SBC Deep State working to subvert will of church members, according to Falwell

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. said the Southern Baptist Convention has a new regime that is leading the SBC away from the Conservative Resurgence. Falwell clarified his remarks Monday evening and pointed to Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty president Russell Moore as an architect of the SBC Deep State.

On Friday evening, Falwell pointed out the theological and political drift of the Southern Baptist Convention. Falwell said that “unfortunately, a new generation has taken the Convention away from those values (of the Conservative Resurgence) in many ways.”

The Liberty University president tweeted late Monday evening, “My good friend @jerryvines just told me Dr. Adam Greenway is a wonderful man and not part of the @drmoore SBC deep state regime trying to subvert the will of the church members! So glad to hear this news! @toddstarnes.”

It is unsurprising to see Russell Moore named as a problematic figure working against the will of the pew-sitting Southern Baptist.

Dr. Russell Moore sits on the George Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table.  Moore has lied and called Jesus a “so-called illegal immigrant.” He ridiculed conservative Southern Baptists who voted for Donald Trump and hosted an event last year where white privilege was asserted as absolute fact.

The case is clear: Russell Moore does not represent Southern Baptists.

Many black Southern Baptists have repudiated Dr. Moore’s racial rhetoric and the harm done to the church.

As for Dr. Adam Greenway, the jury is still out.

Notwithstanding Dr. Vines endorsement, Greenway is off to a rough start at Southwestern. The termination of so many faculty members raises serious questions about the leadership at SWBTS.

However, the real test will be if Dr. Greenway follows Dr. Russell Moore and Dr. Daniel Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, down the path of Wokeness.

There is reason to be concerned considering the track record of recent SBC entity hires.

Southern Baptists should pray Dr. Greenway will reject the path of Russell Moore and instead be like Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary chief Dr. Jason K. Allen, who repudiated Liberation Theology and has his faculty standing against any attempt to weaken our traditional understanding of 1 Tim. 2:12 regarding women preachers.

Whatever the case with Dr. Greenway, conservative Southern Baptists should see Falwell as a new ally in the fight to defend the Southern Baptist Convention from progressives determined to undermine it.

6 thoughts on “Falwell: Southern Baptist Deep State involves Russell Moore”

  1. The majority of this article does not name theological discrepancies regarding Moore, Akin, and the so called “deep state”. The author’s listed sins of Dr. Moore included his stances on President Trump and Illegal immigration. The more the SBC affirms a Marriage between Church and Political Party, the more damaging it will be for the Gospel of Christ. Our allegiance is not to conservative politics or liberal politics, but to the Lord and the statutes evident within the entirety of Scripture. No more political endorsements. I’ve seen too many individuals within my SBC church be on fire for a political candidate, but not for evangelism, discipleship, and the things of Christ. Do we stand up for social issues like abortion and other areas of Scripture? Yes. However, we do not need to be affiliating ourselves to political parties. It harms our witness.

    1. If you are affiliated with the Democratic Party in any way shape or form you need to check your salvation experience.

  2. Well said. Russell Moore needs to be removed from his office. I’m glad Jerry Falwell Jr. is speaking out! God knows somebody needs to these days!

  3. I have tried (on several occasions) to have my conservative remarks published on SBC Voices., but as of now they have all been deleted. I have even been called a “humongous liar” and a jerk for criticism of the new political atmosphere that pushes all the liberal causes. (Excluding abortion for now!)

  4. Russell Moore is a pro-Hillary wolf in sheep’s clothing. He silences all SBC voices against him as a self-centered dictator who is an elitist ruler above reproach.

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