When your daddy receives a secret $1 million severance package with the approval of only one trustee, you don’t like when people ask questions. It is understandable. Family loyalty and all.

So, it is no surprise that Sam Rainer, scion of the failed former LifeWay CEO Thom Rainer, attacked the Capstone Report.

CR has reported the uncomfortable truth—about the unethical severance deal and how the current LifeWay team had a mess on its hands after Thom Rainer left.

What was shocking was Sam Rainer’s scattered attack on SBC Presidential candidate Randy Adams and nominator Dr. Russell Fuller. It seems Sam Rainer thinks Randy Adams should prevent the Capstone Report from publishing his public statements.

That’s weird.

I have heard about secondary separation and even tertiary separation—but I’ve never heard something this crazy.

Randy Adams was attacked by this deranged “pastor” because I wrote about Adams’ campaign—notice I’ve written about Al Mohler’s campaign and Mike Stone’s campaign. However, something aboutRandy Adams is different.

Could it be that Adams’ statement about SBC corruption hit a little too close to home?

Adams wrote about the LifeWay scandal, the NAMB crisis and the ERLC lies. Then, Adams did the unthinkable he pointed out a truth: “The actors in the stories are not only tied in relationships with each other, they are tied to one city, one seminary, and one church.”

Three guesses what seminary?

Mohler Southern Baptist Convention

If you said, Al Mohler’s you are right.

More about Al Mohler later. Let’s think about the Rainer Family and its business dealings for a moment.

Also, there is something smarmy about using the MeToo hashtag and ChurchToo in an effort to defend your family from allegations about questionable ethics. You exploited hashtags dedicated to helping abuse victims and did so for your family’s purpose. It appears you have no shame!

Someone on Twitter asked a rather uncomfortable question of Sam Rainer.

“So how much money has your family businesses made off the SBC?”

That is a very good question.

How many businesses does Thom Rainer have? How many of those businesses do business with Southern Baptist Convention entities? How many of those businesses do business with SBC churches? How many of those businesses do business with Sam Rainer’s church?

Lots of questions, maybe someone, like the IRS or the Democrats in the United States House of Representatives might have the courage to ask those questions and then compel answers.

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