In an interview with the Christian Post promoting his new book, J. D. Greear appeared to offer a way for Christians to vote for a Democratic presidentical candidate in 2020. The president of the Southern Baptist Convention called on evangelical Christians to be willing to critique any candidate they support—even when they vote for the Party of Infanticide—the Democratic Party.

Greear told the Christian Post, “If at the end of the day you look at it and feel like whoever the Democratic candidate is, you feel like that of all the different things, this is the better of the options, well that’s great. Make sure you’re clear about the wickedness of abortion. Make sure you’re clear about the preciousness of religious liberty and the right of conscience, and the fact that people need to have the dignity to make their own choices and to provide for themselves. Just make sure you’re clear about whatever it is that is on the other side from where you voted.”

How can any Christian who holds to a biblically based worldview support the Party of Infanticide? Would it be possible to put into office someone who desires more abortions over any candidate who promises to work for reduced abortions? In what possible world would a pastor say, “Well that’s great?”

But that is what Greear said. That somehow a Christian could put aside all the Bible’s teaching on the sanctity of innocent human life and the good of Christian religious liberty and cast a ballot for more murder.

And Russell Moore mocked Lesser of Two Evils voting! This is a philosophical and theological disaster.

Of course, what more should we expect from the guy who wrote a book asserting Christians and Muslims worship the same God? (He’s nuanced that claim a lot lately, including in a new video. The video argument is much better than his book. So, that’s an improvement in theological precision.) Greear also urged Christians to “tear down all hierarchy” in the church. This is of interest once again given the fiasco of women trying to preach in Southern Baptist churches.

But back to voting.

A Christian should not enable more murder by voting for pro-abortion candidates. There is no social welfare policy, health care fix nor employment scheme that would justify more murder. While the Bible does not provide a roadmap on healthcare policy or defense procurement, it speaks loudly about innocent life. Justice demands we Christians engage all our abilities as citizens to protect innocent life.

Of course, some might claim this could apply in a small, local election.

OK. So?

Greear made this comment within the context of discussing national politics in general and the 2020 election in particular. However, while it could be possible to vote for a Democratic candidate in a local race, that is unlikely given the requirement for candidates to endorse their party platforms. Never forget that the Democratic House candidate or Senate candidate votes to put Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into power once elected.

Those types of leaders are horrible for life and religious liberty.

Voting for a Democrat isn’t “great.” Voting for a Democrat doesn’t promote justice. Voting for a Democrat promotes injustice. It promotes murder. It promotes the persecution of Christians (doubt that? See the Equality Act.)

Christians need pastors who speak the truth and tell the world the hard things. Right now, it is hard to say it, but it remains true–it is almost always sinful to vote Democratic.

14 thoughts on “JD Greear thinks it is ‘great’ if Christians vote for a Democrat in 2020”

  1. Do you know of anyone running against Greear in the SBC? I fear for the future of our convention with him at the helm for another year. He has made some very unwise choices and done somethings that hurt our churches. (See Trinity Baptist in Ashburn, GA.

    1. I haven’t heard anything except random chatter about a challenger in Birmingham. I urged someone like Dr. Ascol be nominated (see: ) However, I fear most everyone will follow tradition and leave Greear unchallenged in Birmingham.

      I’ve heard rumors about Orlando in 2020. There could be a couple of Woke nominees there. Not sure I’ll be able to attend next year’s meeting, but I’ll do my best.

  2. All traditional Baptist churches need to pull out of the SBC. Part of our tithes are used to support these heretical leaders and the seminaries that are teaching the false doctrine of Calvanism

  3. I vote Democratic. I follow Jesus of Nazareth as best I can. I do not believe asylum seekers should be shamed and incarcerated and their children stolen by the government. I do not believe that Jesus taught that the great sin is abortion. I do not believe that whoever is sending this stuff out is behaving like Jesus. Quite the contrary. Like Jesus I believe rich people who oppress the poor are examples of what is good in the eyes of God. I pray for the conversion of people who claim to b evangelical bible believing Christians but demonstrate Trump worship and sinful disregard for justice

    1. Thanks for your comment Patrick. I don’t think we’ll convince one another to change our opinions, but I’m curious, how do reconcile putting these other issues above murder? Isn’t protecting innocent life the most important function of human government as revealed by the Bible?

    2. Patrick, I can tell that you are a sold out democrat. The US does not “steal’ any children. Any adult or child that comes into the US without a passport is a criminal. Criminals belong in jail. When a US citizen mistreats a child, that child is taken away from the parent. Abortion is a sin and is illegal. Jesus said thou shalt not kill. The US law say you shall not kill a human being. What part of that do you not understand? Why would you blame Trump for YOUR sin and injustice. Trump is the most American and transparent president we have had since Lincoln.

  4. So…now it is “great” to vote for baby-killers? What is our convention coming to? I am not a “Trump” worshipper, but I do believe that God has taken that imperfect vessel to give America a little more time to repent; and certainly to save us from the corrupt, lying, evil candidate in 2016 who said, “Religious views are necessarily going to have to change in order to increase abortions.”
    At least Trump is filling the courts with judges who are serious about the constitution.
    As far as Greer is concerned, the more he says, the worse it gets…

  5. yes the SBC is on its way down the road of indifference. We will not be able to tell who they are because they dont look or act different then the world. Current leadership and the people that keep voting for them are going down that road. But here is the real problem, when the Republicans had all three they did not do anything with it. why is abortion still legal? they all platformed against it. The republicans are the democrats of 20 years ago, only they say they are prolife. I vote for them because there is no real choice.

  6. I was glad when J.D. Greear lost his first bid for the SBC presidency, and was somewhat dismayed when he was elected last year. I wish there was a challenger in the wings, but I don’t see it. Greear is a Don Johnson wannabe, and is already becoming an evangelical lackey for the left in an attempt to soften evangelicals’ support of President Trump. They failed in 2016, and they’ll fail in 2020 too.

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