Ed Litton goes Woke at SBC 2019

Don’t be deceived. Ed Litton is a Woke Social Justice Warrior who will turn the SBC’s Leftward Drift into a sprint. Doubt that? Remember Birmingham 2019. Ed Litton threw off the façade of conservative and embraced progressive racial identity politics.

Litton demanded more repentance for racism. Litton demanded more repentance over lynchings (some dating all the way back to 1886). Litton demanded more repentance for not only direct racism but the sin of indifference.

“You say, preacher, I am not a racist, Are you indifferent?” Litton asked. “The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. And there is a sin of being indifferent about what our Africa-American brothers and sisters are experiencing in this country—what they have, and there is an opportunity for us.”

And he discounted all those resolutions against racism and lynchings approved by the Southern Baptist Convention over its history. In the Woke world, none of that counts.

“Our resolutions at this Southern Baptist Convention are not the same as repentance,” Litton said. “Our resolutions on race led nobody to weep over four girls who were bombed and killed at 16th Street Baptist Church blocks away from here. It has led nobody to weep over the 3,446 African-Americans lynched since 1886.”

Notice: he says that the SBC resolutions do not help any in race relations. So, all that work by the Hillary Clinton-voting Dwight McKissic was for naught.

Oh, and is it not interesting that while Elizabeth I would not or could not make windows into men’s souls—Litton is more than capable of judging not only Southern Baptists today but generations of Southern Baptists when he declares that nobody in the SBC wept over the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church.

Talk about arrogant.

That is the way of the Woke. And Ed Litton is far advanced down that way.

And lest you think Litton’s wokeness stops at race, there is more.

Litton’s sermon in Birmingham just before the SBC’s Annual Meeting was a full defense of Beth Moore.

It is an eerie reminder that J.D. Greear promised Beth Moore that he was committed to tearing down all hierarchy in the church.

Litton will continue Greear’s Woke Administration. In fact, he will advance the Woke agenda. You can tell it because of Litton’s own words and the people supporting him (like the Woke Commissars at SBC Voices.)

As we have pointed out, as churches embrace progressive secular political views (instead of biblical views) it results in collapse. Want to kill the Southern Baptist Convention? Ed Litton is the candidate for you.