers. This is the worst bowl game we have had in years. Horrible!”

    Yeah, who would want to play a team that just got smacked 59 to zip?

    A real dud of a bowl game.

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