See I Told You So

Back from sabbatical: Wokevangelicals will only bring ruin to America’s largest Protestant denomination—the Southern Baptist Convention. Don’t forget David Platt is one huge fraud as he names racist to be pastor of McLean Bible Church. Plus, McRaney needs your help fighting Woke NAMB.

The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) teeters on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to the incompetent Woke leadership that seized the committee thanks to appointments by Wokevangelicals like J.D. Greear (three terms), plagiarist Ed Litton, and repeated liar Bart Barber. The EC has burned through $10 million of its $14 million reserves and it continues to set God’s money on fire.

But hey, the world is watching and stuff.

We warned way back in 2018 that the election of J.D. Greear would be bad for the SBC. Lots of you doubted us. However, we warned that J.D. Greear was Woke and Greear offered to support Beth Moore in a bid to “tear down all hierarchy.” Look at how that mission is going now that there is a concerted effort to keep churches with women pastors inside the SBC.

You know how they do it with the, “I’m a complementarian, but…” shtick. In other words, they pretend to think churches with women pastors are bad but are willing to take their money.

One might be tempted here to remind Southern Baptists of the maxim taught by Paul, “Evil company corrupts good morals,” but at this point, the SBC leadership is mostly corrupt people who crave money and power. Since the money is shrinking through a combination of bad leadership and conservative churches leaving or redirecting their giving, the SBC leaders will fight to keep every dollar flowing. Like the spice, the dollars must flow to fund conferences, speaking engagements, book deals, six-figure salaries, million-dollar retirement packages, and other secret deals.

Let’s not even recapitulate the Sermongate fiasco. Suffice it to say, we warned you that Ed Litton was woke too. To find out that a Wokester is also a plagiarist should shock exactly nobody. Bad trees, bad fruit—someone important taught that. Oh well, probably not important. If the SBC can ignore that whole explicit command of the Apostle Paul about women pastors, it can easily ignore those other commands from that guy who made Paul an apostle.

We warned you that Bart Barber’s country shtick was a ruse and Barber would continue the Woke policies destroying the SBC. Of course, we were right about that too. Bart Barber is a duplicitous liar who is also a big Russell Moore fanboy.

Speaking of Russell Moore, we’ve warned about him for close to a decade now. Russell Moore is a lifelong Democrat who bragged about being a Democrat while at Albert Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Are you shocked that a Democrat would attempt to do the work of his father the Devil and destroy the greatest missionary sending force in history? When Russell Moore was exposed for having his organization lie to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to help his good buddy NAMB President Kevin Ezell, Moore quickly headed for the exit. Of course, Democrat Russell Moore tried to kneecap conservatives on the way out the door—hence Russell Moore spread a fake letter that ERLC trustees never saw.

Now that Russell Moore presides over Christianity Today, expect more shenanigans as we head into 2024. After all, Russell Moore’s father the Devil doesn’t only want to destroy the SBC, the Devil wants Roe v. Wade reinstated and that requires defeating Republicans. You can bank on Russell Moore doing his best to suppress conservative Evangelical voters in 2024 just as he did in 2016 and 2020. Mark this down and remember it so I won’t have to write another I Told You So column in a few months. Thanks.

David Platt on a losing streak

Speaking of total frauds, David Platt made news by promoting a Woke racist Mike Kelsey to lead pastor of the declining McLean Bible Church. You might remember Mike Kelsey is the pastor who said he wanted to torch white people. His comments were so disgusting that I appeared on WMAL in Washington, DC to talk about the insanity.

We’ve chronicled how Platt’s leadership sank the once growing church. When Platt arrived, attendance was well over 20,000 and revenues were close to $30 million. One person close to the church said attendance isn’t a fifth of that and revenues are likely to be in the $17-19 million range in the upcoming budget.

The latest news is that McLean Bible Church is on a bit of a losing streak regarding lawsuits. One lawsuit the conservatives won on appeal and that case was returned to the trial court. A second lawsuit over financials at the church has entered discovery. McLean lost its demurrer and two plea-in-bar motions to get the case tossed. Looks like discovery in the case is likely over and it’ll move into a new phase very soon. Perhaps it won’t be long until we see what was hiding in David Platt’s inbox?

And that brings me to another prediction that people who watch McLean Bible Church are surely making right now: Platt will soon run away from the church he destroyed for some new scam—probably on the mission field where he can guilt people for having a Starbucks coffee for not being Radical Enough while drawing a high six-figure salary and living in a free house paid for by people who earn much less than he does.

McRaney continues quest for justice, fighting for autonomy of the local SBC church

Speaking of lawsuits, Will McRaney’s crusade against Kevin Ezell and the North American Mission Board (NAMB) continues. McRaney’s case was dismissed by a federal judge in what was to put it mildly a baffling decision given recent decisions like Belya v. Kapral. In any case, Ezell is intent on wrecking the autonomy of local Southern Baptist churches to defeat McRaney.

Conservatives who want to know where the bodies are buried at in the SBC should do what they can to support McRaney’s lawsuit. While NAMB is using CP money to mislead federal courts (as we’ve documented both with the ERLC brief and its own filings), McRaney is like David fighting only with what the Lord supplies. So, you should give David a few stones for his slingshot by giving at his GoFundMe.

McRaney explains why this lawsuit matters, “The case involves personal damages to me, but even more importantly threatens to destroy the autonomy of all Baptists because of misrepresentations in NAMB’s filings which falsely claim a hierarchy between the SBC and other Baptists. The lawsuit even implies that the SBC controls Baptist churches. This attempt to confuse the courts could actually set a precedent which legally establishes a denominational structure that is rejected by Baptists, who cherish autonomy even while voluntarily cooperating at the local, state, national and global levels.”

Anyway, nothing much has changed during my sabbatical. The Woke still are everywhere in evangelicalism in general and the Southern Baptist Convention in particular. And what are conservative evangelicals doing? Still fighting over Christian Nationalism.