In Russell Moore’s latest broadside against conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention, one thing stands out—those he praised. We should pay special attention to those the lifelong Democrat and turncoat Southern Baptist praises. Why?

Former President Lyndon Baines Johnson can help here. He noted how those getting praise in the press are being praised for a reason—their disloyalty.

According to Kissinger, “He (LBJ) advised me to ensure that the bureaucracy was loyal; he had been destroyed, in part, he thought, by systematic leaking. “I have one piece of advice to give you, Professor,” he said, and I leaned forward to profit from the distilled wisdom of decades of public service. “Read the columnists,” he added, “and if they call a member of your staff thoughtful, dedicated, or any other friendly adjective, fire him immediately. He is your leaker.”

This is political wisdom of profound sagacity.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee and Ronnie Floyd should fire those singled out for praise by Russell Moore.

Specifically, Baptist Press leadership Jonathan Howe and Amy Whitfield. Moore in a hateful letter filled with lies about Mike Stone praised Howe and Whitfield as professionals. (The letter was published by The Baptist Blogger.)

Russell Moore tells J.D. Greear, “To be clear, as you know, Whitfield and Howe were, as always, consummate professionals and Christlike believers, who never attempted to in any way stop or alter the conversation in any way.”

Howe is anything but professional.

Howe liked posts attacking SBC Presidential candidate Randy Adams. How very professional!

Howe published an Explainer that lied about the involvement of George Soros in the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Howe publicly liked posts slandering the Conservative Baptist Network.

You can judge how Christlike Howe is by his slanders, libels and calumnies that he likes and spreads.

Naturally, Russell Moore thinks Howe is great—because Howe is slandering good Southern Baptists from his job that is paid by Southern Baptists. Hey, that’s just like what Russell Moore did for years!

The SBC Executive Committee and Ronnie Floyd should probably take heed of LBJ’s advice and get rid of these rogues helping Russell Moore destroy the Southern Baptist Convention.