A Guide to Defending the Faith from Progressives, Liberals and Social Justice Warriors.

If you are reading this, then you are worried about the progressive takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention. Every week some new nutty, progressive idea is promoted by an SBC leader. Stories like Southern Baptist Research Fellows claiming idea of Christian America is un-Christian and un-American, or a Southern Baptist entity promoting a George Soros-funded immigration group are reported every few days. You are right to be concerned, but don’t worry. There is a path to victory. What you can do to take back the Southern Baptist Convention is simple. Get informed. Get involved. We’ll tell you how.


Follow conservative Southern Baptist and evangelical leaders. You won’t agree with all of them. I don’t. But, these are trusted evangelicals who care about truth and defending the church from dangerous worldviews. (Share who you follow and recommend in the comments section below. Let’s start a list of trusted sources on the Evangelical Dark Web.) Don’t forget to join the mailing list and like us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed.

Also, read about the issues. There is the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. The website has the statement defending the Gospel from the Social Justice Warriors, and many articles explaining important elements of the Statement.

Do you know that top Southern Baptist leaders like the SBC president J.D. Greear and others are telling Christians that is it “Great” if they vote for the pro-abortion, anti-religious liberty Democratic Party? They are. These evangelical elites and Southern Baptist insiders are using shame and guilt to manipulate voters against the Republican Party.

Do you know about the Southern Baptist Convention’s promotion of divisive Critical Race Theory and godless Intersectionality? You should. You can read about how one SBC leader fought against it, but was defeated by SBC elites. It is almost like Jerry Falwell was right—there is an SBC Deep State of good old boy insiders working against the interests of those sitting in the pews.

Also, you can read a National Review article explaining how Intersectionality is a dangerous religion—a new worldview that is not Christian.

And this leads us to the next step. Get involved.


Does your pastor know what is happening to the Southern Baptist Convention? Ask him.

If he is not aware, direct him to these important resources to help them get up to speed on the threat facing the SBC.

If he is aware, is he alarmed? If not, then don’t worry. Take the lead. You can educate him to the Social Justice threat, and the dangers of progressive politics. Don’t worry if he doesn’t respond. Keep him engaged.

Also, talk to others in your church. Get as many of your friends and family involved. Encourage them to engage with social media outlets that will tell them the truth. Refer them to the sources you’ve come to trust—ones that are outsiders telling the truth about the progressive politics in the SBC.

Remember: The little guys pay the bills. So, your action at the church level could have enormous implications. Your church funds the Cooperative Program. Perhaps it should withhold funds for the progressives at the ERLC? Your local budget committee has that authority—your church can tell the SBC how money should be directed. Maybe the ERLC shouldn’t receive funds until its liberal leadership resigns?

That was a great point from Mike Huckabee speaking about Russell Moore, “If issues like the protection of the unborn, Biblical marriage, or helping people out of poverty rather than enslaving them to government programs that keep them impoverished for life aren’t important to Mr. Moore, then he should show some integrity and stop taking a paycheck funded by the very people he holds in such contempt.”

If these SBC elites won’t do the right thing, then the little guys must make them.

That means using all the powers God gives us.

Finally, if you care about this issue, then talk to your church about becoming a messenger to the 2020 Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Orlando. This is crucial. We need every conservative Southern Baptist to show up to vote for the next SBC president. With your help, the elites can be defeated.

But even if you can’t attend, don’t forget your pivotal role in the local church and social media.

We are fighting a war—a war for the truth. Just like other wars, there are different theaters. We will battle the progressives in face-to-face meetings and conferences. But there is also an online theater. In this theater you can have a great reach. Each like, share and re-tweet means the truth is presented to more people. With a few simple interactions every day, you can hold the powerful elites to account.

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