As goes the Southern Baptist Convention, so goes the nation. The evangelical voter is the guardian of the nation’s conscience. The evangelical voter does his best to guide America toward God’s enlightened moral policies. And the Southern Baptist Convention is the nation’s largest and most conservative denomination. Its influence is out sized and how it teaches its members to engage in politics leaves lasting ramifications.

I don’t want my children or grandchildren to endure persecution for confessing Jesus. I want to pass to them the same liberty God handed to my parents, and who then passed it down to me. I want my country to be great. None of these aspirations are contrary to scripture, but rather, comply with it. I should be a good steward of the liberties God graciously gave me as my birthright.

The Southern Baptist Convention plays a critical role in this. If it fails to preach truth and speak to political evils, then it risks the future of our nation.

Yet, the SBC is derelict in its duty to God and man. Biblical illiteracy is rife and exploited by the likes of Russell Moore who wrongly calls Jesus a “so-called illegal immigrant.” Shameful.

The SBC is not indispensable to God. He can find a new servant, and a new tool for missions. The Church will never fail, but that doesn’t mean our Southern Baptist institutions will always endure. It can pass away.

The same is true for the United States of America. As it rose, it can decline. God doesn’t need America to send missionaries or guide the global order.

Yet, we can love America and want the best for it.

To get the best for America, we must make sure we have the best for our churches and for our Southern Baptist Convention.

Unfortunately, we face a crisis in the Southern Baptist Convention. Instead of being a force for unity in Christ, the Southern Baptist Convention has embraced Racial Identity Politics and prominent SBC leaders promote progressive policies and attack conservative Southern Baptist voters.

What happens in 2020 will echo for decades. The Southern Baptist Annual Meeting in Orlando will set our Baptist churches on a course for generations. Will you stop the leftward drift? It is critical that every Southern Baptist realize the role they must play to stop the progressive takeover of the denomination. As noted in a previous post, we are engaged in a Social Media battle against those who want to change the Southern Baptist Convention and even those who seek to destroy our very nation.

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