ITKThe University of Auburn lost in dramatic fashion to the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday night in Athens, severely damaging the Tigers’ hopes of making the new college football playoff.

Losing 34-7, the College Football Committee may have to take a hard look at the Tigers’ body of work this season, possibly excluding API from the newly formed playoff system that will determine this season’s college football champion.

With the loss, the Tigers drop to 7-3 on the season, falling short for the second week in a row. Auburn is now licking its wounds amid a two-game losing streak, but Tiger fans are still optimistic.

“I believe in Auburn,” said one Auburn fan outside a restaurant on Birmingham’s Southside on Saturday night. “And love it. The committee will too, because when it’s time to choose the four teams, they’ll also agree that it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger.”

Charles, a longtime Auburn supporter from Remlap agreed.

“Auburn is the awesomest team in college football. Got a second? War Cam Eagle!”

While it’s uncertain how the committee will react to the Tigers’ third loss of the season, it is certain that Auburn won’t have to worry about playing that pesky game in Atlanta following the Iron Bowl. One fan from Opelika agreed.

“Now we can get ready for the four team playoff without the distraction of that dang SEC Championship game. That’s just one more game to worry about injuries, or where you might have to show your hand and such. We can get ready and focus on who we’ll play in the first round, depending on the seeding.”

One “realistic” Auburn fan wasn’t so optimistic.

“Gus Malzahn is a high school coach employing a high school system,” said Justin, a bartender from Hoover. “It was only a matter of time before the Gus Bus ran out of gas. Somewhere Terry Bowden is jumping up and down in his footed pajamas, screaming ‘I looked like a genius down there for a little while too!'”

“27 points? Are you kidding me? Auburn got beat by 27?” said Charlotte, a nurse at a downtown hospital. “When have you ever seen Alabama lose by 27 points, to anybody? Heck, the worse loss Shula ever took was by 15. I guess that means Mike Shula is better than Gustav!”

It’s unclear what the newly formed committee will do, but with #4 TCU barely surviving on the road against lowly Kansas, and #1 Mississippi State falling to #5 Alabama, Nick Saban’s 5th victory over a #1 ranked team in his tenure at Alabama, the #9 Tigers will have to wait and see where they’ll be placed when the committee convenes and announces the new poll on Tuesday.

“I want to be #4,” said Sheree, a homemaker from Gardendale. “Any higher and we’ll have a target on our back. Yep, #4 is plenty enough for us to make another run to the big game!”

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9 thoughts on “Auburn’s playoff hopes take a hit in blowout loss to Georgia”

  1. I’m sure Pat Sullivan and Samford will take it easy on Aubie and the Gus Bus will have some confidence coming into Tuscaloosa….LOL

    Auburn is done.. maybe they can play in the Beef O Brady Bowl.

  2. The university of auburn has it all. They where picked along with FSU to rule the NCAA universe. Two great teams destined to be glorious. I worry that the best crimson tide team ever will derail those destinys.

  3. Alabama does not beat Auburn when Aubie has 9 wins or more? That is the accepted Barn logic? Well…. look forward to playing Rutgers in the Toilet Bow

    1. “Alabama does not beat Auburn when Aubie has 9 wins or more”

      1971….Alabama 31-7…. Auburn record 9-2
      1974….Alabama 17-13….Auburn record 10-2
      1984….Alabama 17-15….Auburn record 9-4
      1994….Alabama 21-14….Auburn record 9-1-1

  4. Aubie is a half yard, a freak play broken leg and a Kansas State choke job away from being a 5-5 team.

    1. Good point.

      Auburn isn’t a bad team. They’re actually good.

      Or at least, they were?

      I mean, I can’t remember seeing a team get worse like this through the season?

      I thought Auburn’s defense was getting better, then the last 3 games happened.

      I thought Coates was going to have a breakout year, instead he consistently drops passes in his chest? He’s a beast, but he keeps making huge mistakes (and frankly Marshall has become a much better passer, albeit not elite).

      Of course, now their goal is as little-brother-esque as it can possibly be; ruin Alabama’s dreams and goals. It’s fitting of the culture, I suppose. Lose to Auburn and Alabama’s playoff hopes are certainly gone, and Malzahn is the kind of coach to risk it all after a season like this. Remember, beat Alabama, no matter what, and you get a pay raise or a new stadium or something.

      Ole Miss stormed the field for beating Alabama.

      Oregon State stormed the field for beating…Arizona State?

      Alabama just beat the number one team and….crickets. Roll Tide.

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