Southern Baptists vote Republican. Evangelicals were key parts of Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory and turned out in large numbers to support Republicans in the 2020 election. However, key leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention are doing their best to change how Southern Baptists vote. How did this take shape? Who are some of the key players? This is the prologue to a longer series of writings that I began during my summer break. This post sets the stage and I intend to roll out further essays in the weeks and months to come.


The President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Bart Barber is the son of a Democrat. The AP revealed in a profile of the SBC President that Barber’s father ran the district office for a Democratic congressman. This revelation throws new light on the political crossdressing of key Southern Baptists leaders—where they pretend to be conservative but do all they can to help Democrats win elections—like justify Christians voting Democrat as Bart Barber did in his 60 Minutes interview. Of course, Bart Barber was not the first SBC President to justify Christians voting for the party of baby murder. J.D. Greear did the same thing before the 2020 election. Greear famously declared that it is “great” if a Christian votes Democrat. Greear, like Barber, is a big supporter of Russell Moore.

Russell Moore is a key figure in the leftist infiltration and takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention. Barber’s family history of supporting Democrats also explains Barber’s affinity for lifelong Democrat Russell Moore. When Russell Moore told lies to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals—lies he never apologized for to the victim or publicly to the federal court—Moore ran to a job at a Never Trump outpost, Christianity Today. While Moore is no longer identifying as a Southern Baptist, Moore’s influence continues to shape the ERLC. His disciple runs the organization now and continues its leftist trend.

Doubt the ERLC is still feckless? Megan Basham highlighted just how useless the ERLC is today. Basham said, “Remember what Matt achieved when evangelical leaders tut tut about his tone. Sometimes it takes bracing, even harsh (but honest) words to topple evil. It is those who care more are SEEMING good than BEING good who refuse to name monstrosities for what they are and instead call them things like ‘pronoun hospitality.” Then she delivered the kill shot by saying, “By the way, ask yourself, as doctors were mutilating children in the name of transgender ideology, did you ever see the ERLC, the lobbying arm of the largest protestant denomination in the US, release any public letters backing this legislation in its own backyard? No, they reserved that for gun control bills.”

Let’s highlight that part again—the ERLC was not involved in the process to ban surgeries that maim and injure children but is pushing gun control legislation. Disgusting.

However, the ERLC’s leftist lean has been evident for years. For example, the ERLC worked with a George Soros funded organization to change the way evangelicals think about immigration policy. This was an established fact; however, Baptist Press repeatedly lied about the George Soros connection to protect the ERLC and its then head Russell Moore. Taking point on the plan to lie for Russell Moore and use Baptist Press to do it was Jonathan Howe. Howe is now interim CEO of the SBC Executive Committee.

Let that sink in: The new head of the SBC Executive Committee is a notorious liar who shilled for George Soros.

What’s really going on in the Southern Baptist Convention? Well, leftists have taken control of the entities controlling Southern Baptist money. The new interim CEO of the SBC Executive Committee is not only a notorious liar but also a member of a CBF church. (For those who might not know, the CBF is leftist on theology and political alignment.) This isn’t the first time a CBF connected person has attempted to harm the conservatives in the SBC. For example, Griffin Gulledge was highly involved in the smear of Mike Stone and was pastoring a CBF church. Oh, and of course the ERLC gave Gulledge an award. One wonders if he would’ve been given the award had he not participated in the political lies about Mike Stone?

Be that as it may, for background on Jonathan Howe and how he did his best to help Democrats and harm conservatives as head of Baptist Press, check out these stories: (and there are more of my thoughts below this long list of links!)

Are you detecting a trend? The key people leading the SBC are Democrats, sons of Democrats, and have histories with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The Communists would have loved to have infiltrated Western governments like this during the Cold War. Yet, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination with billions of dollars of assets is not controlled by disciples of a lifelong Democrat, Never Trumper.

What does that mean for the 2024 Presidential Election?

You know what it means.

The question is, do Republicans and conservative Christians know what it means and are they willing to take the steps necessary to preserve the political witness where Christians loudly proclaim the evil abortion, the evil of transgender surgeries and reject gun control legislation promoted by the wicked people of the ERLC?