ERLC hides Research Fellows after bad publicity?

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) created a Research Fellow program in 2014. There’s been some bad publicity for the SBC and ERLC recently via the Research Fellows. One Research Fellow mocked the idea of a Christian nation as un-American and un-Christian, and another Research Fellow banned a world famous conservative Christian Apologist’s textbooks from his class because the conservative was insufficiently Woke. So, in response, it appears the ERLC has either scrapped the program or hidden who its Research Fellows are.

As first reported by P&P, the webpage naming the Research Fellows was deleted from the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC website. The webpage has been down for at least four days, but it remains in Google’s site cache and a 2017 version on the Internet Archive.

Why? What are they trying to hide?

Did the ERLC kill the program, or only make it harder to hold them accountable? If they killed it, one can only hope the ERLC’s Leadership Council will be next on the chopping block—as it too contains a hive of enablers committed to spreading the Woke way.

When announced, the ERLC declared the Research Institute and its Fellows purpose would be “to connect the agenda of the gospel to the complex questions of the day and to do so at the highest levels of academic scholarship for the good of local congregations.”

Whatever its purpose, the Research Fellows became an embarrassment for the so-called conservative Southern Baptist Convention. As the ERLC pushes ever leftward and the Convention adopts the analytical tools of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, the façade ends.

Progressives are running the Southern Baptist Convention. These progressives are threatening a complete takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The purpose?

Well, it looks like the goal is to suppress conservative Christian voters’ commitment to pro-life issues. Leaders of the SBC say it is great to vote for Democrats, and are using shame to manipulate conservative Christians.

What is at stake are important doctrines. The Gospel is undermined by Social Justice Warriors with Woke Theology, and as Christians vote for more Democrats our religious liberty is at stake too.

As goes the Southern Baptist Convention, so goes America. But, you can stop the move leftward. You can preserve the Gospel and fight for religious liberty. Read our guide on how to fight the liberal worldview infecting our churches.

You can make a difference.